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List of Fruits that Start with E

Are you feeling energetic to try new fruits this year? Are you eager to find new smoothie blends, salad recipes, and dessert ideas through the discovery of some of the most delicious fruits from around the world? Well, in this list, you will learn about some of the best fruits that start with E. The list includes fruits from various regions.

Fruits that start with E

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A lot of delicacies and savory treats have come into existence with the help of some fruits that start with E. Plus, you should probably consider learning about the types of new fruits that you can try out if you’re a health-conscious food lover. But, you should remember that due to the rarity and nativity of the regions around the world, you may not find some of the listed fruits in your resident country or region.

While the range of colors and tastes that the listed fruits have below, one thing is common among them, they all start with “E.” So, let’s not waste any more time and jump into an energizing and delicious discussion.

Delicious Fruits that Start with E

1. Elderberry

Elderberry - fruits that start with E

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People have used elderberries as fruits and also for medicinal purposes after drying. That’s one of the main reasons it’s considered to be one of the beneficial herbs for healing. While they look extremely similar to grapes, they differ in their skin which is shiny and black.

It’s quite dangerous to eat elderberries raw, and it’s one of the most helpful, knowledgeable tips that you will get in this list of fruits that start with E. Once cooked, you can use the elderberry as ice cream flavoring, topping, cookies, jam, and pastries.

Despite their flavor and healthiness, they can cause allergic reactions in some people. This is more common for Black and American elderberry. They have many nutrients, including Vitamins B6 and C.

2. Elephant Apple Fruit

Elephant Apple Fruit - fruits that start with E

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As the name suggests, the fruit is extremely tough. It has a tough skin that will require some effort from you to open up. However, once you open it, you can experience the freshness of this fruit through its delicious flesh. You should also know that some people love making a healthy juice out of the Elephant Apple Fruit.

It’s worth mentioning that Elephant Apple Fruit isn’t as juicy as it appears. But, that’s the case for other varieties. If you want to make a healthy smoothie or juice out of the Elephant Apple Fruit, you will need more than a few to make it happen.

If you’re planning to eat the fruit raw, you can try sprinkling some sugar over the top. That’s something that only Elephant Apple Fruit lovers do! You may think that the fruit gets its name from its large size.

But, the name of this fruit comes from the fact that it’s a favorite snack of elephants in the native regions of Asia and China (i.e., where this tropical fruit grows).

3. Earlygold Mango

Earlygold Mango - fruits that start with E

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Who doesn’t like tasting a mango? Trying out one of the most beautiful and eye-catching will surely boost your love for fresh fruits that start with E. The Earlygold mango initially excited in Florida. This type of mango variety grows earlier than the typical mango variety, sometimes as quick as May.

 The trees can start producing Earlygold mangoes faster than the typical mangoes. While the taste isn’t as good as mango species that are ripe in the later stage of the season, Earlygold mangoes taste sweetish. They’re a tickle for the taste buds and the perfect pre-summer tropical treat.

It started growing and selling during the 1900s. The major fact behind the popularity of this fruit is that it grows and ripens quite faster than several mango species.

4. Emblic

Emblic - fruits that start with E

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Some food experts and healthcare specialists believe that emblic may help in promoting heart health and regulating blood pressure. The fruit also has a spiritual significance in several Buddhism types. On many occasions, the traditions of several types of Buddhism suggest that the tree of the emblem offered space to gain spiritual enlightenment.

Among all the fruits that start with E, emblic may be one of the most thought-provoking fruits. It’s safe to eat this fruit fresh and raw right off the trees. You can even cook it and choose various ways to consume it. It can be a quick snack, dessert, and more.

It promotes overall physical health by improving blood sugar levels and blood pressure and has soluble fiber that assists in digestion. It’s sweet and even low in calories to help you counter weight loss issues. You will also find a rich source of countless antioxidants.

5. Enterprise Apple

Enterprise Apple - fruits that start with E

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The enterprise apple is not entirely natural, and you can say that it’s a lab experiment. The reason behind their production is to counter various types of diseases that other apple varieties are prone to. The vulnerability in apple varieties is natural and shouldn’t raise too many alarms.

It’s astonishing for some food lovers to learn that an enterprise apple can have a shelf life of over six months. It’s probably one of the longest shelf-life on the list of fruits that start with E. It’s a modern fruit and a complex hybrid of the common apple.

Specialists and experts started growing enterprise apples back in the 1980s. The taste of enterprise apple can be spicy and tart at the same time compared to common apple varieties.

6. European Pear

European Pear

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The European pear, as the name suggests, is mainly available in European countries. However, you will also find these pear species in Southeast Asian countries. It’s one of the most prolific pear species that has existed in the fruit range.

When searching for European pears, you will also find countless pear cultivars that fall into a broad category. If you’re a fan of pears and versatile dishes involving pears, you must definitely try European pears.

They have the same classic pear shape, and you can eat them raw. Plus, the taste is even better because, with the classic pear flavor, the European pears also carry strong spicy undertones.

7. Egg Fruit

Egg Fruit

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Another nickname for egg fruit is “canistel.” If we call it by that name, we may have to spring u a new list of fruits that start with C. Since we’re talking about fruits that start with E, we will stick to egg fruit. The fruit has golden and extremely bright flesh inside.

The bright yellowish-gold flesh tastes sweet. Nevertheless, the skin on egg fruit is quite tough. In fact, it’s so tough that sometimes fruit lovers have to scoop the gold flesh out of the fruit, similar to how they get a boiled egg out of the cracked shell.

Despite its small size, egg fruits are delicious and yummy. You will find them simply delightful in the form of ice cream flavors or juices. This fruit is native to Latin America and several southern regions of the US.

Although the consistency of the egg fruit is similar to a hard-boiled egg, eating an egg fruit raw is often considered the most convenient form to consume it. Due to the dense texture, there isn’t much juice inside the fruit.

8. Entawak

Entawak - fruits that start with E

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Are you a pumpkin lover? Are you eager to try a sweet, soft, and mellow fruit that’s similar to a pumpkin? You will certainly enjoy the entawak fruit. While it resembles pumpkins on a grand scale, the exterior of the fruit is quite different.

Despite massive differences in appearance, color, and texture, the taste of both fruits (i.e. entawak and pumpkin) is quite similar. If you have tried and aren’t a big fan of pumpkins, you should still consider trying entawak. The taste may not be fully identical.

If you do love it, you can add entawak to your flavorful and yummy pie recipe. But, you should know that getting this fruit can take a bit longer as it mainly comes from Borneo, Malaysia, and Sumatra.

9. Evergreen Huckleberry

Evergreen Huckleberry - fruits that start with E

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In the list of fruits that start with E, we will end with the fruit that isn’t so common. Compared to other fruits, evergreen huckleberry isn’t as popular. These types of berries have considerably gone out of style regardless of their taste, nutritional value, and appearance.

In fact, some experts and fruit enthusiasts believe that Native Americans used to eat these berries in huge quantities. The berries have a dark red color and a slight hint of deep purple. They also serve medicinal purposes and may help in improving immune system functions.


It’s extremely exciting to share information about some of the world’s most popular and delicious fruits with you. Sharing fruits that start with E helps you modify and try out new diet plans involving fruits and vegetables both. If you’re a fan of smoothies, fruit salads, or other fruit-cooking recipes, you’re bound to find a new fix for yourself in the list.

While some names may appear familiar to you, others don’t even ring a bell! You should use that curiosity to try out fruits that you’re hearing for the first time. Who knows? Perhaps, you will have a new fruit favorite by the end of the year.

What new fruits that start with E did you discover in this list? Comment below. Also, check out our other articles:

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