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List of Fruits that Start with F

There could be dozens of fruits that start with f. However, we have handpicked a few of them to make sure you start your journey of trying and tasting new fruits in the best way possible. From sour to sweet, you can taste a variety of flavors and delightful aromas from the fruits listed in this post below.

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Some of the fruits that start with F have unique names that will have you lifting your eyebrows and doing a second Google search. Others are highly synonymous with the existing common fruits but may be completely different in terms of flavor.

From bright colors, distinctive appearances, and unique names to various nutritional profiles, you will learn a lot about some of the most uncommon and common fruits that start with F. So, without taking up any more time on your watch, let’s dive down into the discussion of the fruits below.

Fruits that Start with F

1. Finger Lime

Finger lime - fruits that start with F

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You may also know finger limes as citrus caviar because a lot of native Australians love to call it that. The fruit is among the first ones in the fruits that start with F due to its amazing resemblance to lime but in a completely different shape.

They’re quite popular in Australia. However, if you haven’t been there, unfortunately, you may not know about them. Sometimes, finger limes can have a dark pink to reddish color but are nearly always greenish emerald from the outside.

You can’t eat them au naturally, i.e., with the skin. But, you can cut a finger lime and squeeze it from the uncut bottom to squirt out lots of jelly-like pulp. The pulp resembles caviar, and when you place it in your mouth, you will feel a tart lime taste bursting out as the caviar-like jelly pops. Their most common use is adding flavor to bland or delicious seafood.

2. Fe’i Banana

Fe’i Banana

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Of course, you know what bananas are, what they look like, and what they taste like. However, you should know that there are various varieties of bananas as well around the world. We all recognize and desperately love the existence of bright and yellow bananas.

But, fe’i bananas have an orangey-red or reddish color with yellowish fruit content inside that has slight hints of bright orange. The content inside the fe’i bananas is somewhat similar to pumpkins in terms of appearance. Unlike pumpkins, you can eat fe’i bananas raw.

On the other hand, most people love cooking fe’i bananas due to the fragrance it adds to desserts and other sweet and savory dishes. In the Pacific Islands, the fe’i bananas make up some of the native sweet dishes. It’s also different from the yellow Cavendish banana.

The fe’i bananas have an orange and red peel that imitates the color accent of a pumpkin. It’s shorter but broader than regular bananas that we love to consume. You can even make tangy flavor smoothies using fe’i bananas. These bananas produce a yellowish starchy texture once fully cooked.

3. Flatwoods Plums

Flatwoods Plums - fruits that start with F

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Flatwoods plums fall under the category of edible fruits. However, you should keep in mind that they can be a little toxic. You may be wondering why we are Flatwoods plums edible fruits when they’re toxic and why have we included them in the list of fruits that start with F?

They’re quite similar to normal plums, and to clear the air, they’re very safe to eat. The toxicity that we mentioned is on an extremely small scale. The only toxic parts of the edible fruit are the leaves and pit inside it. Plus, if you consume them in large doses, it could significantly increase the toxicity levels as a result.

On the bright side, Flatwoods plums can potentially stimulate digestion and respiration in unhealthy individuals. The hydrogen cyanide content inside the plant is what brings out the toxicity. And that chemical content is the main reason why the fruit is bitter to those who bite into it first. The sweetness soon takes over with follow-up bites. Regardless, many people prefer making jams and jellies with it.

4. Forest Strawberries

Forest Strawberries - fruits that start with F

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“Forest strawberries” is a much more polite name given to “wild strawberries.” Or, we can just settle that using the nickname gives us more flexibility to include them in the list of fruits that start with F. They’re not very different in color, shape, and overall appearance compared to the regular strawberries that you may get at your local grocery store.

But, forest strawberries come in smaller sizes. They are safe to eat, juicy, and extremely sweet, just like regular strawberries. Don’t mistake them for regular strawberries because these have a richer flavor. Despite the rich flavor, the small size makes it challenging to taste and savor them for longer.

5. False Mastic Fruit

False Mastic Fruit

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Rather than calling it “Sideroxylonfoetidissimum,” we will proceed with calling it the False Mastic Fruit, as most experts and fruit lovers love to do. Considering the complex name, you’re probably wondering whether you will find it at any local grocery store.

It’s relatively easy to get your hands on this fruit and once you get it, make sure you watch out for your lips. Well, the small and edible false mastic fruit has an extremely gummy inside that can make your lips sticky when you eat them. It can cause your lips to even stick together but don’t worry. It doesn’t have a super-gluing effect (i.e., you can easily move your lips).

6. Fox Grape

Fox Grape - fruits that start with F

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“The grapes are sour,” ever heard that phrase before? Well, the clumsy fox was referring to the Fox grapes that are native to the North American region and some of the most prominent European areas.

Some people often call them wild grapes because they fall under the grape category but have a dark purplish-black skin coating. Fun fact, you can easily pop or squeeze the content out of a wild grape, aka fox grape, by pressing it onto the skin. That’s a major reason why they got another name, “slip-skin grapes.”

It’s safe to eat them raw, but they’re tarter than regular grapes. Due to the outright sourness and dense flavor, people love making jellies, wines, and jams using fox grapes.

7. Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple

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If you have checked out apple varieties before, one of the names you’ll keep hearing is “Fuji apples.” They have a yellow accent with an overall red color. They’re among the sweetest apples and fruits that start with F.

It’s quite easy to find or even place an online order for Fuji apples because they’re a relatively popular apple variety. Since they’re extremely juicy, people love canning them and using them for baking purposes. Plus, they make excellent-quality apple and cider juice that’s absolutely delicious.

Nothing beats the rich flavor and freshness of a bucket of Fuji apples. They’re crunchy and have a crisp that you will remember with the first bite. You can make salads, cakes, ciders, and pie fillings with Fuji apples. The rich flavor and nutrients in the Fuji apples are what make them excellent for many types of sweet and savory dishes.

8. Florida Cherry

Florida Cherry - fruits that start with F

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You can search for Florida cherries on the internet, and you will constantly keep reading about another nickname, Surinam cherries. They’re tiny orangey-red berries that look no less than mini-pumpkin, but only cuter!

They have a pumpkin-like resemblance and color. And, once they’re ripe, they will turn red. That’s when the darker color starts appearing on the fruit as it gets older. You will often notice purplish shades or slight hints of dark purple on red in Florida cherries that are more than just ripe.

It’s best if you wait for the purple shades to appear on the fruit because that’s when the fruit is ripe and offers the best flavor. You will experience a strong tangy taste that is somewhat refreshing when you eat them. Their exterior is glossy and shiny, which makes it even more appealing to the eyes.

9. Feijoa


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Countries like South America are native regions for Feijoa. These are similar to chicken eggs and avocados in shape. But, they’re only edible when they’re completely green, i.e., ripe. They have a sweet and juicy flavor. Plus, if you wait for them to be ripe long enough, you can get a taste that’s somewhere between pineapples, apples, and mint.

The most satisfying part about consuming Feijoa is that they have an extremely likable, aromatic, and fragrant scent. The incredible scent is what appeals to most fruit lovers to try out Feijoas.

Another nickname for it is Brazilian guava. Plus, they boast a whole lot of sweet and juicy content along with rich nutrients such as soluble fiber, potassium, and vitamins. Hence, it’s a tasteful delight for health-conscious foodies.


Have you decided which of the fruits that start with F you’re going to try first? There are many more fruits that start with the letter “F” other than those listed above. You should try researching the internet and finding out more about the different fruits that you can try.

Adding a blend of different foods will not only take your diet plan to a whole new flavor in terms of nutrition, but it will also allow you to take a hold of new tastes. Surely, it can take some time before you’re accustomed to new fruits. But, if you’re a health-conscious food lover, you will surely love trying them all out!

What new fruits that start with F are you excited to try? Comment below. Also, check out out other fruit lists:

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