28 Foods that Start with the Letter J – Extending the Life of Food

Almost all regions of the world have their unique cuisines, vegetables, and fruit salad. This article discusses the best food items from all around the world that start with the letter “J.” You’ll be amazed to learn how many foods that start with J are out there!

Foods that start with J are:

1. Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken is a popular dish from Jamaica and you must try it at least once in your life. 

This food refers to the pieces of chicken covered with different spices and grilled or cooked for a long time on fire. Jerk Chicken comes with a spicy and smokey taste that feels delicious and will leave you wanting more.

2. Johnnycake

Johnnycake is also known as Johnny bread, spider cornbread, or Shawnee cake. 

It’s a type of flatbread that’s most popular in America and eaten all the way from Newfoundland to Jamaica. This bread is usually made with cornmeal, and this is the only thing that makes it different from regular pancakes.

3. Jook

Jook is a traditional breakfast food from China,  commonly served in many other Asian countries such as Burma, Indonesia, and Japan. It’s a type of rice porridge made from rice which is boiled in a lot of water.

4. Jiaozi

It’s another Chinese dish that is commonly eaten in many East Asian countries at the Lunar New Year event. Jiaozi are basically dumplings that are made with vegetables and lean trimmed meat wrapped in dough.

The dough of this dish is extremely thin and translucent, which is sealed after adding the filling. Jiaozi is a Chinese word that translates to “horn,” and has been named so because of its shape.

5. Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a French dish made with celery, peppers, onions, tomatoes, sausages, rice, ham, and shellfish or chicken. The Caribbean foods staring is a spicy creole dish that offers an incredible taste, and can be served with your favorite side dish.

6. Jam

Jam is one of the most popular foods that start with the letter “J.” It’s made with pieces of fruit pulp or mashed fruits and comes in all types of flavors such as mango, apple, strawberry, blueberry, mixed fruit, and so on. 

It’s most commonly served sweet with a toast at breakfast.

7. Jordan Almond

It’s a small treat that people from across the globe enjoy. Jordan almond is basically skinned almonds that are coated with a sugar syrup candy layer.

They’re most commonly served on special occasions such as wedding and birthday parties as confectionery. This treat goes by many names, such as confetti, dragee, or simply powdered sugar Jordan almond.

8. Jambon

Jambon is a type of meat obtained from pigs. It’s a smoked, cured, and boneless ham that’s most commonly eaten in Vendee (a French region). The best type of jambon comes from the animals that live in large areas where they can move around freely.

9. Jollof Rice

If you are familiar with West African culture, then you’d already know what jollof rice is. It’s most commonly cooked in natural liquid and served in Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, and Senegal. The west African meal or foods that start with J offers a strong smoky flavor as jollof rice cooked for a long time on an open fire (made by burning wood) until they burn.

You can find many recipes for this dish, but one factor that remains the same in each type is the smoky taste.

10. Jerusalem Artichoke

Although Jerusalem artichoke is called artichoke, this root vegetable native belongs to the sunflower family. It offers a nutty and sweet taste if eaten raw and a shape similar to a bobbly potato.

Most people like to bake Jerusalem artichokes in their skin because of their thick potato-like consistency. This method of cooking provides these vegetables with a fluffy texture.

11. Jitomate

Jitomate is a type of tomato from Central and South America, also called red tomatoes. Yes, you read that right! Jitomate is a Mexican foods beginning with word that translates to red tomatoes.

It’s one of the most versatile fruits/vegetables cooked that you can use in all types of savory dishes such as salads, soups, sauces, stews, and sometimes even in drinks.

12. Jicama

The Mexican spicy pepper Jicama is a type of large edible root (classified as a vegetable) that offers a sweet taste and comes with white flesh. It’s also called Mexican yam and is often used to make stews, salads, meat dishes, and tacos. 

You can also eat this root vegetable on its own, either cooked or raw.

Jicama comes with a lot of carbohydrates which makes it a good option even if you are following a keto diet.

13. Jalapeno

Jalapeno is a popular type of medium sized chili pepper in North America that comes in a green or red color. 

These peppers are mostly used in Latin American and Mexican foods because of their Mexican spicy pepper taste. Whether it’s hamburger, south African toasted sandwich, salsas, or even guacamole, you can use jalapenos for added taste.

14. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a yellow semi tropical fruit that’s naturally found in Africa, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. It’s a close relative of figs but comes with a similar size and shape to melons. However, the skin of jackfruits is rough and bumpy.

The most interesting fact about this yellow fruit native is that it offers a chicken-like taste. You can cook this tropical fruit with the seasoning and sauces of your choice.

15. Jonathan Apple

Jonathan Apple is probably the most attractive type of red late ripening apple, offering an incredible taste. It’s usually eaten raw because of its sharp and sweet flavor, but you can also cook it the way you want. It’s also used to make syrups and jams.

16. Japanese Plum

Japanese Plum is a popular fruit from Japan that offers a tangy and sweet taste and has a small round shape. It’s known to be one of the most beneficial fruits for your health and body.

Not only are Japanese plum added to Japanese cuisine, but they’re also used to make sauces, wines, and jams.

17. Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are actually a female seed that has a purple color and is produced by multiple types of juniper trees. Interestingly, these little fruits are actually “cones,” although they are known as berries. They offer a light pine and a little peppery flavor.

These berries are usually used in gin to add flavor, but you can also use fruit juice as an ingredient in various dishes.

Desserts that start with “J”

18. Jello

Jello is a unique dessert made from gelatin. You can eat it alone, or use it in other desserts as an ingredient. This bouncy African cuisine dessert is sometimes mixed with whipped cream and used as a filling with fruits.

19. Jelly Roll

The jelly roll is a type of sponge cake that comes with a soft and fluffy texture. It’s a thin cake that features jelly and sometimes creams inside. This gourmet dessert looks pretty similar to cinnamon rolls and is usually served after dinner.

20. JingBaiJan

JingBaiJan refers to a series of classic cakes from China. It’s believed that this dessert or sweet pastry was invented by the Qing Imperial Kitchen. Usually, 8 different cakes are served where each one represents an entirely different meaning. 

The most common meanings of these cakes are excess, education, wealth, longevity, success, luck, fertility, and happiness.

The JingBaiJan cakes traditionally come in unique shapes. They’re made of salt, pepper, banana, raisins, red bean paste, sugar, Japanese plum, rose, dates, and sweet folded puff pastry filled.

21. Junket

Junket is a historical dessert, and it’s believed that it was invented back in the medieval age in England and served among the members of the royal court. At that time, this dessert was made with sweetened cream.

Now Junket has become popular all around the world, and in America, it’s made with a mixture of rennet and sweetened milk mixed. It offers a custardy texture and sweet taste, and you can serve it with any meal of the day.

22. Jam Roly Poly

Jam Roly Poly is a British baked pudding that features suet with a raspberry jam layer. The whole thing is then rolled and baked or steamed in an oven. Initially, it was eaten only by wealthy people at big family dinners.

The best way to enjoy this delicious dessert is to serve it along with hot custard. However, you can also serve Jam Roly Poly with ice cream or simple cream during hot days.

23. Jelly doughnut

Jelly doughnut filled are light and fluffy and usually have a hole in the middle. The sweet dessert is a sponge cake filled in orange jelly (jaffa cake), blackcurrant flavor with fermented milk. The Jaffa cakes or African foods beginning with J gives a natural fruit flavor to the doughnut.

Drinks that Start with “J”

24. Julep

Julep is a popular cocktail that’s made with crushed ice, freshwater, sugar, mint, and bourbon. It originated from South America and is commonly served in tall and thin glasses.

Most people also add liqueur, wine, or spirit to Julep, and you can also use the alcohol of your choice if you want. You can even find specially designed cups made from tin to enjoy julep.

25. Japanese Slipper

Japanese slipper is a popular drink in Japan made from lemon juice, Cointreau, and Midori. 

It was created at the Mietta’s restaurant located in Melbourne by Jean-Paul Bourguignon back in 1984. It’s a rich cocktail that’s loaded with fruity flavor and offers a light alcoholic taste.

26. Jameson

Jameson isn’t actually a drink but a brand that sells world-famous blended Irish whiskey. This drink comes with a neutral flavor that can be used to make a range of mixed drinks and cocktails. 

It’s most commonly sold as a rail drink, and you can easily find it in restaurants and bars. It is included in this because normally people refer to regular whiskey when they say “Jameson.”

27. Java – Ground coffee beans

Java is just another name that refers to the same thing as the word coffee does. It is called so because the ground coffee beans used to make coffee were first harvested by Dutch colonists on an island with the same name.

28. Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda is a refreshing drink from India that people usually drink during hot summer days. It originated from Madurai, an Indian city, and you can easily find it from roadside stalls in many cities of India.

It is traditionally made with a blended mixture of ice cream, almond gum, crushed ice, powdered sugar, sarsaparilla syrup, and goat’s milk. The word “Jigarthanda” literally translates to “cool liver” or “cool heart,” and it got its name because of its ingredients.

It is most commonly drunk by people working under the sun during summertime, and you can also make it to your home to enjoy its delicious taste.

Other Letter J foods:

Additional J continental foods such as staple food, traditional Haitian pumpkin soup, Jalapeno with coconut milk, jiffy corn muffin mix, spicy Creole dish with coconut milk boiled, salted or pickled mackerel, food fish, a traditional English dish known as Jaffa cakes, red late ripening apple with earthy flavor, Jamaican steamed fish are popular foods.


You can enjoy the taste of different cuisines and continental foods beginning with letter J from all over the world. By trying some Caribbean foods beginning with the letter “J” one by one. Start with those African foods starting with J that you can easily make at home to surprise your family members and friends!


What vegetables begin with the letter “J”?

Some common vegetables or foods that start with the letter “J” mentioned in this list are Jerusalem artichoke, firm white fish cooked dishes, automate, and Mexican foods starting with spicy pepper jicama. All of these vegetables are healthy, and you can cook them in multiple ways.

What are the foods that start with a J letter?

Jaboticaba, Jackfruit, Jalapeno, Jam, Java, Jaffa cake and Jello are some of the most popular foods beginning with J.

What drinks begin with the letter “J”?

Julep, Japanese slippers, Jameson, java, and Jigarthanda, are some drinks that start with the letter “J.” Keep in mind that julep, Japanese slipper, and Jameson contain alcohol, and drinking them in excess can be very harmful to your health. So, make sure that you consume these Continental foods, fruit or vegetable juice drinks in moderation.

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