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18 Best Substitute For Celery Seed That Are Easy To Find And Use

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Alternatives To Celery Seeds?

An excellent alternative is to use actual celery – either the stem or leaves. To replicate the flavor that celery seed generally produces, you may even use celery flakes. You can substitute parsley, fennel seeds, dill weed, star anise, Nigella sativa, and caraway seeds for celery seeds, if you don’t have any on hand. If you don’t have any celery seeds, any of these alternatives would be excellent. Some of them taste more like celery seeds than others do. However, if you run out of your go-to celery seeds, all these alternatives will all produce delicious flavors.

Celery seed is a really popular type of seasoning to use in your cooking. Just like salt, onion powder or garlic powder, celery seed is seen as a natural flavor enhancer.

Thus, it can be used in various dishes. Although, one day, you may come to use your celery seed and realize that there isn’t any left. 

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know

Now you face a real dilemma. Do you miss celery seed out of your dish completely, or find something to add in its place?

If you do happen to find yourself in this situation, then we have the answer for you.

In this article, we have collected together the 18 best celery seed substitutes.

These substitutes will produce a delicious dish even without the use of celery seed. 

Nutritional Value Table

SubstituteHow Much You Need To Replace 1 tsp Of Celery SeedCalories per 1 teaspoon
Celery Leaves And Stalks3 teaspoons14
Celery Salt1 teaspoon1
Celery Powder1 teaspoon4
Celery Flakes1 teaspoon6
Dill Weed1 teaspoon2.5
Dill Seeds1 teaspoon6
Caraway Seeds1 teaspoon7
Fennel Seeds1 teaspoon7
Exotic SpicesCustomizable (depending on spices used)6
Parsley3 teaspoons1
Star Anise½ teaspoon7
Nigella Sativa1 teaspoon45
Lovage1 teaspoon11
Hibiscus1 teaspoon5
Garlic1 teaspoon4
Feverfew SeedCustomizable (depending on spices used)
Dandelion SeedsCustomizable (depending on spices used)
Coriander Seeds1 teaspoon2

Celery Seed: What Is It?

The seeds of wild celery are used to make the spice celery seed.

The Romans were the first to employ celery seed as a natural flavor enhancer. Later, the Italian and French made it their specialty.

Celery seed wasn’t valued in North America until the 19th century. It was then used in pickling solutions.

While celery stalks and roots are eaten as salad ingredients and vegetables.

Celery leaves are now a common element in soups, sauces, and garnishes among Europeans. 

Ground seeds from closely related species of celery are utilized as culinary additions in Bengali.

Celery leaves from the same region are used to enhance the flavors of numerous cuisines in Southeast Asia and China

Origins And Varieties Available Of Celery Seed

Celery seeds are native to the Mediterranean, Southern, and Eastern Europe.

These days, the cultivation of this plant is widespread in nations like France, USA, India, Hungary, Britain, Japan and China.

These seeds are grown from the original wild celery. Another type of celery is grown for its edible leaves, seeds, and stem.

While celeriac is a different variety of celery whose roots are enjoyed by chefs as well. 

Where Can You Purchase Celery Seed From?

Celery seeds are available in a variety of forms, including fresh, dried, and powdered varieties.

This type of product is available from numerous herbal grocery and food stores, as well as online retailers like Amazon.

Additionally, you can find it in local specialty health stores, online. Or as a drink or in a capsule containing an oil extract.

Difference Between Celery Seed And Celery Salt

Celery salt and celery seed are frequently mistaken for one another. Two parts salt and one part crushed celery seed make up celery salt. 

Celery salt is most frequently used for salt in cold salads like egg salad, coleslaw, tuna salad and potato salad.

18 Best Substitutes For Celery Seed

The following are the best substitutes you can use when you find yourself with no celery seed on hand. 

It is important to note that for every substitute mentioned, we will offer you equivalent amounts to 1 teaspoon of celery seed. 

1. Celery Leaves And Stalks

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know

As everyone is aware, wild celery, also known as lovage plant, is the source of celery seeds.

They are frequently added to pickling liquids or used to improve the flavor of some salads and stews.

Celery seed should only be used sparingly because of its powerful flavor.  There are many celery seeds that originate in India. 

Celery stalks and leaves have the same flavor and scent as celery seeds.  When using celery leaves and stalks in place of celery seeds, you will need to use more.

This is because the flavor is concentrated more in the seeds compared to the other two elements.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are variations in texture and bulk as well. Numerous fibers can be found in celery plant stalks and leaves.

Due to this, it will be challenging to conceal them in soups or sauces.

Celery leaves and stalks don’t have a flavor as intense as the seeds.

In a dish, you should therefore substitute 3 teaspoons of finely chopped stalks and leaves for 1 teaspoon of the seeds.

You should slice the alternatives very finely, to make them less obvious.

The flavorful celery leaves can be used as a fresh dressing or sauce ingredient once they have been coarsely diced.

How To Substitute

Celery leaves and stalks can be used in place of celery seeds to make a variety of dishes, but they are not as strong in flavor as celery seeds, so they will not overpower other ingredients. Nevertheless, celery leaves and stalks are great for adding to salads, stir-fries, and stews.

2. Celery Salt

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  • 1 tsp of celery seed = 1 tsp celery salt

On many spice racks, you can see celery salt displaying itself with pride. Celery salt consists only of salt combined with celery seeds.

Therefore, you can increase the amount of celery salt you use to make up for the lost seed. However, keep in mind to reduce the amount of salt called for in your recipe proportionally.

The quantity of pure salt removed should be equal to the amount of added celery salt.

How To Substitute

Celery seeds can be substituted with celery salt, but the flavor will differ. The taste of celery seeds is more robust and peppery, while celery salt is milder and saltier. To substitute, mix equal parts of celery seeds and salt.

3. Celery Flakes

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  •  1 tsp celery seed = ½ tsp celery flakes

To manufacture celery flakes, the stalks and leaves of the celery plant are dried. The plant is harvested, cleaned, and then placed in a warm, dry environment to dry out.

The dried plants are broken down into flakes or tiny fragments after drying. Dried flakes of celery can be used if there aren’t any fresh seeds remaining.

However, it should be noted that dried vegetables have a stronger flavor.

Therefore, substituting dry celery flakes for fresh celery only requires a tiny amount.

For instance, two teaspoons of fresh celery offer the same amount of flavor as one tablespoon of celery flakes.

How To Substitute

Celery seeds are traditionally used to prepare various dishes, but some people may prefer to use celery flakes in their recipes. You can use celery flakes, vegetable salads, soups, and fish and seafood dishes.

4. Celery Powder

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  •  1 tsp celery seed = 1 tsp celery powder

In fact, celery powder can be used in place of celery seed. Since both are derived from the same plant.

Additionally, you can use the same quantity when used in a recipe.

You can make celery powder on your own, and it takes little effort. Only celery seed, a food processor or mortar and pestle, and a dehydrator are needed.

How To Substitute

Celery powder is ground-up celery seeds. It is used to add flavor and texture to many different dishes. Celery powder has a more intense flavor than celery seeds, but they are equally healthy.

5. Dill Weed

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  • 1 tsp celery seed = 1 tsp dill weed

Dill leaves, also referred to as dill weed herb, are widely cultivated in both Asia and Europe.

Spring until the end of the early summer is the main growing season for dill leaves.

Dill is frequently used in several foods, such as pickles or soup. It has a flavor that is comparable to that of celery seed.

In addition to being slightly grassy and citrus-like. It can also mix well with peas or cabbage, making it a good option for a salad.

How To Substitute

Celery seeds are traditionally used as a garnish but can also be substituted with dill weed. When dill is used as a substitute for celery seeds, it is typically used in sauces and soups. However, Dill weed is also a good option when you want a subtle taste.

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6. Dill Seeds

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  •  1 tsp celery seed = 1 tsp dill seeds

Celery seed and dill seeds have different appearances. However, they taste very similar despite their differences in appearance.

Celery seed is smaller, dark brown, and rectangular. Whereas, dill seed is flat and wide.

In many recipes calling for celery, such as pickles, dill seed makes a great substitution for celery seed.

You only need to substitute the equal quantity of dill seed in its place.

How To Substitute

Celery seeds are great for flavoring soups, stews, and other dishes, but when you want to add a dill flavor to your dish, you need to swap the celery seeds for dill seeds. You can easily substitute by measuring the equivalent amount of dill seeds.

7. Caraway Seeds

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  • 1 tsp celery seeds = 1 tsp caraway seeds

The plant that produces caraway seed is a member of the Apiaceae family. It has historically prospered in Europe, Asia and some parts of Africa.

Celery seeds can be easily replaced in your recipe with caraway seeds.

Caraway seed adds a powerful, flavorful punch to salads and other meals. With a similar nutty, bitter taste to celery seeds.

How To Substitute

Celery seeds and caraway seeds have similar textures and flavors, making it easy to swap one for the other in recipes. In addition, they are both often used as seasonings. To substitute celery seeds for caraway seeds, you only need to measure one tablespoon of celery seeds per 1 tablespoon of caraway seeds.

8. Fennel Seeds

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  • 1 tsp celery seed = 1 tsp fennel seeds

The spice known as fennel comes from a plant in the carrot family called fennel.

Although it can usually be found year-round, the summer is the main season for fennel seeds. Fennel is best gathered in the summer, when it is at its finest.

Fennel seeds have a flavor that is comparable to the somewhat sweet, licorice-like flavor of star anise. However, since fennel seeds are similar to celery in terms of equivalent proportions. 

You can use them in place of celery seeds in any savory dish, as well as various salads and pickles.

How To Substitute

You can substitute fennel seeds for celery seeds in recipes to make them more savory and less sweet. To substitute fennel seeds, use one teaspoon of fennel seeds for each teaspoon of celery seeds called for in a recipe.

9. Exotic Spices

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  • 1 tsp of celery seed = adjustable amount of spices depending on the dish you are creating. 

You don’t need to go out and buy any celery seeds if you already have a few of these in your refrigerator.

Lovage, caraway and nigella seeds are exotic spices that can take the flavor of celery seed’s flavor and replace it.

Since certain spices have flavors that are remarkably close to what you’re looking for, they make a great alternative.

How To Substitute

The perfect substitute for celery seeds is exotic spices. You can use these spices in place of celery seeds in various dishes. For example, you can substitute celery seeds for Lovage, caraway, and nigella, known as exotic spices.

10. Parsley

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  •  1 tsp celery seed = 3 tsp parsley

Garden parsley was a type of parsley that was once virtually always planted during spring in European nations.

However, it is now a staple item for every home chef and is used extensively throughout the world.

Even when combined with various ingredients in recipes like sauces or salads, it has a similar flavor to celery seed.

Although some people find that it tastes a little oily and bitter.

As a result, it is used to color food and provide a herbal flavor that blends well with other spices.

How To Substitute

Celery seeds have a distinctive flavor that some people find too strong. However, you may substitute them with parsley to make a similar-tasting dish. To substitute celery seeds, add a small amount of parsley to the recipe in place of the celery seeds.

11. Star Anise

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  • 1 tsp celery seed = ½ tsp star anise

Star anise, also known as star anise seed and star aniseed, was initially discovered and utilized in Vietnam in Sea East Asia.

It is readily available all year round because it is simple to plant and climate-adaptable.

The flavor of star anise is slightly sweet, but also more licorice-like and harsh. It is known as one of the five Chinese spices for this reason.

Savory dishes frequently feature them. Just keep in mind that it is a powerful spice, so be careful how much you use when incorporating it into recipes.

How To Substitute

Celery seeds are an essential spice in the kitchen, and Substituting celery seeds for star anise can be a great idea. Star anise is a different spice with a milder flavor and a more pungent taste.

12. Nigella Sativa

12 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know
  • 1 tsp celery seeds = 1 tsp nigella sativa seeds

Nigella Sativa, sometimes referred to as kalonji or black cumin. It is a common flavor enhancer for Indian cuisine.

This is a substitute that works really well when used in replacement of celery seeds.

There are not many outlets that sell this spice, except from Indian grocery stores.

Since Nigella Sativa has a caraway-like and sweet flavor, using similar equivalent amounts won’t significantly alter the dish’s flavor.

How To Substitute

Nigella Sativa is an herb you can substitute for celery seeds in recipes. You may replace celery seeds with black seeds in recipes by adding them to the dish in place of the Nigella Sativa seed with a caraway-like and sweet flavor.

13. Lovage

Celery seeds are the aromatic spice that is usually added to soup or stews. They add a bit of a salty flavor and some crunch. Lovage is a leafy green vegetable found in the garden or the grocery store.

Lovage is a bitter herb in soups and stocks and a flavoring agent in meat and vegetable dishes. Lovage can be used to replace celery seeds in most dishes with no adjustments needed.

It has a mild, earthy flavor that goes well with fish, chicken, and pasta. You can use the leaves for celery seeds in many recipes.

How To Substitute

Use lovage to replace celery seeds n an equal amounts.

14. Hibiscus

It might surprise you, but the hibiscus flower is many substitutes for celery seeds. In addition, the hibiscus plant is filled with many rich medicinal properties.

The leaves of these plants are used for many traditional treatments such as cancer, weight loss, etc. The flower leaves are tart and tangy, similar to pomegranate and cranberry.

The hibiscus flower is worth trying for substituting celery seeds in your recipe.

How To Substitute

You may substitute an equal ratio of celery seeds in your recipe for the best results.

15. Garlic

Celery seeds are commonly used in savory recipes but can be challenging to find in the grocery store. However, you can easily substitute garlic in many recipes and enjoy the flavors without the hassle of finding celery seeds.

Celery seeds have a distinct, earthy flavor that pairs well with many dishes, but their intense taste can overpower other dishes’ flavors.

You can use garlic to season soup, bread dough, or your favorite chicken dish.

How To Substitute

Use garlic for celery seeds in an equal ratio in your recipe.

16. Feverfew Seed

The Feverfew seeds are not easy to get, but if you get lucky and get a hold of them, you must try substituting them for celery seeds.

Although the taste of feverfew seeds will be bitter, you may accommodate it by adding some sweetener substances such as sugar or honey.

Apart from these, the daisy family’s feverfew flowers also contain medicinal properties, making them a popular choice.

How To Substitute

The best ratio to substitute feverfew seeds with celery seeds would be 1:1; however, considering the bitter taste, you may decrease its quantity.

17. Dandelion Seeds

If you an adventurous about experimenting with the taste of your recipe, here is another substitute, dandelion seeds.

The dandelion flower is filled with rich nutrients, and its seeds come with a bitter taste with a sweet and tangy finish. It also helps to improve digestion.

It is a worth trying substitute if you don’t have celery seeds on hand for a distinctive flavor and taste.

How To Substitute

Replace celery seeds with dandelion seeds in a substitution ratio of 1:1 in your recipe.

18. Coriander Seeds

With a sugary and tangy flavor, the aromatic coriander seeds are a must-try substitute for celery seeds.

It comes with a nutty, earthy flavor. You may substitute celery seeds with coriander seeds in recipes such as stews, soups, marinades, rubs, and many more.

How To Substitute

Use the same quantity of coriander seeds to replace celery seeds in your recipe to achieve a similar taste profile.

Health Benefits Of Using Celery Seeds

A lot of people today are using celery seeds when it comes to cooking. Yet for the majority of people, they use celery seeds as a seasoning.

However, it also has various health benefits as well. 

Celery seed is often used in skincare and medicine to treat the flu. Here are 7 fantastic health advantages that might surprise you:

  • Celery seeds can help you improve your sleeping habits. While having a better night’s sleep overall.
  • They help to improve your joints.
  • Celery seeds are known to boost energy production in the body. This then boosts the antioxidants defenses in your body as well. 
  • Your cognitive functioning is boosted by consuming celery seeds. 
  • Celery seeds help to strengthen your immune system overall, thus you can fight illnesses and infections more easily. 
  • Celery seeds help your body to produce more red blood cells.
  • Finally, celery seeds help you to maintain and control your blood pressure. Therefore, your blood pressure will stay at a healthy level.

Final Thoughts

Celery seeds are an essential flavor enhancer in sauces and soups because they impart the potent flavor of celery without changing the texture of the food.

However, if you find yourself without these delicious seeds on hand, then you can use one of the alternatives listed above. 

Celery salt, celery powder or dill seeds are the best substitutes to use as they have a similar flavor to celery seeds.

However, all the alternatives we have listed will add great flavor.

We hope this article has been useful to you. Now you know what you can use when you run out of celery seeds for a recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Celery Be Substituted For Celery Seed?

Raw celery and celery seeds are similar in the context of taste and aroma it provides to the dish.

You may substitute them in salads and stems easily; however, if you use celery seeds, be mindful that it primarily focuses on taste. If you want, you may chop the raw celery into tiny pieces, and it will work great.

What Flavor Does Celery Seed Add?

Celery seeds have a distinctive taste that is a bit bitter and salty. They are slightly bitter and earthy in flavor. They work exceptionally well in pickling and brine recipes.

Is Celery Seed The Same As Fennel Seed?

Celery seed and fennel seed are two very different spices. Celery seed is a parsley family member and has a mild, celery-like flavor. Fennel seed is a carrot family member with a sweet, anise-like taste.

While both spices can be used in similar dishes, they will impart different flavors to your dish.

18 Best Substitute For Celery Seed – All Information You’d Know

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What can you use when you don’t have any celery seeds? Continue reading to discover the 18 best substitutes for celery seeds.


  • Celery Leaves And Stalks

  • Celery Salt

  • Celery Flakes

  • Celery Powder

  • Dill Weed

  • Dill Seeds

  • Caraway Seeds

  • Fennel Seeds

  • Exotic Spices

  • Parsley

  • Star Anise

  • Nigella Sativa

  • Lovage

  • Hibiscus

  • Garlic

  • Feverfew Seed

  • Dandelion Seeds

  • Coriander Seeds


  • Choose your favorite substitute from the list given above
  • Follow the directions given in the recipe after having substituted the ingredient in the correct ratio

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