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25 Easy Crescent Roll Appetizers For Any Occasion

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Crescent Roll Appetizers?

Some of the best crescent roll appetizers include taco ring, cheeseburger hand pies, crab and cream cheese rolls, blue cheese cranberry pecan pinwheels, tomato basil squares, crack chicken crescent bites, meatball sliders, antipasto squares, garlic cheese bombs, crescent wrapped asparagus, cranberry brie bites, tomato basil squares, pumpkin pie crescent twists, and spinach artichoke dip party squares.

Crescent rolls Appetizers are an all-time favorite American staple that most people often find lying in their refrigerator. These flaky crescent-shaped doughs can be used in multiple ways and are so easy to transform into a tasty treat that they’re most people’s last resort when they need to whip up a tasty pastry dish and don’t have much time on their hands.

And when it comes to appetizers, crescent rolls are like a blank canvas you can transform into a wide variety of delicious masterpieces.

Stuffed, wrapped with savory fillings, or even twisted into flaky sticks, the possibilities are simply endless when it comes to things you can make with a crescent roll.

This is why we’ve put together some of the best crescent rolls appetizers that are not only delicious but so easy to make you’ll almost begin to feel like a pastry chef after taking a look at your appetizing finished product.

Quick Table: Crescent Roll Appetizers

RecipeCaloriesPreparation Time
Cheeseburger Hand Pies609 (Per Serving)50 Min
  Blue Cheese Cranberry Pecan Crescent Pinwheels76 (Per Serving)28 Min
Taco Ring230 (Per Serving)35 Min
Jalapeno Popper  Crescent Rolls280 (Per Serving)25 Min
Crab And Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls34 (Per Serving)30 Min
  Cheese, Pear And Prosciutto Crescent Roll Appetizers257 (Per Serving)15 Min
Pumpkin Pie Crescent Roll Twist324 (Per Serving)30 Min
Crescent Roll Baked Brie269 (Per Serving)40 Min
Crescent Roll Pigs In A Blanket50 (Per Serving)36 Min
Cranberry Brie Bites229.65 (Per Serving)28 Min
Bacon Jalapeno Crescent Roll-Ups253 (Per Serving)25 Min
Crescent Roll Pesto Appetizers120 (Per Serving)32 Min
Buttery Garlic Cheese Bombs238 (Per Serving)28 Min
Pizza Stuffed Crescent Rolls243 (Per Serving)25 Min
Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza Appetizer73 (Per Serving)57 Min

1. Cheeseburger Hand Pies

One thing that’s undeniably true it’s that everyone loves cheese burgers, and with these delightful crescent roll variations, you can turn your favorite meal into a flaky bite-sized appetizer. 

With a delicious filling of ground beef, onions, dill pickle, mustard, and cheese all wrapped into crescent rounds and baked till golden brown, these little hand pies are a treat that you’ll instantly love upon having a taste.

Total Preparation Time: 50 Minutes 

2. Blue Cheese Cranberry Pecan Crescent Pinwheels 

Pinwheels are known for being made from flour tortillas, but these blue cheese, cranberry and pecan crescent pinwheels use crescent rolls which give them a much buttery and flaky texture that’s simply irresistible.

They consist of rolled crescent dough filled with a creamy mix of blue cheese, cream cheese, cranberry, and toasted pecans and baked to perfection.

If you’re using raw pecans,  you can pop them in the oven for 4-7 minutes to make them fragrant and toasty.

Total Preparation Time: 28 Minutes

3. Taco Ring

Take your taco Tuesdays to the next level with this taco ring. It is a  delicious and flaky crescent bake loaded with all your favorite taco flavors. This taco ring is perfect for entertaining a small crowd at parties or on game day.

It consists of a baked crescent ring filled with browned ground beef and cheese. With a bowl of guacamole and salsa placed in the middle for dipping.

Total Preparation Time: 35 minutes 

4. Jalapeno Popper Crescent Rolls

For those who prefer their appetizers to have a spicy kick, these jalapeno Popper crescent rolls are the perfect thing to try.

They are really easy to make and feature a baked combo of jalapenos loaded with cream cheese, bacon, and cheese and wrapped in crescent rolls. Feel free to use mini sweet pepper for this if you’re not a fan of the strong spicy flavors of jalapenos.

Total Preparation Time: 25 minutes 

5. Cranberry Sausage Walnut Crescent Roll-Ups

This is another crescent roll pinwheel but with a beefy twist that creates the perfect balance of savory and sweet flavors.

It is an easy-baked roll with crescent dough filled with cream cheese, walnuts, crumbled sausage, and cranberry sauce. With a flaky exterior and tender filling, it is the perfect appetizer to serve at parties and festivities.

Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

6. Sloppy Joe Stuffed Crescent Rolls

These little bites of stuffed crescent rolls are a unique take on a classic American sandwich, and they are so delicious you’ll want to turn them into your staple sloppy joe dish.

They consist of baked crescent dough stuffed with a cheese, ground beef, and sloppy joe sauce mixture. Add a sprinkle of Italian seasoning, and these little bites will be a hit when served. 

Total Preparation Time: 27 Minutes

7. Crack Chicken Crescent Bites

With a mouthwatering mix of chicken, bacon, ranch, and cheddar cheese all stuffed in buttery crescent rolls, these crack chicken bites are so addictive you’ll want to turn them into an everyday staple.

If you’re on a time crunch, you can save some time by making the filling ahead of time and then assembling the bites with the crescent rolls once you’re ready to bake.

Total Preparation Time: 28 Minutes

8. Crab And Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls

If you’re a fan of lobster rolls, you’ll be floored by this much easier and equally tasty crab and cream cheese crescent roll.

They are little baked squares of crescent dough filled with cream cheese, crab meat, green onions, and cayenne pepper.

Feel free to use mayo or sour cream in place of cream cheese for a tangier taste. You can .add ranch into the mix.

Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes 

9. Crescent Roll Tomato Basil Squares

Crescent roll and tomato basil squares are a cheesy and flavor-filled appetizer bursting with the juiciness of fresh tomatoes.

These little squares of baked crescent dough are layered with tomato slices, basil, and a mix of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Try to use firm tomatoes that are not overly juicy for these squares, as too much juice coming from the tomato slices could lead to a soggy dough.

Total Preparation Time: 50 minutes 

10. Baked Cheese Pear And Prosciutto Crescent Roll Appetizers

With just four basic ingredients and a sweet and savory blend of flavors, these baked cheese, pear, and prosciutto rolls will save you time while also winning over your guests.

They feature a baked combo of crescent dough filled with pear slices, salty prosciutto, and fontina cheese.

For an added touch of flavor, feel free to sprinkle some all-spice seasoning over these little bites.

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

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11. Pumpkin Pie Crescent Roll Twists 

If you prefer your appetizers to have a sweet taste, these pumpkin pie crescent roll twists are loaded with just the right mix of flavors to cozy up to in the fall.

They are delightful baked crescent rolls layered with a mix of pumpkin puree, brown sugar, and butter and glazed with a vanilla sugar icing that’s seriously addictive.

Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes 

12. Crescent Wrapped Asparagus

If you’ve got spare asparagus stalks lying in your fridge and you’re unsure what to do with them, you should definitely turn them into these delicious crescent-wrapped asparagus.

They are super simple crescent wraps filled with asparagus and Boursin cheese, with a parmesan coating to give the exterior a crispy and savory taste.

Total Preparation Time: 23 Minutes

13.  Crescent Roll Baked Brie

Crescent roll baked brie is a cheesy indulgent classic you can make without much hassle.

This delightful bundle of a baked crescent roll is filled with a block of brie cheese and coated in a light egg wash before being baked till golden brown and melty.

Serve with apple slices, pear, or even crackers, and you’ve got a hit that everyone will love.

Total Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

14. Crescent Roll Pigs In A Blanket

There are few dishes that get both kids and adults equally get excited to grab a taste of, but pings in a blanket is a classic that does exactly that.

This crescent roll version of everyone’s favorite appetizer is much easier to make and consists of Lil smokies or mini sausages tucked into a crescent roll along with cheddar cheese and baked till golden brown.

Spreading some garlic herb butter over this appetizer before baking makes it even better.

Total Preparation Time: 36 Minutes 

15. Meatball Sliders 

Meatball sliders are a super tasty appetizer filled with all the rich flavors we all love about the meatballs spaghetti sauce.

These savory baked crescents rolls are filled with meatballs, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning.

Feel free to use provolone instead of mozzarella if you prefer the taste.

Total Preparation Time: 28 Minutes

16. Antipasto Squares

If you’re looking for an appetizer loaded with enough flavor to make everyone want to reach for multiple bites, antipasto squares are the way to go.

They are mini sandwich-like squares filled with ham, provolone, salami, pepperoni, swiss cheese, and roasted peppers. They are perfect for parties or game nights with friends.

Total Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

17. Spicy Italian Crescent Ring

This spicy Italian crescent ring is filled with all the classic flavors of an Italian meat sub, and it is the perfect appetizer to serve when entertaining a small crowd.

It is a flaky baked ring of crescent rolls filled with ham, pepperoni, cheese, bell peppers, and banana peppers.

Total Preparation Time:  22 Minutes

18. Spinach And Artichoke Dip Party Squares

Spinach artichoke dip is a famous party dip that very few can say no to, and you can turn that savory mix of deliciousness into these bite-sized spinach and artichoke dip part squares.

It features an easy-baked mix of crescent rolls layered with a cheesy spinach artichoke dip mixture before being baked to melty perfection.

Total Preparation Time: 44 Minutes

19. Cranberry Brie Bites

A sweet and tart appetizer you can bring to picnics or outdoor parties, cranberry brie bites will be a favorite with fans of brie cheese.

These little bite-sized goodies are baked in muffin tins and consist of crescent dough topped with brie cheese and a mix of cranberry sauce and orange marmalade.

Total Preparation Time: 28 Minutes  

20. Bacon Jalapeno Crescent Roll-Ups 

Cream cheese and jalapenos always create a stunning product when combined, and with these bacon crescent roll-ups, you’ll turn into an instant fan of that spicy, creamy combo.

They feature a baked roll-up of crescent dough filled with cream cheese, green onions, garlic powder, cheddar cheese, and jalapenos.

Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes 

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21. Crescent Roll Pesto  Appetizers 

These crescent twists are really easy to make and have a lightly crispy exterior, making them the perfect appetizer to pair with wine or fruit punch.

They are baked crescent rolls with a simple filling of pesto that are twisted into delicious bite-sized appetizers.

Total Preparation Time: 32 Minutes 

22. Buttery Garlic Cheese Bombs

As the name suggests, buttery garlic cheese bombs are super delicious appetizers that will seriously fill the mouth with a delightful bomb of flavor and cheesy gooeyness.

They are made from baked crescent rolls filled with mozzarella cheese and brushed with an herbaceous butter garlic mixture.

Total Preparation Time: 28 Minutes 

23. Rotel Sausage And Cream Cheese Crescent

Rotel sausage and cream cheese crescents are the way to go if you’re pressed for time and need an appetizer you can make with simple ingredients and little effort.

They consist of crescent roll dough layered with a sauteed mixture of breakfast sausage, Rotel tomatoes, and cream cheese before being baked into golden brown perfection.

Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

24. Pizza Stuffed Crescent Rolls

If you’re looking for a pizza alternative you can serve at Friday night parties, pizza stuffed crescent rolls are the perfect compromise.

They are delicious bites of baked crescent rolls stuffed with mozzarella sticks and pepperoni and coated in an herbaceous seasoning mix of oregano basil and garlic powder.

Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes 

25. Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza Appetizer

Need a crescent roll appetizer that is loaded with healthy goodies? Try crescent roll veggie pizza.

It is so easy to make and features baked crescent rolls layered with sour cream, cauliflowers, broccoli, bell peppers and onions.

Total Preparation Time: 57 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Keep Crescent Rolls Fresh After Baking?

To keep crescent rolls fresh after baking, you’ll need to wrap them in either aluminum foil or an air-tight plastic bag and place them in the fridge. This will ensure they don’t dry out or absorbs excess moisture. If you do this, the rolls will generally stay fresh for up to a week as long as you keep them refrigerated.

Is Puff Pastry The Same As Crescent Rolls?

Puff pastry and crescent rolls are similar in that they are both flaky pre-made dough. However, puff pastry dough does not contain yeast and is made from a combination of flour, butter, sugar, and water, unlike crescent rolls which contain yeast as a leavening agent.

How Long Do You Bake Crescent Rolls?

For most recipes, you’ll only need to bake the crescent rolls for about 10-15 minutes until they’re golden brown.

25 Easy Crescent Roll Appetizers For Any Occasion

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Stuffed, wrapped with savory fillings, or even twisted into flaky sticks, the possibilities are simply endless when it comes to things you can make with a crescent roll.


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