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What To Serve With Hamburgers – 21 Sides For Burgers

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Burgers, one of the top foods consumed across not only America but the entire world. From fast-food chains to award-winning restaurants to simply cooking in your kitchen for the family.

Burgers are a staple to our everyday lives.

Typically you will be served a burger with a side of hot, golden french fries. And ketchup of course. Classic.

We want to upgrade your sides. From pasta salads to zucchini chips, you can make your weekly burger night unique. The options for a delicious side dish are endless.

Check out our selection of sides below!

Whether you are looking to serve up a quick, fun weeknight dinner or are wanting to impress everyone at the family cookout, burgers will always be a winner

A soft bun, a juicy, well-seasoned burger patty, and your choice of toppings makes burger the perfect choice to keep everyone at the table happy.

What To Serve With Hamburgers – 21 Sides For Burgers

Don’t forget your plant-based burgers for your veggie guests. 

With all of their delicious flavors, you might think that the sides are not as important. 

We have put together this list of 21 sides for burgers to keep your dishes fun, colorful and full of flavor. 

1. Fried Pickles

While you may be used to enjoying the addictive taste of a pickle as you take your first bite into your burger, they can also be a stunning side dish. 

If you find that you struggle to get the kids to eat their veggies, then this may be the dish you need. 

Fried in a blend of seasoned panko breadcrumbs until golden brown, and crispy. Change up your seasonings for the panko breadcrumbs and have a different taste every time.

Although, you simply cannot serve a side of fried pickles without the accompaniment of ranch dipping sauce. The acidic bite of the pickle soothed with the coolness of the ranch is a combination that cannot be beaten. 

2. Corn on the Cob

Mastering the art of corn on the cob can be a tricky task. This recipe makes it simple. 

The secret? A delicious glaze of homemade garlic butter. Perfect for those summer nights cooking on the grill. 

Make this dish your own with a different blend of seasonings, just make sure it is beautifully coated to get the perfect corn each time. 

Serve as a dazzling appetizer or with your burgers for a yummy, nutritious meal. All you have to do is grill them to experience that delicious smoky flavor. 

Just don’t forget to hand out napkins as it may get messy at the dinner table. 

3. Watermelon Salad

Need something refreshing, colorful, and quick to serve this weekend? This watermelon salad is sure to satisfy everyone and keep your cooking time to a minimum.

A stunning concoction of watermelon, mint, feta cheese, and red onion, you get the perfect bite every time.  

Sitting in the summer sun, enjoying a juicy burger with a refreshing watermelon side salad. What could be more perfect?

Ideal for those looking to change up their flavor palette or who are wanting to make healthier choices in their diet. 

4. Coleslaw

Whether it is a topping on your burger or a side dish, coleslaw is a necessity. Creamy, tangy, and crunchy, coleslaw can quickly become the star of the show. 

And while it may be easier to run to the store for your favorite brand of coleslaw, make your own and dazzle your dinner party guests. 

This simple yet mouthwatering coleslaw recipe is simple, and super quick to make. 

Find yourself with leftovers? Store in the fridge for up to 5 days and serve with any meal throughout the week!

5. Roasted Tomatoes

Found yourself with leftover tomatoes and have no idea what to do with them? This roasted tomato side dish is the perfect solution.

Sweet, juicy, and versatile, you can create recipe upon recipe with a tray of roasted tomatoes. 

Simply slice your tomatoes in half, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt, pepper, and basil and roast in the oven. You have yourself a simple yet tasty side dish. 

Sprinkle them with feta cheese for something even more special. 

You can even blend your tomatoes into a delicious sauce that can be used for homemade pizza or a creamy pasta dish!

6. Zucchini Chips

While your classic french fries are a delicious and iconic side dish to be served with a burger, they can be rather unhealthy when consumed regularly. 

Make a more health conscious choice with these zucchini chips, without sacrificing your favorite flavors. 

Top with olive oil, breadcrumbs, oregano cheese, and parmesan, bake in the oven or air fryer until they are gorgeous and crispy. 

Everyone can enjoy this french fry alternative. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce and you may notice that no one asks why they aren’t being served french fries. 

Make cooking simple and batch cook these delicious chips. Save for a snack or as a side dish to other recipes!

7. Creamed Spinach

Whether you are cooking for a crowd or simply want to create stunning recipes, this creamed spinach is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

This is the perfect addition to any lunch or dinner dish. Simply create a bechamel sauce, add cheese, and stir in your cooked greens for a flavorsome, heartwarming recipe.

No one can resist the creamy, rich flavors of creamed spinach, not even those fussy eaters. 

Perfect for serving the entire family without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Or make a large batch for quick meals throughout the week. 

8. Potato Wedges

As a nation, potatoes are held closely to our hearts when it comes to dishes in all forms. Baked, fried, mashed, we love them all. 

These crispy, potato wedges are the perfect alternative to your typical french fries. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these potato wedges may just become a household favorite. 

Need another reason to love them? They are baked in the oven or air fryers meaning less oil, less mess, and less calories. 

Serve with your favorite dipping sauces. We highly recommend ranch or ketchup.

9. Potato Salad

Looking for the ultimate comfort meal? A burger paired with this classic potato salad is sure to make you feel right at home all year round. 

This time you won’t need grandma to be in the kitchen. 

Make this recipe your own with a unique blend of seasoning to your tastes and the addition of your own favorite veggies. Make sure to really coat your potatoes in the glorious 

mayonnaise cream to get that perfect creamy consistency.

This dish is ideal for serving large crowds throughout the summer, or to cure those cravings for your childhood foods.

Served with a juicy burger and you have a mouth watering meal for everyone to enjoy. 

10. Grilled Potatoes

Slice potatoes, coated in garlic and parmesan cheese, wrapped in foil and grilled to absolute perfection. Have you ever heard of something more delicious?

Use your grill to its fullest this summer with these grilled potatoes. 

Coat in olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic, and parmesan cheese, grill on a high heat for 20-30 minutes and you have a stunning side dish for any meal this summer. 

Let the tasty, hearty flavors of your burger patties blend with the belly rumbling aroma of your garlic potatoes in your grill and you will be left with an irresistible meal. 

11. Jalapeno Popper Potato Salad

Take your potato salad to the next level with this jalapeno popper potato salad. 

Prefer something with a nice kick? Jalapenos are known for their spice that can quickly become overpowering. Although, the right amount can take your dish up a notch. 

The added bacon bits add a wholesome flavor to your classic potato salad. Simply remove the jalapeno’s and you have a family friendly dish. 

However, we recommend keeping the spice and simply removing the seeds for a milder outcome. 

Spicy jalapenos paired with delicious fluffy potatoes and creamy mayonnaise, you have a delectable dish that can be served time and time again throughout the year. 

Add a healthy handful of cheddar cheese for the perfect burger side dish to be served with friends and family. 

12. Sheet-Pan Panzanella

Serving a simple salad alongside your burger will satisfy your taste buds, but can quickly become overdone. 

This sheep-pan panzanella recipe is a fun, exciting take on your classic side salad. And it is all made on one pan!

Simply slice and dice your veggies, place them on the tray, season, and bake for 20-30 minutes. The addition of small toss bread cubes gives a delicious crunch. 

Follow the seasons with this salad and change up your veggies for a different dish throughout the year. 

We especially love the addition of peaches and burrata for a sweeter version. 

Make your panzanella 1 day in advance and store in the fridge until serving. 

Simple, quick and utterly delicious.

13. Buffalo Cauliflower

When tasked with bringing a side to the superbowl cookout, you will find yourself making this buffalo cauliflower recipe time and time again. 

Made in the air fryer means they are super quick and you are guaranteed to create crispy buffalo cauliflower wings every time.

With the hot spice of the hot sauce, you will want to serve these bad boys with  a creamy blue cheese dressing.

This side dish is even vegan friendly making it perfect for serving large crowds, or if you want to show off your cooking skills to the family. 

In less than 30 minutes, buffalo cauliflower is the perfect weeknight dish that can be served alone or with your juicy burgers. 

We love adding a squeeze of fresh lime before serving for that perfect zesty bite. 

14. Grilled Creamed Corn

As we enter the winter months, you may be searching for dishes that will help beat the chilly weather. 

This grilled creamed corn is a must. 

The combination of charred, fresh corn, and thinly sliced jalapenos provide a delicious warmth to help warm you up from the inside. 

Paired with a classic cheeseburger and you have a comforting, filling meal for the entire family to enjoy. 

The addition of shredded Monterey Jack cheese makes this the perfect sharing dish. 

Have leftovers? Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 days and enjoy with your favorite mains. From burgers to tender steak, this grilled creamed corn dish is divine. 

15. Balsamic Grilled Mushrooms

Mushrooms. Either loved or detested, this vegetable can spark some controversy. Especially when served at a BBQ. 

This recipe makes your often sidelined veggies become the main attraction. 

Once tossed in a balsamic-soy glaze, these mushrooms will be hard to resist. 

A top tip is to clean your mushrooms, not just wash them. Often we run our mushrooms under the tap and hope for the best. 

Take a damp paper towel and wipe away the excess dirt for perfectly cleaned mushrooms. 

Have fun with your glaze. No balsamic vinegar in your pantry? Use what you do have and create something fun and unique to serve your guests. 

Make sure everyone tries one before they dismiss your hard work. 

16. Grilled Pineapple

The very finest way to eat pineapple is on the grill. And that’s how you transform underripe pineapple into a delectable dish.

By grilling your pineapple you are drawing out all those delicious juices which will help caramelize and char your fruit for a gorgeous color and taste. 

Perfect for snacking, dessert or as an appetizer or side dish. It is so good that we even recommend adding it to your pizza, if that’s your sort of thing. 

Serve with a squeeze of fresh lime and you have a wonderful sweet yet sour side dish for your burgers. 

You may find that grilled pineapple is now a staple for your burger nights and want to experiment with how to make them better. Be creative!

17. Barbecue Baked Beans

No BBQ is complete without a version of baked beans. And we have the perfect one. 

Sweet, savory, BBQ flavors make this dish a family favorite before it has even been served.

Ditch the store bought baked beans and try your hand at making them yourself. 

With a few ingredients that you can find in your pantry you can create a filling side dish to be served with your favorite burger. 

You may find yourself making barbecue baked beans more often than you thought as everyone craves the rich, addictive flavors. 

We especially love this dish throughout the colder months to beat the chill and keep you warm from the inside. 

18. Pickles Veggies

While pickled cucumbers are a nation favorite when it comes to burgers, you can essentially pickle any vegetable of your choosing. 

And it is super simple to do. 

Save yourself a trip to the store and use up any veggies you have left in your fridge. All it takes is 5 minutes of prep-time and leave your jars to sit in the fridge for at least one hour before serving. 

You pickle as many vegetables as you wish, and even some fruits!

Make a selection for your dinner guests to choose from and listen as the compliments come rolling in. 

We even recommend adding your pickled creations to your burgers when serving for a special, unique flavor. 

19. Onion Rings

Along with french fries, you will rarely see a burger served without the addition of onion rings. 

Whether you give them to a friend or devour them before anyone can get their hands on them, onion rings are a staple when it comes to burgers. 

Impress your friends and family by making your own. 

This recipe will give you crispy, delicious onion rings every time with the buttermilk batter. 

Don’t forget to serve with your favorite dipping sauce to really enjoy your onion rings. 

You will never go back to store bought onion rings once you try your hand at making your own.

20. Mac and Cheese

No cookout is perfect without the serving of creamy mac and cheese. 

It is simply essential to serve your burgers with a small or large helping of mac and cheese. Or if you want to take it one step further, add a dollop of mac and cheese on top of your burger. Divine. 

We all love boxed mac and cheese but why not make your own and see how far your cooking skills have come. 

What makes this dish even better? It’s all made on the stove. No need to preheat your oven or to wash a million and one dishes. 

In less than 30 minutes you can be serving an unforgettable side dish along with your mouth watering burger.

Make your mac and cheese even better with small bacon bits and thinly sliced jalapenos for a delicious heat. 

21. Caesar Pasta Salad

Burger, salad, and pasta. Is there a better combo?

You may feel yourself only craving the refreshing taste of a salad during the summer months. However, we love the combination of fresh, light veggies with the deliciousness of pasta all year round. 

Especially when it is served with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. We even share how to create the iconic caesar salad dressing. 

You can create an absolutely stunning side dish for your burgers that is perfect for every taste palette. 

No caesar salad is complete without crunchy croutons. 

Combine all of your ingredients in a bowl, toss, and cover. Store in the fridge for up to 3 days before serving. Making this the perfect recipe for batch cooking when serving a larger crowd.

However, if you are not serving your delicious pasta immediately, it is important to not add your croutons to the bowl. Otherwise they will become soggy when it is time for serving. 

Final Thoughts 

Burgers are one of the most popular dishes that can be served across the world. Whether you prefer a beef burger, chicken burger, or even a plant-based burger, there is something for everyone to sink their teeth into. 

Now, you may think that the burger is the main attraction, which is true but the side dishes bring everything together. 

While you may find burgers being served with a side of french fries, we like to be more creative. 

Our list of 21 side dishes for burgers will keep your taste buds entertained and searching for more. 

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a new range of flavors. From addictive fried pickles to a refreshing summer watermelon salad, you can try new combinations every week!

Keep everyone happy by trying a new side dish recipe every week with your juicy, tasty burgers. 

What To Serve With Hamburgers – 21 Sides For Burgers

Make your burgers even more special with these 21 sides. Salad, pasta, or potatoes, we know the perfect dish to serve with hamburgers to make them unique.


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