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22 Food Items Starting with Letter U – Famous Food items

Are you tired of eating the same dishes that you have tried a million times? If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. Explore the following list of foods that start with U to have a change of pace.

Foods that start with U are:

1. Udon

Noodles and spaghetti are the most popular foods in Japanese cuisine. Udon is a thick noodle that feels chewy in the mouth and is made from wheat flour. You can serve it as a stir-fry or broth, and it can be enjoyed both cold or hot.

Udon contains less MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and sodium and is also used to replace ramen.

2. Ukrainian Rolls

As the name implies, Ukrainian rolls originated in Ukraine and are also known as Pampushki. These are pillowy and soft rolls that melt in your mouth, and usually, garlic and herbs are used as toppings.

In Ukraine, these rolls are served with many popular dishes at dinner, and people like to dip them in the warm soup just like other dinner rolls.

3. Ugali

This food has several other names such as Nsima, Nshima, Ugali Pap, etcetera. It’s an African thick porridge made from corn, millet, sorghum flour, cassava, or maize and boiled in cow’s milk or water and often served with vegetables and meat. 

It offers a doughy and stiff texture that resembles polenta and grits.

4. Umami Burger

It’s almost impossible that you don’t like to eat burgers, but you might not have heard about this variation. It’s another delicious food from Japan. “Umami” translates to savory flavor, and it’s commonly used to describe the taste of fish and meat.

Umami Burger is also a chain of restaurants based in the United States that offer Japanese-flavored burgers. Ground beef, anchovy paste, soy sauce, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, black pepper, and hamburger buns are the most common ingredients used to make this delicious food.

5. Umble Pie

The word Umble is derived from “humble,” and the simplicity of this rich and flavorful dish explains the reason behind this derivation. It’s one of the simplest types of pies that originated in the UK.

It’s traditionally filled with the mixture of minced kidneys, lungs, liver, and heart of deer and seasoned with nutmeg, pepper, and salt. However, Umble Pies filled with simple minced or chopped meat are also available.

6. Umbricelli Pasta

When it comes to pasta, it’s hard to beat Italy, and as you’ve guessed already, Umbricelli is Italian food. It originated in the Umbria region of the country, and you can consider it a thicker and fat version of traditional spaghetti.

You can serve it in multiple ways; however, it works the best when combined with dishes from Italian cuisine.

7. Unagi

If you have watched the world-famous TV show called “Friends,” then you would have heard about Unagi. It’s an expensive Japanese delicacy made from eel cut into small pieces and grilled after dipping in seasonings such as soy sauce.

It’s usually served in sushi or on a bed of plain white rice, but it’s always cooked to eliminate the poisonous materials found in eel.

8. Upma

Southeast Asia is the region of the world filled with culinary adventures. Up, which is a thick porridge, is one of the must-try dishes of this region. It’s made from vegetables and rice flour or semolina. 

It is a balanced and filling food that’s usually served at breakfast.

9. Uni

Uni is yet another delicacy from Japan made from sea urchin gonads. It might not sound like delicious food, but foodies from across the globe love it.

Uni offers a creamy texture and strong flavor, perfect for sandwiches, pasta, and sushi. If you’re a seafood lover and have never had the chance to try it, then you shouldn’t pass it up because it’s thoroughly delicious.

10. Uszka

Uszka is small dumplings native to Poland. They’re filled with minced meat and wild forest mushrooms. Uszka is a Polish word that translates to “little eats,” The dish got this name because of its shape. 

Usually, they’re served on Christmas Eve and eaten with herbs and butter and resemble tortellini.

11. Uttapam

Uttapam is a famous pizza-like crisp, thin flatbread from India with herbs, eggs, and vegetables. It’s a super versatile dish, and you can use pretty much anything as a topping. It’s commonly served at breakfast as a snack.

12. Urap Sayur

Wrap Sayur is another Asian food originating in Indonesia, and it’s used as one of the most popular side dishes in the country. It’s made with spices and vegetables and dressed in spiced grated coconut.

You can also use some leafy greens and onions for topping. It offers the same taste the next day as well, and you can use banana leaves to wrap your leftover Urap Sayur and store it in your freezer or refrigerator.

13. Usal

Usal is a curry made with sprouted beans, and being an Indian dish, it’s full of spices and offers bold flavors. This food has many variations, and you can also use lentils or dried beans instead of sprouted beans.

Usal is usually served with rice and bread and makes for a hearty and delicious meal for the entire family.

14. Umngqusho

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Umngqusho comes from South Africa, and it’s a combination of sugar beans and samp. It’s served with umleqwa (a hard body chicken) and features chili peppers, potatoes, onions, and butter.

Umngqusho is one of the most popular meals in South Africa that people love to eat because of its health benefits. It’s free of saturated fat, contains very low sodium and cholesterol, and makes for an excellent source of fiber.

15. Ukoy

It’s a deep-fried dish from Filipino cuisine that consists of mung bean sprouts, papaya, green onions, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, eggs, shrimps, and wheat or rice flour batter.

Ukoy is a filling food that offers a rich flavor strong aroma and is also loaded with calories, fats, carbs, and protein. So, you’ll need to be a little careful if you’re following a diet plan and trying to lose some weight.

Desserts that Start With “U”

16. Upside Down Cake

You have probably tried this dessert already as it’s trendy and usually served on special occasions and events. This refreshing and sweet upside-down cake it features toppings on the bottom side.

Usually, kiwis, peaches, pears, and pineapples make this upside-down cake. However, the most exciting fact about this dessert is that the fruits are cooked to create a gooey and sticky sauce. 

Some spices and brown sugar are also used in the sauce, and resultantly, you have a cake that melts in your mouth.

17. Ugli Pie

First of all, this dessert is far from being ugly, and it got this name because it’s made from ugli fruit. It’s a Jamaican citrus fruit which is also known as Jamaican tangelo.

The filling of this pie features cool whip, milk, mini marshmallows, and crushed pineapples. Like most desserts, Ugli Pie is very filling, and you can serve it after meals.

18. Utah Scone

Another dessert that starts with the letter “U” is a Utah scone that originated in Utah. You might be surprised to know that this score isn’t baked. Instead, it’s deep-fried, and its puffy bread is topped with powdered sugar, butter, and honey.

If you want a more delicious taste and decadent look, you can slap some raspberries in Utah scones. They’re easy to make, and you can serve them with indulgent fixings.

19. Ugnspannkaka

These are not just a bunch of random letters joined together. It’s a legit name of a dessert that originated in Sweden. Ugnspannkaka is a classic pancake rendition, and it’s considered the breakfast for champions.

If you have ever tried traditional Swedish pancakes, then the taste of Ugnspannkaka will feel familiar to you. That’s because both desserts are made from the same batter. However, it isn’t cooked on the stovetop. Instead, it’s baked, and some people like to add bacon.

20. Uunijuusto

Uunijuusto is a baked cheese from Finland, traditionally made from margarine, butter, salt, and colostrum milk (the first milk from the calved cow). It’s an excellent dessert for vegetarians as it’s egg-free and usually served with mehukeitto in Finland.

Mehukeitto is a Finnish soup made from lingonberries and red currants, but you can serve Uunijuusto with jam and cloudberries as well.

It’s always described as cheese, but technically it’s not. Instead, Uunijuusto is used to prepare multiple desserts containing numerous fruits, such as lingonberries, cloudberries, and red currants in Finland.

21. Ube

Ube is probably the most common food, starting with the letter “U.” It’s a purple yam native to the Philippines with a mildly sweet flavor, making it an excellent ingredient for desserts. Ube is commonly used in desserts such as pancakes, donuts, cookies, and even ice cream.

The nutritional value of this root is similar to sweet potatoes as it’s loaded with antioxidants and fiber. It also offers carbohydrates and vitamins, and if you’re looking to replace traditional sweet treats, you can’t go wrong with the desserts such as Ube cake made from Ube.

22. Ui Boov

It’ll be no less than a surprise if you have already heard about Ui Boov. It’s a Mongolian dessert, and it remains obscure to the rest of the world. The word meaning of Ui Boov is shoe sole cake, and usually, it’s served on Tsagaan Sar (the Mongolian New Year).

People from Mongolia consider Ui Boov a spiritual offering. It’s made from a fried cake topped with plastic-wrapped candies, aarul, and sugar cubes. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also offers a delicious taste.


When you have so many food options, why not try them out one by one? Most of the dishes mentioned above require readily available ingredients. So, use this list to try something new daily.


What is U letter food?

Umeboshi is the food that came from word u which are pickled plums also known as Japanese apricots. It’s reported that the “ume” tree was introduced to Japan from China as far back as the eighth century. The unripe fruit is harvested in June and pickled or used to make wine or vinegar. 

What drinks start with the letter U?

Since the natural extract of responsibly farmed animals is still superior to the processed liquids sold to the public as ‘vegan’ products, I urge all the dairy cow, goat and mare milk consumers to better start calling their favorite beverage what it really is – UDDER juice.

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