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Does Baileys Need To Be Refrigerated?

Baileys is one of the nation’s most popular cream liqueurs, especially at Christmas time. People love to drink it as it comes or use it as a key ingredient in everything from coffee to cheesecake to cocktails.

However, there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to storing this tasty beverage. Because it contains dairy products, many people believe it needs to be refrigerated to maintain freshness.

Other people have never stored their Baileys in the refrigerator, and insist it is still drinkable long after the Christmas festivities have ended. The rest of us are not quite sure what to do with this delectable drink. 

But if you’re looking for answers, then you’ve come to the right place! We have all the information you need about Baileys Irish cream liqueur, so read on to put an end to the debate once and for all. 

What Is Baileys?

Baileys Irish Cream, commonly referred to as just ‘Baileys’, is an Irish cream liqueur flavored with cocoa, cream, and Irish whiskey. It is an alcoholic drink currently owned by Gilbeys of Ireland. The trademark is owned by the creator of the drink, Diageo of Nangor Road. 

It is a very popular drink, which people love to drink with ice, in coffee, or in hot chocolate. 

Does Baileys Need To Be Refrigerated?

Baileys themselves have stated that it is not necessary to efrigerate their Irish cream liqueur. This is because, despite containing dairy products that normally require refrigeration, Baileys also contains alcohol which acts as a natural preservative for the product. 

Can You Refrigerate Baileys?

Despite not needing refrigeration, some people would prefer to store their Baileys in the refrigerator – and that’s totally okay, too! Some people believe that Baileys and other Irish creams are best served chilled, so it makes sense to refrigerate them. 

How To Store Baileys 

A great way to store this Irish cream liqueur is by first making sure the bottle is tightly sealed. Once this is done, store in a cool and dark space, such as the pantry. If the Baileys is unopened, then you have the option to store it outside. 

However, if you do choose to store your bottle of Baileys outside then ensure it is still kept in a cool and dark place. It is best to avoid putting your bottle of Baileys in direct sunlight, or anywhere where it could be exposed to heat. This is because any temperature over 77°F could greatly affect the quality of the liqueur. For this reason, it is important that the storage temperature does not exceed 77°F. 

Can You Freeze Baileys?

We do not recommend freezing your bottle of Baileys. While the alcohol will not freeze, the cream will. This will prevent you from pouring the drink. Additionally, the freezing and  thawing process will change the texture of the liqueur, which may make it unpleasant to drink. 

Can You Drink Unopened, Expired Baileys?

If manufactured and stored correctly, both opened and unopened Baileys has a best before date of 2 years. Because Baileys has a “best before” and not a “use-by” date, it is generally okay to drink after said date has passed. Although, it is important to always check your Baileys before drinking. While it generally does not go bad for a while after the “Best Before” date, it can begin to lose its flavor and change in texture. For this reason we recommend finishing your Irish cream liqueur before the best before date. 

How To Tell If Your Baileys Has Gone Bad 

It is entirely possible for Baileys to go bad. The milk present in the Irish cream liqueur can curdle, which can cause upset stomachs or make you sick if consumed. While the illness is short-term, it is best avoided. 

Luckily, there are a few ways to tell if your Baileys has gone bad. 


First, you should perform the sniff test. If the odor of the Baileys has changed, or smells a bit like custard, or sour milk, we would not recommend drinking. 


Good Baileys will have a smooth and creamy texture. But Baileys that has gone bad will be congealed, lumpy, and thick. 


This is the final test you can do to check the safety of your bottle of Baileys. If the smell and texture tests have gone successfully, then you can check the color. If the Baileys has gone bad, then the whisky and the cream will start to separate, which makes it look dark. 


If your Baileys passes these tests, then you can go ahead and taste it. If it doesn’t taste how it is supposed to but is drinkable, then you can go ahead and keep it – but you should probably drink it soon. If the taste is unpleasant, it is best to dispose of the liqueur. 

Baileys Recipes 

Baileys is a popular cream liqueur to use in both food and drink recipes. Here are some of our favorite examples! Please note that some of these recipes will need to be refrigerated in order to stay fresher for longer. 

Baileys Hot Chocolate 

Make a hot chocolate even more indulgent by adding Baileys. Don’t forget to top with whipped cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, the works! Find the recipe here. 

Baileys Irish Cheesecake

Move over, New York Cheesecake, there’s a new dessert in town! Baileys Irish cheesecake is just what you need to finish off a tasty meal. Find the recipe here

Baileys French Toast  

Start your mornings right with Baileys French toast! Mix your Baileys in with the milk and eggs and pour over bread before frying. Brunch done right. Find the recipe here

Baileys Iced Coffee 

A chilled Baileys drink is a delicious Baileys drink. The great thing about this recipe is that you can add whatever you want to your iced coffee. Drink it as it comes or go all out by adding a plethora of toppings. The choice is yours! Find the recipe here

Final Thoughts 

Baileys Irish cream liqueur is a tasty drink and a great ingredient in many recipes. Despite containing dairy products, Baileys does not need to be refrigerated. This is thanks to the whisky present, which acts as a natural preservative. Baileys is best stored in a cool, dark place, but you can choose to keep it chilled. It is important that the cream liqueur storage space does not exceed 77°F, or else you risk spoiling it. 

Baileys can last for up to two years before its best before date ends, but it is normally fine to drink after that. However, you should always test it, and dispose of it if it looks, smells, or tastes unpleasant. 

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