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31 Chinese Dessert Recipes You Need to Try

Are you interested in learning to cook authentic Chinese desserts? If you are then this article will be perfect for you and your needs.

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We are going to take a closer look at thirty-one Chinese dessert recipes so that you can get an idea of what delicious Chinese desserts are out there that you can make from home.

31 Chinese Dessert Recipes You Need to Try

But, before we take a closer look at these sweet treats we are going to quickly go over the desserts that we are going to cover in this article. So, without further ado, let us get started!

Quick Answer The Chinese Desserts We Cover: For some of you, it may be preferable to simply have a list of recipes that you can go and visit and peruse in your own time. So, for those of you that need a quick answer to your Chinese Dessert search, below is a list of the desserts that we talk about in this article: 

Preparation Time

In this section we are going to quickly take a look at each of these recipes so that get a better idea of how long it takes to make these dishes. So, without further ado, let us get started!

  • Soy Bean Pudding  | Total prep Time – 15 Min
  • Chinese Mango Pudding  | Total prep Time – 135 Min 
  • Coconut Milk and Melon Sago Dessert  | Total prep Time – 25 Min
  • Coconut and Tapioca Pudding  | Total prep Time – 25 Min 
  • Ma Lai Go Chinese Steamed Cake  | Total prep Time – 90 Min
  • Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake  | Total prep Time – 70 Min 
  • Chinese New Year Cake  | Total prep Time – 60 Min 
  • Chinese Steamed Rice Cake  | Total prep Time – 40 Min
  • Sesame Balls  | Total prep Time – 45 Min
  • Pineapple Bun  | Total prep Time – 200 Min
  • Chinese Doughnut Sticks  | Total prep Time – 210 Min
  • Tofu Jelly  | Total prep Time – 10 Min
  • Coconut and Osmanthus Jelly  | Total prep Time – 30 Min
  • Chinese Almond Cookies  | Total prep Time – 27 Min
  • Chinese Fortune Cookies  | Total prep Time – 15 Min
  • Bing Tang Hu Lu  | Total prep Time – 30 Min
  • Hong Kong Egg Tart  | Total prep Time – 60 Min
  • Glutinous Rice Balls  | Total prep Time – 50 Min
  • Chinese Fruit Salad  | Total prep Time – 15 Min
  • Hot Candied Sweet Potato  | Total prep Time – 30 Min
  • Red Bean Soup  | Total prep Time – 300 Min
  • Green Tea Coconut Milk Ice Cream  | Total prep Time – 30 Min
  • Chinese Five Spice Chocolate Pot e Crème  | Total prep Time – 30 Min
  • Chinese Milk Tea  | Total prep Time – 130 Min
  • Mooncake  | Total prep Time – 40 Min
  • Sachima   | Total prep Time – 30 Min
  • Lo Mai Chi  | Total prep Time – 45 Min
  • Fried Ice Cream  | Total prep Time – 310 Min
  • Coconut Bar  | Total prep Time – 30 Min
  • Ginger Milk Curd  | Total prep Time – 25 Min
  • Eight Treasures Rice Pudding  | Total prep Time – 60 Min

Let’s Dive Into The Recipes

In this section, we are going to take a brief look at thirty-one Chinese dessert recipes that you can follow along at home. So, without further ado, let us get started!

Soy Bean Pudding By RotinRice

This dessert can be served hot or cold depending on the person’s preference. It is made with soybeans and soft tofu and is usually served with syrup.

Traditionally, the syrup will be infused with pandan or ginger but if this is not to your taste you can easily substitute it for a regular brown syrup. 

This is a common dish in many Asian countries and many regions in China. Because of this, soy bean pudding varies in different parts of Asia. This dish is super smooth and wet which makes it almost impossible to eat with chopsticks.

It is recommended that you enjoy this sweet dish using a spoon. Depending on the time of year you can enjoy this dessert with ice on a hot summer’s day or enjoy it warm in the winter.

There are other variations of this like in Taiwan where it is served with peanut, oatmeal, tapioca seeds, mung beans, and many other interesting toppings and flavors from the east.  

Mango Pudding By Dim Sum Central

If you are a lover of mango you will absolutely fall in love with this Chinese dessert. It is a delightful mix of coconut, sugar, and mango. All of which are blended together to create a delicious smooth dessert that will certainly have you coming back for seconds.

Mango pudding is an extremely popular dessert in China and many other countries around the world. But China does it best in our opinion. The rich creaminess of their mango pudding is second to none.

This dessert is typically served cold and is mostly enjoyed on warm summer days when a refreshing chilled dessert is exactly what the doctor ordered. It has a kind of gelatinous texture that is also light.

The richness of the mango can be hit or miss with people’s varying tastes. Some of you may be intimidated by this dessert and would rather choose something easier to make.

But, the main thing you have to get right with mango pudding is picking the right mangos to use for this delightful dessert. 

For this dessert, it is strongly recommended that you only use coconut milk for it as cows’ milk can overpower the taste of the mango and would not suit the flavor profile of the dessert.

The coconut milk will ogre the perfect flavor combination that makes this dessert perfectly delicious in every way. 

Coconut Milk And Melon With Sago Dessert By Fuss Free Cooking

This delicious sweet drink is made by boiling sago with either milk or water and adding sugar as well as other delicious ingredients to create a uniquely delectable experience.

Coconut Milk and Melon with Sago is a delightful dessert that is sure to make you popular amongst your friends. After all, who can’t resist a delicious pudding that is delicious and unique. 

The flavors in this dessert are perfectly balanced which is one reason that this dessert is so popular in China and around the world. 

Coconut And Tapioca Pudding By Pretty Simple Sweet

Most of us have never tried this dessert but it is so delicious that you will not be able to put it down once you have tasted it. This dessert is popular throughout Asia and the popularity has even spread to other areas of the world due to the uniquely delicious taste. 

Best of all this dessert can be enjoyed by vegans because there is the option to use coconut milk or regular milk. On top of that, it is a gluten-free option that can be enjoyed by people that are sensitive to gluten. 

This dessert includes tapioca seeds which are pearls that are made from cassava root. So, if you are a fan of tapioca or puddings that utilize this ingredient then you will love this dessert.

It is tasty, includes tapioca, and will not take longer than twenty-five minutes to make! But not only does this dessert taste amazing, but it also has a very appealing texture that is sure to draw in many people that try it.

The texture can vary quite a lot so it is certain to appeal to just about anyone. So, whether you like thick pudding or moderately thick pudding there are options for you with this delectable dessert.

This dessert is also very healthy and is often had for breakfast in some countries. 

Chinese Steamed Cake By Nut Free Wok

This dessert originated from Malaysia but has been adopted into Cantonese cuisine. It is made using brown sugar and is often sold on dim sum carts or in restaurants.

This dessert may not be suitable for amateur bakers as the starter dough can be challenging to get just right and this component is what makes or breaks this cake.

However, there has been success in people using baking powder for this recipe which has given them a similar effect as the starter. The trade-off of using baking powder instead of the starter means that the cake will not have prominent air pocks as it should.

But regardless of which method you pick the cake will still turn out fluffy and delicious. 

One thing you will need to bear in mind with this Chinese dessert is that you will need to set aside quite a large portion of your day to make it. But this delicious, springy and gooey cake is absolutely worth it.

This cake is often cooked in a bamboo steamer which means that the steaming process will take quite a while. But if you follow the prescribed methods your cake will end up light and airy like nothing you will have seen or tasted in your life.

But, if you do not feel up to the challenge of making this cake feel free to visit a dim sum restaurant and get a taste of them there where they will be perfectly delicious and authentic. 

Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake By Yum Of China

Cake is one of the most popular and recognized desserts around the world. Cake as we know it is usually baked. But this recipe calls for the cake to be steamed like many desserts in Asia.

This steamed cake is a traditional dessert in China and it is one that you will not be able to resist. 

It used to contain only three ingredients including plain flour, eggs, and sugar. With just these ingredients. But with just these three the cakes were quite dry which is why today there is usually water or oil added to make it more moist and tasty.

The Chinese steamed sponge cake is light, fluffy, and absolutely delicious. It is often made and eaten during festive seasons that the Chinese celebrate.

The secret to making this cake so light, airy, and delicious is the fact that the air is beaten out of the egg by using an electric mixer during the process of making the dough. 

Chinese New Year Cake By Pressure Cook Recipes

If you are looking for a traditional Chinese dessert that is enjoyed specifically during the new year then this is the perfect dessert for you to try out.

It is a delicious cake that symbolizes prosperity which is always good when you are going into the new year and want to start off on the right foot.

However, this cake is always available throughout the year but during the new years’ festival, it will be a part of many celebratory meals without fail. 

The way that this cake is cooked is absolutely fascinating. The first step is to steam the cake and once it is done you will then coat the cake in egg and pan fry it.

This process creates a delicious crispy outer texture that perfectly compliments the cake inside. The combination of taste and texture makes this cake an outstandingly tasty dessert that you simply have to try.

On top of that, it is a reasonably healthy dessert. So if you have been dieting or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can have this cake and eat it too. It does not contain dairy or gluten which makes it ideal for those of us that are restricted in our diet. 

So, if you are looking for an interesting dessert that is sure to grant you luck this new year then make sure to enjoy this cake. With a few slices devoured you are sure to have all the luck you need and more for the up-and-coming year. 

Chinese Steamed Rice Cake By Wendy Inkk

Chinese Steamed Rice Cake By Wendy Inkk

This is a traditional Chinese pastry recipe. It is made from fermented rice batter which is then steamed. The result is a cake that is sour, sweet, fluffy, chewy, and absolutely delicious.

The Chinese steamed rice cake is best enjoyed cold on a nice hot day. The soft and delicious texture adds to the overall delightful nature of this particular Chinese dessert. 

To make this dessert you will need oil so that it retains the moisture it needs. This will add to the overall texture and taste. For this reason, it is not recommended that you use an oil that has a strong flavor.

In general, this is an easy recipe to follow but you will need to take special care when the mixture is proofing as this can be a little tricky if you are uncertain about what you are looking for. 

To make this Chinese steamed rice dessert you will need several ingredients including water, yeast, sugar, and rice. Once the cake has been made you will notice that it turns white and will have an interesting honeycomb texture inside. 

Jian Dui By Yum Of China

If you are a lover of nutty flavors and sesame seeds then this is the perfect dessert for you.

This delicious treat often falls under the umbrella of dim sum desserts which means that they are often found in dim sum restaurants or carts. Sesame balls or jian dui are wonderfully delicious, chewy, and crunchy. They are the perfect mouthful. 

They are made by using glutinous flour and will usually have a red bean paste filling. These desserts are available throughout the year but are particularly popular around the Chinese new year.

Best of all, if you do not like red bean paste as a filling, there are always alternative options out there so you can enjoy this delicious dessert regardless of your tastes. 

Pineapple Bun By Yireservation

Pineapple buns are a famous dessert in Hong Kong specifically. Despite the name, there is actually no pineapple in this dessert. The name comes from the look and texture of the bun which makes it look somewhat like a pineapple. 

This dessert has a delicious crispy bun that is soft and fluffy on the inside. On the inside of the pineapple, but is described as being pillowing which is a typical characteristic of Chinese-style bread. 

This dessert is often served as a snack at dim sum stalls or restaurants. You may even find a ton of them in Chinese bakeries across the country. 

Chinese Doughnut Stick By Angel Wong Kitchen

In short, this dessert is a long deep-fried doughnut stick which is quite common in Asia. They are often eaten in the morning along with breakfast or at lunchtime with various dips.

So basically they are perfectly delicious no matter what time of day it is. Many people eat this dessert as part of the main meal and pair them with minced meat and other savory foods. But there are also a ton of people that prefer them as a delicious sweet treat. 

Annin Tofu Jelly By It’s My Dish

Are you a fan of tofu and other jelly desserts? If you are then this Chinese sweet treat will be perfect for you. It is quite a healthy dessert that can be eaten with or without cream. For the most part, this dessert is just called almond jelly. 

Coconut And Osmanthus Jelly By Mrs. PS Kitchen

This dessert is absolutely heavenly. The combination of jelly and coconut makes for an experience you will not likely forget. This is the perfect Chinese dessert to enjoy on a warm day.

The cool and refreshing nature of this dessert is truly amazing and something you just have to experience.

Chinese Almond Cookies By Table For Two Blog

If you want to try an old-fashioned Chinese dessert then look no further than the delectable almond cookie. It is something that is enjoyed during the Chinese new year and is said to resemble good luck.

So, not only is this cookie super tasty, it is also good luck and isn’t that something we all need in our lives. 

Chinese Fortune Cookies By Lil Luna

The fortune cookie is one of the most famous Chinese desserts and has made its way into just about every country in the world.

They are made with a small piece of paper that is supposed to tell you your fortune, but the shell is edible too and quite a delicious sweet treat. Best of all you can make these delicious fortune cookies from home. That’s what you call making your own fortune!

Bing Tang Hu Lu By The Hong Kong Cookery

This is a very popular street dessert and one that is quite common in Beijing. They are often sold by street vendors and even restaurants. Bing tang hu lu is a delightful traditional snack that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

You might think that this is an impossible treat to make at home but it is actually super easy and something that anyone can do as long as you follow a recipe. 

Hong Kong Egg Tart By 196 Flavors

Tarts are something that many countries around the world share. But the Hong Kong egg tart is special and definitely something that you need to try as soon as you are able. They are quite an easy dessert to make.

The main thing you need to be careful of when you make them is assuring that they puff out sufficiently. But with practice and a good recipe like this one you will be able to make this delightful dessert with ease. 

Glutinous Rice Balls By Souper Diaries

This dessert is particularly popular during the Winter Solstice in China, but almost everyone in China knows about these delicious rice balls. They often have fillings, but this is not always the case.

You can be sure that they will be served in a sweet syrup that has been infused with ginger. They are the perfect oriental dessert that you can make at home if you wish. 

Chinese Fruit Salad By Recipestable

Fruit salad is always a winner. But the Chinese fruit salad is a whole new level of yum. The combination of delicious fruits and a vinaigrette will truly add a bit of zing to your life. Best of all, this is a dessert that is quite healthy and suitable for vegans. 

How Candied Sweet Potato By Panda Cheffy

Many people would consider this dessert to be something of an entrée. But it is a super delectable sweet treat that just had to make it into our dessert list.

This is a dessert that is best served hot as when the candied coating hardens the sweet potatoes will stick together and be almost impossible to eat. 

Red Bean Soup By Nut Free Wok

When you think of soup you do not really think of dessert. But the red bean soup is a traditional Chinese dessert that is perfect for those cold winters.

It is both nutritious, filling, and sweet which is why it is such a popular dessert in China. It is also quite easy to make at home so with the help of a good recipe you should be able to make it with ease. 

Green Tea And Coconut Milk Ice Cream By The Roasted Root

Green tea ice cream is a delectable treat that is just perfect for those of you that want a cold dessert on a swelteringly hot summer’s day. Ice cream can be tough to make at home without a machine.

But luckily there are a plethora of amazing devices out there you can use to make this delicious Chinese dessert. 

Chinese Five Spice Chocolate Pots De Crème By Pinch Me I’m Eating

This Chinese dessert just screams romance. It is a smooth and chocolaty dessert that is laced with amazing oriental spices that just add that extra wow factor. Best of all you will be able to make it with ease. 

Chinese Milk Tea By Healthy Nibbles And Bits

Milk tea has been rising in popularity all over the world. But the Chinese version is just a cut above the rest and certainly something you should experience at least once in your life.

There are many ways you can make this dessert and there are of course plenty of additional ingredients that you can add to the flavor. A Chinese dessert that you can make your own, what could be better?

Mooncake By Sethlui

Moon cakes are a magical Chinese dessert that is particularly popular during Autumn festivals in China. This dessert is absolutely tasty and is symbolic of the closeness of family. Best of all it is a super tasty treat that is sure to impress just about anyone that tries them.

Sachima By Kenwee-Kee

Sachima By Kenwee-Kee

This is a dessert that originated in Northern China, where it is a popular and delicious dessert. Even around this world, this dessert has increased in popularity, and who can argue with that.

It is a perfectly delicious dessert that is sure to impress you. Sachima is especially popular during the Chinese new year. 

This dessert is sweet, crispy, and absolutely delicious. The reason for the crunchy texture and nutty taste is because there are nuts included in this recipe.

Thai dessert will differ depending on the region of China you visit as different parts of the country have their own rendition of the recipe which has been altered to suit their tastes.

Lo Mai Chi By Isaamuel

This dessert may not be well known if you are unfamiliar with Chinese cuisine. But in essence lo mai chi is a rice cake that has been sweetened.

Inside the rice ball, there are usually peanuts which give this dessert a delightfully nutty flavor. In some cases, this dessert is filled with red bean paste. 

Many describe the pastry to be quite similar to mochi but with a softer and stickier texture. The reason for this stickiness is that there is a high amount of water in this dessert.

This adds to the chewy nature of this dessert which is one reason it is so popular. Lo mai chi is a popular dessert that you will find in most Chinese bakery shops, but you can also make it from home if you are brave enough. 

Fried Ice Cream By Marion’s Kitchen

Fried ice cream is an anomaly. It is a soft melty dessert that melts quickly when exposed to even room temperature. So how is it that this classic dessert can be fried?

We don’t know either but we are here to tell you that it is possible and an absolutely delicious sweet treat that you will not regret. 

This dessert is made by rolling ice cream in egg and cornflakes and deep-frying it. This creates a delicious crunchy coating around the ice cream.

It can be a bit tricky to make but as long as the ice cream is at the lowest temperature possible you can even make this delicious dessert from the comfort of your own home.

It can be tricky to make so you will need to take care in reading the recipe properly before you start making this delicious dessert. 

Coconut Bar By Christine’s Recipes

Are you a fan of coconut? If that is a flavor that you are a fan of then this dessert is sure to impress you. This dessert is common in Hong Kong and is often referred to as coconut pudding.

It is an old-fashioned and traditional dessert that you can still find in many Chinese restaurants. It contains egg whites to keep the consistency and look smooth while adding to the delicate and smooth flavor that this dessert is known for.

This dessert is quite easy to make as long as you have the right ingredients so make sure to give this delicious traditional Chinese dessert a go. 

Ginger Milk Curd By Huang Kitchen

Ginger is obviously the star of the show with this desert. The recipe calls for mils, sugar, and ginger which are then combined to create this famous sweet treat. It is super easy to make and should be doable for cooks of any level.

The main thing you will need to look out for is getting the curd to the right consistency, but as long as you follow the recipe you should be perfectly fine and end up with a delicious ginger dessert.

So, if you want to make an authentic Chinese dessert that is quick to make and does not take much time out of your day then you should certainly give this sweet treat a try. 

Eight Treasures Rice Pudding By Eggwan’s Food Odyssey

If you are on the lookout for a sweet and delicious rice pudding dessert that originated in China then look no further than this recipe. The eight treasures rice pudding dessert is often enjoyed during the new year.

It gets its name because of the ingredients the recipe calls for when it comes time to decorate.

After making this rice pudding dessert you will use eight types of fruit to decorate and as we know eight is considered a magic number in China and is symbolic of luck and fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Chinese desserts. So, without further ado, let us dive right in!

What Dessert Is Good To Try After Chinese Food? 

Almond jelly is the best dessert to follow a full Chinese meal. It is light, sweet, and cleanses your palate perfectly. But, this answer is best left up to you as it is all about personal preference. 

What Is The National Sweet Of China?

One of the most popular desserts in China and the dessert that would be considered their national dessert has to be Nian Gao.

This dessert is a brown sugar cake that is wrapped in pastry and then deep-fried. It is absolutely delicious and certainly something you need to try.

Where Did Rice Pudding Originate? 

This ancient dessert originally came from China. The reason experts think this is because China has a rich and ancient rice culture that goes back centuries.

31 Chinese Dessert Recipes You Need to Try

Are you looking for some tasty authentic Chinese dessert recipes to try out at home? If you are, then make sure to check out the thirty-one Chinese dessert recipes in this article.


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  • Collect the ingredients and cook the food
  • Enjoy – don’t forget to leave a review

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