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What Does Sea Bass Taste Like? Full Review

Quick Answer: What Is The Flavor Of Sea Bass?

Sea bass has a very delicate fish flavor that has an undertone of sweetness, though this is quite subtle. If you like cod or grouper (salt-water fish), then you will love sea bass taste. The texture has medium flakiness which allows the buttery, moist and tender meat to be present. It is the perfect fish for those who do not like ‘fishy tasting’ fish.

Since the 1990s, Sea Bass has grown in popularity. While once it was known as the Patagonian toothfish (sounds delicious, right?) the unpopularity for the fish pre-90s caused the fish to have its name changed.

What Does Sea Bass Taste Like? Full Review

However, it was not just that. The sea bass was also a cheap fish, however, there was a downside to this. 

Because the fish was so cheap to buy, it meant that the level of fishing for sea bass was so high. This has caused the level of sea bass fish to reduce on a large scale, which has then brought up the price.

While still not the most expensive, you might not consider it to be the cheapest fish anymore. Even so, we can still buy it in the United States and across the globe. 

If you are looking to try sea bass, then you have come to the right place. While we cannot feed it to you directly (we are waiting for the technology to be created for that to happen), we can tell you what sea bass tastes like.

So, sit back, read on, and get ready to whet your appetite. 

In this article we shall take a look at what sea bass tastes like, how to cook it, and the ways to pick the freshest sea bass.

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What Is Sea Bass?

Sea bass is a term used to describe fish within the Serranidae family of marine life. There are 475 different species within this family, and the name sea bass is commonly used to describe these and many other fish. They also go by names like grouper, cony, and hind.

The sea bass typically looks a lot like a perch with a long body and small scales. The mouth is typically rather large, and the body is long and even throughout.

The tail is straight-edged but may also be rounded, with a dorsal fin that has a spiny section broken into softer rays.

Most sea bass are carnivorous and feed on crustaceans and other fish species. Many are quite active and heavy swimmers, which gives their meat a tougher and firmer texture.

Other species are more sedentary, which gives them more tender flesh.

What Does Sea Bass Species Taste?

Sea bass is a fairly mild fish that lacks the intense fishiness common with many other species. Its milder flavor comes with a slightly sweet taste that makes it comparable to haddock or other similar fish.

There’s also a slight buttery feel to well-prepared sea bass that makes it very appealing.

Note that this taste may vary based on the species that you eat. Some have a more pronounced fishy flavor, while others may have almost no taste by comparison.

We’ll discuss some of these variations in the “Types of Sea Bass?” section below, so read on to learn more.

What Do Sea Bass Look Like?

Living sea bass have many different looks due to their diverse species.

Typically, a common sea bass is a fairly larger (one to up to four feet) catch with rather dark scales that alternate between black and a light gray.

Their sharp dorsal fins are fairly distinctive and make them easy to spot.

Cooked sea bass will have a white color that may brown along the top and bottom when pan-seared or fried.

Their flakes are typically medium-sized, meaning that they should cut easily under the knife. Most sea bass comes in fairly thick fillets, though this varies based on the species.

What Texture Does Sea Bass Have?

Sea bass has a lean texture with minimal oiliness and a rather moist overall feel. The texture is rather firm and meaty and not brittle like some fish species.

The buttery feel of many sea bass species gives their meat a rather dense and appealing overall texture.

When cooked, the texture should remain fairly dense and retain much of its overall strength. It does soften lightly while it tenderizes, which is common with most fish species.

Overcooking may make it mushy, so make sure you follow our recipes carefully to keep your sea bass tasty.

What Are The 5 Types Of Sea Bass?

While the common taste of sea bass is mild and sweet with a buttery texture, it actually all depends on what type of sea bass is being eaten. Here are a few other examples of sea bass from across the globe.

Chilean Sea Bass

If you are looking to eat sea bass in a restaurant, then there is a good chance you will be eating the Chilean sea bass which can be found in both South America and the Antarctic.

This type of sea bass has a very high fat content due to living within the very cold Southern Ocean. However, because of having extra fat, it can cope with being overcooked – unlike the black sea bass.

This means that if you accidently leave it to cook too long, it should not become too dry to taste nice. 

Lastly, you may want to find out if this type of sea bass has been caught in a sustainable way. This is because there is a quota in place for this variety of sea bass due to the fact it has been overfished. 


The Hapu is a type of sea bass which can only be found among the Hawaiian islands. It has a very delicate and delicious taste which has white flaky moist meat.

It is said to be similar to that of the Hawaiian Snapper. So, if you have ever eaten that before and enjoyed it, no doubt you will like the Hapu too. 

Giant Sea Bass

The giant sea bass is known as a grouper (otherwise known as a salt-water fish) that lives in a large habitat. You will find the giant sea bass along the Northern Channel Islands – basically all sides of the Pacific Ocean.

It is the fishiest of all the sea bass and has very large and meaty flakes to go with the flavor. So if you are not into fishy tasting fish and have not tried sea bass before, you may want to avoid this kind as your first try of sea bass.

However, you might like it, who knows?

European Sea Bass

It is not easy to find wild European sea bass because it is normally farmed. However, wild European sea bass is said to have the best flavor – maybe because it is a rarer catch?

This type of sea bass can be found in warmer seas such as the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Just like other sea bass, the flavor is mild with a sweet undertone, however it has a fine type of meat that is flaky.

This means it can be easier to overdo when cooking. So do be careful about leaving it in the pan or oven for too long!

Black Sea Bass

The black sea bass, otherwise known as black perch, tallywag, black perch and chub, is the kind of fish a lot of those in the United States will be very familiar with.

Often caught during fishing for recreational purposes, it can be found along the Atlantic coast. It tends to be quite a small fish that produces a delicate fishy flavor when cooked, and will have firm white flesh.

The flakes are small too which is seen as quite unique to this type of fish. However, because of how lean the fish is, it is easy to overcook this fish. If you do, you could end up with a very dry and not so tasty fish to eat.

Often sought by a lot of anglers who love to catch fish for fun, it can make a wonderful dinner addition. 

What Does A Sea Bass Taste Like?

What Does A Sea Bass Taste Like?

If you are not a big fan of the flavor of fish, then the sea bass is a great choice. It does not have a strong ‘fishy’ taste compared to other fish. In fact, it is similar to that of cod or grouper.

The overall flavor of this white fish (when cooked) is a mild fish-like flavor that has an undertone of sweetness. It runs through it like a subtle note making it a pleasurable fish to consume.

The flakes are medium in size and hold onto the buttery and moistness of the flesh. It is a fish that is also very tender and generally delicious.

If you find that your palate cannot cope with very fishy flavors like sardines and anchovies, then you will be happy to know that sea bass is on the opposite side of these types of fish.

Where Do Sea Bass Come From?

Sea bass is found in just about every ocean in the world, including the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

This makes them a very easy-to-find fish type, though some species are rarer than others. Sea bass is eaten by many cultures around the planet, including throughout Europe, the American continents, and even by many coastal African countries.

Is Sea Bass Healthy? Or Dangers Of Eating Sea Bass?

Sea bass is a fairly healthy fish with a moderate level of calories per fillet. It also has low levels of unhealthy fats and a dense protein level.

Sea bass is considered an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and B12 vitamins, especially since it lacks sugar or other types of carbohydrates. It is also a non-poisonous fish. 

It is important to note that sea bass has moderate to very high levels of mercury. That makes it necessary to restrict how much sea bass you eat.

Many specialists suggest eating only one serving every few months and suggest avoiding sea bass entirely if you have already been exposed to mercury or are pregnant.

How Do You Eat Sea Bass? Best Cooking Method?

Sea bass is almost always cooked and rarely used in raw-food meals, though some sushi recipes do use sea bass. It is best to season sea bass because of its fairly mild taste.

Seasonings like lemon, salt, garlic, pepper, thyme, oregano, dill, and thyme all work well with this fish.

Baked sea bass is probably the most popular cooking method, though pan-searing also produces great results.

Serve it with a side dish, such as quinoa, couscous, vegetables, potatoes, or even rice. These side dishes give it a bit more diversity and make it easier to serve for many occasions. 

Can You Eat Sea Bass Raw? Does It Have Worms?

Sea bass is edible when properly blast-frozen but is almost always eaten cooked because of its high levels of ciguatera.

This dangerous food poisoning can cause heart and lung problems and is common in sea bass. Sea bass also tends to have worms, making eating it raw dangerous.

How Can I Store Sea Bass?

Store sea bass for up to three days in a refrigerator-safe container. Watch your sea bass for signs of mold or other problems, and throw it out if you think it has gone bad.

Smoked or canned flavor, while rare, can be stored longer to keep their taste rich and flavorful.

Can You Freeze Sea Bass?

Sea bass can be frozen by placing it in an airtight and freezer-safe container.

Place it in your freezer towards the back to maximize this process’ benefits. Remove it after 3-6 months, depending on signs of freezer burn or other common damage problems.

When thawing sea bass, make sure to put it in your refrigerator overnight. We’ve suggested this option with other fish, such as halibut because it helps minimize a mushy texture.

Throw out any unused thawed sea bass rather than refreezing it.

How To Tell If Sea Bass Is Bad?

Sea bass will start to smell very bad when it goes bad. It should have a slight odor with touches of fishiness when it is fresh.

Spoiling sea bass will be much more potent and should be thrown away once it starts to stink up your fridge.

Likewise, fresh sea bass meat should have a white texture with no discoloration. When you notice signs of mold or bacterial growth on your sea bass, it is bad and should be thrown out.

Wrap up the fish in a plastic container to minimize the stink as it spoils in your trash can.

Sea Bass Flavor Summary

Here is a run down of the flavors and textures of the sea bass:

  • Flavor Profile: Delicate, very mild, with an undertone of sweetness
  • Textures: Firm, buttery, meaty and moist
  • Flake Size: Medium in size
  • Color When Cooked: White
  • Oil: Lean

What Is The Nutritional Value Of A Sea Bass?

A sea bass contains a high source of essential Omega-3, as well as vitamin B12 and protein. All of these nutrients help the overall functioning of the body, from the skin and eyes, to the muscles and bones.

A general sea bass filet contains:

NutritionSea Bass
Calories125 Kcal
Fat2.6 gm
Saturated Fat0.7 gm
Protein23.8 gm
Sugar0 gm
Carbohydrates0 gm

What Is The Best Way To Cook Sea Bass?

A sea bass is easy to cook. So long as it is not overcooked, you will have a moist and flaky fish. 

One of the best ways to cook sea bass quickly is pan-seared alongside some butter or olive oil. Add in both pepper and salt for extra seasoning. It only needs around 3 or 4 minutes on each side on a medium-heat.

Here is a tip: leave the sea bass out of the fridge for at least 20 minutes to ensure that it is cooked evenly throughout.

Sea bass is also great roasted, baked, steamed, poached and grilled. 

What Is The Best Way To Select A Fresh Sea Bass?

Sea bass is a type of fish that you may not find at every single store, though this does not mean it is not available at all. If it isn’t at your local grocery store, then try the fishmonger or the fish market.

If you find sea bass, there are a few things you will want to look at to ensure that the fish you are buying is the freshest available.

Firstly, look at the eyes of the fish. They should appear quite fresh looking rather than cloudy and glazed over. If you are not too squeamish, poke the eye and see if it can bounce back. If it does, then it is a fresh fish.

While it is a fish, it should not smell too fishy. If it has a strong fishy aroma, then avoid buying the fish altogether. 

If you would prefer to buy frozen sea bass, then this is a great option. This is because the freshness of the fish is ‘frozen in time’. 

However, if you want the freshest sea bass, why not fish for your own? This way, it can be completely fresh and you can cook it the same day. 

Nutritional Value Chart

Nutritional Values of a Four-Ounce Sea Bass Serving
Fat2.3 grams
Protein21 grams
Carbohydrates0 grams
Fiber0 grams 
B60.4 milligrams

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Quick Table: Easy And Healthy Sea Bass Recipes

RecipesCalories (per serving)Preparation Time
Chilean Sea Bass374 Kcal 15 Minutes
Pan Seared Sea Bass Recipe491 Kcal 16 Minutes
Garlic Tinged Sea Bass600 Kcal13 Kcal 

1. Chilean Sea Bass

This popular meal is one of the best ways to cook Chilean sea bass because it combines various herbs and spices in a unique blend. 

It can be tweaked and adjusted to suit your specific tastes, including variations with the herbs.

Combine soy sauce, brown sugar, and rice vinegar in a bowl and pour over the fish before marinating for at least three hours. 

Broil this fish for about 10 minutes before topping it with chopped green onions and even light Asian seasonings. Serve with rice or roasted vegetables.

We strongly recommend this option to people who find sea bass a little too bland for their taste. 

It is also a good choice for people who love Asian-styled food. 

The biggest challenge with this meal is finding some of the spices outside of Asian food stores.

Calories: 374 Kcal

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

2. Very Easy Pan-Seared Sea Bass Recipe

Do you want a pan-seared sea bass meal that you can cook in under 10 minutes? Are your children a huge fan of fish and chips, and do you want a somewhat healthier option?

This meal should work perfectly for you and serves well with fried potatoes.

Start by melting butter in a pan and putting the sea bass fillets in the pan. 

Season the top with salt and pepper and cook each side for at least two minutes to brown them properly. 

After they are browned, season again with salt and pepper and add lemon or lime juice for flavoring.

We suggest this meal for people with young children because the overall flavor is mild and the cooking method is so easy. 

It is also a great option for people who want a quick and easy fish recipe. 

Ensure you carefully pat dry each fillet to remove any excessive grease.

Calories: 491 Kcal

Preparation Time: 16 Minutes

3. Garlic-Tinged Sea Bass

Did the previous recipe seem a bit too easy or basic for your taste? Try out this unique pan-seared sea bass recipe for a quick meal with a bit more taste. 

It’s a little more complex than the previous recipe but shouldn’t be too challenging for those with even minimal cooking experience.

Start by mixing garlic and butter in a small saucepan and simmering while heating olive oil in another pan. 

In the second pan, cook well-salted sea bass fillets for four minutes on each side or until warm. 

Strain the garlic from the butter and pour over your fish. Serve with rice or veggies.

Try this recipe if the second option seems a bit too basic for you, but you still love the pan-seared texture. 

You can also cut up the fish into small chunks to create healthy fish-finger snacks that your children will love. 

Note that this recipe does have a high-fat concentration, so eat it in small amounts.

Calories: 600 Kcal 

Preparation Time: 13 Minutes

Final Thoughts

Sea bass has become a popular fish to consume in the United States since the 1990s. However, because of overfishing, the price for sea bass has increased and the amount of sea bass has decreased.

Even so, sea bass is widely available and still enjoyed, whether that is by recreational anglers, bought from the fishmonger, or eaten at a restaurant.

How you decide to cook the fish will depend on the final outcome, but you can be rest assured that the fish will be mild and sweet, with moist meaty flakes. 

Because of the lack of fishiness when it comes to sea bass, it is perfect for those who are hesitant to eat fish, as well as fussier eaters and children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are So Many Fish Called Sea Bass?

The large sea bass family creates a unique situation that causes many fish to be called sea bass.

Sometimes, these fish look very different from each other, which can cause confusion when traveling. A sea bass meal in Africa may be very different from one in Europe for that reason.

How Heavily Does Sea Bass Vary In Taste?

Surprisingly, sea bass species often have very similar tastes that don’t vary as much as you may expect. For example, they are usually all rather mild with minimal fishiness.

However, the diversity of options means that you may end up with a fishier sea bass when eating in some regions.

Why Does Sea Bass Have Such A High Mercury Level?

Sea bass are very voracious eaters and will chow down on just about any fish that they find.

They are particularly attracted to bottom-feeding fish, which is where mercury is at its most concentrated. As a result, they often have a higher concentration of this dangerous metal than others.

Are There Parasites In Sea Bass?

Sea bass may be prey to many types of parasites, with one species having almost 20 different parasites within its body.

While fish companies typically clean and kill these parasites before selling fish, it is important to be very careful when eating any kind of fish and to always cook them fully before eating.

Easy And Healthy Sea Bass Recipe

It’s a great way to get your daily dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. So what are you waiting for? Try our Sea Bass Taste recipe today!


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