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29 Food Items Starting with Letter R – Popular and Delicious Bite

Have you ever tried doing your grocery shopping based on different alphabet foods? Whether the answer is yes or no, try doing it this time and have the following foods that start with R. Not only is it a fun activity, but you’ll also get to enjoy new dishes!

Foods that start with R

1. Ramen

Ramen is a noodle soup that originated in Japan, and it makes for a perfect food for a rainy day. This delicious dish is served with soft-boiled eggs, lean meat, and root vegetable in a broth. You can find Ramen in both prepackaged options and restaurants.

You can eat the Japanese dish at any time of the day, and it’s probably the most recognizable food from Japan after sushi.

2. Ratatouille

Ratatouille is essentially a vegetable dish from France, and it’s usually made from multiple types of peppery taste, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and eggplant. It’s traditionally served as a side dish, antipasto, layered lasagnas, or salad in the summer season.

You can also add salt and oregano if you prefer the bitter taste of these ingredients, and it’s also possible to make it your main course by adding bread or pasta. However, the essential thing about Ratatouille is its presentation, making your table more colorful and prettier.

3. Reisetomate

Reisetomate, as the name implies, is a recipe made from tomatoes. This dish is also known as traveler tomatoes. Other common ingredients used in this recipe are eggplants and chili peppers. It comes with a unique appearance and offers a tangy subtle flavor.

You can eat it as a summer salad, and people also use it as a paste or sauce in sandwiches and hamburgers. Because of its universal taste also goes well with sweet basil, strawberries, brown rice, red onions, cucumbers, feta cheese, and mozzarella.

4. Ranch

If you like to cook different dishes, you’d already know that every kitchen cupboard is incomplete without Ranch. It’s one of the most popular dressings for pizzas and salads for better aroma and taste.

You can buy Ranch from pretty much any grocery store as multiple brands offer their variants. However, you can easily make it at your home because all you need is to mix and blend different fragrant herb with red onions, garlic, salt, buttermilk, and mayonnaise.

5. Rice

According to National Geographic, rice is a staple food for over 3.5 billion people worldwide. There are many dishes with different types, and the ways to cook it are countless. It comes with a delicate and soft texture and offers a neutral taste that can go with pretty much everything.

Usually, plain-cooked rice is served with vegetables, red cabbage, scallops, chicken, and grilled fish. It’s effortless to grow them, and their recipes are generally filling because they’re loaded with carbohydrates.

6. Red Potatoes

Potatoes are among the most commonly eaten cooked and is a versatile foods across the globe, and the ways you can cook them are truly endless. Red potatoes with thin skin are undoubtedly one of the most healthful foods, and you don’t even need to peel them before cooking process.

They’re also high in moisture and low in starch, allowing them to hold their shape. These properties also make red potatoes perfect for skillet cooking and roasting.

7. Reuben Sandwich

There is nothing like a perfect combination of some delicious Russian dressing, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and corned beef. This mouthwatering combination is the Reuben sandwich, usually served with toasted rye bread pieces.

It’s one of the classic foods that start with R and is invented by a German Jewish restaurant located in New York. Now you can find it at most sit-down and fast-food restaurants. The taste of this food never disappoints!

8. Rice Noodles

You’d already know that there are tons of different types of noodles worldwide, and rice noodles are one of the most delicious ones. They come with a chewy texture and offer a transparent appearance.

They can be thin or flat, and you can use them in different stir-fry foods such as broth or even Pad Thai.

9. Rigatoni

Rigatoni is a tube-shaped pasta that originated in Italy. This food is pretty similar to penne or ziti, but it comes in a larger size and slightly curved shape with thick skin. Usually, it is served with thick sauces like tomato and cream in baked dishes because of the sturdiness that allows it to hold its shape.

Rigatoni is derived from the Italian word “Rigato,” which translates to “lined” or “ridged.” It feels smooth and soft on the inside but has ridges on the outside after cooking. It’s a filling food that you can have at lunch or dinner in any season.

10. Rocky Mountain Oysters

If you don’t know about this dish already, then you’ll be surprised to see that it doesn’t involve rocky mountain Oysters in any way. Instead, it’s an appetizer made with different spices, green peppers, and bull testicles coated in flour.

Ranchers invented rocky Mountain Oysters in America in the Rocky Mountains region. This dish comes with an acquired taste, and you might either love it or hate it.

11. Roasted Chicken

As the name implies, the Southeast Asia roasted chicken is a dish made by roasting chicken with a rotisserie over an open fire or in the oven. You can also make it smoky if you want by rubbing the chicken with cumin, dried sage, and smoked paprika.

There are numerous ways to make roasted chicken, but if you prefer a richer and spicier taste, the southeast Asia cuisine of roasted chicken will suit you the best. It’s made by combining serrano chiles, garlic, ginger, butter, onions, and lime and rubbing the mixture all over the chicken before roasting.

12. Ravioli

It’s another popular baked pasta dishes from Italy because of its different flavors, richness, and delicacy. Usually, they’re made with red kitten spinach, mushrooms, and cheese. However, you can also add pickled red cabbage, beets or red cabbage, and potatoes if you want.

People make Ravioli at their homes with a wrapping made of egg pasta. Then the square or round wrapping is filled with vegetables, ricotta cheese, minced meat and is served with sauce or broth.

13. Redfish

Redfish is a general term used for fish, including puppy drum, channel bass, and red drum. It’s usually found in the Atlantic Ocean, and if you’re a seafood lover, you can never go wrong with this food.

Multiple recipes are made with redfish, such as parchment roasted redfish, sauteed redfish, lemon butter sauce redfish, grilled redfish, and blackened redfish. You can easily make any of these dishes at home with sweet flesh and deep fried to make a perfect meal, especially in winter.

14. Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce, also known as cos lettuce, is usually used in North American dishes. The most popular dish that contains romaine lettuce is Caesar salad that also contains black peppery flavor, olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, anchovies, fish eggs, parmesan cheese, Worcestershire sauce, and croutons giving it a mild taste with bitter bite.

You can find dishes with romaine lettuce in Mexican and Italian restaurants, and consuming it is also very beneficial for your health. It contains potassium in high levels that can reduce the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases. It also offers vitamin C and A and antioxidants that reduce the cholesterol level in your arteries.

15. Risotto

If you have ever eaten Risotto or red fish, you’d know how delicious this food is. It’s made from rice that offers a creamy consistency, and green onions, meat, and mushrooms are used for topping. If you ever crave something savory fillings and warm, Risotto will serve you well!

The nutritional value of this Italian food is also great as it’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and some essential minerals. So not only does rice dish provide you with energy, but it also improves your cardiovascular health.

16. Radish

Radish is one of the most commonly consumed root vegetable globally, and it comes in different flavors, shapes, and sizes. The most common types of radish are sparkler, fire and ice, white beauty, and white icicle, all of which offer a milder flavor and a bit sweet taste.

The culinary value of radish is the biggest reason for its popularity as you can grill them with steak, slice into slaw, throw in tacos, toss into Risotto, or julienne or pickle them. You can also serve them with butter by roasting or it can be eaten raw.

17. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta is arguably the fluffiest type of cheese, and it’s made from the milk of goat, sheep, or cow. It originated in Italy. The word Ricotta translates to “recooked” in the Italian language. You can use this food in numerous dishes such as pancakes, cheesecakes, pizza, pasta, etc.

It can also be very beneficial for your health as it offers calcium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and iodine. You can also use Ricotta to replace your morning yogurt!

18. Raita

Raita is one of the most popular side dishes from Pakistan, and it’s made from root vegetable, herbs, spices, and yogurt. Some people also use vegetables, and this is the beauty of this food as you can add ingredients that you like such as dried grapes or red kitten spinach. 

However, yogurt is an essential ingredient, and you can also add some water to make it less dense.

It has become an integral part of Pakistani cuisine, and you can make it within a matter of minutes. The nutritional value of Raita depends upon the ingredients you use, and it goes great with spicy flavor snacks and foods.

19. Red Pine Mushroom

The Red Pine is known as one of the most delicious eaten fresh and versatile mushrooms that you can cook. 

They come with a smooth texture and offer a mild flavor, perfect for soups and sauces. The flavor of these mushrooms complements many other foods such as vegetables, poultry, and fish.

If you want to cut back on calories, you can’t go wrong with these mushrooms because they offer low fats and calories. In addition, they’re loaded with healthy protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins and offer some essential vitamins such as phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

20. Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout is another excellent option for seafood lovers, and can be eaten cooked in multiple ways. Roasting in the oven, broiling, grilling, poaching with aromatic vegetables are standard methods. 

This fish is originally from the Arctic region but can also be found in the US Great Lakes.

Rainbow Trout is an oily fish known to be very beneficial for your health as it is low in calories and offers vitamins, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can easily buy it from renowned supermarkets to cook at your home.

21. Rye Bread

Rye is a dense bread made from rye grain flour and has a light to dark brown color. It’s loaded with fiber which is beneficial to your health, and it’s usually used to make delicious sandwiches. You can also find rye bread with added cocoa powder for better color and taste.

Desserts that Start With “R”

22. Red Velvet

No list of foods starting with the letter “R” is complete without mentioning Red Velvet. It’s a delicate flavor found in multiple desserts like beverages, ice creams, cupcakes, and simple cakes.

The main ingredient in Red Velvet is cocoa powder, so it has a hint of chocolate. However, the addition of vinegar and buttermilk makes it a truly unique and mouthwatering dessert.

23. Rice Pudding

Having leftover rice is very common, and the best way to use them is to make tasty rice pudding. You can make it easily at your home with a sweetener, milk, water, and other ingredients such as raisin raisins or cinnamon.

You can eat rice pudding whenever you want, and this simple food is both filling and delicious.

24. Rocky Road Ice Cream

It’s yet another fantastic flavor for ice cream, which can be your all-time favorite if you haven’t tried it already. Usually, it’s made from chocolate ice cream that features some marshmallows and dried grapes as nuts as toppings.

You can also use chocolate chips and even Oreo to add extra texture to this dessert. Rocky Road Ice Cream can be your next most favorite dessert if you’re a chocolate lover.

25. Rum Cake

It’s one of the most popular holiday desserts that people in the Caribbean islands love to eat. It’s a buttery and boozy dessert that offers a golden color and has a deep historical meaning to the people of the Caribbean islands giving a sweet flavor.

26. Redcurrant Cake

It’s a popular sponge cake type with a unique color because of the red currants. It’s made in a mold, and traditionally icing is used for frosting. It’s a simple cake that features a rustic appearance and makes a perfect dessert for summertime.

However, you can also make it in winters by using frozen currants, and because of added currants, it’s also sometimes called Jelly Cake.

Drinks that Start With “R”

27. Rosehip Tea

If you’re a tea lover, why not drink something daily that offers a range of health benefits? That’s where Rosehip tea comes into place. It’s an herbal tea made from rose plant fruits. It offers a floral yet delicate and slightly sweet flavor that provides a unique bit tart aftertaste.

There are currently hundreds of known rose plant species, but “Rosa Canina Plant” has the pseudo-fruits used to make this tea. It’s associated with various health benefits such as reducing skin aging, boosting weight loss, improving heart health, and regulating immunity.

28. Rum

Rum is one of the most popular liquors of the Caribbean region made from sugarcane molasses and juices. It comes in dark and white colors and is aged in oak barrels. 

You can use it as a base for a range of cocktails, and it can also be consumed separately.

29. Rooibos Tea

Rooibos, also known as red bush or simply red tea, is made from Aspalathus linearis (a shrub). 

It’s another healthful herbal tea loaded with antioxidants, and you can also add sugar and milk for a better taste. Rooibos cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and iced tea have also taken off.

Other foods that start with R

The other popular foods famous in the middle east or Japanese cuisine are runner bean, broccoli rabe, red bell peppers, raspberry, raspberries, red anjou pears, winter squash, rabbit meat dish, red fruit – rose apple, tart berry are some of the incredible contents foods having strong sour taste.


The list of foods that start with “R” is ongoing, and it contains plenty of delicious and mouthwatering dishes with nutty flavor. Try cooking your favorite foods from this list to treat your taste buds in the best possible way.


What healthy drinks start with “R”?

Rosehip and rooibos tea are the two healthy drinks that begin with the letter “R.” Both of these drinks are associated with improving your health and keeping you active and productive all day long.

 Is red cabbage good for you and can be eaten raw?

Red cabbage is a good source of vitamin K and provides small amounts of calcium, magnesium, and zinc, which can help build and maintain healthy bones. Red cabbage can be eaten raw and is high in fiber, making it easier to digest foods and keep your digestive system healthy.

What seafoods start with “R” and are eaten cooked?

Redfish and rainbow trout are two common kinds of seafood that start with the letter “R.” Both of these seafood options are beneficial for your health as well because of their nutritional values.

What is Mediterranean cuisine that starts with R?

Retsina, Rijstaffel, Runner Beans, Rizogalo and Ross il forn are the Mediterranean cuisine foods that start with R. With a wide variety, these popular and delicious foods have strong taste.

What is the breakfast food that starts with R? 

Raisin bran, Raisin bread, rice, roti prata, rolled oats, reindeer meat and run down – a traditional Jamaican breakfast with coconut milk, tomatoes and numerous vegetables and spices. 

After reading this list of foods that start with R, check out our other food lists:

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