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How Long Do Raw (And Cooked) Scallops Last In The Fridge Or Freezer

Scallops sure do taste great. It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy eating them and cooking them on a regular basis all across the country.

How Long Do Raw (And Cooked) Scallops Last In The Fridge Or Freezer

However, with so many scallops out there, and so many craving mouths to feed, it’s necessary for there to be some proper storage methods for this amazing food. 

Whether you’ve just bought a bunch of fresh scallops, and need to keep a hold of them before a big get-together, or you simply cooked a few too many for your dinner, you’re going to need to find somewhere to keep them.

But where can you put scallops? Do they need to be raw, or cooked? Can they even be placed in a fridge or freezer? And how long would they last in these different storage devices? 

Let’s help you keep those scallops looking fresh and ready to be eaten, by finding out exactly how long you can expect them to last, whether cooked or not!

How Long Do Raw Scallops Last In The Fridge?

Raw scallops can be obtained in two unique ways: still in the shells, or freshly shucked.

If you have scallops that are still in their shells, then you can expect them to last in the shells, within a refrigerator, for upwards of three days.

You should aim to shuck them within this amount of time, so as to preserve the quality of the meat.

If you shuck scallops that have been in the fridge, they can last for another five whole days. 

Five days is also the average lifespan of shucked scallops placed into the fridge, and you should be aiming to consume them within that amount of time.

If you don’t eat your scallops within that amount of time, then you run the risk of them becoming spoiled.

How Long Do Cooked Scallops Last In The Fridge?

Cooked scallops generally last a similar amount of time in the fridge to raw scallops.

Cooked scallops can last up to around four days at most, after which point they may begin to spoil, and become unappetizing.

They can last longer than this amount of time, and still be safe to consume, but they will likely not taste or feel quite as good, which can really ruin the experience!

How Long Do Raw Scallops Last In The Freezer?

Scallops take very well to the freezing process, and as such, you can store them in there for an average length of time.

This is around three months, which is the usual maximum period for most food products.

Scallops contain a high level of water, which means that they freeze well, without losing their shape, texture, or taste once thawed.

How Long Do Raw Scallops Last In The Freezer

However, you should make sure that you make good use of your scallops before the three-month period has elapsed.

If they have been in there for longer than three months, then they will soon begin to lose their flavor, as they will succumb to freezer burn.

You’ll be able to identify freezer burn by looking out for small gray or colorless patches on your scallops. 

How Long Do Cooked Scallops Last In The Freezer?

Cooked scallops last for the exact same amount of time as raw scallops when placed in the freezer.

Cooked scallops will last for up to three months, and should be consumed within that time period, in order to experience them at their best, and to avoid the risk of freezer burn.

Can You Refreeze Cooked Or Raw Scallops?

Yes. You can refreeze cooked or raw scallops that have previously been allowed to thaw from being frozen a first time.

However, you must ensure that said scallops have been allowed to thaw within a refrigerator.

If your scallops have thawed at room temperature, then they will likely have developed a lot of bacteria, which would make it inviable to place them in the freezer again. 

You should also make sure that you only ever refreeze scallops once, as refreezing them any more times will cause their quality to degrade rapidly.

If you do want to refreeze raw scallops a second time, then you might benefit from fully cooking them, before then placing them back into the freezer after cooling.

This helps to earn the scallops an extra three months of freezer time. Though you should ensure that you do not refreeze the scallops anymore times beyond that. 

How Should You Put Scallops Into A Fridge or Freezer?

If you’re placing cooked or raw scallops into either device, you should make sure to put them in air-tight containers.

How Should You Put Scallops Into A Fridge or Freezer

This helps to keep their flavors packed in, and also prevents fishy smells from emanating into the fridge or the freezer. 

What Happens If You Eat Scallops That Have Gone Bad?

If you eat scallops that have been allowed to go bad, then the worst you should expect is an upset stomach.

It is rare that you would suffer any other kind of reaction, provided you eat them close enough to their best-by date. 

If you eat scallops that have gone excessively bad, then there is a higher risk of getting more seriously ill, though truly bad scallops would taste so bad that you likely wouldn’t even get as far as swallowing them.


Whether cooked or fully raw, scallops take very well to being placed in fridges or freezers.

They generally last for the average length of time that most foods last inside of these devices, with around five days in a fridge, and around three months in the freezer.

This makes them a nice and convenient food option for many busy people. 

Just make sure that you use them before those lengths of time have elapsed!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Tell If Frozen Scallops Are Bad?

Give them a smell. Do they smell unusual, or different from how you normally expect them to? Do they smell sour or even downright terrible? Throw them away. This is the best way to tell.

Otherwise, you might also be able to tell by looking at them. They will appear slimier and may have lost their color.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Scallops?

You should thaw your frozen scallops within your refrigerator.

As your scallops thaw, they will become more vulnerable to bacteria, and thus you should place them in the fridge to keep the bacteria from reaching them in the first place. 

Do You Have To Thaw Frozen Scallops Before Cooking?

You should aim to fully thaw your scallops before you attempt to cook them.

If you cook scallops directly from the freezer you run the risk of their texture being wrong, and the flavor being unsatisfying. 

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