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11 Lively Eye Of Round Steak Recipes To Spice Up Your Meal Planning

Toasty brown and seared to perfection, steak is one of meat lovers‘ most popular dining options. But let’s face it, steaks are often expensive and not that family-friendly. 

Not to worry, friends, I’ve got a stellar option for the budget-friendly home that still offers decadence and flavor. Introducing the eye of round steak! This affordable cut of meat is just as delicious as any filet, and it’s low in fat too.  

Tender when cooked well, this beef is perfect for the busy home chef who wants to wow their friends or family with a lean cut of filling meat that will have everyone grasping for second and third portions. 

Whether fried, baked, smoked, or seared, the round steak will surprise you with its versatility and tastiness. 

Quick Table: Eye Of Round Steak Recipes

Recipes Calories Per ServingPreparation Time
Round Steak & Gravy301 8-10 Hours
Braised Beef With Lime Cilantro Mayo400 2 Hours
Chicken Fried Beef Steak975 55 Minutes
Smoked Eye Of Round & Au Jus275 8-16 Hours
Mediterranean Eye Of Round Steak430 40 Minutes
Baja Sunrise Steak & Eggs 440 35 Minutes
Smothered Round Steak 318 3 Hours 40 Minutes
Oven Baked Round Steak369 2 Hours
Round Steak & Onion Grilled Cheese491 30 Minutes
Round Steak Beef & Noodles224 30 Minutes
Eye Of Round Roast Beef196 2 Hours 5 Minutes

1. Round Steak & Gravy

If you’re somebody always on the go, you know that frustrating feeling that comes with realizing that it’s 7pm and you still haven’t made dinner. This recipe rescues you from the shame of ordering pizza for the third night in a row. 

Quick and to the point, all you need to do is sear your steak and add it to a slow cooker with all your favorite veggies and spices. Then, do it in the morning before you head to work, and dinner will be served by the time you return!

If you’re pressed for time, go for instant gravy, thickening and surrounding the beef, creating a gooey bed of boiling lava that will soften the meat over time. 

The great thing about a slow gravy cook is that all the flavors become one, dramatically turning a basic cut of meat into a cloud-like mouth full of savory delight. Pair this with creamy mashed potatoes, fluffy rice, and sauteed vegetables. 

Calories Per Serving: 301

Preparation Time: 8-10 Hours

2. Braised Beef With Lime Cilantro Mayo

Set a skillet on high and add oil to braise your round steak. You’ll want it searing hot so that the outside of your steak can brown quickly. Lay your salt and peppered steak in the oil and let it brown on all sides. 

Once it’s brown, you can take the steak out, lower the heat and add your onions and additional seasoning. Cook the rest in low to medium heat, so the meat has time to soften. It should be falling off the bone once removed.

If you’re fortunate enough to own a dutch oven, you’ve got the perfect tool for such a recipe. If not, a deep Keto-friendly meal, or add some oven-roasted sweet potato fries. You can accompany this meal with rice, mashed potatoes, or even pasta. It’s up to you!

Calories Per Serving: 400

Preparation Time: 2 Hours

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3. Chicken Fried Beef Steak

This chicken-fried steak is the perfect comfort food for any occasion, be it a summer picnic or a Christmas dinner

So what is chicken fried steak? For those unfamiliar with this Southern U.S delicacy, it’s simply cube beef fried like chicken and smothered in gravy. It takes 30 minutes to cook and tastes like a rich piece of Salisbury steak

The light crunch contrasted with a soft center is enough reason to try this out. 

You’ll have a lot of fun making this, and it requires you to pound your round steak into the next century. You want that thing to feel like a pillow by the time you’re done, so get your mallet and think about something that makes your blood boil. 

Afterward, coat the steak in a breading blend of your choice. You can add traditional fried chicken spices like oregano, garlic powder, and black pepper or try something adventurous.

You could oven bake it, but if you want the authentic southern version, go for deep frying. 

Calories Per Serving: 975

Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

4. Smoked Eye Of Round & Au Jus

We’re entering the big leagues of beef here. Smoking meat is a skill many of us want to have. Why? Because it makes everything rich, luxurious, and mouthwatering. 

Perfect for this slow and immersive process is the round steak. Pro-tip, before you marinate your meat, cut away any extra fat and make sure you remove the silver skin; otherwise, there’s no way you’ll get a soft result. 

Use a rub of granulated onion, ginger, salt, and pepper to maximize flavor. You can also marinate the beef in brine overnight. Marination is round steak’s best friend. 

You don’t want to take away from the sensational smoke flavor, so don’t overdo it. You’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot when you get a reddish pink rim around your steak. That’s the smoke doing its magic. 

Once finished, this steak can be thinly sliced and slathered in between hamburger buns for a makeshift steak burger. You can also pair this with macaroni and cheese for the perfect cookout meal.

Be gentle, as it’s so tender that it will fall apart if you’re rough with it. 

Calories Per Serving: 275

Preparation Time: 8-16 Hours

5. Mediterranean Eye Of Round Steak

No matter the weather, you’ll always feel like you’re on summer vacation coasting along the Mediterranean sea with this recipe. A rich mix of artichoke hearts, dijon mustard, roasted red peppers, and basil drizzled over one-inch steak sounds like the perfect dinner

The acidity of the dressing and smoothness of the meat creates a dance of flavor that’s hard to beat. It’s the ideal marriage of indulgence and smart eating. It’s also a great option for keto enthusiasts. 

If you subscribe to the Mediterranean diet, you have found your go-to beef recipe. Chock full of fresh and vibrant vegetables as a side, this low-fat, lean cut of beef will go down easy. 

To add even more flavor to your meat, marinade it for around 6 hours or overnight in dijon mustard and artichoke liquid before cooking it over a medium heat flame. 

The marination process will soften the meat, reducing the need to further tenderize it. After 15 minutes on the grill, your meat is ready. Drape the artichoke mix over it, and enjoy. 

Calories Per Serving: 430

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

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6. Baja Sunrise Steak & Eggs

Start your morning with this energy-giving, classic combination of steak and eggs. It’s a great way to practice food consciousness in the mornings as this beef needs marination the night before. 

The aroma of sizzling steak will no doubt wake up the entire house. Keep the seasoning simple, and you’ll have a breakfast fit for a king sure to get you through a morning’s hard work. 

If steak sounds a little too heavy for a morning meal, don’t worry. The beef slices are so slim that you’ll feel like you’re eating a light protein. It’s comparable to a bacon and egg breakfast, with less fat. 

Lay your steak and eggs on a toasted tortilla for added crunch and healthy carbs. To make this meal to the next level, slice some fresh avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, and onions and mix in lime juice, salt, and pepper. You’ve got a tart salad to 

Calories Per Serving: 440 

Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

7. Smothered Round Steak

If this recipe’s name doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. Soft steak smothered in gravy, mushrooms, onions, and savory spices topped with fresh rosemary sounds like a five-star meal you can make at home. 

The mushroom and onion gravy goes with almost any side dish, including classic mashed potatoes. To get an unbeatable texture, you need to cook this one with a little patience.

Low and slow is the name of the game. Tuck it under some aluminum and let it sit in the oven for 2-3 hours. 

If you want to go the extra mile, buy a top round steak, the softest section in the round steak family. You can add Worcestershire sauce to your marinade for an umami kick. 

When tenderizing your meat, remember to aim for a ½ inch thicknessIf you’re missing a little green on your plate, add some steamed broccoli. The plain veggies with gravy on top are to die for. 

Calories Per Serving: 318

Preparation Time: 3 Hours 40 Minutes

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8. Oven Baked Round Steak

If you want to slow cook something, the oven is the easiest option. No fuss, just preheating and perfect timing. That’s why you’ve got to try this oven-baked round steak. 

Slow broiling your meat in a sweet and savory gravy of caramelized onions can take up to 2 hours, but don’t worry; the oven does all the work for you. Next, add two bay leaves to the soup for a light Italian flavor

Cut your steak into manageable pieces to ensure that each piece gets an even cook and similar flavor. This way, your lovely sauce receives an even distribution. 

To prevent burning, you can cover the meal with foil once the top is lightly browned. Check on it after 30-45 minutes and adjust the foil to your liking. You can serve this with mashed potatoes, fluffy rice, or a flatbread-like pita

Calories Per Serving: 369

Preparation Time: 2 Hours

9. Round Steak & Onion Grilled Cheese

Who said steak has to be a heavy ordeal? You can just as easily enjoy it in a sandwich, and there’s no better vessel than the classic grilled cheese. No more plain cheddar and white bread. 

Switch out your childhood fave for an adult version with caramelized onions, gooey cheese, and thinly sliced round beef. Layer after layer of steak, onion, and cheese pack maximum flavor, and the toasty bread brings it all together. 

When it comes to the cheese you use, it’s all up to you. Cheddar will offer a sharp kick and plenty of salt, while mozzarella is mild in flavor but full of oily goodness. 

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, ground beef can be so soft that it’s used as sandwich meat. The great thing about this option is that you can customize the salt and oil levels in your sandwich meat. Of course, you should tenderize and pre-cook your beef to get the best results. 

Nobody wants soggy raw meat mixed with cheese. 

Calories Per Serving: 491

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

10. Round Steak Beef & Noodles

There’s nothing like a warm bowl of beef and noodles to take you back to those carefree childhood days. An alternative to chicken noodle soup, this round steak beef recipe will give you all of the cozy “feels .”

Chunky carrots, celery, potatoes, and beef broth only add to the comfort, making this a nutritious option for anyone looking to prioritize their health. In addition, it can be cooked in one pot, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a major mess. 

To cut the cooking time in half, pre-boil your beef in its own broth before lightly searing the pieces with some onions and spices.

Don’t throw the broth out. Instead, use it to enhance the soup by cooking the noodles. They will adapt the flavor along with your accompanying vegetables. 

Feel free to add as many vegetables as you want. It doesn’t have to be just carrots and celery. You can even add spinach and cabbage to double up on vitamins. 

If you’re going to save this soup for a rainy day, you’ll love the fact that it freezes beautifully. Simply make the broth and beef combo and skip the noodles. Pack it in the freezer and defrost it when needed.  

Calories Per Serving: 224

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

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11. Eye Of Round Roast Beef

Whoever said “eye of round” steak couldn’t be moist, tender, and juicy clearly hasn’t tried this recipe! You’d easily mistake this masterpiece for filet mignon or a slow-roasted ribeye. 

The thin slices lay beautifully atop your starch of choice, and any residual juices will make the perfect drizzling. And guess what? All you need is some salt and pepper. 

That’s right. No fancy marinade. Let the meat shine and bring forth its own flavors through the roasting process. This recipe is perfect for you if you like your beef medium rare. 

Once cut open, you’ll see a slightly pink center and browned edges. If you’re more of a well-done kind of cook, then leave your roast in the oven a little longer and take it out once the internal temperature is around 145 degrees Fahrenheit

The sauce options are endless, but something tart, like horseradish or mustard sauce, is perfect for cutting through the meat’s richness. Alternatively, a balsamic vinegar reduction is a great sauce in your arsenal when considering roasted meat dressings. 

Calories Per Serving: 196

Preparation Time: 2 Hours 5 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Eye Of Round Steak? 

Despite the name “eye of round,” this steak is nowhere near the eye of the animal. In fact, it’s closer to the opposite end. We get this particular steak from a cut known as the round primal cut, which is more comparable to the rump meat.

It’s usually leaner than meat from the animal’s belly or upper back region. This means you get way less fat and a rich, darker taste. 

Is Round Eye Steak Tough? 

Though the eye of round steak comes from a section that sees a lot of activity and movement, the idea that it’s too tough and, therefore, low quality is a myth. Much like other parts of beef, round-eye steak requires tenderization to be fully enjoyed. 

It can turn out tough if you treat it like a filet, sirloin, or ribeye, which are naturally softer, so give it a little more love than you would these other cuts. 

How Do I Cook Eye Of Round Steak To Make It Tender?  

Make your eye of round steak work for you by tenderizing it before cooking. You can do this by boiling, crockpot, slow cooking, or oven roasting. Smoked “eye of round” steak is also just as soft. 

To loosen the tougher tissue, marinate the meat in acidic seasonings such as vinegar or lemon and add oil to seal in moisture. You can also go the traditional route and use a meat mallet to pound out any toughness and relax the cut of meat. 

The last one is a plus, as you can take out any bottled-up aggression, so it’s like therapy and cooking simultaneously. 

Is Eye Of Round A Good Grilling Steak? 

Absolutely, yes! If you think this meat is disqualified for its tough reputation, think again. The grill is the perfect place to let your round steak unwind and soak in the smoky, charred flavors, softening the tissue for an ideal result.

 If you get your cut thin, it will only need a little tenderizing through marination or pounding and will cook quickly on the grill. You won’t need to worry about the fat rendering, as it barely has any marbling, so it’s perfect for first-time grillers. 

11 Lively Eye Of Round Steak Recipes To Spice Up Your Meal Planning

Meat lovers! Now make your steak with these awesome recipe’s at home.


  • Pick a recipe from the list above
  • Click the recipe name and visit the website
  • Collect the ingredients and cook the food
  • Enjoy – don’t forget to leave a review

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