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The 19 Best Venison Recipes

Venison is a great alternative for those who love beef dishes, but want a richer, fuller flavor. It is a treat to eat, and can be prepared in so many ways.

So without further ado, here are the 19 best venison recipes.

1. Venison Vindaloo

Kicking off the list of venison recipes is a venison vindaloo. This is a classy twist on the favorite spicy Asian dish, and will give restaurants a run for their money.

The chunks of venison are marinated for several hours in spices and aromatic to give them that distinct Indian flavor. Then they are simmered for a tender texture that is soft to the bite.

Vindaloos tend to be spicy, but you can play around with this.

2. Venison Cheesesteak

Depending on how big you make it, this venison cheesesteak can either be a scrumptious snack, or a full on meal.

It is a delicious take on the classic beef cheesesteak, swapping out the cow for deer. The recipe also includes onions, bell peppers, and a generous load of melted cheese.

Slice the venison thin, or cut it chunky. Play it safe with mild cheese, or go all out with a mature one. This venison cheesesteak is your creation!

3. Venison Lasagne

Everyone loves lasagne. It is a heart warming meal that fills the belly, and puts a smile on faces.

Sheets of holding together pieces of tasty and tender venison with a selection of veggies, all topped off by gooey cheese.

The recipe is best made with three pounds of venison, two pounds of cheese, and whatever veggies you like.

There is unlikely to be any leftovers. But if you are lucky, reheated, this dish still tastes great!

4. Venison Chili

Looking to put a fire in your belly when the long and cold nights draw in? Then this venison chili should be your go to dish.

Some like it shredded, others like it diced, and there are even those who like it sliced. But whatever way you cut your venison, blend it nicely with your spices and veggies, to get that zingy chili taste.

Serve it up on some steamed rice of your choice, and you have got yourself a delicious venison chili.

5. Venison Meatloaf

The myth, the legend… the mother of all meatloaves. A venison meatloaf will take the family classic to new height, and have your neighbors prying for the recipe.

It is tender, juicy, and will fall apart in your mouth. Cook it in the oven for a classic slow cook, or in the smoker for that distinct taste.

Serve alongside veggies and mashed potatoes, and you will be full for hours.

6. Spicy Asian Venison Bowl

We are heading to the Far East with this next dish, and it is an explosion of flavors.

The venison creates the ultimate stew meat and goes down a treat when seared and coated with Asian gravy. To finish it off, simply add a steaming pile of rice and you are good to tuck in!

Spruce it up with veggies, or leave it as is. A simple 20 minutes is all it takes!

7. Chicken Style Fried Venison

Sometimes it is good to put a twist on a well loved fish and make it your own. And that is what chicken style fried venison is all about.

Tenderize the venison with a mallet. Drizzle it with oil, and then coat in breadcrumbs. Fry it up and watch it sizzle.

You can eat these breaded venison pieces as a snack, or as part of a meal. To complete the dish, whip up some mashed potato, and keep everything moist with a spoonful of gravy.

8. Venison Meatballs

pack your venison into tasty rounded balls, and enjoy this Italian dish. Simple to make, the venison balls will taste great loaded with marinara sauce, and plenty of herbs.

The beauty of this meal is that you can partner the venison meatballs with almost abating.

Want greens? Steam some veggies. Want carbs? Boil pasta for 10 minutes al dente. Want a simple dipping option? Slice some crusty bread.

9. Venison Tacos

We have been around with this list, and the next stop is Mexico. Venison tacos make a finger-licking good snack, or if you make lots, a filling meal.

Season the tacos any way you please. Make them spicy, or make them rich, just be sure to finish them off with a drop of lime juice.

Roll up the taco, and get munching. It is as simple as that, and you will be left craving more.

10. Crockpot Venison Roast

Chop chunky venison pieces, along with your other ingredients, and put everything in the pot together. Turn the crock pot on, and let it work its magic.

You will know when it is ready thanks to the delicious smell. Turn off the crock pot, and dish up. It really is that easy. Enjoy!

11. Venison Stroganoff

A stroganoff dish had to be included on the list! Venison, egg noodles, veggies, and cream are all you need. And the whole meal can be whipped up in no time at all.

Add garlic and plenty of onion for an extra strong flavor. And of course, do not forget the ale.

Another family favorite, you will not be disappointed.

12. Venison Goulash

Re-energize with this wholesome pasta and venison dish.

Mix ground meat with elbow shaped macaroni pasta in a tomato sauce. Give it a healthy dose of melted cheddar cheese, and dinner is served.

perfect for bulk cooking, making a big batch, and that is also dinner sorted for the next day.

13. Venison Pot Pie

Get the tissues ready, because your mouth is about to water. This pot pie recipe always goes down well, and you will be setting aside ingredients for the next one.

Simmer chunks of venison and mushrooms to sweet tenderness, and douse in a herb red wine gravy.

Bake it all up in a pot pie, and it is yours to enjoy.

13. Venison Barbacoa

Latin America calls us back again, this time for a venison barbacoa. This easy-to-make barbacoa recipe will have you whipping up a storm in the kitchen, and save you a take out bill.

Marinate the meat. Slice onion, peppers, avocado, and coriander. Then add a spoonful of sour cream.

To bring it all together, wrap everything in tacos, burritos, lettuce wraps, or even eat as a bowl meal.

14. Venison Steaks Marinated

We are getting juicy and tender here with the fan favorite marinated venison steaks.

Grab your mallet again for this one, as you will want to tenderize the steaks. Then let them sit and marinate in flavors of your choice. This will infuse them with all the good stuff that your taste buds will love.

Grill them up, and enjoy this beef steak alternative.

15. Venison Stew

You had to have known that a stew would be on the list! People rave that it is the ultimate winter meal. But let’s be real, it is amazing all year round!

Load it with potatoes and other veggies of your choosing, and simmer with the meat until you reach ‘tender-land’.

You will know when it is ready when the meat breaks apart in your mouth.

16. Venison Bolognese

Let’s change up another Italian classic here, switching out the beef for venison.

You know the deal. Just imagine your most favorite and delicious beef bolognese, but with richer, and more tender meat. Yep, that is what you can expect with this tasty meal.

Easy to make and only a few ingredients, you will need venison, spaghetti pasta, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and herbs.

17. Venison Swedish Meatballs

It is getting colder now as we move to Scandinavia. Meatballs are an Italian classic, but the Swedes also know how to make them.

Tender, juicy, and hearty, caraway seeds along with lingonberry jelly are some of the ingredients which give these meatballs their distinct flavor. And of course you will need to throw in some onion and spices.

A mouth watering Swedish meal perfect for dinner.

18. Venison Burger

We know you have been awaiting this recipe, and it does not disappoint.

Put a juicy, tender, and thick patty to sizzle, and cook until medium rare. Now comes the fun part, as you get to build your stack as you please.

Make sure to add onions and cheese for the ultimate flavor, but finish off the decorations with whatever you want.

19. Venison Backstrap

Finishing off the list is what all venison lovers enjoy most, a backstrap.

This prized piece of meat can be prepared in so many ways, but is often devoured medium-rare. Side with veggies and a glass of red wine, and you have a rich, classic venison meal.

These were the 19 best venison recipes. Have fun making them, and do not be scared to put your own bit of magic into each one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does venison keep?

Refrigerated, venison stays fresh for 3-5 days. Frozen, this goes up to 9-12 months.

What temperature should venison be cooked to?

Venison is lean and so is best cooked to a minimum of 145F if in whole pieces. If ground, then cook to at least 160F.

Is venison healthier than beef?

Yes. Venison has 50% less fat than beef, but is still high in protein.

The 19 Best Venison Recipes

Beef is great,but sometimes you want something which packs more of a flavor punch, right? Let’s dive into the 19 best venison recipes.


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