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6 Outstanding Cream Substitute For Milk That You Would Love To Try

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Alternatives To Cream For Milk?

There are many alternatives to cream for Milk. Some other options are heavy cream, whipping cream, milk powder, half milk with half cream, and non-dairy products. These alternatives will work in different ways.These works really well if you are planning substituting cream for milk.

Milk is a common ingredient that we use every day, whether that is drinking it, or adding it to your cooking and baking.

You can even add it to something like cereal to moisten the dry ingredients to make it more appetizing (or to drink that leftover chocolate milk).

Substituting Cream for Milk Everything You Need to Know

No matter how much you use it and where, the fact is, milk is very versatile. When it comes to cooking, you can add it to a plethora of things from bakes and sauces.

However, just because milk is a common ingredient, it actually doesn’t mean that you will have to hand.

This could be because of a number of reasons: the milk has turned sour, you have run out, or you don’t drink milk due to diet reasons or allergies.

Whilst you can just pop to the grocery store to buy more, sometimes you are halfway through a recipe when you find out that there is no milk left.

 So, what can you do if you run out of milk and need it for cooking or baking? Find a substitute using cream of course, or even various other things.

In this article we shall be taking a look at how you can substitute various creamy liquids to be used instead of milk.

So, let’s get to it!

1. Heavy Cream As A Substitute For Milk

You probably won’t be surprised to know, but cream can be a great substitute for milk. Often referred to as a heavy cream, it is usually a staple in many kitchens and can be used if you need milk but don’t have any available.

Because it is heavy cream, it is quite high in fat content, however the pros outweigh the cons due to it having such a creamy texture and taste. This makes it wonderful to use, especially within baking.

How To Substitute

Heavy cream can be used in recipes that need fat as it is a substitute because of its high fat content. For this reason, add it to the likes of homemade butter, soups and delicious sauces. To use, half a cup worth of heavy cream equals one cup of milk.

2. Heavy Whipping Cream

Not only is heavy whipping cream high in fat, it also tastes delicious and creamy too making it a really good substitute for milk. 

Also, if you are following a keto diet, then heavy whipping cream is a good alternative to regular milk because of its similarities in taste.

However, whipping cream does have a lot of fat, in fact, ten times the amount than regular milk which only has 3.5 percent.

For this reason, if you do want to make milk out of heavy whipping cream, you will want to lower the fat to achieve a milk substitute, and to reach that desired milk-like flavor.

How To Substitute

To create a milk substitution using heavy whipping cream, you will need to add water and sugar to the cream. To do this, you first need to lower the fat content of the whipping cream by adding water in it. Because heavy whipping cream is so easy to make into milk, you can also use a sweetener instead of sugar.

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3. Dilute The Cream

If you need a lighter texture, then diluting cream is an option, however you need to be careful with this one. That is because if you dilute the cream too much, it will just turn into a watery liquid. 

Keeping the ratio between the both when mixing will help to avoid this from happening. Also, do keep in mind that when milk is used in a recipe, it normally isn’t to flavor the dish or bake because milk is often flavorless. 

So, keep that in mind as cream can make a recipe creamy. The richer the cream is, the creamier it will taste. So this can affect the overall flavor of the dish.

How To Substitute

To dilute cream, you need to avoid it becoming watery. To do this, mix an equal amount of water and cream that amounts to what you need for the recipe. If the fat content of the cream is high, diluting the cream will not lessen the fat content. So if you are looking to lower the amount of fat within a dish or bake, think about using reduced fat cream if you have it.

Substituting Cream for Milk Everything You Need to Know (1)

4. Milk Powder

If you don’t have any milk available, but would like to use milk rather than cream, then a milk powder is a great alternative. It is made by taking away all the liquid present to create a solid and dry texture. 

The reason it is so good to have powdered milk in your pantry is because it can last much, much longer than regular milk, and it still adds a level of creaminess into dishes.

Not only that, you can add it into drinks such as a protein shake or milkshake. 

How To Substitute

When you are using milk powder as a substitute, you will want to make sure you mix it straight into a recipe. To know the correct amount, follow the guidelines on the packaging. If you are going to use it as is, then you will need to mix equal parts of powder to water to create milk.

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5. Half Cream And Half Milk

Whilst the half and half does include milk, it is really good for recipes that require a high fat content. For example, you can use it in gravy and soups for a delicious thicker texture. Not only that, it is less likely to curdle when the milk is boiling away.

How To Substitute

To create this full milk alternative, you will need equal amounts of three quarters of a cup of both milk and water. However, add in a quarter cup for every other cup of milk which is being replaced. The water that is added to this mixture will help to keep all that original fat content down, but it won’t change how the mixture works alongside any recipes.

6. Non-Dairy Milk

If you are just looking for ways to drink a creamy substitute to milk, then a non-dairy alternative could be the way to go. This is especially true if you are intolerant to dairy which is still present in cream.

There are many to choose from such as almond and soya, to oats and cashews. When it comes to picking the right one for you, always check the fat content and how it works with what you are using the ‘milk’ for.

For example, not every milk alternative works in hot water or a recipe. When it comes to oat milk, there are various types available.

Some may suit adding to a milkshake or pouring over your cereal, whilst there are also barista additions that have extra ingredients to be used in something like a coffee.

How To Substitute

Most milk alternatives can be used in cooking and baking. You will simply need to find the flavor and type that suits the dish or bake that you are planning to create. You won’t need to do anything to change the milk either, as it will be ready to use. Be wary of extra sugar and salt added, as well as extra ingredients that may have been included

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cream The Same As Milk?

Cream and milk are two different types of dairy products. The cream is made by whipping it from milk, which is usually used as a topping on desserts. Milk is the liquid from a cow’s udder and is used in many different ways, such as drinking, cooking, and making cheese.

Is Cream Healthier Than Milk?

The answer is no, and cream is not healthier than milk. The cream has a higher fat content than milk, a form of dairy containing fat in its composition. However, the cream is a lot richer in nutrients and is often used as a base for making various dishes.

Can You Substitute Light Cream For Whole Milk?

It’s easy to find light cream in grocery stores. The most common ingredients for light cream are skim milk and cream, which can substitute for the other. Whole milk has a higher fat content and can be used in cooking.

You may substitute some light cream for whole milk, but it will be less rich. Light cream is less dense than whole milk, and the fat molecules are not as large as whole milk.

Substituting Cream for Milk: Everything You Need To Know

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In this article, we take a look at how to use the cream as a milk substitute, as well as other non-milk alternatives


  •  Heavy Cream

  • Heavy Whipping Cream

  • Dilute The Cream

  • Milk Powder

  • Half Cream And Half Milk

  • Non-Dairy Milk


  • Choose your favorite substitute from the list given above
  • Follow the directions given in the recipe after having substituted the ingredient in the correct ratio

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