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45 Flavorful African Food Recipes To Excite Your Taste Buds

Quick Answer: What Are The Most Flavorful African Dishes?

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Some of the most flavorful African Food Recipes include- soups like egusi soup, Doro wat, Kuku kienyeji soup, and groundnut soup; side dishes like fufu, pilau, jollof rice, chapati, Injera; meat-based dishes like a braai, nyama choma, Piri Piri chicken, and snacks like samosas, shakshuka, kebabs, fried plantains, puff puff, suya, Moi Moi and shakshuka. 

You don’t have to hop on a plane to discover all of the world’s cuisines. Instead, travel through 54 colorful countries with this extensive list of flavorful, delicious, and detailed recipes that will have you feeling like a top chef in no time. 

With each region of Africa, you’ll experience different spices, ingredients, and side dishes, but feel free to mix and match. After all, food is about experimentation, and there’s no greater lab than the world’s breadbasket. 

Flavorful African Recipes: Quick Table 

Recipes Calories Preparation Time
Nyama Choma647(per serving)3-5 hrs 
Shakshuka111(per serving)30 min
Fried Plantains 431(per serving)20 min
Egusi Soup 600 (per cup)2hrs 15min
Chapati110 (per piece)2 hrs
Puff Puff 103(per serving)2 hrs
Pilau360 (per cup) 2 hrs
Jollof Rice 284 (per cup) 2 hrs
Kachumbari 32(per serving)10 min
Fufu217 (per serving)25 min
Kebabs238(per serving)2-12 hrs
Samosa262(per serving)2 hrs
Doro Wat512 (per serving)2hr 15min
Injera126 (per piece) 5 days
Mukimo232 (per serving)45 min
Ugali & Sukuma Wiki280 (per serving)30 min
Koki Bean Cake 126 (per serving)3hrs 30 min
Couscous177 (per cup)12 min
Koshari270 (per 160 grams)1hr 22 min
Githeri350 (per cup)2 hrs
Braai300-500 (per large piece)2-5 hrs
Saka Saka84 (per cup)2 hrs 15 min
Wali Wa Nazi140 (per 100 grams)20 min
Bunny Chow 600 (per serving)55 min
Mandazi 103 (per piece)45 min
Groundnut Sauce166 (per serving)40 min
Seswaa278 (per serving)4hrs 10 min
Kapenta202 (per serving)45 min
Piri Piri Chicken217 (per serving)6 hrs
Matoke Stew400 (per serving)30 min
Alloco440 (per serving)10 min
Rolex200 (per serving)5 min
Suya 145 (per serving)1 hr 30 min
Muhogo160 (per serving)35 min
Isombe 94(per serving)2 hrs
Chicken Tagine604(per serving)55 min
Namungodi Rice Balls250(per serving)35min
Mealie Bread139(per serving)1 hr
Mufete500(per serving)3 hrs
Malawah143 (per serving)35 min
Garba359(per serving)6 min
Moi Moi155(per serving)45 min
B’stilla398 (per serving)1 hr 30 min
Pweza Wa Nazi250 (per serving)35 min
Kuku Kienyeji280 (per serving)2 hrs

1. Ugali and Sukuma Wiki (East Africa) 

There’s no better way to start your journey through African food than with this simple & staple meal. Ugali is a semi-firm cornmeal mash paired with sukuma wiki, a mixture of kale and spinach, which literally means “push for the week.” 

The real flavor comes from the greens, which incorporate a mix of sauteed onions, garlic, and tomatoes and mixed spices. For extra richness, add a dash of coconut milk while cooking. 

Calories (Per Serving): 280

Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Check Out This DIY Recipe:

2. Fufu (Nigeria/Ghana)

Fufu is the perfect accompaniment to a spicy soup like egusi. 

To keep it simple, stick with cassava, which is peeled and blended before it’s pounded over a stove into a smooth, semi-elastic consistency. For variety, incorporate other roots like yam. 

Though fufu is usually pounded with a mortar and pestle, you can still enjoy its rich and smooth texture without the extra labor. 

Calories (Per Serving): 217

Total Preparation Time: 25 min

Check It Out Here:  

3. Jollof Rice (West Africa)

Fresh, versatile, and full of rich West African tradition, you’ll fall in love with this dish. The secret lies in the tomato broth that the rice cooks in. Your bubbling hot red sauce must be thick enough to cradle the long grain rice, creating a fluffy consistency. 

From Ghana and Nigeria to Liberia, so many jollof rice versions are worth a try.  

Calories (Per Cup): 284

Total Preparation Time: 2 hrs

Check Out This Smokey Nigerian Jollof Recipe:   

4. Mukimo/Mashed Potatoes (Kenya) 

Tired of the same old mashed potato recipe? Try this corn, pea, and pumpkin leaf-infused Kenyan classic. It’s neutral enough to go with any veggie or meat pairing yet still packed with flavor. 

Try soft maize instead of yellow corn if you want that real Kenyan flavor. It’s twice as filling!

Calories (Per Cup) : 232

Total Preparation Time: 45 min

Simple Mukimo Recipe Here:   

5. Koki Bean Cake (Cameroon) 

African food is both conveniently portable and conveniently healthy, and Koki bean cake is no different. This cake is great for anyone who wants to meal prep for the week. 

Try it with beef stew on the side for a double protein pump!  

Calories (Per Cup) :126

Total Preparation Time: 3hrs 30 min

Check It Out Here:

6. Injera (Ethiopia)

Traditionally made with teff flour, making it completely gluten-free, this is a great option for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerances. 

If you see the final prep time, don’t freak out! Think of it as a sourdough bread situation. First, you need to create the starter, or Ersha, which requires 4 days to fully ferment. 

After that, you’ll have the perfect source for Injera on demand!

Calories (Per Piece) : 126

Total Preparation Time: 5 days 

Learn The Method Here:

7. Couscous (North Africa)

Couscous took the health world by storm as an alternative to white rice. The fluffy, small granules are a quick option when you want dinner on demand. 

Believe it or not, Couscous is pasta, so you can pair it with your favorite sauce or try this lemon option for an extra kick of flavor. 

Calories (One Cup) : 177 calories 

Total Preparation Time: 12 minutes 

Check It Out Here:  

8. Egusi Soup (Nigeria) 

Craving some surf and turf? Egusi is your best bet. This chunky soup features crayfish, roast beef, and hearty vegetables with a rich broth. 

This recipe uses the seeds inside to create a coarse, curd-like texture to get its name from the egusi gourd, similar to a pumpkin or squash.  

Calories (One Cup): 600

Total Preparation Time: 2hrs 15 min

Learn The Method Here:

9. Koshari (Egypt)

Try this popular Egyptian staple if you’re in the mood for a little bit of everything. Inside your Koshari, you’ll find pasta, chickpeas, fried onions, lentils, and rice. 

It’s the perfect carb and protein alternative for vegans, and it tastes like an explosion of different continents. It’s also a healthy comfort food, excellent for a family platter. 

Calories (Per 160 gms): 270

Total Preparation Time: 1hr 22 min 

DIY Koshari:

10. Githeri (Kenya)

Sometimes simplicity is all you need when looking for a new meal to cook. Githeri is a great option for anyone venturing into African cooking. It is essentially vegan chili, switching out ground beef for soft maize.

What truly shines in this meal is the spices. To add extra flavor, saute the onions and spices in butter. It will coat the beans and corn, giving a smooth feel and taste.

Calories (Per Cup): 350

Total Preparation Time: 2 hrs

Get The Githeri Method Here:

11. Braai (South Africa)

This one is for the meat lovers out there. Braai is the South African term for barbecue, so light up the coal and get outside! 

Beef braai is common, but you can get wild with your choices and go for pork or fish. The key to great braai is seasoning and marinating, so let your meat sit for a few hours in your favorite spice blends before you put it on the grill. 

Calories (Per Large Piece): 300-500

Total Preparation Time: 2-5 hrs

Get Some Braai Inspiration:  

12. Doro Wat (Ethiopia)

There’s no wonder this is Ethiopia’s national dish. It’s that good. Often coupled with Injera, this meal isn’t for those in a hurry, as Doro Wat is comparable to a slow-cooked crockpot meal. But it’s worth the wait. 

The chicken falls off the bone, and the vegetables mesh into one thick paste-like stew. Then, for an authentic kick, get some Berbere Ethiopian spices. 

Calories (per serving): 512

Total Preparation Time:  2hr 15min

Check It Out Here:

13. Pondu or Saka Saka (DRC)

This humble yet flavorful meal comes from Africa’s heart, with cassava leaves as the star. It’s perfect atop rice or next to a meat stew and heavy mashed potatoes

Most African meals feature vegetables as the star, and this one is no exception. We’re highlighting a vegan option for those who want to spice up their Saturday night meals, but you can add smoked fish for a pescatarian version. 

Calories (Per Cup): 84

Total Preparation Time: 2hr 15 min 

For More Details, Click Here:

14. Wali Wa Nazi or Coconut Rice (Tanzania, Kenya)

Coconuts are a key ingredient in Swahili dishes, given the closeness to the ocean for most Swahili communities. You’ll be instantly transported to the coast by featuring fluffy basmati rice and fresh coconut

If you want the flavor to pack a punch, pair this with some sweet beef or bean stew and use fresh coconut. Dried, desiccated coconut works just as well.

Calories (Per Cup): 140

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Try It Yourself:

15. Bunny Chow (South Africa)

Never thought you’d be able to make South African street food at home. Think again. Bunny chow is a classic quick meal that packs the energy with chicken, chickpeas, thick bread, and curry-like soup. 

Now this one’s a little high on the calorie count. But that’s why it works best as a guilt-free comfort meal

Calories: 600

Total Preparation Time: 55 min

Check It Out Here:

16. Mandazi (Kenya, East Africa) 

Every culture on earth has its version of a donut, and this sweet treat belongs to East Africa. 

You know you’ve made mandazi right when the edges are crispy, but the center is soft and airy. Of course, yeast works best, but baking powder is a quick fix if you don’t have the time. 

You can flavor these donuts with lemon zest, cinnamon, coconut, or rich brown sugar

Calories (Per Serving): 103

Total Preparation Time: 45 min

Mini Mandazi Recipe:

17. Groundnut Sauce (Uganda)

Uganda is known as the home of the groundnut, so there’s no surprise why this signature sauce is a prominent feature in most UG dishes.

Though you might be tempted, it’s best to use whole groundnuts instead of peanut butter. This way, you achieve a more flavorful sauce

The sauce pairs perfectly with Matoke (green bananas), chapati, or a bowl of flavorful rice. 

Calories (Per 100grams): 166

Total Preparation Time: 40 Min

Check It Out Here:

18. Seswaa (Botswana)

You’ll absolutely love this recipe if you’re a fan of pulled pork or Sloppy Joes. It’s a slow cooker’s dream. Southern Africa loves its meat, which is why Seswaa was made into Botswana’s national dish.

Use a beef chuck on the bone for best results and let it simmer for hours before shredding the meat with two forks. 

If the meat falls off the bone, you’ve done it right. 

Calories (Per Serving): 278

Total Preparation Time: 4hrs 10 min

Check It Out Here:

19. Piri Piri Chicken (Mozambique/Angola) 

If you love Nandos, you’ll be happy to know that you can make the authentic version in your kitchen! Piri Piri chicken is a spicy Mozambique favorite with heavy Portuguese influences. 

This is a versatile yet time-consuming chicken dish featuring the Piri Piri pepper, which is Swahili for hot pepper. So pick your favorite hot chilies and let them marinate for at least 4 hours. 

Calories (Per Serving): 217

Total Preparation Time: 6 hrs

YT Tutorial:

20. Kapenta With Sadza (Zimbabwe)

Sun-dried fish is a common food among African countries due to the abundance of daylight. This ancient preservation method is responsible for the delicious Kapenta meal

The most common fish used is the Lake Victoria sardine, which is so small that you don’t have to take the bones out. 

You can use dried sardines if you don’t have the small cyprinid fish. Both will deliver the fishy flavor you’re looking for with this dish. 

Calories (Per Serving): 202

Total Preparation Time: 45 minutes

Check It Out Here:

21. Kebabs (North Africa, Egypt) 

This is probably the most familiar dish on this list if you’re not from the African continent. Kebabs are popular for their simple assembly and strong, delicious taste

For North African kebabs, chicken and beef mince work fine, but if you want to go the extra mile, try some lamb. You can make quick kebabs or marinate the meat overnight for a flavor explosion.

Calories (Per Serving): 238

Total Preparation Time: 2-12hrs

Check Out The Tutorial:  

22. Fried Plantains (West & Central Africa)

If you love the salty-sweet combination craze rocking the culinary world, fried plantains are for you. The perfect blend of sticky sweet bananas with salt to taste. 

Be sure to buy yellow peel plantains, not green or regular bananas, or you’ll have a completely different taste & texture. 

Calories: 431

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Check Out A Quick Tutorial:

23. Matoke Stew (Uganda)

Let’s hop over to Uganda to celebrate the many forms bananas come in. Matoke is one of those amazing one-pot meals that take under 30 minutes to whip up. 

Suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, it’s a sweet and savory mix for banana lovers everywhere. It will also keep you full for a while and can be had any time of the day. 

Calories (Per Serving): 400

Total Preparation Time: 30 min

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Make Your Own Matoke:  

24. Alloco (Côte D’Ivoire)

One major feature of African food is the love of bananas. Allocco is much like the fried plantains of Nigeria, except the shape differs and it’s most often paired with tilapia.

It can also be cut longways and sold on kebab sticks as street food. If you want a quick snack, pair it with the groundnut sauce. 

Calories (Per Serving): 440

Total Preparation Time: 10 min

Check It Out Here:

25. Samosas (Kenya, Tanzania)

Samosas are world famous for their warm, meat or potato-filled center and crispy, flaky outside. But, when it comes to East African samosas, spice is king. Cumin, cardamom, and black pepper bring the stuffing to life, no matter what’s inside. 

To turn this into a refreshing snack, serve it with a side of fresh lemon slices, and squeeze a few citrus-filled drops inside before each bite. Pure heaven!

Calories (Per Piece) : 262

Total Preparation Time: 2 hrs

Check It Out Here:

26. Shakshuka (Tunisia) 

If you know these as “eggs in purgatory,” you’re not alone. This breakfast recipe is a common staple in many households. Though it’s known the world over, it originated in Tunisia. 

Shakshuka takes the stress out of poached eggs and offers a dressing that goes hand in hand with a warm slice of toast and coffee

Calories (Per Serving): 111

Total Preparation Time: 30 min

Perfect Your Shakshuka With This Tutorial:

27. Rolex (Uganda)

Yet another brilliant breakfast option, this Ugandan street food gets its name from a fancy watch, meaning it’s a classic dish. Slipped in between a hot crispy chapati, you’ll find a fried egg nursing with flavor from the accompanying tomato. 

It’s a quick burrito-style meal for anyone on the go. The chapati offers an energy boost, while the protein from the egg keeps you full all morning. 

Calories: 200

Total Preparation Time: 5 min

Practice Your Skills With This Video:

28. Suya (West Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana)

What’s better than sweet, spicy smoked meat? There’s not much else, to be honest. These lively skewers combine the banging flavor of a dry rub with smokey sensations. Keep it authentic with beef cubes and wooden skewers. 

Choose a soft beef cut with minimal fat to give your skewers the best texture. Marinate the meat for an hour and a half before cooking for optimal taste. 

Calories (Per Serving): 145

Total Preparation Time: 1hr 30 min

Perfect Your Suya Skewer Skills:  

29. Puff Puff (Nigeria) 

Puff puff is as fun to eat as it is to say. You don’t need to see it to figure out that it’s a fluffy, puffy fried dough with a sweet, soft center. Though puff puff is a type of donut, it doesn’t require much sugar. 

Since puff puff uses a yeasted dough, you should plan ahead by an hour before you make this meal. For extra texture, roll the fried donuts in a cinnamon & sugar mix immediately after frying.  

Calories (Per Serving): 103

Total Preparation Time: 2 hr

Practice Your Puff With This:

30. Muhogo or Roasted Cassava (Kenya) 

Another delightful street food from East Africa, Muhogo celebrates the humble cassava root by serving it as is with a little chili and salt on top.

Just boil the cassava for a bit before you roast it to ensure it’s cooked all the way through. Or bake them in the oven until soft.  

Cassava can be dry on its own, so pair this with your favorite warm beverage, or go for an ice-cold lemonade. 

Calories (Per Serving): 160

Total Preparation Time: 35 min

31. Isombe (Rwanda)

These aren’t your typical greens. Rich in flavor, thanks to the cassava leaves, coriander, tomatoes, and red onions, Isombe is a favorite amongst Rwandan locals and anyone who visits the nation. 

With 3.7 grams of protein for every 100 grams, these superfood greens are great for vegans seeking to spice up their protein. With a few spices, you’ll have the perfect side dish for any meal.  

Calories (Per Serving): 94

Total Preparation Time: 2 hrs

Check It Out Here:

32. Chicken Tagine (North Africa)

Tagine is a word you’ll see alongside many restaurant menus in North Africa, as the method has become a common means of preparing food. Using the tagine pot, which is clay and coned, soups, stews, and different meat dishes are made. 

You don’t have to buy a tagine to experience the taste this dish can offer. Instead, go for a North African staple ingredient like apricots or preserved lemons. 

Calories (Per Serving): 604

Total Preparation Time: 55 min

Check Out The Tutorial Here:

33. Namungodi Rice Balls (Uganda)

Have you ever had a fried ball of rice? If your answer is no, then you’re missing out. This is a great way to remix that leftover rice. When freshly fried, this goes perfectly with fish and red sauce? 

If you want a ball that will stick together, go for short grain rice over long grain as long grain ice holds less starch. 

Calories (Per Serving): 250

Total Preparation Time: 35 min

Practice Makes Perfect:

34. Pilau (East Africa) 

Plain rice can get boring quickly, so pilau needs to be part of your food arsenal. It freezes beautifully and creates a warm and homely feeling in the mouth when eaten. 

If you’re feeling fancy, infuse the rice with hearty beef cubes. It will add to the flavor and create a protein-rich dish that’s perfect on its own. 

Calories (per cup): 360

Total Preparation Time: 1hr

Make Your Own Pilau At Home:  

35. Mealie Bread (Zimbabwe, South Africa)

Mealie is a South African nickname for maize or corn, which is the primary ingredient in this quick bread. Originating in Mexico, mealie made its way to South Africa via colonizers who wanted to bring a bit of home with them. 

You can treat this like American cornbread and pair it with chunky beef chili, or pick one of the many African stews listed here. 

Calories (Per Serving): 139

Total Preparation Time: 1 hr

Check It Out Here:

36. Kachumbari (Eastern Africa) 

Looking for a fresh salad for the summer? Why not try this citrus and tomato mix that resembles pico de gayo? Kachumbari makes every savory meal better, and you can find it next to Kenyan favorites such as nyama choma or fried tilapia. 

Simple when it comes to ingredients, all you need are tomatoes, lemons or limes, red onion, salt, and coriander. Add a dash of black pepper for that slight kick. 

Calories (Per 100gms) : 32

Total Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Step-By-Step Tutorial: 

37. Mufete (Angola) 

With around 1/3 of the Angolan population living near a body of water, you can expect fish to be on the menu most of the time.

However, Mufete combines that with lovely starches like cassava, beans, sweet potato, and plantain. This hearty meal might leave you feeling well rested, so take it before a nice afternoon nap. 

For a lighter version, have the Mufete fish with some kachumbari salad. 

Calories (Per Serving): 500

Total Preparation Time: 3 hrs

Check It Out Here:

38. Malawah (Somalia) 

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, try this crepe-like pancake from the Horn of Africa. Malawah is set apart by its distinct cardamom and ginger flavors. Paired with coffee and honey, this is a decadent breakfast. 

If you want to add to the indulgence, spread some melted butter over the warm pancakes. Sounds like the morning of anyone’s dreams. 

Calories (Per Serving): 143

Total Preparation Time: 35 min

This Tutorial Should Get You Started:  

39. Nyama Choma (Kenya, East Africa)

Much like a braai, nyama choma is the East African answer to barbecue. It’s simple and no-fuss meat that tastes like heaven. You can grill chicken or fish, but beef and goat are the most popular options

When it comes to nyama choma, less is more. Don’t bother with fancy marinades and spices. Simply ensure you get a high-quality cut of meat. Spray some oil on it, and let the smoke and heat from the grill do their thing. 

Calories (Per Serving): 647

Total Preparation Time: 2-3 hrs

Grill-Free Nyama Choma:

40. Garba (Côte D’Ivoire)

If you think the prep time is a typo, think again. This is a quick meal, especially on those days when you feel stranded in the kitchen. 

Tuna cooks fast, so you don’t need to dry it out by keeping it on the heat too long. A few minutes on each side is just enough. Serve with fresh tomatoes and rice. 

Calories (Per Serving) : 359

Total Preparation Time: 6 min

Try This Easy Tutorial:

41. Moi Moi (Nigeria) 

Want a lip-smacking snack that will leave you full for hours? Then, get a load of this bean-based, steamed delight. 

Moi Moi gets its name from the leaves traditionally used to wrap this affordable scotch egg-style treat. Moi Moi is a protein-dense, semi-solid bean mixture with hidden yet tasty elements such as fish and crayfish

Calories (Per Serving): 155

Total Preparation Time: 45 min

Make Moi Moi 3 Ways:  

42. B’stilla or Chicken Pie (Morocco)

Looking to feel like Moroccan royalty? This recipe is the perfect introduction. Once only reserved for the ruling class, B’stilla or chicken pie is a great breakfast option for anyone who wants some protein packed into their day. 

Using fluffy filo dough, sweet cinnamon, almonds, and chicken breast, you’ll instantly be transported to the culinary corners of this North African country.  

Calories (Per Serving): 398 

Total Preparation Time: 1hr 30 min

Get The Tutorial Here:  

43. Pweza Wa Nazi/Coconut Octopus (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

Sitting under the Zanzibar sun and enjoying some coconut-flavored octopus is everyone’s idea of a great time. Try this meal out yourself until you can make it to the coast. 

Calories (Per Cup): 250

Total Preparation Time: 35 min

44. Kuku Kienyeji Stew (Kenya) 

Soupy, strong, and full of healthy fats, this chicken stew is beloved by most Kenyans. 

To get the most authentic flavor, buy free-range, organic chicken. Since it’s a slow-cooked dish, you need the dark meat and healthy marrow that only organic chicken offers. 

Calories: 280

Total Preparation Time: 2 hrs

The Kienyeji Method:  

45. Chapati (Kenya)

Top off your African adventure with this fluffy East African version of India’s parathas. Chapati was bought into the coastal region due to trade and interaction with Indian and Arabic cultures; this soft flatbread is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, you won’t regret this vegan-friendly, health-conscious treat that goes well with stews, lentils, tea, or coffee. 

Calories (Per Piece) : 110

Total Preparation Time: 2 hrs

Master The Art Of Layered Chapati Here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of African Dishes Are There? 

Even with a continent as diverse as Africa, you can spot key similarities in culinary expressions. Depending on the region, common food themes tell a story about the people.

For example, North Africa has heavy Middle Eastern influences and vice versa, so you’ll see a lot of kebabs, rice, Couscous, red sauces, flatbreads, and mutton. 

East Africa has Indian and Middle Eastern influence, so expect those elements to show up in the food. However, when it comes to Central and South Africa, you’ll see a lot of earthy ingredients such as cassava, beans, arrowroot, and sweet potatoes.

Most dishes in West, East, Central, and South Africa are savory, but there’s the occasional dessert thrown in, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re good to go. 

What Do Most African Dishes Feature? 

Like other global cuisines, African dishes feature three main elements: meat, starch, and a vegetable. You’ll also find many soup-based dishes, especially from the West African region.

Bone broth-based soups are popular across the continent as they add flavor and thickness.

Flatbread in chapati and Injera also acts as a side dish. For most recipes, there’s an emphasis on vegetables and legumes, but meat is also a favorite element. The most common starch is a corn meal variation, like ugali in Kenya or Pap in South Africa.  

Is Cooking African Food Hard? 

Absolutely not. Though many people feel that African food is foreign and inaccessible, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

To dispel any myths about your ability to pull off an African dish, approach these meals as you would Italian or French cuisine. You try it, taste it, and try again. 

You might mispronounce the names, but your excitement about trying something new matters. African cuisine is also pretty healthy, using clean and simple ingredients, and enhancing the flavor with spices. So pick one of the recipes above and get started!

45 Flavorful African Food Recipes To Excite Your Taste Buds

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