List of Fruits that Start with D

Since we’re going to be taking a look at the list of fruits that start with D, we will make sure that they’re all delicious ones! The list of fruits that you can try to make your diet even healthier is endless. You will keep coming up with new fruits to try, whether you wish to stick to a single letter of the alphabet or combine a few of them.

However, the most interesting part about searching for fruits in this manner is that you make the journey tasteful, delectable, and purely exciting. You can easily stick with the best fruits as per your taste, and the list can keep going.

Fruits that start with D

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While some of the fruits will be highly familiar to you, others might be a huge surprise for you in terms of their name, similarity to common fruits, and details. So, without any further ado, let us jump right into the list of fruits that start with D and boast a punch of memorable flavor!

Delicious Fruits that Start with D

1. Dead Man’s Finger

Dead Man’s Finger - fruits that start with D

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Although the name’s a conflict of interest, it’s merely based on the appearance of the fruit itself. The fruit, aka Dead Man’s Finger, got the name due to its long, bulky, and curvy shape. It’s a blue color plant that also resembles the blue sausage fruit and the blue bean plant. It’s a genus that comes from the Lardizabalaceae flowering plants family.

This fruit is native to the regions of Myanmar, China, Nepal, and a few parts of Asia. Although the fruit is rare, you can easily find it on your next tour to the said countries. Dead Man’s Fingers have a glutinous, transparent, and jelly-like pulp inside them. The pulp also contains black seeds. Sometimes the width of the pulp is up to one centimeter.

It’s also worth mentioning that the flat black seeds in the edible, transparent, and jelly-like pulp aren’t edible. You must take them out before trying the fruit. The flavor is somewhat similar to a watermelon, as some people have suggested.

2. Dragon Fruit

Fruits that start with D - Dragon Fruit

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The fruit itself goes by a ton of names, including strawberry pear, pitahaya, or even pitaya in some regions. That’s due to the wide variety and native growth of Dragon Fruit in some regions more than others. The majority of Dragon Fruit grown around the world has a white pulp at the center filling the whole fruit.

The white pulp has black seeds. You should know that while some people have found the fruit a perfect blend between a pear and kiwi, it has tasted bland for some. It may depend on the variety of the Dragon Fruit you’re trying, but the majority of the taste will be slightly sweet.

The fruit is highly nutritious and makes great for smoothies, desserts, and other healthy diet options. It has a load of soluble fiber and magnesium. Overall, you can consider it one of the densest and most nutritious fruits out there. You can either chop it down and eat it raw or cut it into small pieces and add other ingredients such as nuts, honey, and yogurt.

3. Durian

Durian - fruits that start with D

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This fruit gets its name from the Malay language. The official word for it is dûrî in Malay. However, the literal translation of the word is “thorn.” It’s often named the king of fruits in some regions. It has a distinctive appearance and extremely strong odor.

The rind of the fruit is thorn-covered, and you will nearly always find durians in large sizes. Despite the tantalizing and memorable taste, the scent of this fruit can evoke reactions of disgust. But, as you start tasting durians, you will slowly feel the stench going away.

People trying out new fruits for the first time usually despise this fruit for its stinky smell. However, once they get to the mellow, custard-like, and creamy flesh, they instantly forget about the stinking smell. Although some people never get around it due to the smell, others have it on their culinary bucket list.

4. Dates


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Despite our task being looking at new and uncommon fruits, we can’t ignore dates. Talking about fruits that start with D, we can’t forget one of the most nutritious, healthy, and often considered “the best” of all fruits in some regions around the world.

You can say that dates are candies that have a sticky toffee pudding inside them that offers a rich and dense flavor. They require you to do some “heavy chewing” before you can have their intensely sweet taste. Dates come from date palm trees grown in tropical regions. Most of the middle-eastern countries and regions are where the world’s famous dates grow.

They have antioxidants, soluble fibers, and a lot of other useful nutrients that make it a once-a-day fruit for nearly all of us. All health-conscious food-lovers have tried dates or plan to do so.

5. Date Plums

Date plums - fruits that start with D

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If you’re craving purely sweet fruits out of the variety of fruits that start with D, you must consider going for date plums. This fruit is a member of the persimmon family, and it’s extremely well-known in the Black Sea region. 

In fact, the native regions of date plums are where it’s eaten in various forms. Of course, no one can deny the taste and freshness of a raw bite of a date plum. But, it often makes its way into pastries, desserts, and jams.

You will find them in yellowish-orange and purplish-brown colors. They’re soft and extremely sweet. And lastly, you can eat them without peeling the skin (i.e., au natural)!

6. Desert King Fig

Desert King Fig

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Although this fruit looks like a small pear with a slightly odd shape, it’s a rich and extremely nutritious one. It has a bright and vibrant red flesh-like color. The desert king fig is an attention-grabbing name and one of the must-try fruits of all time.

This fruit variety mainly grows in the Pacific Northwest but was native to California initially, as most sources suggest. They’re ripe in late summer, so you can probably have them right before the start of winter as they’re fresh out of the fields.

It’s a highly versatile range, and you can enjoy it in various forms. For instance, you can use the desert king fig to make jams, bakery items, and pastes, or even turn it into a raw snack right away.

7. Dodder-Laurel

Dodder-Laurel - fruits that start with D

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Do you know that a huge proportion of the world population already loves the list of aphrodisiac fruits and vegetables? Luckily, if you’re someone experiencing downtime in your romantic life, you will surely love this “love vine” (i.e., a nickname for the amorous fruit in various regions).

You can use that unique nickname for this fruit because Dodder-Laurel sounds like some kind of mechanical equipment. It’s a highly popular and favorite aphrodisiac fruit in the Caribbean countries. The fruit isn’t sought for commercial cropping or purchase.

It has a grape-like structure, and it is ripe in spring. Although they’re not for commercial cropping, they’re viewed as one of the best tonics in the arsenal of healers for patients with romance issues and several other ailments.

8. Discovery Apple

Discovery Apple

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You must have heard about a wide variety of apples that exists around the world. From Asia to North America and South America, there are tons of apple varieties. However, one of the best fruits that start with D includes the Discovery Apple.

This fruit has a crunch, crisp, and refreshing taste as interesting as its name. Although other apple varieties like Granny Smiths and Fijis get a lot of love, Discovery Apples get their love for a tart-like, crisp, and fresh taste.

9. Dracontomelon


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The name might sound familiar to a super-villain out of a comic book. However, these are actually sour and savory fruits on the list. The name’s interesting and attention-grabbing, while the taste is marvelous in terms of sour content.

Due to the sourness of dracontomelons, you can’t eat them raw and must mix them up with some other fruits or consume them in the form of sweet drinks. Some people even try dracontomelon after dipping them in sugar syrup.

10. Damson

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Damson is from the European Plum family, but they do grow and come from the Mediterranean. These are very small types of plums that have bright dark-bluish skin. Plus, they have an intensely sour taste and juiciness but taste tart when eaten in raw form.

You should also note that Damson might be less sweet than other types of plums. People around the world use it to make liqueurs, jams, and jellies.


Are you ready to try some of the fruits that start with D? They may not be available to you locally, but you can make a to-do list for your next vacation. Perhaps, when you’re touring foreign countries, you can make sure you try and taste fruits that start with D. You don’t have to look for the raw fruit itself.

You can simply look for a more delectable and mouth-watering form of it, such as a smoothie, dessert, ice cream, or more. The ways you can try out new fruits are countless, and therefore, it’s a must-go-to adventure for all foodies and healthy food-lovers.

What new fruits that start with D did you discover? Comment below to let us know. Make sure to check out our other articles:

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