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24 Tempting Dip In Cheese Fondue Ideas

For people who love cheese, fondue is the perfect dish for them. Fondue combines delicious melted cheese with wine and a touch of herbs and spices. Fondue is the best choice to serve guests a tasty appetizer.

It is also a filling meal you can relish with your family and friends. The best thing about fondue is that almost anything can go perfectly. You can create new sides and dippers with cheese fondue to keep your appetizer exciting and delicious.

Creating fondue is simple; you can use your choice of cheese, wine, and dips. The key to making a delicious fondue is your selection of cheese.

It is an essential ingredient—the acidic and dry wine help to keep the cheese smooth with an even texture. For non-alcoholic people, you can incorporate chicken broth and lemon juice.

The choice of dippers, like sausages or simple bread, complements the fondue, making a perfect duo to enjoy an excellent meal.

Cheese Fondue Recipes: Quick Table 

Recipe NameCalories per ServingPreparation Time
Grilled Bread38615 Min
Hand Cut Potato Chips59140 Min
Fruits35 Min
Broccoli     17625 Min
Pizza Fondue43635 Min
Vegetables 9610 Min
Meatballs40330 Min
Corn And Jalapeno18019 Min
Crab Cheese 19725 Min
Lobster 34045 Min
Spinach And Artichoke 18430 Min
Chicken18735 Min
Bacon 21135 Min
Chipped Beef 7515 Min
Candybar Fondue3402 hrs 10 Min
Chicken and Beef 32445 Min
Steak61710 Min
Shrimp149.725 Min
Bananas 622.210 Min
Sprout 29135 Min
French Onions12415 Min
Cauliflower 18025 Min
Pickle3355 Min
Mushroom 43010 Min

1. Grilled Bread

Fondue is a classic side offering many dipper ideas to choose a dip from. You can pick any from French baguettes and sourdough to breadsticks, croutons, or pretzels, but grilled bread is the most common dip for cheese fondue. 

The bread soaks all the cheesy goodness and doesn’t fall apart in your fondue. There’s nothing more satisfying than the crunchy toasted bread dipped in cheese dip.

Calories Per Serving: 386

Preparation Time: 15 Min

2. Hand Cut Potato Chips


Hand-cut chips with fondue are perfect for entertaining. Fondue, one of the best inventions, goes perfectly with delicious homemade oven-fried chips.

The onion and garlic powder seasoning make the hand-cut fries extra crispy when rolled in a flour mixture. 

They make an irresistible dip, and you won’t stop once you start with them. The crispy dips are great for sharing with your family and friends as a savory Sunday lunch or over a beer and enjoy an excellent eve.

Calories Per Serving: 591

Preparation Time: 40 Min

3. Fruit

Fruits and cheese combine nicely, which may seem an unlikely pairing. The crispy apples complement the creaminess of fondue perfectly. 

They taste great with cheese fondue, so you can choose your favorite fruits and enjoy them with melted cheese. 

Cut slices of apples and other fruits and lay them around the cheese, and let the guests have the privilege to choose what they prefer. It makes a delicious appetizer or a juicy snack to enjoy when you want to reduce calories.

Calories Per Serving: 3 

Preparation Time: 5 Min

4. Broccoli

If you prefer a veggie combination with your cheese fondue, Broccoli matches your choice perfectly. You can’t go wrong with power-packed and nutritious Broccoli. 

You can steam Broccoli for a smoother taste or serve it raw, which makes an excellent option for adding a bit of freshness. It makes the cheese meal healthy and delicious with a kick of healthy nutrition.

Broccoli and fondue provide a satisfying meal.

Calories Per Serving: 176

Preparation Time: 25 Min

5. Pizza Fondue

Do you love pizzas? This fondue dip with melted cheese, tomatoes, and pepperoni is for you. For a beefier taste, you can add a little beef bouillon. It is a massive hit as a great party appetizer that is loved by one and all. 

You can garnish it with vinaigrette dressing and enjoy it with breadsticks or garlic bread. Pizza fondue is excellent and a different fondue to add to your rotation!

Calories Per Serving: 436

Preparation Time: 35 Min

6. Vegetables Cream Dip

The vegetable cream dip is easy and quick. It pairs great with raw vegetables, chips, and crackers. The vegetable fondue dip is excellent for families as it isn’t high in fat like classic fondue, and it is as delectable. 

You have the option to use your favorite veggies, including cucumber, sweet pepper, and more, but standard bell peppers work well. It offers you an excellent way to relish and discover a variety of vegetable flavors and textures.

Kids aren’t usually too keen on eating veggies, but this yummy and cheesy fondue is quite an incentive; it promises a great taste.

Calories Per Serving: 96

Preparation Time: 10 Min

7. Meatballs

Whether made of chicken, beef, or veal, meatballs are a surprisingly versatile side to any dish and go together perfectly with cheese fondue. 

A quick dip in cheesy, melty, and heavenly cheese fondue makes meatballs delicious. You can either pour some on the steaming meatballs or use a skewer to dip them in the fondue; the taste is magical.

Calories Per Serving: 403

Preparation Time: 30 Min

8. Corn And Jalapeno

This creamy corn dip combines juicy corn and spicy jalapeños with gooey cheese, smooth cream cheese, and crispy bacon. You can spoon it right out of the crockpot!

The jalapeño corn dip recipe performs two crucial rules: a perfect appetizer when acting as a hostess or just making food for your family.  

This cheese fondue dip idea is cheesy and crazy good that comes together quickly. The gooey cheeses, diced jalapenos, and crispy corn make an ultimate dip.

Calories Per Serving: 180

Preparation Time: 19 Min

9. Crabs

A tasty hot crab dip appetizer with lump crab meat and cream cheese is addictive and suitable for gatherings on breezy winter days.

Crab makes a perfect dip, and you will always be excited to get the big crab piece out until your spoon scratches the pot for one last taste. The flavors of mouthwatering hot crab fondue are well-balanced.

You can experience the taste of cheeses, wine notes, and crab all at once.

Calories Per Serving: 197

Preparation Time: 25 Min

10. Lobsters

The smooth cheese fondue with the lobster and the flavor of the sourdough bread is an incredible savory combination. The heavenly lobster dip, shrimp, and cheese inside a bowl make it a decadent fondue for special occasions or any holiday.

You can also serve this ultimate fondue with all sorts of fondue accouterments. 

This fantastic dip is an excellent choice if you love seafood. It is a great appetizer for small parties you can serve with your entire guess.

Calories Per Serving: 155

Preparation Time: 35 Min

11. Spinach And Artichoke

You can make this super cheesy spinach artichoke fondue well ahead of time. It is packed with flavor, and you can find this fondue on almost every restaurant menu for good reasons.

It is so cheesy, fragrant, and loaded with spinach and artichokes, and you can eat it with a spoon right from the pot. You can serve it hot, but it is also acceptable to savor it when chilled and spread over crackers.

Calories Per Serving: 184

Preparation Time: 30 Min

12. Fried Chicken

The fried chicken has a bit of spice and is coated with the cayenne-based sauce, making it crispy. The creamy and cheesy chicken fondue dip is an easy go-to dip for any occasion!

Use shredded chicken; you may top it with potato chips or try your favorite combination. The addicting and tasty chicken is the best appetizer dip fit for any occasion, full of chicken flavor and creaminess.

Calories Per Serving: 187

Preparation Time: 35 Min

13. Bacon

Don’t you like to dip into the cheesy goodness? Warm and crispy bacon makes a perfect dip. Bacon with Cheddar cheese is one of those dip ideas you can turn to any time, and it always impresses.

The crunchy bacon is addictive and an excellent way to celebrate the goodness of the creamy cheese fondue.

Calories Per Serving: 211

Preparation Time: 35 Min

14. Chipped Beef

You can make the strips of juicy, perfectly cooked chipped beef delicious with the addition of one thing a cheese fondue. The chipped beef dip with cream cheese, garlic, and Worcestershire is perfect for the holidays.

You can use mayonnaise instead of milk to keep it nice and creamy. To add your variation, you can garnish it with some sliced green onions before serving, 

Calories Per Serving: 75

Preparation Time: 15 Min

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15. Candy Bars

Whether you are planning a romantic dinner or want to entertain your guests, chocolate fondue is always a good idea. You will find your family and guests around the table relishing candy bar fondue with delight.

This fondue idea is the kid’s favorite. Within minutes you will see them dip away everything, and you can pat yourself for this great treat. You get a chance to use all your favorite candy bars and present a unique crunchy dipper idea.

Calories Per Serving: 340

Preparation Time: 2 Hrs 10 Min

 16. Chicken And Beef

Chicken and beef are excellent ways to provide a satiating and filling meal to the family and guests. You can give it a flavor twist with herbs and spices and dip the pieces in cheesy and creamy goodness to your heart’s content.

Veggie lovers can add a side of veggies, like broccoli or green beans, and get a filling dinner sure to impress.

Calories Per Serving: 324

Preparation Time: 45 Min

17. Steak

Steak is an excellent addition of protein to cheese fondue. If you love cheesesteaks, you can buy a few steaks and grill them a little, as they will also cook a bit more when you dip them into the gooey cheese.

You may add grilled pieces of bread also to make a cheesesteak slider. Some prefer grilling the steak to give it a smoky flavor and charm.

Calories Per Serving: 617

Preparation Time: 10 Min

18. Shrimp

Do you relish seafood? You can consider combining your favorite seafood with your cheese fondue, making a decadent meal.

Buttery grilled or roasted shrimp play nicely with cheese fondue and make an excellent choice to take your fondue to the next level.

You can burn or cook the shrimp with a bit of minced garlic and finely chopped parsley to add a unique side to the classic cheese fondue.

Calories Per Serving: 149.7

Preparation Time: 25 Min

19. Bananas

You can get creative when you make dessert dippers! Marshmallows, macaroons, banana slices, cookies, vanilla wafers, and strawberries give you many options to try and add your twist to the creamy cheese.

You need a few simple ingredients for a fantastic, fancy dessert!

Sliced bananas make a perfect dip as they stick perfectly to the thick creamy cheese everyone loves savoring. For a crispy twist, some people love frying bananas, giving them a different flavor and taste so good.

The banana dip is super yummy for all to enjoy at short notice.

Calories Per Serving: 622.2

Preparation Time: 10 Min

20. Sprouts

Greens are always welcome at any dining table in any form. A leafy green dish full of roasted Brussels sprouts perfectly combines mild and nutty cheeses.

Combining sprouts with cheese fondue is a great option to meet your daily fibrous nutrient requirement and the best way to check off your daily recommended vegetable serving.

It is great fun to gather around and share a delicious fondue combination, especially with healthy dippers like roasted sprouts.

Calories Per Serving: 291

Preparation Time: 35 Min

21. French Onions

French onion dippers will knock your socks off, whether pan-fried or deep-fried. It’s worth trying as you will not get this option elsewhere, and one of the easiest and cheapest options that are seriously incredible!

The crispy onions fuse perfectly with the creamy cheese and give you a crunchy bite each time you dip it.

Calories Per Serving: 124

Preparation Time: 15 Min

22. Cauliflower

The fresh and green cauliflower always brings a bit of freshness to cheese fondue.

You can dip uncooked cauliflower uncooked if you love new flavors, but you may also steam them a bit to make them smooth and take out some raw and bitter taste if you like.

Everybody will enjoy the hot cauliflower dips on a holiday buffet table. It is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and adds to the dipper selection. 

Calories Per Serving: 180

Preparation Time: 25 Min

23. Pickles

The creamy chopped pickles with herbs and spices are a great option if you are a fan of pickles. You will adore this pickle dip. Your guests will devour this unusual offering with familiar flavors yet unique and delicious.

To enjoy the pickles, keep the cream cheese soft, allowing the pickles to mix correctly. Use any brand of pickle you like, but fresh herbs have a mouthwatering flavor.

Calories Per Serving: 335

Preparation Time: 5 Min

24. Mushrooms

The mushroom fondue dippers are excellent. They combine so well with cheese cream to make a fun party meal. It not only makes a plant-based appetizer but is also soy-free and nut-free. You can fry them or choose the air fryer route.

Frying mushrooms makes them crispy, and you will love each bite of cheese-laden gooey mushroom. Mushrooms are a great dipper to engage your friends over a beer.

Calories Per Serving: 430

Preparation Time: 40 Min

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cheese Is Suitable For Making A Tasty Fondue?

Use good-quality cheese as fondue is all about the cheese. The quality and types of cheeses majorly impact the final product. The cheese that makes a good fondue should be buttery, creamy, and melts smoothly.

Fontina, Gruyere, and Gouda are the best all-around cheeses that are lush and complex. Cheddar cheese also works well.

How To Prepare The Cheese While Making A Fondue?

Never chop the cheese; grate them for quicker melting and a smooth fondue. The grated cheese melts faster and more evenly, leading to smoother results.

How To Make A Smooth Fondue?  

For making a smooth fondue, you should add the cheese slowly and stir it constantly. It will make the fondue butter soft, and it tastes excellent.

Never dump all of the shredded cheese into the pot in large handfuls; instead, sprinkle it in small amounts and add slowly to the pot.

24 Tempting Dip In Cheese Fondue Ideas

Dip In Cheese Fondue Ideas Are Also Party Tips To Help You Throw The Ultimate Fondue Party.


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