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15 Easy Prosciutto Appetizers To Up Your Appetizer Game

Prosciutto is a dry-cured pork ham from Italy that has gained a lot of notoriety and love because of its delicious salty, sweet taste. Its commonly paper-thin slices also make it perfect for incorporating into a wide range of dishes.

These delicate slices of cured pork have a wonderful blend of flavors, and like all things Italy has blessed us with, they’re always loved by everyone, making them the perfect ingredient to serve as appetizers at parties and family gatherings.

We’ve compiled some of the best prosciutto appetizers that are perfect for entertaining guests, friends, or family.

So, whether you’re planning a special occasion and need a treat to get your guests excited for the meal to come or simply need a snack to serve when hanging out with friends and family, all the appetizers on this list are super easy to make and will be well appreciated by any pork-loving crowd.

Quick Table: Prosciutto Appetizers

RecipesCalories Per ServingPreparation Time
Truffle Potato Chips And Prosciutto Appetizer3673 Minutes
Grilles Tuscan Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp30930 Minutes
Prosciutto Rose Appetizers59 20 Minutes
Prosciutto Roasted Fig With Goat Cheese127 10 Minutes
Pear Prosciutto  Appetizers160 10 Minutes
Prosciutto Pinwheels17626 Minutes
Creamy Prosciutto Cracker Appetizer42 11 Minutes
Maple Glaze Prosciutto Wrapped Dates With Goat CheeseNot Available10 Minutes
Cranberry And Prosciutto Crostini92 26 Minutes
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus56.2 17 Minutes
Prosciutto And Asparagus Puff Pastry359 30 Minutes
Prosciutto And Cheese Pastry Twists78 40 Minutes
Grape And Prosciutto Skewers39 6 Minutes
Prosciutto Wrapped Apple Bites19710 Minutes
Prosciutto And Melon307 15 Minutes

 1. Truffle Potato Chips And Prosciutto Appetizer

Some food combinations seem odd at first, but once you try them, they create a delicious dish that works for no apparent reason. Truffle potato chips and prosciutto are one such odd Pairing.

With a super easy mix of potato chips coated in truffle oil and topped with prosciutto slices and peppers, this appetizer is a crunchy and salty starter that’ll delight fans of potato chips everywhere.

Perfect for game day, girl’s night, or a snack while watching a movie, this appetizer will go quickly, so don’t hesitate to make a big batch. feel to reduce or increase the quantity of truffle oil depending on your preference

Calories Per Serving: 367

Preparation Time: 3 Minutes

2. Grilled Tuscan Prosciutto Wrapped-Shrimp

Have a cookout or barbecue coming up and need an appetizer to keep your guests satiated? Grilled Tuscan prosciutto wrapped shrimp is the perfect starter for the job.

They are perfectly salty yet tender and feature jumbo shrimp marinated in a mix of Italian seasoning and balsamic vinegar before being wrapped in prosciutto slices and fresh basil and grilled to perfection.

Serve this wrapped shrimp with chili aioli, creamy Italian sauce, or even ranch, and you’ll be floored by the taste.

Don’t have a grill? You can still make these delicious bites in an air fryer. Just pop them in at 400  for about 10 minutes.

Calories Per Serving: 309

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

 3. Prosciutto Rose Appetizers  

Prosciutto rose appetizers are an elegant and easy starter perfect for special occasions like weddings, bridal showers, or even New Year’s Eve parties.

These beautiful bites are made from a simple base of rice crackers layered with a circle of whipped cream cheese and topped with Rose shaped prosciutto slices and dill for an herbaceous touch.

They can be made ahead of time if you’re in a rush. However, do not make them for more than one hour before serving, as the rice crackers might get a bit stale after a while in the fridge.

If you do want to keep them for a longer time, feel free to use a much more stable cracker like Ritz. 

You’ll also need to make sure you use prosciutto with slices separated by plastic or wax paper. That makes it easier to separate the slices when making the prosciutto roses.

Calories Per Serving: 59

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

4. Proscuitto Roasted Figs With Goat Cheese

A gluten-free appetizer that requires zero cooking and has the perfect balance of flavors, roasted figs with goat cheese are tasty starters you can serve up on any occasion.

They consist of pear slices topped with blue cheese prosciutto slices, fresh chili, basil, and a generous drizzle of honey. If you’re a bit wary of spicy food, be careful with the chili peppers here; try to use the smallest amount possible.

These little treats can be made ahead of time, but you’ll need to add the honey and fresh basil right before serving.

Calories Per Serving: 127

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

 5. Pear Prosciutto Appetizers

Pear prosciutto appetizers are delicious bites with a sweet and smoky flavor perfect for fall.

They are so easy to make and feature halves of pear topped with crumbled goat cheese and wrapped up with prosciutto before being lightly roasted into crisp deliciousness.

Feel free to use a goat cheese log in place of crumbled goat cheese but make sure to scoop just half a teaspoon onto each halved pear.

Calories Per Serving: 160

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

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 6. Prosciutto Pinwheels

Prosciutto pinwheels are flaky little bites of savory perfection that will be a hit at any party.

They consist of an easy-baked roll of puff pastry filled with Gruyere cheese and prosciutto. Sprinkle with lemon zest and fresh herbs after baking for an added flavor and lovely garnish.

Calories Per Serving: 176

Preparation Time: 26 Minutes

7. Proscuitto Crackers

This cracker appetizer is a super simple yet tasty treat perfect for New Year’s Eve or Christmas parties.

A smooth mix of cream cheese, garlic, olive oil, and pepper is spread over Ritz cracker and topped with a slice of prosciutto.

Serve with a drizzle of honey for sweetness or a few sprinkles of parsley for added flavor.

Feel free to use any type of crackers you want for this cracker appetizer, as they’ll surely be a crowd pleaser regardless of what crackers you choose.

Calories Per Serving: 42

Preparation Time: 11 Minutes

8. Maple Glaze Prosciutto Wrapped Dates With Goat Cheese

If you’re looking for an Unforgettable appetizer with just the right kick of heat and sweetness, these maple-glazed prosciutto dates are the perfect dish for you.

With a simple baked mix of Medjool dates filled with thyme and goat cheese neatly wrapped with prosciutto, this appetizer has everything needed to kick start a party.

It is made even better with the addition of a spicy cayenne-filled maple glaze that has the perfect balance of heat and sweetness that’ll knock your socks off.

You’ll need to take out the pits from the dates before filling it with goat cheese, but if you’re pressed for time, go ahead and use store-bought pitted dates instead.

Calories Per Serving: Not Available

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

9. Cranberry And Prosciutto Crostini

If you have a Christmas party coming up or need something to keep your guests satiated before thanksgiving dinner is served, cranberry and prosciutto crostini is the perfect dish for the job.

With a crunchy crostini base layered with goat cheese, cranberry sauce, and a slice of prosciutto, these little bites are loaded with a mix of flavors, both sweet and savory,  that will make them a fast favorite with any crowd.

You can use store-bought crostinis or make your own by simply toasting baguette slices with some olive oil.

Be sure to garnish with dried or fresh thyme to give them an added elegance suited to special occasions.

Calories Per Serving: 92

Preparation Time: 26 Minutes

10. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

If you’re a fan of asparagus but have fallen into the habit of making them the same way for dinner all the time, you can spruce things up by turning them into these delightful appetizers. 

These elegant wraps of deliciousness are made from asparagus and goat cheese wrapped into prosciutto slices and baked until tender.

Add a sprinkle of pepper and grated parmesan for garnish, and you’ll be surprised at how fast everyone devours these appetizers. They’re the perfect keto appetizer to serve to guests at a party or pair with dinner for your family.

Try to use firm asparagus stalks to make these as they hold their shape and don’t easily wilt after baking.

Calories Per Serving: 56.2

Preparation Time: 17 Minutes

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11. Prosciutto And Asparagus Puff Pastry Bundles 

Prosciutto and asparagus puff pastry bundles are another mouth-watering way to transform asparagus into a delightful appetizer perfect for brunch parties or even Easter.

Puff pastry squares, gruyere cheese, prosciutto slices, and olive oil-coated asparagus are wrapped into an elegant bundle and baked till golden brown in this delicious appetizer that is sure to impress any crowd.

You can also use crescent rolls to make this puff pastry, so feel free to do so if you can’t get your hands on puff pastry sheets.

Calories Per Serving: 359

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

12. Prosciutto And Cheese Pastry Twists

Prosciutto and cheese pastry twists are another puff pastry based appetizer with an irresistible crispy and creamy mix of flavors perfect for parties during the holidays or just snacking on a regular day because why not?

These are seriously addictive.

They consist of twisted puff pastry with a filling of brie, olives, parmesan, and rosemary wrapped with prosciutto slices and baked to crispy brown perfection.

They can be made ahead and stored in the freezer and then baked when you’re ready to serve

Calories Per Serving: 78

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

13. Grape And Prosciutto Skewers

Want an appetizer with a little bit of salt and juicy sweetness all pilled on a  classic skewer stick? Grape and prosciutto skewers might just be what you’ve been looking for.

These skewers are super easy to make and consist of seedless grapes, arugula, and prosciutto slices piled on a skewer stick. They’re perfectly suited for any occasion and are both healthy and incredibly tasty.

They also require zero cooking, so if you’re not much of a pro in the kitchen, this is an easy appetizer you can still pull off with finesse.

Calories Per Serving: 39

Preparation Time: 6 Minutes

14. Prosciutto Wrapped Apple Bites

There’s just something about fall that makes apples taste ten times better than usual. Maybe it’s because fall is apple season.

Whatever the reason, there’s no better way to use up those juicy fall apples than to turn them into these delicious prosciutto-wrapped appetizers.

These lovely rolled bites, with their combination of apple slices, parmesan shavings, and baby arugula, are the perfect starter to serve at any festivity around autumn.

Add a drizzle of balsamic glaze over these delicious bites, and they’ll turn into an instant favorite.

Calories Per Serving: 197

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

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15. Prosciutto And Melon

Prosciutto and melon is a classic Italian appetizer, but this version has a cheesy and tangy twist that not only makes the dish more interesting but adds a rich flavor you’ll love.

They are quite easy to make and contain cubed melon wrapped in prosciutto slices and skewered on a toothpick along with mozzarella balls. The combination is further elevated by the addition of a sweet balsamic glaze.

The melon cubes are a key element of this dish, so make sure to choose a ripe but firm melon when shopping for this appetizer.

Calories Per Serving: 307

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Eat Prosciutto Raw?

Prosciutto is a cured ham which means it is made through a process that removes all moisture and blood by salting the meat over a long period of time till any bacteria is removed. This makes it safe to eat raw.

Although one could even say the meat isn’t technically “raw” as the curing process can be considered as just another form of cooking without heat.

What Goes Good With Prosciutto?

Prosciutto pairs well with different dishes. You can opt for a traditional serving and pair them with fruits like lemon or try combining them with cheese.

You can also pair them with veggies like arugula and spinach in a salad or put them in sandwiches and other bread dishes.

How Long Does Sliced Prosciutto Last In The Fridge?

Prosciutto can last about a week in the fridge after opening. However, you’ll need to ensure it is wrapped in wax paper to keep it from going bad. 

You can also extend the lifespan of your prosciutto for up to four months by wrapping it in a vacuum-sealed bag.

15 Easy Prosciutto Appetizers To Up Your Appetizer Game

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