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Kibuns Range of Healthy Noodles At Costco

Quick Answer: Kibuns Range of Healthy Noodles At Costco

Right off the bat, we have no trouble asserting that Kibun’s range of Healthy Noodles is definitely worth the price. Within each pack is a large number of noodles that can easily be added directly to any dish of your choice. The noodles themselves are also incredibly tasty, and have a wonderful texture that naturally absorbs the flavor of other ingredients that they are mixed with!

Noodles are easy to add to countless recipes, and it should stand as no surprise that they are one of the most popular food products in the entire world.

There are countless recipes that they can be used in, and they are always immensely satisfying.

The only problem is that noodles are not always incredibly healthy, and often contain plenty of carbohydrates, sugar, and fat.

But are there any options out there that are healthy while still also being delicious and versatile? Why not try Kibun Foods Healthy Noodles?

Kibun Foods’ range of healthy noodles is a great option if you want a way to reduce the calorie count of some of your favorite noodle dishes, but are they actually worth the price?

Are they healthy while still being tasty? Let’s take a look together to find out! 

Healthy Noodles At Costco - Low Carbs From Kibun Foods (Shopping With Dave)

How Do Kibun Healthy Noodles Taste?

Of course, one of the most important considerations, whenever it comes to assessing the quality of a food product, is its flavor. So, with this in mind, how do Kibun’s range of Healthy Noodles taste?

Despite being low on sugar, fat, and salt, the noodles themselves are still very delicious. They have a very simple flavor that is not unappetizing and is incredibly similar to the full-fat variety.

However, the noodles are not overly strong alone when it comes to flavor, so how do they taste when you mix them with some other ingredients? 

These noodles are incredibly absorbent, which allows them to quickly take on the flavor of just about anything you mix them with. This makes them an incredibly suitable healthy alternative for any of your existing favorite noodle dishes.

These noodles taste much better than most other healthy noodle alternatives which often tend to taste slightly different, but enough to be noticeable!

What Is The Texture Of Kibun Healthy Noodles Like?

Kibun’s Healthy Noodles not only taste good but also feel good in the mouth. The noodles have a nice balance between firmness and softness, which makes them satisfying to bite into.

The texture is slightly off, especially when compared directly to ordinary noodles, but if you had no idea that they were a healthy alternative, then it is unlikely that you would notice.

The noodles themselves have a flat and wide shape that is perfect for creating traditional Pad Thai dishes that you will love.

If you’ve been worried that your favorite Pad Thai recipe is a little too fattening, then these could definitely be the noodles for you!

Healthy Noodles At Costco - Low Carbs From Kibun Foods (Shopping With Dave) (1)

How Much Do Kibun Healthy Noodles Cost?

Kibun Healthy Noodles from Costco have a very healthy price tag. Within each package of the noodles is around 8 packs of pre-cooked noodles that you can easily open up and throw into an existing recipe.

This helps you to save a lot of time on cooking.

Considering its price tag, the inclusion of 8 individual packets of noodles within the package is incredibly generous.

You could easily use these noodles as a permanent healthy alternative to standard noodles in some of your favorite recipes. 

Compared to other healthy noodle products available in Costco, these noodles are slightly more costly, but they also have a much better texture and sense of flavor than others, which makes them worth every penny. 

How Nutritious Are Kibun Healthy Noodles?

Each of the eight packages included within Kibun Healthy Noodles has enough to feed two people, which makes them incredibly generous.

Every half of a pack contains only around 30 calories each, has totally zero fat and has an incredibly low volume of carbohydrates. 

This helps to make them incredibly healthy while still being nutritious. This is further helped by the fact that half of a pack of noodles also contains a gram of protein. 

However, it is worth keeping in mind that there is around 190mg of sodium in half of a pack of noodles, which can appear rather high to some. 

The carbohydrates contained within the noodles are all made up of dietary fibers, which help to make the noodles also very beneficial for the function of your gut.

You’ll feel much better after eating these noodles than just about any other noodles you can find in Costco!

Are Kibun Healthy Noodles Worth The Price?

Now for the all important question. Consideringthe sheer numebr of individual noodle packets there are in a standard box of Kibun Healthy Noodles, it is quite easy to say that, yes, these noodles most definitely are worth the price tag. 

Not only are Kibun Healthy Noodles packages incredibly generous, making them perfect for stocking up, ready to make your favorite noodles meals, but they are also very tasty.

They feature a very subtle flavor that you may not otherwise notice, and they are able to easily absorb the flavor from other ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, and sauces. 

They also have a unique flat and wide shape, which makes them totally perfect for making Pad Thai dishes that are much healthier than ever before.

Thanks to their texture and taste, we have no trouble saying for sure that Kibun Healthy Noodles are most definitely worth the price!

To Wrap Up

If you’ve been on the fence aboiut purchasing a packet of Kibun Healthy Noodles for yourself, then we hope that this has been enough to convince you of just how good these noodles are. 

We know that you would love these noodles, and that they will easily fit into countless recipes, so why not pick up a packet for yourself right now?

Jess Smith