29 Foods Starting with Letter F – The Delicious and Pleasant Food

How many alphabet foods have you tried that start with the letter “F”? Fried chicken and French fries are some common foods, but what about Fedelline, Francesinha, and Feijoa. This article most probably has some entries that you have never heard before. So, let’s have some “fun” and learn about these foods.

List of Foods That Start with F

1. Fava Beans

Fava Beans are small and sweet green bean obtained from thick pods, just like peas. It can be eaten raw, and they can also be dried. That’s why you can add these versatile beans to numerous dishes such as snacks, sauces, soups, and salads.

2. Fettuccine

Fettuccine is a type of noodle from Italy that’s very long and about one-fourth of an inch wide. They have a ribbon-like shape, and the word “Fettuccine” literally translates to “little ribbons.”

This noodle is usually cooked in alfredo sauce and offers a mild salty taste. You can also use the tomato-based sauce to make Fettuccine, but that’ll offer a bolder bitter flavor.

3. Fedelini

Fedelini is yet another Italian food, and you can use it to make various types of dishes. It’s an extremely thin pasta, even lighter than vermicelli. You can use thick creams to make Fedelini by adding the vegetables and meats of your choice.

4. French Toast

French toast is one of the most popular food or dishes you can make with bread. First, you need to make a batter made with milk, beaten eggs, and a sweetener and then dip the bread in the mixture before frying.

You can also use the cream for stuffing thick bread slices.It’s usually topped with cream and berries and drizzled with maple syrup. First, however, you can use the desired ingredients to make your version of French toasts.

5. Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of the most common dishes made with chicken, and you can find it from pretty much any fast-food restaurant. However, you can also make fried chicken at home easily. All you need to do is season your favorite chicken piece before covering it in wheat flour or breadcrumbs and fry.

You can also use different spices and honey and cook the chicken pieces in the oven to change pace.

6. Fabada

Fabada is a rich stew from Spanish cuisine usually served during winter. It’s made with saffron, onions, blood sausages, salt, paprika, garlic, navy beans, and chorizo.

It’s important to note that navy beans are great at absorbing the mild flavor of other ingredients. That’s why fabada is cooked slowly to achieve the best taste. It’s commonly consumed as a starter in many Spanish restaurants.

7. Fugu

Fugu is a type of pufferfish, and it’s commonly eaten in Korea, Japan, China, and many other Asian countries. It’s an expensive thick skin fish with a mild flavor, and even people who don’t like seafood can enjoy it.

It’s not advisable to cook this fish at your home because it sometimes contains a lethal amount of poison called tetrodotoxin. This poison can permanently paralyze your muscles. That’s why it’s best to eat Fugu prepared by a qualified and experienced professional.

8. Flatbread

Flatbread is a delicious combination of pita and naan. It’s believed that this bread originated from Egypt and was made without yeast. You can now find flatbread in many different parts of the world, but it’s most commonly served in Asia and Africa.

Some people use flatbread to make pizza and can also make rolls with the filling of your choice.

9. Francesinha

It’s a famous sandwich from Portugal made from cheese, bologna, multiple types of sausages, steak, and ham. The mixture of these ingredients is filled between two bread slices, and the sandwich is often served with fries, beer gravy, and fried eggs.

10. Fondue

If you’re a cheese lover, then you must try fondue. It’s a swiss cheese that’s always served in a melted form. Some restaurants even serve fondue cheese on a portable stove. It pairs well with bread, veggies, and French beans, and the combination is used as an appetizer.

11. Flour

Flour is probably the most prominent and used healthy food that starts with the letter “F.” It’s almost certain you have eaten or heard of this food before. It’s one of the most common cereal grain that people worldwide use for thickening and baking.

The standard type of flour is made from wheat. However, many cereal food including other varieties are also available, including buckwheat, amaranth, rye, ground chickpeas, rice, corn, and potato. Flour is an essential ingredient for muffins, coat cakes, cookies, bread, and other baking items.

12. Fish Finger

Fish fingers are also known as fish sticks, and they’re small slices of fried or baked fish covered in breadcrumbs. This food originated after World War II in the United Kingdom because of food shortages.

At that time, fish fingers were made from inexpensive and readily available fish, including hake, haddock, pollock, and cod. However, you can now find this food made from many other types of fish wort.

13. Fore Rib

Fore rib is a delicious flank steak or beef cut that can be cut into steaks or roasted as it is. You can enjoy fore rib boneless or boneless steak or bones by cooking it the way you want. It contains a lot of marble that adds more flavor to the food. It’s essential to ensure that you don’t overcook this dish for the rib to achieve the best taste.

14. Farfalle

Farfalle is an Italian word that means “butterflies.” It’s a type of pasta called farfalle because of its bow-tie shape. You can add it to pasta salad, casseroles, white sauces, tomato dishes, and soups like minestrone.

It comes with enough robustness that allows it to retain its shape in stews and soups, even if you cook them for a longer time.

15. French Fries

Chips or French fries are one of the most popular ways to cook deep fried potatoes in hot oil. It comes in all shapes, such as crinkle-cut, wedges, string skinny, and waffle-shaped. Regardless of their shape, they offer a great taste, and you can even enjoy them with any fast food.

Many regions of the world have specialized sauces just for deep fried French fries. These sauces usually contain pickle juices, ketchup, mayo, and various savory dishes. You can also top your fries with cheese and butter for an added flavor.

16. Focaccia

Focaccia is a flatbread from Italy with a similar appearance and smooth texture to a pizza base. The difference between pizza bread and Focaccia is that one is left to rise after flattening.

You can use many different ingredients, such as when eaten fresh tomatoes, feta cheese or goat cheese, rosemary, and garlic topping. Focaccia is commonly served as an appetizer or a side dish.

17. Feijoa

Feijoa is a sub-tropical plant naturally found in Central and South America. However, the southern peas can grow in high-altitude regions with much humidity, so it’s now also grown in South Africa, California, New Zealand, and Europe.

The taste of Feijoa feels like a combination of pineapple guava and strawberry, and it’s usually eaten raw.

18. Feta

Feta cheese is a type of Mediterranean cheese made with goat’s milk or sheep’s milk. It feels slightly grainy and crumbly and pairs well with some falafels and Greek salads. You can also add feta to different desserts like spanakopita.

19. Frittata

Frittata is usually confused with an omelet, but it’s a different recipe. It’s a baked egg filled with some cheese, herbs, and vegetables.

Frittata is an Italian dish that is very easy to make, and you can serve it as a part of your dinner or as a delicious breakfast.

20. Falafel

It’s a type of fast food that originated in the Middle East. The simple recipes for this food are straightforward as it’s made with ground and fried chickpeas and has a round shape.

Falafels are commonly served with tzatziki, tahini, hummus sauce and some veggies and pita bread.

21. Figs

Fig is a healthy teardrop-shaped fruit that originated from Asia, and it comes in a variety of different types. It comes with purplish flesh that features hundreds of tiny seeds and has thick yet soft skin.

You can only enjoy the fresh figs during summer and autumn, but you can find the dried fruit as figs throughout the year.

22. Finger Lime

Finger limes look pretty similar to regular limes, but they have tiny lime balls inside. These balls are almost translucent and full of lime juice, and they pop inside your mouth.

Finger limes are native to Australia, but they’re becoming popular day by day, and you can find them from specialty fruit stores.

23. Fuji Apple

The cross between the Virginia Rawls Jennet and Red Delicious apples is Fuji apple. It comes in a red color that also has some shades of yellow and dark green.

You can use these apples in a range of different desserts because of their sweet flavor. They come with many health benefits, and it can be eaten raw as well. They’re also used to make jams, sauces, juices, and syrups.

Desserts that start with “F”

24. Falooda

Falooda is a noodle-based dessert that might sound a little off. But it can be your next favorite cold dessert. It originated in Persia, but now it’s also popular in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many other Asian countries.

It’s made with ice cream, milk, basil seeds, vermicelli, and rose syrup and is usually served at Islamic events and holidays.

25. Flapjacks

Flapjack is a popular English snack made from oats, golden syrup, brown powdered sugar, and butter. It’s a baked bar of oats that offers a sweet flavor, and you can enjoy it as a snack or a dessert. You can easily make flapjacks at home due to minimal and easily found ingredients.

However, you can avoid the hassle by purchasing pre-packaged Flapjacks from your favorite supermarket. Keep in mind that flapjack is also used to describe a small pancake in some regions of North America.

26. Flan/Caramel Custard

Flan or caramel custard is a baked dessert with a caramel topping. It’s often made with eggs, milk, and sweetener, and it offers a dark yellow color. Flan also describes a tart flavor like pastry with fruity filling and a sweet flavor.

27. Fasnacht

Fasnacht is a type of doughnut from Germany that’s commonly served on Shrove Tuesday. It is because it’s the day before Lent (Fastnacht Day) starts. These doughnuts are traditionally made with baking soda or yeast, and they’re deep-fried. But some versions also use potato flour or mashed potato.

Drinks that Start with “F”

28. Frappe

Frappe is a blended coffee usually served cold by adding sugar and milk. It sometimes also features some toppings such as whipped cream. There are many versions of Frappe, including chocolate, caramel, and mocha.

29. Float

Float is a mixture of a couple of scoops of ice cream and flavored soda. You can use any flavor such as vanilla and rainbow sherbet with lemon-lime soda. It’s an excellent drink that you can enjoy during the summer months.


As you can see, the list of foods that start with the letter “F” is long. However, you can pick your favorite ones and start trying them one by one to treat your taste buds better. Although, next grocery shopping list include foods beginning with letter F includes French beans, Fox grape, deep fried ball, French onion soup, ground raw chicken food, French cuisine.


What fruits begin with the letter “F”?

Figs, finger limes, and fuji apples are common fruits that start with the letter “F.” All of these fruits are delicious and healthy, and it can be eaten raw.

What snacks begin with the letter “F”?

Fasnacht, falafel, frittata, Focaccia, and Feijoa are some great food items that start with F and you can use as a snack in few countries.

What vegetables start with the letter “F”? 

Fairy ring mushroom, false daisy, fat hen fat hen, fig, fried chicken mushroom and many more are the delicious vegetables that start with letter F. 

Is fig a vegetable?

Figs are the fruit of the ficus tree, which is part of the mulberry family (Moraceae). They have a unique sweet taste, soft and chewy texture and are littered with slightly crunchy texture, edible seeds. Fresh figs are delicate and perishable, so are often dried to preserve them.

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