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20 Traditional Russian Breakfast Foods

Russian cuisine is, of course, one of the most fantastic and rich cuisines the world has to offer – although it may also be fair to say that it’s a little underrated. However Russian cuisine has a vast variety of taste and flavors to offer. For Instance, Russian breakfast is popular worldwide.

20 Traditional Russian Breakfast Foods

Well, if you’re looking for a fantastic recipe for breakfast, you might well be surprised to learn that there are so many Russian recipes that will give you perfect food to start your day off with!

We’ve compiled 20 of the absolute best recipes from Russian cuisine for you – giving plenty of options for fantastic breakfast foods, Slavic style!

There’s sure to be so many great foods here that you’ll absolutely love – so, without any further ado, on to the recipes!


One of a good number of Russian dishes made from buckwheat, kasha is a delicious and traditional way to start the day.

Not only is it easy to make, but it’s also gluten free! It makes a delicious alternative to breakfast cereals, and is full of great stuff that the human body loves – including protein and fiber, which are perfect for breakfasts!

Kasha is also a great source of iron, potassium, and vitamin B6.

It’s not just a healthy breakfast food though – it tastes absolutely amazing, and you can make it in just 20 minutes!

It’s about as difficult to make as rice is. In fact, you can even use a rice cooker!


There are so many things that you can do with blini (a Russian crepe-style pancake) – but why not start off by learning a quick and simple way to make blini?

This recipe will teach you exactly how to make a great, traditional blini. Once you’ve made them, you can top and fill them with absolutely anything you like, of course.

You’ll need milk, eggs, flour, butter, and a pinch each of salt and sugar. So easy, and you might well even have most of the ingredients already!

Apple Blinchiki

Blinchiki and blini are the same thing – delicious Russian style pancakes! Blinchiki is simply the diminutive form of the word blini – which kind of means that it’s a more cutesy way of saying the same thing.

Regardless, at the breakfast table, you’re probably more interested in delicious food than Russian linguistics.

Either way, you’ll get something that you enjoy out of this delicious recipe for apple blini!

These delicious crepe-like pancakes are made with your favorite apples, grated and peeled. Make a batter with the peeled apple, an egg, and some flour, and cook in a pan just like making pancakes.


Grenki is actually something you might well have eaten before -or at least, something very similar to it!

It’s actually the Russian version of French toast! It’s no surprise, of course, that many cultures around the world have their own version of this recipe.

For this particular version, you’ll only need a few ingredients. Stale bread, an egg, some milk, some sugar, and either oil or butter.

Simply mix together the egg, milk, and sugar until the sugar has completely dissolved. Soak your bread in the mixture, and fry in oil or butter.

Simple and delicious – and ready for your favorite topping!

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Sharlotka (Russian Apple Cake)

Cake might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to breakfast food – but this recipe for a fantastic tasting sharlotka might well have you thinking twice about that!

After all, it’s so fruity, thanks to the generous amount of apples you’ll use. SO tasty too, thanks to the great traditional combination of cinnamon, lemon juice, and vanilla extract.

This cake is so great for relaxing too – frankly, it’s great at absolutely any time!

It’s easy to make too – just 20 minutes to prepare, and 50 minutes to bake.

Draniki – Russian Potato Pancakes

It’s likely little surprise that this is yet another type of Russian pancake! Draniki are a savory type of pancake, made with grated potatoes.

This means they’re not likely to be your first choice if you’re after something light and sweet – but for those times when you want something simple yet hearty, this recipe is perfect!

As the author states, grating the potatoes can be a draining process. If you’re fortunate enough to have a blender that can do the job of grating for you, then by all means use it – it’ll save you quite a bit of effort!

Russian Piroshki

While you might not think these are a traditional breakfast food, sometimes you need something with a lot of substance in the morning.

These are a delicious and filling treat for any time, of course – but they certainly make for a fantastic way to start the day!

You’ll make a delicious homemade dough, stuffed with a hearty beef and rice filling.

You’ll be set up for the day after a few of these – but a few too many might well make you need to have a nice relaxing sit down!

Baked Pirozhki

These are so delicious, and so filling. No surprise, of course, as they’re delicious baked balls of dough absolutely stuffed with ground beef and potatoes!

This particular way of making this fantastic treat involves baking them. Just like the similar (yet different) dish pierogi/vareniki, these can also be fried!

You’ll learn how to make your own dough for this recipe, as well as the delicious filling, of course.

As the recipe suggests, you can always use cooked rice, stewed cabbage, mushrooms, or other things in place of the mashed potatoes!

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Krendel is a delicious type of fruity bread that’s a traditional part of Slavic cuisine. It’s a rich, hearty bread that’s filled with delicious tasting fruit jam!

This recipe will take quite a long time to cook – around 3 hours!

Thankfully, you’ll only need around 15 minutes of preparation time to make this delicious fruit bread – the rest of the time, you’ll just have to wait patiently, and enjoy the mouth-watering smell of this delicious recipe baking!

It tastes so good, and as it’s light and fruity (and yet still so filling), it makes for a great breakfast food!

Vareniki (Russian Pierogi) With Potatoes And Mushrooms

If you’ve heard of pierogi, then you already know vareniki. They’re simply different words for the same thing!

Both pierogi and vareniki mean the same thing – delicious filled dumplings in a traditional Slavic style!

They’re delicious, of course, but you’ll need some skill and practice to get the dough filled and folded just right. Of course, it’ll completely be worth the effort!

This recipe will make 45 fantastic vareniki, filled with potatoes, mushrooms, and diced onions.

You’ll need over an hour to cook this, so make sure to give yourself enough time!

Apple Vareniki

If you’ve tried one of the many delicious recipes for savory vareniki, maybe you’d also be excited to learn that you can fill these fantastic dumplings with sweet flavors too!

That’s exactly what you can do with this delicious recipe for vareniki stuffed with apples.

You’ll need to take the time to cube the apples properly – it shouldn’t take too long with a sharp knife, but it’s definitely a little bit of effort to make sure you’ve cut the cubes small enough.

Cherry Vareniki

Yet another delicious way to make and enjoy vareniki! This time, you’ll be filling them with deliciously rich and sweet cherries.

If you’re a fan of these amazing fruits, ten you are going to absolutely adore this super sweet Russian recipe!

You can use either fresh or frozen cherries for this recipe, but make sure that they’ve been pitted before you use them.

After all, you don’t want a nasty surprise in your delicious vareniki!

Although you can fry vareniki, as these are the fruity kind, the recipe recommends that you boil them instead.

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Vareniki With Cabbage And Egg Filling

While cabbage and egg might well be an acquired taste, those who love these two foods will definitely want to try out this recipe for vareniki with a cabbage and egg filling!

This recipe will show you how to make a deliciously hearty food for the start of the day, packed full of stuff your body needs to get set up for the day!

The most important part of this recipe is probably getting the dough right.

As the author states, you should expect to spend a good half an hour kneading the dough, to make sure that it has that perfect consistency!


Syrniki are another style of Russian pancake. Unlike blini, which are similar to crepes, syrniki are usually much thicker.

They’re also made with cheese – so even though they’re still pancakes, they’re a very different type of pancake to blini!

To get these right, you’ll need to use farmer’s cheese. If you can’t find it at your supermarket, then you should definitely be able to find it at any Russian or Slavic grocery stores!

However, if you absolutely can’t find it, this recipe suggests that you can use ricotta cheese in its place.

They’re so versatile too! This recipe will just teach you how to make basic syrniki, but there are plenty of ways that you can make them even more exciting!

Syrniki With Cherry Sauce

Now, this is a really delicious and different treat that combines savory and sweet flavors to make an absolutely fantastic breakfast – or dessert, or simply a snack to watch a film with!

They’re so rich, thanks to the delicious cheese – make sure to use real farmers cheese for the best results.

You might need to go to a Slavic or Russian grocery store to find it – it’ll be worth the visit!

And, of course, thanks to the cherry sauce, these syrniki are so sticky and sweet too. You’ll definitely start the day with a smile on your face after eating these for breakfast!

Syrniki With Chocolate Filling

If you absolutely love chocolate, and are looking for another excuse to incorporate the delicious sweet stuff into your day, then why not try out this great recipe for chocolate filled syrniki?

As with all real syrniki, you’re going to use a nice soft cheese to fill them too. This recipe simply recommends “curd cheese”, but of course, for the most authentic way to make syrniki, you’ll need to use farmer’s cheese.

And, of course, a bar of your favorite chocolate – after all, that’s what you’re making these delicious treats for!

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Plushki are delicious buns with a fantastic warming cinnamon flavor! They taste amazing, of course – and they’re a really nice snack to start the day off with!

Not just that, but they’re actually really simple to make, and will be baked in around 20 minutes once you’ve made the dough!

You’ll need to wait around an hour after mixing and kneading the dough, as it’ll increase in size over the course of this time, giving it the consistency you need to make these plushki perfectly.

As the recipe states, you don’t even need to like cinnamon to like these buns, as you can simply omit it from the recipe!


Just like syrniki, vatrushki are made with delicious farmers cheese. And, just like syrniki, these Russian pastries are absolutely delicious!

If you can’t get hold of real farmers cheese, then you can substitute ricotta in its place. Whatever you decide to make this fantastic recipe with, you’ll absolutely love the way that they taste!

As the dough will increase in size once you’ve finished kneading it, make sure that you give it adequate time.

Wait for between an hour and 2 hours before starting work with it again.

Once you’ve done the (admittedly lengthy) preparation process, these will bake to an attractive golden brown hue in around 15 to 20 minutes.

Strawberry Cheesecake Vatrushka

This recipe is a delicious spin on a traditional way to make vatrushki!

For these, you’ll be making a delicious filling that’s a combination of great tasting cream cheese, and half a cup of strawberry jam!

So sweet, and yet so rich and creamy – absolutely perfect to help wake you up first thing in the morning!

Of course, as the author says, you can use absolutely any jam that you like with this recipe – so don’t feel as if you’re limited to only strawberries!

Why not try out some experiments with your favorite jams?

Cardamom Vatrushki

While there are many recipes for vatrushki (including quite a few on this list!), this is likely to be one of the best, and most traditional recipes for real Russian style vatrushki.

It’s all about the small details – including the obligatory tvorog or farmer’s cheese, and of course the cardamom that really gives this filling the right character that you’re looking for to make a really traditional vatrushka.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Really All Russian Foods?

Well, yes, and no! They’re certainly all recipes (or variants thereof) that are commonly made and eaten in Russia every day.

However, they’re also native to many other Slavic countries, as there is an extremely large overlap in their cuisines, as well as many other areas, such as culture and language.

Can I Only Eat These At Breakfast?

No, you can feel free to eat any of these recipes whenever you want!

Some of them might not even be what you’d normally call “breakfast food”, but they’ll all be absolutely great ways to start your day off regardless.

Eat them whenever you like!

What’s The Difference Between “Vatrushka” And “Vatrushki”?

The only difference is that “vatrushka” means there’s one of them, and “vatrushki” means that there’s more than one!

This is how the Russian language deals with plurals – so if you’ve only got one vatrushka, you just wouldn’t say that you’ve got “vatrushki”!


With so many delicious ways to start your day – from heart rich food to delicious sweet treats – you’re going to be ready to go for the day and full of delicious Slavic cuisine before you know it!

Whichever of these recipes you pick to start your day off with, you’re going to be on the right track!

20 Traditional Russian Breakfast Foods

Russian breakfast – if you’ve never tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Find the 20 best Russian breakfast recipes right here!


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  • Enjoy – don’t forget to leave a review

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