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Can You Use A Glass Bowl In An Airfryer?

Quick Answer: Can We Use Glass Utensils In An Airfryer?

An airfryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air to cook food. The food is placed in the fryer and heated by hot air, which results in a crispy and golden brown crust. Out of many options, glass utensils are safe for use in air-fryers because they don’t conduct heat and don’t break compared to other utensils like metal.

An Airfryer make it easy to access tasty food that almost seems that it has been deep-fried, but the greatest thing about deep fryers is that they don’t actually involve any oil or deep frying processes!

Can You Use A Glass Bowl In An Airfryer

No longer do you have to bury your favorite foods in mounds of expensive and unhealthy oil just to get that satisfying fried crispiness!

Air fryers operate by placing all of your food items into a basket, which is then placed beneath a heating element that generates intense heat, which is then forced down by a strong fan so that your hand-made fries or chicken nuggets can crisp up.

This amazing efficiency has made air fryers very popular, and they can now be found in many households across the USA. 

However, with such increased popularity, there also comes an increase in questions and concerns when it comes to operating an air fryer. Are there certain things you shouldn’t place in an air fryer?

Can you use a glass bowl in an air fryer? Let’s find out so that you can master your air fryer and continue to create perfect food!

Can You Use A Glass Bowl In An Airfryer?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can use glass bowls safely within your air fryer.

However, there are a few things you should look to make sure of before you attempt to use one of your own glass bowls in your air fryer. 

First, it is crucial that you ensure that your glass bowl is oven-safe. If it is, this will usually be written on the bottom of the glass bowl.

If you own a pyrex glass bowl, then it will very likely be oven-safe. If your glass bowl isn’t oven-safe, then do not attempt to use it in your air fryer.

The intense heat of the air fryer will cause the ordinary glass to shatter, which is extremely dangerous, and would very easily spoil a good meal! 

You should also make sure that your oven-safe glass bowl isn’t too cold when placed into the air fryer.

Placing a cold glass bowl into the intense temperatures of an airfryer can cause thermal stress, which can cause even the strongest of glass to shatter.

If your bowl is cold before you plan to use it in your air fryer, simply run it under some warm water first, until it reaches a more neutral temperature. 

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Why Can Glass Bowls Be Used In Airfryer?

Not all glass bowls can be used safely in air fryers, but those that are oven safe can be placed into air fryers thanks to their specially constructed nature. 

Pyrex bowls, amongst the most common glass bowls in American kitchens, are made to contain borosilicate.

This rather complicated and scientific-sounding material simply ensures that Pyrex glass only expands at around a third of the rate of ordinary glass products.

Why Can Glass Bowls Be Used In AirFryer

When glass expands it runs the risk of shattering dangerously. 

Pyrex can survive intense temperatures of up to 425 degrees without ever once running the risk of shattering, hence why Pyrex and other oven-safe glass bowls can be used in air-fryers, which have intense temperatures inside. 

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What Can’t You Place Into An Airfryer?

Unlike oven-safe glass bowls, there are certain materials and objects that must not, under any circumstances, be placed into your air fryer.

These materials may burn, cause danger, or just otherwise compromise the efficiency of your air fryer.

Paper Towels

You should definitely avoid placing paper towels of any kind into your air fryer. First of all, most obviously, paper products are destined to catch fire when subjected to intense temperatures.

Not only is this a general fire hazard, but the paper towel catching fire in such a hermetically sealed area means that any smoke created will be trapped and will begin circulating around indefinitely.

This trapped smoke will not only cause your food to taste terrible, but it will also cause lasting damage to your air fryer, as it is not built to filter out intense smoke.

Paper towels also run the risk of being blown around the cooking chamber of an air fryer, thanks to the fan, which could mean that it blocks the hot air from entering the chamber, which, once again, can cause lasting damage to the operation of the air fryer.

Large Foods Or Implements

You will definitely want to avoid placing large objects into your air fryer. Air fryers operate by circulating hot air around to evenly cook everything within the cooking chamber.

If the cooking chamber is overstuffed, then the air cannot properly circulate around, which would lead to undercooked food and the risk of damage to the air fryer fan and heating element.

What Can’t You Place Into An Airfryer

This includes foods such as whole chickens or other large cuts of meat. 


Unfortunately, you cannot cook delicious popcorn in your air fryer.

Popcorn requires temperatures in excess of 400 degrees to be able to pop fully and in a satisfying manner, which the average air fryer just cannot achieve.

If you were to attempt to make popcorn in your air fryer, you’d likely just be met with a pile of burnt kernels!


Luckily, air fryers can be used with a massive range of food products and cooking implements.

If you have a favorite cooking dish, whether it be an oven-safe glass bowl, a silicone dish, or a metal baking tray, the likelihood is that your air fryer will be able to handle it.

You just need to ensure that you are using your air fryer for the right reason.

Don’t bother trying to cook an entire roast chicken in your air fryer, it will take up too much space, and hamper the machine’s efficiency.

You would get far better results from a standard oven, which air fryers are not a replacement for! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An Air Frying Healthier Than Oven?

Air fryers are not inherently healthier than ovens in terms of what they can cook. You can cook healthy foods with either device.

Air fryers are, however, largely considered to be a great option for those looking to get into healthy eating, as they can recreate the textures and tastes of deep-fried food without the need for a deep fryer!

Do An Airfryer Destroy Nutrients?

Cooking any food via any method causes nutrients to be destroyed. This is an unavoidable fact.

However, air fryers actually cause nutrients to be destroyed at a far slower rate, so the food you take out of your air fryer will still have plenty of goodness left over!

Can Dirty Airfryer Make You Sick?

It would take a significant amount of usage for your air fryer to accumulate enough dirt to make you sick, but yes, a dirty air fryer could potentially make you sick and could lead to foul-tasting and undercooked food.

It is recommended to clean your air fryer between every single usage.

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