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Can You Microwave Uncrustables? (Is It Dangerous)

Quick Answer

The official Uncrustables website states that it is not recommended to place Uncrustables into the microwave. The main reason that you should not place an Uncrustable into the microwave is because the filling of the sandwich will become incredibly hot, and this heat will not easily be released until a bite is taken out of the sandwich. This could cause some severe burns in the mouths of those who eat microwaved uncrustables. As well as this, the microwaving process will cause the fillings of the sandwiches to become so hot that the seals that keep the sandwiches closed will open up, releasing the molten contents all over your microwave! 

Uncrustables are the easy and awesome way to enjoy a simple sandwich, without having to suffer through the discomfort of eating the crusts!

Can You Microwave Uncrustables

Uncrustables can be enjoyed whenever you want them, and make for a perfect lunchtime treat, or a great way to satisfy a craving in between meals.

However, for as convenient as Uncrustables are, many people often find themselves wondering what else they can do with them.

For example, many people often wonder if Uncrustables can safely be placed in a microwave. 

Have you ever wondered whether you can microwave uncrustables?

If you’ve been desperate to find an answer to this burning question, then you have come to the right place, because we are going to endeavor to find the definitive answer! Join us below to find out whether you can microwave Uncrustables!

Is It Dangerous To Microwave Uncrustables?

Technically speaking, the act of placing Uncrustables in the microwave is not dangerous in itself, but the act of eating the Uncrustables after microwaving would likely be dangerous.

As the contents of the sandwich will have become incredibly hot, which could cause harmful burns in your mouth or throat.

As well as this, the Uncrustables may burst while cooking, thanks to how hot the contents will become, which could cause the contents to stick to the sides of the microwave, or find themselves in the inner workings of the microwave. 

It is largely pointless to microwave Uncrustables, hence why the company behind them does not endorse the act.

Microwaving Uncrustables will not cause the bread to warm up in any way, and will instead likely cause it to become very soggy, while the contents become so hot as to become inedible. 

Can You Toast Uncrustables?

This is where it gets a little more tricky. The company behind Uncrustables, once again, does not recommend cooking Uncrustables in your toaster, as they do not take well to the cooking process. 

Very often, Uncrustables that are cooked in the toaster do not come out toasted, and instead the fillings inside simply heat up to extreme degrees, making them dangerous to consume.

As well as this, they are also liable to burst while in the toaster, which can release the fillings into the inner workings of the toaster, which is incredibly messy. 

However, many internet users, especially on social media platforms such as Twitter have claimed to be able to toast Uncrustables in a way that is both safe and satisfying, and causes the outer bread to become nice and toasty.

However, these methods are not officially endorsed, and we also do not recommend them, as the possibility of heating them up incorrectly and causing a mess is much too high!

Can You Heat Up Uncrustables?

If you wish, you can heat up your Uncrustables, though it is not necessary. Uncrustables are designed to be eaten straight out of the packet making them an easy snack.

However, one popular method for heating up Uncrustables that does not result in a sticky mess is to lightly cook the sandwich on the stove top.

Simply place the sandwich onto a hot pan, for around two minutes on each side. This will cause the bread to crisp up slightly, without causing the inner contents of the sandwich to heat up to an extreme degree! 

Can You Freeze Uncrustables?

Yes. In fact, while Uncrustables can be kept in the refrigerator, they are also designed to be kept in the freezer, so that they are ready for whenever you need them. 

It is very much safe to freeze uncrustables.

How Long Can You Freeze Uncrustables For?

On average, you should find that you are able to freeze your Uncrustables sandwiches for around 4 months after first placing them in.

You should aim to consume the sandwiches within that 4 month time frame, as leaving them for much longer could leave them susceptible to freezer burn. 

When freezer burn occurs on your Uncrustables, you will notice small gray patches on the sandwiches, as well as a direct impact to the taste.

Parts of the sandwich that have succumbed to freezer burn will become completely tasteless! 

Can You Refreeze Uncrustables?

Once again, the company behind Uncrustables does not recommend refreezing uncrustables.

The reason that they do not recommend it is because it can form ice crystals to develop in the bread, which causes it to become incredibly soggy when they thaw after refreezing.

As well as this, the process of freezing Uncrustables naturally causes the molecules of the sandwiches to be altered slightly.

This affects both the texture and the taste of the sandwiches, though only very slightly, after being frozen once. 

Refreezing Uncrustables sandwiches forces the molecules of the sandwiches to be altered and reshaped all over again.

Thawing the sandwiches, after refreezing, will also cause the molecules to shift again slightly, which can make them slightly unsatisfying.

However, if you simply need to refreeze an uncrustable sandwich that has already been thawed, then refreezing one time should be fine, without completely damaging the texture and taste of the sandwich.

However, you should really aim to only refreeze one time.

How Long Do Uncrustables Take To Thaw?

Of course, before you can chow down on a frozen Uncrustable sandwich, you are going to need to allow it to thaw first.

Luckily, it should only take around 30 to 60 minutes for an Uncrustable sandwich to thaw, at room temperature. 

But what if you really want to eat the sandwich right now, and you don’t have time to wait around for the sandwich to thaw? 

If you want to speed up the thawing process of your uncrustable sandwiches, then one of the most popular methods is to immerse the sandwich in warm water.

Of course, in order to do this, you will want to ensure that the sandwich is still in its original packaging, to keep it from getting soggy.

Fill a bowl with warm water, and then allow the sandwich, still in its packaging to sit in the water. This will cause the sandwich to thaw at a much faster rate.

If the sun is particularly bright, then you should also take advantage of that. Place the Uncrustable sandwich, still in its packaging in direct sunlight, and you will find that the thawing time is almost halved! 

Make sure to keep your eyes on your Uncrustables as they thaw, as warming them up in some of these unique ways can cause the sandwiches to sweat slightly, which can make them very soggy.

As well as this, if you are allowing the Uncrustables to thaw outside of their packaging, ensure that you monitor the process, as they can become susceptible to developing bacteria.

To Wrap Up

Unfortunately, placing Uncrustables in the microwave is not recommended. While it is possible to do it, they aren’t designed for such conditions.

The bread will become soggy, and the contents will become molten, and almost dangerous to consume.

Jess Smith