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Top 22 Incredible Vietnamese Desserts

Vietnam is a great country to visit not just for their rich culture and amazing landscapes, but also for their delicious cuisine.

Top 22 Incredible Vietnamese Desserts

As well as sumptuous savory dishes such as banh mi baguettes and pho noodle soup, there are also a wide array of incredible Vietnamese desserts.

Some of these sweet dishes require specific ingredients, but many of them are very easy to make at home from the items in your pantry.

Here are 22 awesome Vietnamese desserts that you can try next time you are craving something sweet.

Bánh Bong Lan – Vietnamese Sponge Cake

To make this cake look like it does in the picture, you will need to have a bundt tray. This cake tin has a raised center section to make a doughnut shaped cake with a hole in the middle.

You will only need a few simple ingredients to make this sumptuous cake with a light, fluffy center.

To get the perfect consistency you should leave your eggs at room temperature for a few minutes before you crack them open as this will make the whites easier to whisk.

Chè Ba Màu – Vietnamese Three Color Dessert

These three color desserts look great when served in a tall glass, and taste even better. They are made from two types of bean paste with a layer of green jelly sweets in between.

A food processor is a great tool to have for this recipe, as it makes grinding up the mung beans and red beans into a fine paste much easier.

The whole thing is topped off with a delicious coconut sauce that marries all the different flavors beautifully.

Chè Trôi Nước – Sticky Rice Balls In Ginger Syrup 

Making the glutinous rice balls for this recipe will require a fair bit of prep, but it will be worth every minute when you taste the result.

With an exterior made from glutinous rice flour, and a deliciously sweet mung bean center, these rice balls are a scrumptious treat even before you add the ginger syrup.

Topped off with a rich coconut sauce and toasted sesame seeds, this desert is smooth, creamy and bursting with flavor.

Bánh Kẹp Lá Dứa – Pandan Waffles 

If you have a waffle press at home, then you owe it to yourself to try these delicious pandan waffles.

They are made with coconut milk instead of the regular variety, which makes them creamy smooth and slightly sweet.

Pandan leaves are added at the end for the green coloring and offer a taste very similar to vanilla for a waffle that doesn’t need toppings to be a very tasty treat.

Chè Chuối – Vietnamese Banana, Coconut & Tapioca Dessert 

You can make your own Vietnamese pudding in less than an hour with this awesome recipe. Chè Chuối with bananas, tapioca and coconut cream for a truly sumptuous pudding.

To get this recipe perfect, you will need to choose bananas that are perfectly ripe.

For a more authentic Vietnamese flavor, you can enhance this recipe by using plantains instead of bananas and pandan leaves to offer a hint of vanilla.

Che Bap – Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding

This is another pudding that incorporates tapioca pearls and coconut milk for a creamy, smooth dessert.

Instead of banana, this recipe uses sweet corn kernels fresh off the cob to add extra sweetness and a crunchy texture.

One of the best parts of this dessert is that it takes no time at all to make and can be easily done in under an hour.

Toasted sesame seeds make the ideal topping for this delightful Vietnamese treat.

Bánh Dau Xanh – Mung Bean Pastry 

Some people may find the idea of putting beans in a dessert somewhat off-putting.

However, both mung beans and red beans take on sugar very well, so it is no wonder they are both used in so many Vietnamese desserts.

These mung bean cakes are deliciously sweet and don’t take very long to make since they only require 5 ingredients.

Bánh Cam – Sesame Balls

These sesame balls are very similar to the glutinous rice balls we looked at earlier, since they have a center made from sweetened mung bean paste.

The difference is in the crispy exterior that is covered in toasted sesame seeds.

While they take a fair amount of time to prepare, these sesame balls are a unique treat that you are sure to find utterly irresistible.

Cà Phê Sữa Nóng – Vietnamese Coffee

The secret to this coffee is using sweetened condensed milk rather than the full fat variety for a creamy consistency that isn’t too dense.

To get the most authentic taste, it is also advisable to buy a bag of ground Vietnamese coffee from your local Asian supermarket.

It also helps to have the right kind of coffee filter, so your beverage can drip onto the layer of condensed milk to create a stronger brew that doesn’t lose any of its flavor.

Vietnamese Ice Cream

Don’t worry, you won’t need a dedicated ice cream making machine to create this incredible Vietnamese dessert.

In fact, you will hardly have to churn this recipe at all apart from 2 to 3 minutes of beating with an electric whisk.

All you require for this ice cream is a full cup of the coffee we covered above and four other ingredients for a sumptuous sweet treat that is ready after a few hours in the freezer.

Bánh Tai Heo – Vietnamese Pig’s Ear Biscuits

Even though they look like pigs ears, these delectable sesame and coconut cookies are actually vegan.

They are also quite easy to make, since you only need to mix up two dough and roll them together to create a swirling pattern.

If you don’t mind your biscuits not being strictly traditional, you can add cocoa powder to the dark dough, which will make the color much clearer.

It is very important when slicing the dough to use a sharp knife and cut in a sawing motion to prevent deforming the biscuits and ruining their shape.

Xi Ma – Black Sesame Soup

This traditional Asian desert is very easy to make and only requires five ingredients. If you can’t track down some Chinese rock sugar, then it can be easily supplemented with regular granulated sugar instead.

Having a food processor for blending the rice and sesame seeds will make preparing this soup much faster.

When it is finished, this is a sweet soup with a deep sesame flavor that is quite similar to tahini.

Che Khoai Mon – Taro Pudding 

The green paste for this pudding is made from pandan leaves and paste, which gives it a taste that is very similar to vanilla. It also incorporates pealed taro roots, which are sweet but firm.

While cooking, you should make sure to only cook the roots until slightly soft in case they become too mushy and can’t hold their shape.

This pudding is topped off with a decadent coconut sauce, which brings out the vanilla taste of the pandan leaves beautifully.

Bánh Bo Nuong – Vietnamese Honeycomb Cake

This is another bundt cake that is shaped like a ring with a hole in the center.

It requires a total of six eggs to get the right consistency, but if you supplement these for flax seed eggs, then you can easily make this recipe vegan.

Pandan extract is used to give the interior a bright green coloring that looks as good as it tastes.

Since this recipe uses tapioca flour instead of the regular kind, it is completely gluten-free while still being perfectly moist and scrumptious.

Bánh Xoai – Mango Sweet Cake 

These sweet mango cakes are deliciously fruity and spiced with a dash of nutmeg for a rich, decadent flavor.

There are four large eggs mixed into the batter which along with the juicy mangos makes these cakes very moist and fluffy on the inside.

Macadamia nuts are added to the batter and sprinkled on the top as a garnish for a luxurious dessert that is suitable for any occasion.

Vietnamese Milkshakes 

Once again, the secret to these milkshakes is the use of sweetened condensed milk, which makes them less thick.

They can be flavored with any combination of fresh fruit from mangos, to chopped strawberries or bananas.

This is without a doubt the easiest recipe to make on this list, as all you need to do is throw the necessary ingredients into a blender and press a single button.

Bánh Tieu – Vietnamese Doughnuts 

These doughnuts are made from a simple dough that doesn’t require any eggs or dairy, making them completely vegan. They are shallow fried on both sides until the disks of dough puff up like a balloon.

This makes them much healthier than regular, deep-fried doughnuts and gives them a hollow center that can accommodate all manner of delicious fillings.

Chocolate sauce, pudding and custard all make excellent fillings for these light, crispy sesame seed doughnuts.

Che Bánh Lot – Pandan Jelly 

Mung bean starch is used instead of gelatin as the base for these delicious pandan jellies, which are silky smooth and very chewy.

They are often served as part of a refreshing dessert soup with crushed ice and palm sugar syrup.

You will need to own a potato ricer to make the jelly into worm shapes, and you will ideally want one that has quite large holes.

Garnished with delicious coconut cream, this recipe is the perfect refreshment for a hot summer’s day.

Boba Tea

Colloquially known as bubble tea, this drink is a popular dessert in many areas of Asia, including Vietnam.

It is made from a regular black tea that is sweetened with a bit of sugar and poured over black tapioca pearls.

You will want pearls that cook reasonably fast, and you should only use as many pearls as you need, since they won’t keep well overnight.

This drink goes very well with a splash of condensed milk added at the end.

Ɖông Sương Trung Thu – Jello Mooncakes

Mooncakes are a delicious traditional Asian pie made from a thin pastry around a filling, often made from red bean paste.

These Vietnamese moon cakes are made from jello that is thickened with a seaweed called agar agar.

With both the inside and outside being made from jelly, these cakes are sweet and wonderfully chewy, although they are best enjoyed after being left in the fridge overnight to set.

To get the intricate patterns on the top, you will need to buy a mooncake press, which can easily be acquired from an Asian supermarket or online.

Khoai Mi Nuoc Cot Dua – Cassava and Coconut Milk

Cassava is a type of root vegetable similar to a sweet potato but with a more neutral tasting white flesh.

In this recipe, cassava root is cooked in sweet coconut milk and then garnished with shredded coconut and a mixture of roasted peanuts and sesame seeds.

This makes a sumptuous dessert that is bursting with flavor and has a whole range of exciting textures in every bite.

Sinh Tô Bơ – Avocado Shake

This recipe is very similar to the milkshakes we looked at earlier, using a combination of regular and sweetened condensed milk.

The milkshake is flavored with a whole avocado that has had the skin removed, which offers a creamy, rich texture to this drink.

With a few crushed ice cubes added into the mix, you have the perfect refreshment for a hot day. 


There are loads of tasty Vietnamese desserts out there, and we have only covered a few of them in this list.

All the recipes we have looked at are reasonably easy to make at home with the right ingredients and a food processor for making beans and seeds into paste.

So why not give them a try and impress your friends and family with authentic Vietnamese treats that taste as good as they look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pandan Leaves? 

Pandan are the leaves from a tropical tree often found in many Asian countries. They are also known as screw pine leaves and taste very similar to vanilla with a hint of coconut.

These leaves are a staple in many Asian desserts and can be bought as whole leaves or as a concentrated extract.  

Where Does Boba Tea Come From? 

Boba tea, or bubble tea as it is known in the west, is a traditional Asian dessert that originated in Taiwan.

Since its invention, this refreshing beverage has been enjoyed all over Asia and has even found commercial success in some parts of the US. 

How Do You Prepare Tapioca Pearls For Use In Desserts? 

Tapioca pearls are translucent bubbles made from tapioca, the starch of the cassava root.

Before you can use these pearls in cooking, you will need to boil them in hot water until they float to the top.

After they float, you will need to cook them for a further 15 minutes before letting them steep in their water.

Once you have drained the water off, you can use these pearls to make delicious Vietnamese desserts such as boba tea. 

Top 22 Incredible Vietnamese Desserts

Tuck in and enjoy these 22 incredible recipes for making your own sumptuous Vietnamese desserts from traditional ingredients.


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