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10 Amazing Moroccan Dessert Recipes

Moroccan foods tend to be full of flavors. If you have not been to the country, you may not be familiar with any of their Moroccan dessert recipes.

10 Amazing Moroccan Dessert Recipes

Yet, Moroccan desserts can be super fun for bakers to try. There is a wide array of tastes and textures for you to experience in this cuisine, though almond is a prominent ingredient. 

We have picked 10 incredible Moroccan desserts. To help you better understand them, we have explained what each dessert is.

We have also included a recipe so that you can make these desserts at home.

M’hanncha (Snake Cake)

Firstly, if you are looking for a cake with a cool name, you cannot go far wrong with this Moroccan snake cake.

It gets this name from its distinctive shape, which is comparable to that of a snake. This gives it a unique aesthetic that looks very awesome.

In terms of taste, the cake is flavored with almonds (like a lot of other Moroccan desserts). This causes the cake to have a nutty taste.

However, cinnamon and orange-flower water have also been added for further flavor. Because it is quite large, snake cake is best served at gatherings and parties.

People can break their own pieces off the cake, meaning that you do not have to worry about serving it.

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Moroccan Baklava

This dessert is very iconic in Morocco. Like the previous cake, it has been flavored with almond and orange-flower water.

This is because almonds are commonly grown in Morocco, which has the fifth-highest production of the nut in the world. 

Baklava is a dessert with multiple layers of fine pastry. In between these layers is a scrumptiously sweet syrup that has been flavored with orange-flower water and an almond filling.

If you love the combination of nuts and syrup, this recipe will be right up your street. Though it can be a little fiddly to make, this pastry dish looks very grand.

Baghrir (Semolina Pancakes)

Do you love pancakes? These pancakes are probably a little different from the pancakes you are used to. You can automatically tell the difference between these pancakes and American pancakes.

They are filled with lots of little holes. These distinctive holes are caused by yeast bubbles. 

What also makes these pancakes unique is their semolina flavoring. This flour tastes a little nuttier than standard flours, enhancing the flavor of these pancakes.

This specific recipe will give you pancakes with a perfectly fluffy texture. Typically, this dessert is served with a drizzle of honey, adding to its sweetness.

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If you are looking for an authentic Moroccan cookie recipe, you cannot go far wrong with ghoriba. These cookies are akin to shortbread. They are made in a variety of Arab countries, including Morocco.

As you may have guessed, they are seasoned with almonds. They have a distinctive cracked surface and are typically molded into balls, though you can also find crescent versions of the cookie. 

These cookies are best enjoyed as a sweet snack with a hot drink. In terms of texture, ghoribas can be quite diverse.

This recipe makes a crunchy variation of the cookie, which we believe perfectly complements its nutty flavor.

They also used toasted sesame seeds to further enhance the flavor of the cookies.

Meskouta (Lemon Cake)

Next, if you are looking for a cake that looks stunning, this recipe will be great for you.

This version has been flavored with lemon, though you can get variations that have been infused with orange, almonds, or vanilla.

This cake is ideal for eating with hot drinks, such as tea or coffee. It is commonly eaten during the winter seasons. 

This recipe uses both lemon juice and zest to provide a deliciously zesty taste. The cake batter is poured into a bundt cake, giving the cake a unique shape.

Once cooked, the cake is typically covered in a glaze and can be decorated with fruit. For example, this lemon cake has been ornamented with lemons. This cake looks very sophisticated.

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Maamoul (Date Cookies)

Do you like the sweet taste of dates? If you do, you may want to try these Moroccan cookies. The sweet date filling complements the subtle sweetness of the cookie mixture.

Perhaps what is most distinctive about these cookies is their soft and luxurious texture.

As this recipe states, though dates are the most common filling, you can experiment with others. This wonderful recipe suggests using walnuts, pistachios, or almonds.

These fillings will provide wildly different flavors, allowing you to find the one that works best for you. 

Orange blossom water and semolina have been used in the dough for added flavor. These cookies are ideal for serving during the holidays.


If you are brave enough to try a dessert that looks very unlike other desserts, sellou will be an exciting opportunity. This dessert is really easy to make, as it does not require the ingredients to be baked together.

It is straightforward to make, making it a good option for people with limited amounts of time.

The dessert is comprised of sesame seeds, almonds, and flour. Consequently, the dessert is very nutty and earthy. 

This dish is said to be restorative. This is why it is a popular choice for Ramadan, an Islamic event in which fasting is observed.

Sellou may also be served at other events, such as weddings. Because it is loaded with calories, the dessert is also given to women after they have given birth.

Sellou is also somewhat rich in protein thanks to the inclusion of the nuts.

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Chebakia (Moroccan Cookies)

If you want to make some ornate-looking cookies, you should consider baking chebakia. These pastries are seasoned with honey and covered in sesame seeds.

The mild sweetness of the sesame seeds matches the overt sweetness of the honey, creating a dessert that is ideal for people with a sweet tooth. 

These cookies are a little harder to make than some of the other desserts on this list. This is because of their flower-like shape. Luckily, this recipe explains the process in plenty of detail and provides some useful pictures.

Because they are quite time-consuming, it is an excellent idea to make these pastries with other people.

If you have any friends or family members who like baking, you can invite them over to help you to make chebakia.


Are you a lover of doughnuts? If so, you may want to try the Moroccon equivalent. Like American doughnuts, sfenj are deep-fried in a ring shape.

Once they have been fried, sfenj develops a luscious golden coloring. They also have a relatively hard outside and a soft inside.

In fact, this word can be translated as “sponge”, referring to the sponge-like texture on the inside of these treats. 

As this recipe notes, sfenj can be served with sugar and honey for a deliciously sweet dessert.

If you travel to Morocco, you may see these treats being served by vendors. We encourage you to give them a try, as you may find them irresistible.

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Last but not least, if you are attending a Moroccan event or celebration, you are likely to see seffa served.

This dish may sound a little unusual to some audiences because it mixes sweet and savory.

However, we encourage you to give it a go if you are interested in learning about Moroccan culture. You may find that you like this combination of flavors. 

As this recipe states, chicken, beef, or lamb can be used for the base of this dish. Savory noodles or couscous in an onion sauce are then topped with cinnamon, almonds, and sugar.

Though seffa is usually considered a side dish, it can be transformed into a dessert thanks to its sweet toppings.

You can remove the meat if you are not comfortable eating it with this sweet topping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from these dishes, there are a number of savory meals that are commonly served in Morocco.

Some examples of these meals are:

  • Couscous
  • Tagine
  • Harira
  • Zaalouk

If you are unsure about what these meals are, we encourage you to research them.

Doing so will help you to better understand this cuisine. In terms of drinks, mint tea is an extremely popular beverage in Morocco.

What Languages Are Spoken In Morocco?

If you are contemplating traveling to Morocco, it will be useful to know what languages are spoken there.

Both forms of Arabic, classic and modern, are both widely used in the country. Amazigh is also a common dialect. 

Aside from these languages, French is the next most popular. This is likely due to the French colonization of Morocco, which occurred at the beginning of the 20th century.

Small percentages of the Moroccan population also speak Spanish or English. If you travel there, it may be a good idea to learn Arabic or French. 

What Do Moroccans Eat For Breakfast?

There are a wide variety of foods that are eaten at breakfast in Morocco. The most obvious food that is eaten is bread.

Other popular breakfast foods include fried eggs, pancakes, olives, mortadella (a thick sausage), or fruit. If you ever journey to Morocco, there are plenty of breakfast options available to you. 

Final Thoughts

Though you may not have heard of many of these desserts, they are nonetheless worth trying out.

It is always a good idea to explore food from other countries, as it helps you to understand their cultures and lifestyles. 

10 Amazing Moroccan Dessert Recipes

What are some delicious Moroccan desserts? How can I make them? To learn about Morocco’s most popular sweet treats, click here for some stunning recipes.


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