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16 Amazing Alternatives For Malt Milk Powder To Have In Kitchen

If you’re looking for a substitute for malt milk powder, then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve researched 10 of the very best alternatives. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to bake a dessert or make a beverage and discovering you do not have a key ingredient. It’s especially worse after a long day, when all you really wanted was ‘that thing’. 

10 Best Malt Milk Powder Substitutes

We know, and understand this, and it’s one reason why we’re so committed to finding the best substitutes. 

Also, we know that not everyone can consume malt milk powder. It’s a very niche ingredient, and if someone is vegan, or cannot consume dairy, then they likely cannot experience this great product.

So, by finding great alternatives, people can have a similar experience. Food is what connects us, and brings us together. We want everyone to enjoy what they eat, and be creative in the kitchen. 

So, before we discuss the 10 best substitutes for malt milk powder, let’s check out what malt milk powder actually is, what it’s used for, and the benefits of malt extract. 

What Is Malt Milk Powder? 

Malt milk powder is made from a grain known as barley. It’s more than that though, it’s produced from sprouted barley seeds. Sprouted barley seeds are used, opposed to normal barley because the sprouting releases the enzymes.

The sprouted barley is placed into a kiln where it is dried, and then it is grounded into a powder. This powder is called malt powder, and it is very sweet. To make malt milk powder, malt powder is combined with milk powder. 

What Is Malt Milk Powder Used For?

Malt Milk Powder is used in multiple recipes. 

It’s mostly used in baking, for producing certain cakes and pastries. It’s also used in cereals and protein bars. Malt milk powder is also used in many beverages.

Malt milk powder is also used to make its own unique beverage, where milk is added to create a drink. It is supposed to be relaxing and ideal at nighttime. 

What Are The Benefits Of Malt Extract? 

Malt extract has a few great health benefits. 

First, one of the benefits of malt extract is that it supports gut health, due to the fact it’s a source of soluble fiber. It’s also a natural prebiotic. This means it supports the good bacteria in your gut and aids digestion. 

Surprisingly, malt extract is also used by athletes. This is because it enhances the recovery of muscle health and muscle growth, by replenishing nutrients. 

So, now that you know how malt milk powder is made, what it’s used for, and the benefits of malt extract, we can discuss the 10 best substitutes for malt milk powder.

Quick Table: Malt Milk Powder Substitutes

SubstitutesCalories (Per 100 Gram)
Maca Powder325
Milk Powder496
Soy Milk Powder485
Ovaltine Milk Powder78
Malt Syrup318
Oat Milk Powder446
Almond Milk Powder472
Rice Milk Powder45
Quinoa Milk Powder374
Coconut Milk Powder444
Bread Flour361
Vanilla Powder288
Potato Flour357
Corn Syrup286
Homemade Malt Milk Powder79

16 Best Malt Milk Powder Substitutes

With that said, let’s check out the 16 best malt milk powder substitutes! 

 1. Maca Powder 

Our first substitute for malt milk powder is maca powder. 

Maca powder is the closest substitute you’re going to find in terms of flavor. It has a similar taste, and a similar color too.

One thing to note is that it’s not as creamy as malt milk powder, so you might want to add a small amount of milk powder to the recipe. However, if your recipe calls for milk anyway, then you should be fine. 

Maca powder is a great alternative for malt milk powder in most baked recipes, and smoothies. 

In fact, the health community has been all about maca powder for years. It’s known for its energy-boosting properties and reducing stress levels. It’s commonly added to smoothies, and you’ll likely see many smoothie recipes call for it. 

You can use the same ratio of maca powder as you would for malt milk powder. 

How To Substitute

Maca powder is a best option for substituting for Malt milk powder. In addition to having a sweet, malty flavor, maca powder is a good substitute for malt powder due to its sweet, malty flavor.

2. Milk Powder 

The next best substitute for malt milk powder is milk powder. 

So, as we discussed in the introduction, milk powder is a key ingredient in the making of malt milk powder. It’s one of the closest alternatives you can find, as it will provide a very similar consistency. 

It will not be identical in flavor, as milk powder is simply plain milk. Likewise, it won’t be as sweet either, so you may want to add a sweetener to the milk powder. 

Milk powder can be used as a substitute for malt milk powder in baked dessert recipes and most beverage recipes. 

You can use the same ratio of milk powder as you would for malt milk powder. 

How To Substitute

Fresh milk powder has a different flavor from regular milk powder, which has a sweeter taste. That would also mean that it is not as sweet as malt powder, which is primarily used as a sweetener.

3. Soy Milk Powder 

Another substitute for malt milk powder is soy milk powder. 

If you’re vegan, or cannot consume dairy products, then soy milk powder may be an excellent alternative for you. It will provide the milky taste, minus the dairy. Soy milk powder is more neutral in flavor, though, and you will need to add a sweetener. 

Soy milk powder can be used in most baked dessert recipes and beverages. Like regular milk powder, it isn’t going to be similar in flavor, but it will give a similar milky taste. 

You can use the same ratio of soy milk powder as you would for malt milk powder.

How To Substitute

Soy milk powder is a great substitute for malt milk powder. Simply add soy milk and add sugar, calcium, or natural flavorings to make it. The powdery texture is fine and it has a light flavor.

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4. Ovaltine Milk Powder 

The next substitute for malt milk powder is Ovaltine milk powder. 

You might be surprised to discover that Ovaltine can be a great alternative to malt milk powder. It’s a drink many were given when they were children, and it’s a drink still given to children. 

It reason it’s a great alternative is that it contains malt extract, which is what you require to obtain that malty taste. Likewise, it also contains sugar, whey, and chocolate powder — so it won’t be quite similar, but you will get the malty kick. However, you can get Ovaltine without the chocolate powder, so if it’s in your pantry, check which version you have. 

Not all Ovaltine is made with milk powder, so if you have some in your pantry, add a little of that too. 

You can use the same ratio of Ovaltine as you would for malt milk powder.

How To Substitute

Ovaltine has a sweet, intense malt flavor, making it a good substitute for malt milk powder. It has been considered a very healthy beverage for both children and adults alike.

5. Malt Syrup 

The next substitute for malt milk powder is malt syrup. 

So, this isn’t a powder, it’s a syrup. That isn’t an issue though, because unless you’re looking for a textual similarity, or similarity in the consistency, using syrup is fine. 

If you add malt syrup, then you’re guaranteed to have the flavor of malt in your recipe. It’s great in both baked recipes and beverages and is one of the closest alternatives you can find. 

In order to use malt syrup effectively, you should dilute it in milk. This will ensure that you get the creamy, malt taste. Plus, if you’re replacing malt milk, you’re not going to get the same quantity with syrup alone. 

The amount of malt syrup you use will depend on your taste and personal preference. So, it’s best to add a small amount at a time, and taste test. 

How To Substitute

In small quantities, malted syrup can be used to replace malt powder because it has a rich malty flavor. The consistency is sticky, thick, and the taste is intensely malty.

6. Oat Milk Powder 

The next substitute for malt milk powder is oat milk powder. 

Oat milk powder is neutral in taste, so it’ll make a good replacement for most baked goods and beverages. It’s also not overly sweet, so you may want to add a sweetener. 

The good thing about oat milk powder is that it’ll produce a creamy, milky flavor similar to malt milk powder. It’ll also have a similar consistency. It won’t be similar in taste in regard to the malt flavor, but it’s a good overall option. 

Likewise, it’s also great for vegans and those who are dairy-free, as it does not contain milk. 

You can use the same ratio of oat milk powder as you would for malt milk powder.

How To Substitute

Oat milk powder is a good substitute for malt powder because of its mild, nutty flavor. If you would like a sweet flavor, you can add sugar or any other sweetener. It has a neutral but slightly smooth and nutty flavor.

7. Almond Milk Powder 

Almond Milk

The next substitute for malt milk powder is almond milk powder. 

This is a less common substitute for malt milk powder, but it can be a really great alternative. While it doesn’t have the unique taste of malt, it does have the unique taste of almond. 

So, if you liked malt milk powder for its particular taste, you may get a similar enjoyment out of almond milk powder. Obviously, it has a very strong almond, so you should avoid this if you, or your guests, do not like almonds. 

If you have almond milk, you can also use that. It’s ideal in baked goods and beverages alike. Just use the same amount of almond milk as you would malt milk powder. 

How To Substitute

Almond milk powder is a vegan alternative to malt milk powder that is rich in protein, calcium, and other nutrients. It is typically made by soaking almonds in water and straining the liquid. The liquid is then blended with water, a sweetener, and salt to create almond milk.

8. Rice Milk Powder

The next substitute for malt milk powder is rice milk powder. 

This is another less common substitute for malt milk powder, but many people do keep rice milk powder in their pantries. Rice milk powder is excellent because it is naturally very sweet in taste. While you won’t have that malty flavor, you will have a delicious creamy flavor. 

However, rice milk powder is still not as sweet as malt milk powder, so you will want to add some sweetener if that’s a problem for you. 

If you’re a vegan, or dairy-free, and you happen to have malt syrup, rice milk powder is one of your best options. You can also use rice milk, and follow the same structure as above. 

You can use the same ratio of oat milk powder as you would for malt milk powder.

How To Substitute

Rice milk powder is a vegan alternative to dairy milk powder. It has a rich flavor and thick consistency that can be used to make a variety of milk-based dishes. It is an excellent addition to smoothies, cereal, and oatmeal.

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9. Quinoa Milk Powder 

Quinoa Milk

The last substitute for malt milk powder is quinoa milk powder. 

Okay, we know that not many people will own quinoa milk powder, but for those who do –, you can use it as a replacement for malt milk powder. 

If you have unsweetened quinoa milk powder, then you should consider adding a sweetener. If you have the sweetened version, you can probably get away without using a sweetener, but give it a taste to see if it’s as sweet as you like. 

An important note is that the flavor of quinoa is very prominent in quinoa milk powder. So, you should use half of the amount of quinoa milk powder. If you like the taste of quinoa, you can try using the same amount, but we wouldn’t recommend it. 

How To Substitute

Quinoa milk powder is a delicious, plant-based alternative to dairy milk that has a smooth, creamy texture. Quinoa milk powder has a slightly nutty flavor and an earthy taste that makes it a perfect base for smoothies, cereal, and granola. Quinoa milk powder is vegan, gluten-free, and certified organic.

10. Coconut milk Powder

Coconut milk powder is made from fresh coconut milk, coconut cream, and pure coconut extract. It is a low calorie, high protein, and low carbohydrate alternative to protein powder. 

Coconut milk powder is a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to whey protein. It is also great for anyone who does not like the taste of whey protein.

The powder is very easy to use and has a variety of uses. It can be mixed into any recipe to add moisture, flavor, and an additional layer of nutrients. It can also be sprinkled over food for added flavor.

How To Substitute

Some people prefer the taste of coconut milk over that of malt milk powder. To substitute, mix one cup of coconut milk powder with one cup of water, or one cup of coconut milk with one cup of almond milk.

11. Bread Flour

Bread Flour

Bread flour is the staple flour used to make bread. It is a flour made of finely ground wheat, and is typically used in a recipe to provide the dough with structure and a distinctive taste. It can also be used as a thickener in sauces, soups, and stews.

Bread flour is used in many baked goods to give them a light, fluffy texture and also to provide a slightly chewy texture. It is also used in many types of dough, including pie crusts and some types of pasta dough.

Bread flour is the main ingredient in breads and some other baked goods. It is made from a blend of wheat flour and water, sometimes with a small amount of yeast.

How To Substitute

While you can use bread flour in place of malt powder, it can be difficult to replace the flavor. A better option would be to try a low-carb flour like almond flour, which has a similar texture.

12. Vanilla Powder

Vanilla powder is a flavor that can be added to various types of dishes, including desserts and beverages. 

It can be found in small bottles in most grocery stores, or it can be purchased in bulk on the internet. 

Vanilla powder is used to make a variety of different desserts, and it can be used to make a variety of different drinks.

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world, and is used in a wide variety of products. 

Vanilla powder is a powdery flavoring made from ground vanilla beans. It is used in a variety of desserts, as well as in baked goods, ice cream, and coffee.

How To Substitute

If you’re baking something that calls for vanilla extract, such as a cake, you can make a quick and easy substitute. Just measure out a quarter of a cup of powder and add it to your ingredients in place of the extract.

13. Potato Flour

Potato Flour

Potato flour is a powder made from dehydrated potato flakes. It has a very low gluten content and is commonly used as a thickener in gluten-free recipes.

Potato flour is a staple in many kitchens. It is used to make cakes, cookies, and pastries.

It is a white powder made from boiled, peeled potatoes. It can be used in many baking recipes as a substitute for wheat flour.

It is a low in fat, gluten-free flour that can be used to make breads, cakes, pastries, and desserts. It is a dense flour, which is why it is sometimes combined with other flours to make lighter baked goods.

How To Substitute

To make your favorite recipe for mashed potatoes, use the following recipe substituting Malt Milk Powder for Potato Flour: -2 cups water -1/2 cup malt milk powder -1/2 teaspoon salt -1/2 teaspoon black pepper -1/2 teaspoon garlic powder -1/4 teaspoon onion powder -1/4 teaspoon paprika -1/2 teaspoon dill weed -3 tablespoons butter

14. Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is a syrup that is made from corn starch. It is used in many recipes as a sweetener and is often combined with other ingredients to make a batter.

Corn syrup is a thick syrup made from cornstarch, water, and sometimes sugar. It is used as a sweetener in baked goods, as well as in many other food and drink recipes.

It is commonly used in a variety of products including ice cream, cakes, pies, and other baked goods.

It is primarily used in the food industry as a sweetener, thickener, and humectant. It is also used in other products such as deodorant, toothpaste, and paint.

How To Substitute

Malt milk powder has a more subtle taste and is used in many recipes that don’t have a sweet taste. The replacement of corn syrup with malt milk powder is a simple and easy way to cut sugar content in a recipe. Malt milk powder is the by-product of beer and brewing.

15. Molasses


Molasses is a thick syrup produced from the processing of sugar cane or sugar beet juice into crystals. Molasses is used as a thickener, and as a sweetener in cooking, especially in Caribbean cuisine.

Molasses is a viscous, dark brown sugar syrup that is the by-product of sugar refining. It has a sweet, caramel-like flavor and is used in baking and as a condiment.

It is an excellent source of iron and calcium. Molasses can be used in breads, cakes, and cookies, as well as in many other baked goods.

Molasses is often used in the production of rum and whiskey, as well as baked goods. Molasses can also be used to produce a variety of other products, including soap, fertilizer, and blackstrap molasses.

How To Substitute

To substitute molasses for malt milk powder, you will need to make a 1-to-1 substitution. For every 1 tablespoon of molasses, you will need 1 tablespoon of malt milk powder.

16. Homemade Malt Powder

Malt powder is a popular ingredient in many popular foods and drinks. The powder is made by combining malted barley, hops, and water, which creates a sweet and strong-flavored liquid that is then dried into a powder. 

The powder is then mixed with flour, water, and other ingredients to make the food. Malt powder is used in many desserts, including cookies, cakes, brownies, and pies.

Homemade malt powder is a great way to add malt to your favorite recipes without having to worry about the added sugars or other ingredients that can be difficult to track. 

Homemade malt powder is made by cooking ground malt extract, then straining the powder through a mesh sieve.

How To Substitute

You can substitute malt milk powder for homemade malt powder by simply adding the malt powder to the milk. To make the substitute, mix the powder with 1 cup of milk and stir until it dissolves.


That brings us to the end of our article on the 10 best substitutions for malt milk powder. 

We hope that we’ve inspired you to be creative in the kitchen. If you want to make a recipe, but don’t have the exact ingredients — you can try using alternatives to create a similar dish. You might even find that you prefer the substitute. 

So, if you don’t have malt milk powder — don’t fret, you can use one of our great 10 substitutions and create a wonderful dish. 

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Use Malt Milk Powder?

If you’re new to the wonder of malt milk powder, you might wonder why people love it so much. It’s a delicious powder that provides a wonderful malt taste. In baking recipes, malt milk powder also helps create a dough with a fluffy texture. 

It’s used in plenty of beverages and baked goods alike. It’s an interesting flavor, which was once very popular. 

Are There Different Types Of Malt Powder? 

Yes, there are two different types of malt powder. You can find malt powder in diastatic form and non-diastatic form. 

So, diastatic malt powder is used in cooking and baked goods. This is because it is rich in enzymes. By being rich in enzymes, it can easily break down scratch into sugar. This means it is more suitable for dough dishes. 

The second type of malt powder is diastatic malt powder. This is primarily used in beverages, as it’s mostly used for its flavoring. So, if you’re looking to make a creamy drink, then you’re going to want to use diastatic milk powder. 

Can I Make My Own Malt Milk Powder?


You can absolutely make your own malt milk powder. All you need is malt powder and instant dry milk. 

All it requires is one cup of instant dry milk, combined with three tablespoons of malt powder. You can store this in an airtight container and reuse it when needed.

It should have a shelf life of around one month, so if you plan on using it for baked dishes, smoothies, or some delicious beverages, you’ll be golden. 

16 Best Malt Milk Powder Substitutes

Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



There are many substitutes for malt milk powder, which is a type of milk powder that is used in baking and cooking. Here are 9 of the best.


  • Maca Powder

  • Milk Powder

  • Soy Milk Powder

  • Ovaltine Milk Powder

  • Malt Syrup

  • Oat Milk Powder

  • Almond Milk Powder

  • Rice Milk Powder

  • Quinoa Milk Powder

  • Coconut Milk Powder

  • Bread Flour

  • Vanilla Powder

  • Potato Flour

  • Corn Syrup

  • Molasses

  • Homemade Malt Powder


  • Choose your favorite substitute from the list given above
  • Follow the directions given in the recipe after having substituted the ingredient in the correct ratio

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