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Our Review Of Costco Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack

If you’re thinking of trying out the Costco Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack, but want to learn more about it, you’re in the right place! Here, we’re going to dive into everything you need to know about this drink pack before buying.

With so many great drinks on the market, it can be difficult to pick between them. Boba has become immensely popular over the last few years, and for good reason!

However, many of you will be well aware that these drinks aren’t always the most affordable. Not only that, but sometimes you don’t want to have to leave the house to get it or wait an hour for delivery. 

Costco, along with many other companies, know this. As such, there are some amazing boba options that you can now make in the comfort of your own home!

This is something that any boba lover will appreciate in theory. However, how do these drinks compare to the ones you would buy from a boba shop?

That’s what we’re going to explore. Specifically, Costco’s Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack. If you want to find out more, just keep reading!

Costco Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack Review - Costcuisine

Costco Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack Review

Below is everything you could possibly need to know about this instant boba pack. This should help you decide whether to buy it or not – but you definitely should!

Where To Find It In Store

This delightful instant boba pack can actually be found in the frozen/freezer aisle! If you’re looking for an item number, it is 1571731. 

Everything you need will be in the box, except for cups! The boba blends are in sealed plastic bags, and the wide straws are in their own separate bags.

This makes the process so much easier, and no measuring is required! There will be 12 sachets in there, so there’s plenty for everyone.

What The Box Says

The box states a few interesting things that are worth mentioning before we jump into it:

  •  These drinks are ready in just 60 if you have a microwave.
  • You can have this boba drink hot or cold.
  • There are no nuts, gluten, or preservatives in the product.
  • The product is vegan-friendly.
  • You can add smoothie, milk, tea, or anything else you like to it to make it work for you.

The Flavor

To make this drink, you will need milk. Of course, you can use non-dairy alternatives for this too, so don’t worry about that! Any kind of milk you like would work well, so you have complete control over this.

However, considering the rich brown sugar flavor, oat milk would combine beautifully to make an unforgettable drink. 

Depending on what you generally prefer, this drink could either be perfect with ice, or a little too watery. This delightful homemade version of bubble tea can be made with plenty of ice, or little to none!

For a less watery consistency, use less ice – it will also keep the drink as tasty as possible! If you want your drink to be extra creamy, you can add your usual options to do so. 

In terms of the drink’s flavor, it’s pretty amazing! The tapioca pearls are sweet and chewy – the perfect combination for this drink. Brown sugar is the primary flavor you can expect from this drink.

Together, the tapioca and sugar work wonderfully. 

If you prefer fruity flavors when it comes to bubble tea, this drink might not be your favorite. However, for the traditional bubble tea lovers with tapioca pearls, this drink is a fantastic alternative to going out and buying.

In either case, these drinks will be good enough to finish the box in no time!

The Price

Cost-wise, it isn’t too bad! For 12 sachets and 12 straws, you pay CA$15.99 (price is subject to change). That’s around $1.33 per drink with a straw – sounds reasonable compared to what you would pay if you went to a bubble tea store!

In many places, for one bubble tea you will pay five dollars or more, so even though it needs a little effort, this price still isn’t bad. However, this interpretation will depend on you and what you prefer.

It’s just nice to have the convenience of an at-home bubble tea rather than taking the time to travel and spend more on a bubble tea that’s made for you. If you don’t live near a bubble tea shop, then this is probably your best bet!

How Convenient Is It, Really?

How Convenient Is It, Really?

Let’s take a look at the instructions for this bubble tea. It’s worth noting that the box says you can make this drink using a microwave or the stovetop.

Both options get the same delicious results, so that’s no big deal. If you don’t have a microwave, then the process will just take a little longer. 

The instructions for the microwave method are are follows:

  1. Cut the corner of the boba packet and place the packet in a microwave-safe glass or container. Keep the packet upright so that the contents don’t spill.
  2. Place the packet and glass in the microwave for 60 seconds on a high heat
  3. While the microwave is doing its thing, prepare the glass you want to drink the boba tea from. Add as much ice as you like, and add one cup of the liquid you are going to use (milk, almost milk, etc.).
  4. Once the microwave is done, pour the content into the glass with your preferred milk or liquid in it. Stir the boba and liquid together using the straw provided. 
  5. Add your ice, and stir it again.
  6. Enjoy!

The instructions for the stove top method are are follows:

  1. Get a medium-sized pan and fill it with hot water. Place the pan on the stovetop on a medium-high heat until boiling. 
  2. Add the closed packet of boba to the boiling water
  3. Reduce the heat to a simmer, allow the boba to boil in the water for 3-5 minutes.
  4. While the boba is boiling, prepare the glass you want to drink the boba tea from. Add as much ice as you like, and add one cup of the liquid you are going to use (milk, almost milk, etc.).
  5. Once the tapioca pearls are cooked, remove the bag from the pot and carefully cut the top off to open it. 
  6. Pour the content into the glass with your preferred milk or liquid in it. Stir the boba and liquid together using the straw provided. 
  7. Add your ice, and stir it again.
  8. Enjoy!

As you can see, the microwave method is a lot faster than the stovetop option. However, both work fantastically well. So, if you don’t have a microwave, you can still enjoy your boba, it will just take a little longer!

Proper Storage

Once you buy the boba at the store and get it home, you’re going to have to keep it in the freezer. They should keep in there for up to nine months. Realistically, these drinks will be gone within a month if you really love them, though!

It’s important for the tapioca pearls to stay frozen until you use them for maximum freshness and flavor. If you left the product out, it would go off and be inedible. 

Always follow the storage instructions!

Nutritional Information

Calories In The Costco Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack

This won’t come as a surprise, but these boba drinks are high in sugar. Let’s take a look at the nutritional information in one package below:

  • Calories – 110
  • Carbohydrates (g) – 28
  • Sugar (g) – 18
  • Sodium (mg) – 5
  • Fiber (g) – 0
  • Fat (g) – 0
  • Protein (g) – 0

The above values are for the pack of boba only! This doesn’t include anything else you may add to it, or even the liquid (milk, almost milk etc.) that you will use to make it.

Depending on what you choose to make it with or add, the above numbers can vary a lot. 

This is crucial when you’re considering what to use to make your drink – if this is important to you. 

All Ingredients

The ingredients in this product are listed as the following:

  • Water
  • Sugars (brown sugar)
  • Tapioca starch
  • Modified tapioca starch
  • Caramel color
  • Natural flavor
  • Cellulose gum

As you can see, the ingredients in this drink have little to no nutritional value. As such, this definitely shouldn’t be your go-to if you’re feeling thirsty!

This boba drink is a great treat, and really not something that you should enjoy every day if you’re concerned about health. 

With that being said, at least the sachets for this drink are vegan, and contain no nuts or gluten. This means that they are suitable for a variety of people, and you can easily keep it vegan-friendly when you’re making your drink. 

The sweetness of this drink can almost put it in the dessert category, which is totally fine! It works well as a dessert or just a sweet treat for any time of year. A cold boba is great for the summer, and a hot one is exactly what you need in the winter!

Overall Score

So, based on all the information we’ve put together, it’s pretty easy to score this boba drink! Let’s take a look below:

Taste: 9/10 – the flavor is great, and you can use any liquid you like to make the product. It’s not quite on the same level as the boba from a bubble tea store, but for a homemade option, it’s pretty great.

Price: 7/10 – it might be more on the pricey side for some, but the cost really isn’t bad! If you’re paying $5 or more for a fresh drink, the price of a pack of 12 really isn’t anything to turn your nose up at.

Convenience: 6/10 – it’s a lot easier and quicker if you have a microwave, but both options are pretty easy.

Nutrition: 0/10 – there’s nothing of nutritional value in this, just sugar!

Overall rating: 8/10 – this drink is definitely worth trying at the very least. It’s delicious and altogether pretty convenient. It’s a nice option to have if you don’t want to wait for delivery or drive to a shop.

A Summary

The Costco Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack is worth the money and certainly worth a try! For anyone who loves a rich and creamy combination with tapioca, this option is great.

It’s reasonably priced, easy to make, vegan, and a tasty treat when you feel like a boba tea.

Jess Smith