List of Fruits that Start with B

Bananas are a favorite across different cultures and societies. It’s a staple ingredient in numerous cuisines, especially desserts like ice cream and pudding. But did you know that there are other interesting fruits that start with B besides bananas?

Here is the list of fruits that start with the letter B and are worth eating if you can find them in your state.

Fruits that Start with B

1. Baobab Fruit

Fruits that start with B - Baobab Fruit

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Have you ever heard of baobab trees that primarily grow in Australia, Africa, and Madagascar? The baobab fruit from these trees offers various impressive health benefits. The baobab fruits are round and small, with furry-brown skin that peels off.

Native communities that eat the baobab fruit grind the seed to make a powder that can potentially treat infertility and malaria. It is also used in food to give it the taste of tangy tartar sauce and a citrusy flavor. Baobab fruit is rich in vitamin C, carbohydrates, and potassium, making it a healthy source of nutrients.

2. Babaco Fruit

Babaco Fruit- fruits that start with B

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The fruit is native to South America, where it grows along the highlands of Peru and Ecuador. The fruit has a vibrant color and is rich in essential nutrients like vitamin A and C. However, due to its papain content, it causes slight burns and irritation.

People who have tasted the fruit have described the flavor as a blend between pineapple and strawberry. The babaco fruit grows seasonally, so only once every year. It is only ripe when it becomes a bright gold color and gives off a fruity scent. Besides that, the babaco fruit’s star-shaped slices make for an attractive addition to your platter.

3. Bael Fruit

Bael Fruit

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The bael fruit is native to South Asia and is classified as an Ayurvedic treatment for issues related to the digestive system. Branches from the bael fruit tree are useful for making medicine, which helps in alleviating severe constipation and hemorrhoids.

It contains compounds like tannins, coumarins, and flavonoids, which help reduce inflammation and swelling. These properties allow it to help with conditions like diarrhea and asthma. Not just this, but it also helps reduce or control blood sugar levels. Its juicy flesh has different textures that we can compare to honey, stringy fibers, and egg yolk.

4. Balsam Apples

Balsam Apples - fruits that start with B

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It is a tropical fruit that grows on a plant vine that’s edible when it’s young and green. Once it ages and ripens, it becomes poisonous and is dangerous to consume. The scientific name for these apples is Momordica Balsamina.

The fruit is a common ingredient in African and Asian countries, prepared in combination with different herbs or vegetables. However, it is almost unknown in the United States. They start their lives as beautiful yellow flowers, which then become scaly, lumpy fruits. Once the fruit matures and becomes bright yellow, the outer skin opens up like a blooming flower to remove the red seeds.

5. Barbadine Fruit

Barbadine Fruit - fruits that start with B

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This fruit is one of the most amazing fruits that start with B, which is also known as sweet granadilla. It’s native to South America, around the Andes Mountains, and the pulp has a delicate sweet taste. It is more similar to an orange, but it has a much smoother peel.

If you want to prepare a sweet and spicy punch with flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg, barbadine is the perfect pick. The fruit’s taste is easily comparable to that of passion fruit but with mild differences. Not just that, it also helps maintain your health and offers different benefits.

6. Barbados Cherries

Barbados Cherries - fruits that start with B

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These beautiful cherries come from a large, bushy, subtropical shrub and are a rich source of vitamin C. Barbados cherries are best when you eat them soon after harvesting, as they are highly perishable. They are a common ingredient in various foods, like ice cream popsicles, baby food, and even wine, to enhance the fruity taste.

These cherries have a tart-like taste, which makes them ideal for pairing with sweet tropical fruits like bananas. The citrus content in the juice helps prevent freshly cut fruit from browning. You can refrigerate the fresh juice for 3 days if you want to use it later. Additionally, you can add them to smoothies, juices, and even jams.

7. Buffalo Berry

Buffalo Berry

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The Canadian fruit is widely used in making medicine and as a dye for makeup, food, and clothes. These berries are packed with vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant. When they first grow in the late summer, they have a tart-like taste, but they become sweeter later on.

The best part is that you can eat them fresh, dried, or cooked, in any form you’d like. They also have phenolic antioxidant compounds and carotenoids. If you are thinking of planting buffaloberries, make sure to keep them in a moist environment to prevent them from drying out. If you place them in a dry environment, the roots risk suffering from damage.

8. Batuan Fruit

Batuan Fruit - fruits that start with B

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This fruit, also known as Batwan, is a wild tree that grows in South Asia. It is round in shape and greenish in color but turns green as it matures. Batuan fruit is not acidic to the digestive system but has a sour taste like vinegar.

As a souring agent in cooking, it is widely used in Panay and Negros islands. Some of the famous dishes, namely kadyos, baboy, langka KBL, cansi, sinigang, and pinamlahan, use batuan fruit to give the dishes a sour taste. However, you can use it as a souring agent for any recipe. An interesting benefit is that it can help in controlling type 2 diabetes mellitus. Not just this, it is also used as an effective ingredient for weight loss due to its anti-obesity compounds like Hydroxycitric acid.

9. Bayberry Fruit

Bayberry Fruit - fruits that start with B

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Bayberry is certainly one of the most delicious berries out there. In fact, they are referred to as yumberries in some states. They are commonly grown in Japan and South Asia and are often called Chinese bayberry fruit. They are used to make juices and wines due to their sweet and sour flavor.

Bayberry fruit is packed with vitamins like thiamine, carotene, and riboflavin. It is also rich in Vitamin C. You can either eat it fresh or preserve it through methods like pickling, canning, and drying. Don’t forget that the fruit has a very short shelf life, which is the basic reason for its export limit. However, the export of bayberries and other products has increased significantly over the last few decades.

10. Betel Nuts

Betel Nuts - fruits that start with B

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These are some of the most popular nuts in Southeast and South Asia, used as a stimulant. They are eaten raw and common additions include lime powder or paste. However, to enhance the taste, you should chew it for 15 minutes.

The betel nut is a seed of the Areca plant, which is why it is also known as the Areca Nut. It is used to make medicine and can be chewed alone, in a mixture of tobacco, or in powdered form. It is recommended for patients with schizophrenia, a group of diseases that can end up affecting the eyes. Schizophrenia is a dangerous disorder that leads to eye-blindness (glaucoma), poor digestion, and other major conditions. Betel nuts also help increase the activity of the central nervous system.

11. Barberry


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It is a shrub that most commonly grows in Europe and Asia, but you can find some of its types in North Africa and America. They are rich in vitamin C, and they have an acidic taste. They have medicinal effects and are useful in treating skin conditions, digestive issues, and other infections.

Barberries contain compounds that work as an antioxidant and help treat or balance conditions like diabetes, acne, and dental infections. These berries have zinc, copper, and manganese that help trace minerals enhance immunity. Due to the anthocyanins, these berries have a bright red color that helps in strengthening the heart and brain.

12. Bignay Fruit

Bignay fruit - fruits that start with B

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These are small berry-like fruits that grow in a cluster the same way grapes do. This fruit is popularly known as Queensland Cherry, found in Singapore and Malaysia. The tea made of bignay fruit has significant impacts on health as it helps lower cholesterol, assists in weight loss, and enhances heart health.

The bignay fruit works as an antioxidant agent due to the presence of catechins that help fight against free radicals in the body. These free radicals might cause fine lines, wrinkles, and even cancer. Fortunately, drinking tea made of bignay fruit or simply eating the fruit raw can provide your body with antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

13. Banana


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The most popular fruit in Asia is the banana. It is a rich source of protein that many people eat as part of the Keto-diet. Whether you are preparing some banana bread or adding some slices of banana to your ice cream, they remain delicious.

They come in different varieties, like up to 1000 different varieties, but the one you find in stores is the Cavendish variety. But did you know that a yellow-skinned banana is not a fruit but a delicious berry? Banana has a creamy, delicious flesh that is sweet in taste with a tropical flavor.

Bottom Line

There are various types of fruits found across numerous regions. Sure, it can be a challenge to learn about all of them and see how they taste. Nevertheless, you can head over to your local produce market and look for some rare fruits that start with the letter B.

What fruits that start with B are your favorites? Comment below. Make sure to also check out our other articles:

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