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26 Food Items Beginning with the Letter V – Delicious and Rich

The number of foods that start with V will be more significant than you can imagine. Here’s our list that contains the most popular to rarest foods that you should try at least once in your life. So, read on to be amazed by the available options.

Foods that start with V are:

1. Vermicelli

Vermicelli noodles is a long and round noodle that resembles spaghetti. It originated in China, but now almost every country has its variation of this food. In Asia, it’s usually thinner than spaghetti, and it’s thicker in Italy. 

People from the Middle East call it Sikhye, and in Vietnam, it’s identical to Angel Hair pasta.

It’s usually served with bread, rice, and couscous, but you can also have it stir-fried, in soup, or by dressing with your favorite sauce.

2. Veal

Veal is considered one of the most delicious types of beef meat, and it’s obtained from calves. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also costly, and even people who don’t eat beef can enjoy it because of its mild flavor.

Not all countries allow Veal because of the age of the cows, but if it’s legal in your country, you should try it. Usually, it’s served with salsa and creamy mushroom sauce.

3. Venison

Many people confuse Venison with Veal, but both are entirely different. However, the source of this type of meat is also unique as it’s obtained from game animals, including antelope, deer, moose, caribou, or elk.

The flavor of Venison is reminiscent of traditional beef, but it offers leaner cuts and a more delicate texture, and just like Veal, it’s also costly. However, it is loaded with proteins and higher in moisture than beef, making it healthy.

4. Vichyssoise

It’s a famous creamy soup from France made with chicken stock, cream, potatoes, onions, and boiled and pureed leeks. Most chefs from France garnish Vichyssoise with caviar and chives and serve it cold.

According to some legends, a king of France was afraid of being poisoned, so he used to ask his servants to taste this soup. Hence, the king had to consume Vichyssoise cold after a lot of waiting.

5. Vindaloo

It’s a common misconception that Vindaloo originated in India because it’s a Portuguese dish. People from Portugal brought Vindaloo to Goa when they invaded India. Now the word has become more prevalent in India than in any other part of the world.

This dish has also evolved with time, and now it’s made from lentils, chickpeas, garlic, jalapeno, chilies, ginger, vinegar, coconut milk, curry paste, and caramelized onions. But, of course, if you know Indian cuisines, you’d already know that spices are an integral part of pretty much any food.

So, Vindaloo also features multiple spices such as turmeric, paprika, pepper, salt, cinnamon, etc. It is a filling and mouthwatering food, usually served at lunch or dinner.

6. Vol-Au-Vent

Vol-Au-Vent is a small puff pastry that originated in France. It’s usually filled with fish or chicken. It’s one of the most popular appetizers in France and is served both hot and cold.

Vol-Au-Vent translates to “flight in the wind” and got this name because of its lightness. If you’re a foodie, then you can quickly eat half a dozen Vol-Au-Vents.

7. Vori Vori

Vori Vori is a name of South-American soup that originated in North-East Argentina and Paraguay. It’s made with cheese balls, cornmeal, cornflour, and chicken broth. You can consider it a mixture of dumplings and chicken soup; it tastes super delicious.

Vori Vori is traditionally served hot in cold months with a wedge of lime, a slice of crusty bread, and cooked yuca.

8. Valor Beans

Valor Beans, also known as valor papdi, are flat green beans commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine. Even the flowers and leaves of this plant are edible, and they offer a similar appearance to runner beans. 

Valor Beans that are harvested young offer the best taste. One of the beans known as Velvet beans with unripe grapes also makes the best of foods that start with V.

9. Verdolagas

Verdolagas is an herbaceous leafy green, and it is also known as Mexican parsley. It comes with tear-shaped and tender green leaves, and the entire plant is edible. It’s commonly used to add flavor to different dishes.

The flavor of Verdolagas is a little acidic and tangy, and people from South America love this type of saltiness. Depending upon the region, Verdolagas is used differently.

In the Middle East, it’s used as a salad green, Japanese people love to pickle it and eat it with rice, and it’s added to tamales and salsas in Mexico.

10. Viking Potatoes

If you love gardening, you’d already know what Viking Potatoes are. These potatoes are not produced commercially. Gardeners worldwide love to grow this large root because they have variable growth conditions, natural resistance to bugs and pests, and offer a very high yield.

Viking Potatoes typically reach the length of 3 to 4 inches and come with a slightly knobby and oblong shape. They’re full of moisture and have an earthly yet little sweeter flavor as compared to the other types of potatoes.

11. Vietnamese Noodles

If you have ever been to Vietnam, the chances are you’re a Vietnamese Noodles lover. They’re made from eggs, salt, water, and flour and usually served with toppings like chili peppers, fish sauce, meat, and vegetables.

However, you can eat them alone as well. Bun Rieu and Pho are two of the most popular dishes made from Vietnamese Noodles.

12. Vegetable Soup

There’s nothing quite like a hot bowl of your favorite vegetable soup on a cold day of winter. There are as many versions of this food as there are in countries, and you can come up with your variation.

Vegetable Soup is an incredibly versatile food that can be made by using the vegetables that you have in your refrigerator. All you need to do is grab the desired vegetables, sauté them in vegetable oil, boil them, and that’s about it.

13. Vada Pav

It’s yet another Indian food that resembles a traditional burger. It’s made from the filling of deep-fried potato patty or dumplings and a Pav bun. Locally it’s called Vada Pao or Wada Pao. To achieve the flavor you prefer, you can add as many spices as you want to the potato filling.

14. Veggie Chips

Veggie Chips make for a healthy alternative to snacks and chips. The best way to make this dish is to use root vegetables such as beets, carrots, yams, parsnips, and potatoes. However, you can use any vegetable you want for this purpose.

First, you’ll need to slice the vegetables into small sizes and then fry or bake them to achieve a crunchy texture.

15. Vienna Sausages

The mini hot dogs you like to eat late at night are Vienna Sausages. As the name implies, these sausages originated in Vienna, an Austrian city, and offer mild flavor. These soft sausages are usually sold in cans, and you can serve them as an appetizer.

16. Vegetable Curry

It’s one of the healthiest Indian curry dish that start with the letter V. It’s straightforward to make as you only need to chop your favorite veggies and add the desired spices. It’s a great dish for vegans, and its taste and recipe vary from country to country.

17. Varuval

If you like Indian cuisine, then you must try this food. It’s an Indian delicacy made from dried chilies, fennel seeds, cinnamon, black pepper, curry leaves, garlic, lemon juice, and marinated chicken. 

It’s a highly spicy dish, usually served on different occasions and events.

Desserts that Start with “V”

18. Victoria Sponge Cake

Victoria Sponge Cake is one of the most popular desserts in the United Kingdom. Many people confuse this delicacy with Genoise sponge cake, but both are different. Victoria Sponge Cake is a lighter and softer dessert as compared to Genoise.

It’s considered the quintessential treat for teatime in the UK that features cream, jam tart, and cake.

19. Vanilla Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like vanilla ice cream? It’s a rich and creamy dessert made from vanilla beans, heavy cream, sugar, egg yolks, and milk. Most people like to grab a tub of vanilla flavor ice cream from their favorite grocery store. 

It makes for a perfect dessert that you can serve after dinner.

20. Vla

Vla is made of sweetened and cooked fruit that originated in the Netherlands. Vla also describes custard in the Dutch language, but this local dish must not be confused with the traditional custard. Most commonly, rhubarb, victoria plums, and apples make this dessert.

Different regions of the Netherlands make Vla differently, and it’s commonly served with whipped cream in a big bowl. People like to eat it during winters as a dessert or snack.

21. Velvet Cake

This dessert is famous for many reasons, but it’s light yet rich flavor makes it a winner. Velvet cakes are usually fluffy and moist and offer a very satisfying taste.

They come with a unique texture achieved with beaten egg whites. You can serve this velvety and delicate cake on any occasion.

22. Vitumbua

Vitumbua is like a donut pancake made from sugar, leftover brewers yeast extract, rice, coconut flakes, and coconut milk, and you’ll love eating it for snacks. However, to have a more enjoyable snacking experience, we recommend caramel sauce topping.

Drinks that Start with “V”

23. Valerian Tea

If you, unfortunately, experience depression or anxiety and have disturbed sleep, then Valerian Tea can help you a great deal. It’s an herbal tea that tastes good and promotes relaxation.

It’s made from a perennial flowering plant native to Europe and Asia, and it comes with earthly notes and a sweet scent.

You must drink this tea in moderation if you want it to provide mental relief and reduce stress. Overtaking Valerian tea can lead to stomach problems, headaches, and dizziness.

24. Vermouth

Vermouth is a wine flavored with different spices and botanicals, and it comes in a couple of styles. Dry vermouth is used to make martinis, and it originated in France.

Another style of this wine is a sweet vermouth that originated in Italy, and it offers an herbal, spiced, and sweet flavor. It’s used to make several cocktails, such as negronis and Manhattan.

25. Vodka

Vodka is a distilled and clear alcoholic drink in Sweden, Poland, and Russia. It’s one of the most popular alcohols, typically made from simple sugar and potatoes.

People use Vodka as a base for a range of cocktails, and it’s also used for medicinal purposes such as treating toothache.

26. Vietnamese Coffee

It’s a black coffee that features sugar and sweetened condensed milk; it’s prevalent in Vietnam. It comes with the same consistency that espresso coffee offers.

But some other ingredients such as cinnamon and vanilla extract are also used, making it a lot sweeter than espresso. You can find it in almost all the coffee shops in Vietnam.


Did you honestly think that there will be so many foods that start with the letter “V”? Try the ones you can make at your home and don’t forget to order others whenever you go to a fancy restaurant for lunch or dinner.


What is food that starts with V?

Foods That Start With V: Our Best Options Victoria Sponge Cake. Veal. Vegetable Soup. Vermicelli. Vindaloo. Venison. Valencia Orange. Vanilla Bean.

What snack starts with V?

Snacks with V are Veal, Vegemite, Vegetable, Vegetables, Veggie chips, Velvet cake, Vinegar chips, vanilla ice cream.

What is a fruit that starts with V?

Velvet Apple Fruit: Its scientific name is Diospyros blancoi. This fruit that starts with V looks very much like an apple with velvet-like skin.

What are some vegetables that start with V?

Vegetables that start with v are velvet bean, vidalia onions. 

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