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14 Incredible Side Dishes To Serve With Fajitas

It’s hard to deny that Mexican cuisine is one of the most exciting and interesting cuisines.

For example, Mexican flavors transform a fajita from being a simple wrap into an explosion of flavors, and a medley of colors and textures.

14 Incredible Side Dishes To Serve With Fajitas

A fajita combines caramelized onions, grilled meat, peppers, spices and veggies into a warm tortilla.

Plus, fajitas are customizable to your preferences. You can use beef, chicken, pork or shrimp, as all work well with the cheese, garlic, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, and the medley of spices that make up a delicious fajita. 

There is so much going on in a fajita that you can definitely enjoy them all by themselves, but there are also some great sides that can be enjoyed with fajitas too – especially if you’re having a Mexican inspired dinner party with your friends!

Let’s take a look at 14 incredible side dishes to serve with fajitas. 

Mexican Rice

You’ll find steamed white rice in cuisines all over the world, but Mexican rice is pretty unique. Not only is it bursting with delicious flavor, but it tastes even better when packed into a tortilla bread.

Mexican rice is so delicious that a lot of people forgo eating the tortilla wrap and use it as a bowl to hold all the delicious rice and fajita filling! Plus, Mexican rice can be ready in under an hour. 

You just need a single pot to make this Mexican rice which makes cleaning up so much easier!

You can throw in whatever veggies your heart desires, but this recipe sticks to carrots, corn kernels, onions, and peas. The rice then simmers in tomato sauce, chicken broth, chili powder, and cumin.

Mexican Quinoa

If you’re not a fan of rice but would still like a side of grains with your fajitas, why not try Mexican quinoa? Quinoa is not only healthier than rice, it marries so well with fajitas.

You can also upgrade this side dish with black beans, corn, tomatoes, and zucchini. With some fajita seasoning and olive oil, it is the perfect accompaniment to your fajitas.

What’s more you can have this quinoa ready in just 30 minutes, and it also doubles up as a great vegan lunch if you have extra. 

Mexican Street Corn

One of the most popular Mexican street food snacks, Mexican street corn or elote is sure to be a hit at your Mexican-inspired dinner party, especially when served with delicious fajitas.

Mexican street corn is slathered with chili powder, mayonnaise, and sour cream, then topped with cotija cheese and then grilled. Is your mouth watering yet?

If you’re off put by eating anything too messy – and let’s face it, corn on the cob can be messy to eat – you can incorporate your elote into a salad, which is a lot easier on your guests, and means they can even incorporate the corn into their tortilla wrap to give their fajita extra crunch!

Tossed Green Salad

Fajitas can be a bit heavy, so a light side is a nice, refreshing contrast. And what’s lighter than a simple green salad?

For a fajita, a Caesar salad topped with shrimp makes for a tasty and creamy side dish, and grilled shrimp provides a delicious charred flavor. 

But for an even lighter salad you could opt for a bowl of chopped salad with a nice cilantro and lime vinaigrette. The vinaigrette and the leafy greens give the salad a refreshing flavor that cools down the fiery hot flavor of fajitas. 

Or, you could incorporate some avocados into your fajita (more on that below).

You’ll find avocados, cucumbers, and tomatoes in a number of Mexican dishes, so a salad that incorporates these three flavors brings even more nutritious Mexican flavors.

What could make this salad even better? How about the addition of cumin, lime, and red onions and a creamy avocado dressing? Salads don’t get better than that! 

You can also add some Mexican slaw for a pop of color, and the flavors from the apple cider vinegar, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, and red onions are to die for… especially when accompanied by cheesy fajitas!


The one you’ve all been waiting for… the iconic Mexican dip… guacamole! This avocado based dip is prevalent throughout Mexican cuisine, and the fajita is no exception!

One spoonful of this rich, creamy dip is sure to elevate your fajita. Plus, it can be ready in a few minutes. You just need to toss all the ingredients into a food processor, blend them and then serve. It couldn’t be easier!

Like all great guacamole recipes, this one keeps it simple. All you need is ripe avocados, chilies, cilantro, chopped tomato, onions, a squeeze of lime and salt. 

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Pico de Gallo (Fresh Salsa)

Of course, we can’t talk about guacamole without talking about salsa. They are just as iconic of a duo as peanut butter and jelly! So you can’t serve guacamole without salsa.

Try to avoid jarred salsa if you can, because fresh salsa tastes so much better and is much kinder to your wallet. All you need is cilantro, onions, and ripe tomatoes.

Pantry staples you most likely have in your cupboard anyway! But if you want to take your salsa game to the next level, you can incorporate some avocado and shrimp too.

Juicy, sweet shrimp, and buttery, rich avocados, drizzled with a lime-cilantro dressing is a match made in heaven.

Refried Bean Dip

Refried beans are another iconic Mexican side. This creamy and rich dip is perfect to dip some chips into, but can also make a great dip for your fajita too.

For some extra umami flavors you can add some cheese, or make it spicier with cumin, jalapeño, and onions. We can’t forget avocados though!

You can incorporate some avocados into your dip too, but whatever you choose to make your dip with, it’s certain to be a great sidekick to your fajita. 

This creamy, delicious refried bean dip recipe calls for cream cheese, green chiles, refried beans, and taco seasoning. But cheese is key – this is what makes the dip super creamy!

Grilled Peppers

To make your fajitas extra fiery, why not add some grilled peppers? Grilling peppers does mellow out their flavor admittedly, but they still retain their irresistible kick.

But for extra flavor, why not stuff the peppers with cheese. Grilled peppers only take 10 minutes to make too, what’s not to love?

You may taste these peppers and think there is some fancy seasoning involved to make them taste so good, but this isn’t the case. All you need is salt and pepper! 

Multicolored bell peppers give this side dish its beautiful, vibrant look, and you can even add red onions for even more flavor. 

Oven-Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes are a classic side dish no matter what the cuisine. Not only are they delicious but filling too, so once you’ve finished your meal you’re left feeling full and satisfied.

But what potato dish should you serve on the side of fajitas? Roasted potatoes, of course! You can give roasted potatoes some Mexican flavors by adding some avocados, cheese, chili powder, sour cream, and taco seasoning.

But for a more interesting texture, you can also add some crispy bacon bits!

Furthermore, oven-roasted potatoes are super simple to make. Dried herbs work for this recipe, but you can also use fresh herbs too.

Since fresh garlic can burn at the high temperatures needed to roast potatoes, garlic powder might be better for this recipe.

But you can be as creative as you want with these potatoes, and they make a great side dish for many meals, not just fajitas!

Papas Con Chorizo

Papas Con Chorizo is often referred to as Mexican Chorizo and Potatoes and is another side dish that goes well with fajitas and is sure to fill you up.

Soft, fluffy potatoes and smoky, chewy chorizo sausage is a heavenly combination.

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Grilled Avocado

Another way to incorporate avocados into your fajitas is to grill them! Grilling avocados couldn’t be easier and gives them even more flavor, namely the smoky kind that marries so well with rich fajitas.

If you’re a fan of smoky, BBQ flavors then you’re going to want to try this out, especially as you can grill avocados in 5 minutes!

As well as serving it with fajitas, why not bring grilled avocados along to your next potluck, or throw them on the barbecue? 

Summer Corn Salad

Yet another way to incorporate avocados into your fajita is to serve a colorful bowl of corn salad with cilantro and tomatoes alongside them.

This salad is super refreshing, especially when enjoying fajitas in the summer, and is also a great use for any leftover grilled corn you have.

Plus, as most of the ingredients needed are pantry staples, it is a budget-friendly side too.

Spanish Rice

Since Spanish rice has the same flavor profile as fajitas, it is the perfect side dish.

It has everything you could want in a side dish to your fajita – chili powder, green chilies, green bell peppers, and tomatoes!

Black Beans And Rice

To give your fajitas a Latin kick, serve them alongside some black beans and rice!

Toss in some green bell peppers and add some extra flavor with cilantro, cumin, and lime, and you’ve got a mouth-watering side dish for your fajita. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know When Fajitas Are Ready?

Cook your fajita meat for 7-10 minutes, constantly stirring and turning the meat. With an instant-read thermometer take random samples of the meat to check if it’s done.

Normally, beef is ready to eat at 145 degrees Fahrenheit, pork is ready to eat at 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and chicken is ready to eat at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How Do You Make Fajita Beef Tender?

If your beef is chewy, it may be because the steak was cut the wrong way, or it hasn’t had enough time to marinade.

When cutting beef you should cut against the grain, as this helps to tenderize it. You can tell the direction in which the grain is running by looking closely at the steak.

You should cut perpendicular to the grain, and the same goes for chicken fajitas as well. 

You should also marinade your beef with an acidic marinade like citrus juice or vinegar.

This tenderizes the meat by breaking down the fibers. While you should let your beef marinade for a while, you also need to be careful about marinading it for too long.

This is because the acid will break down too many of the fibers, which has a negative effect on the overall texture.

4 to 6 hours is the ideal time to leave beef to marinade, although you can also leave it to marinade for up to a day. 

How Were Fajitas Traditionally Served?

Fajitas were traditionally served as skirt steak sliced across the grain thinly and grilled to rare or medium rare, and served with warm, flour tortillas.

Cheese, grilled peppers, guacamole, onions, and pico de gallo were also served with it. 

Final Thoughts

There are a few different elements to a fajita that makes it one filling meal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it with a few tasty sides!

We hope our selection of delicious sides has inspired you for your next fajita party!

14 Incredible Side Dishes To Serve With Fajitas

There is no food quite as fun as fajitas, but these 14 incredible side dishes are sure to make your fajitas even more exciting!


  • Pick a recipe from the list above
  • Click the recipe name and visit the website
  • Collect the ingredients and cook the food
  • Enjoy – don’t forget to leave a review

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