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How To Cook Frozen Hamburger Patties (And Make Them Taste Better)

Quick Answer

Cooking frozen burger patties is, luckily, incredibly easy! All you need to do is grab the patties directly from your freezer, and then place them on a hot grill or a hot pan. There is no need to spend time defrosting them, so you can get right to cooking them as soon as the craving for a good burger hits you! Make sure, before you place the burgers on the grill, that you have removed any paper separators or packaging that may be stuck to the patties. 

Frozen hamburger patties are totally perfect if you want to enjoy fresh burgers whenever you crave them, and if you want burgers that will last a long time in storage without spoiling. 

How To Cook Frozen Hamburger Patties

But for as useful as frozen hamburger patties are, how do you actually cook them? Is there a best process you should follow in order to do it? Do they need to defrost before you start cooking them? 

If you have a set of frozen hamburger patties that you would love to chow down on, then you will definitely want to read on down below.

Because we are going to take a deep look at how exactly you should cook frozen hamburger patties, as well as finding answers to some of your burning questions surrounding them!

How Do You Make A Frozen Burger Patty Taste Better?

As soon as you head to cook one of your frozen burger patties, make sure to season the patties slightly, before placing them on your grill or pan.

Season them with salt and pepper, and it will help to rejuvenate the meat, giving it a greater sense of flavor once cooked. 

You can also choose to add any other seasonings as you deem fit in order to create unique tastes for unique burgers.

Can You Cook Burgers From Frozen In A Frying Pan?

Definitely! If you don’t have access to a grill to cook your frozen patties on, then you can instead make use of a frying pan!

We recommend heating up the frying pan for a few minutes before adding the patties to it.

This will help to get the burgers sizzling as soon as you drop them in, which helps to give them a very satisfying crispy texture on the outside. 

Once the burgers begin cooking on the pan, you simply need to cook them for around 3 to 5 minutes on each side.

You will know when each side is done because the outer edges of the patties will form a slight crust of crispiness, making them very satisfying to bite into. 

Do You Need To Add Oil To A Grill Or A Pan Before Cooking Frozen Hamburger Patties?

Though you may be able to easily cook hamburger patties on a non-stick pan or grill, you should still aim to add a little bit of cooking oil to the surface that you plan to cook on.

This will help to keep the patties from drying out, which in turn helps them to cook far more evenly. 

How Long Do Hamburger Patties Last When Frozen?

Frozen hamburger patties can last upwards of four months, provided they are cared for adequately.

This can make them a very attractive purchase for anyone that finds themselves suddenly struck by cravings for burgers.

Generally, you should aim to use your hamburger patties within this four-month time frame, as, after that point, the patties themselves may fall victim to freezer burn.

Freezer burn causes the molecules of the patties themselves to become irreparably damaged, which in turn affects the flavor.

You will notice that hamburger patties are suffering from freezer burn if they have taken on slight gray patches across their surface.

When cooked, those gray patches should also be mostly flavorless, if freezer burn has taken place.

It is still safe to consume burgers that have experienced freezer burn, but they will be far less satisfying and appetizing, thus why you should aim to consume them on time.

Can You Refreeze Hamburger Patties That Have Already Been Thawed?

Generally, you should aim to avoid freezing any food that has been allowed to thaw to completion. This is because the freezing process of food affects the food down to the molecular level.

The very molecules that make up the food are altered, as the bonds between the molecules are tightened, to solidify and preserve the food. 

When frozen food is thawed, the bonds between the molecules of the food are then loosened again, which in turn allows the food to soften up again, ready to be cooked or consumed.

Though it would largely be unnoticeable, the impact of freezing and thawing will have a very slight effect on the texture of the food itself, thanks to the way that the molecules will have shifted and reshaped themselves. 

If you were to freeze food again, after thawing, such as a hamburger patty, then the molecules would of course be subject to being shifted around again.

From there, thawing the food again would cause the molecules to be altered even further. Thus, refreezing hamburger patties even just once could lead to permanent alterations in flavor and texture.

However, if you need to refreeze your hamburger patties, then you can still safely do so, but you should expect a change to the texture of the food.

You should not refreeze hamburger patties more than one time, as their texture will be irreparably ruined.

How Should You Freeze Hamburger Patties?

How Should You Freeze Hamburger Patties

If you are freezing some of your own hamburger patties, you should aim to place them into your freezer in airtight packaging.

This will help to keep the flavors of the patties from being altered by all of the ingredients that may surround them in the freezer, and it also stops the patties from releasing their flavors into the other ingredients in the freezer. 

You should also aim to keep each patty slightly separated from one another.

This helps to make it easier to grab one patty at a time from the freezer, as it stops them from sticking together, making it difficult to separate them.

Can You Freeze Cooked Hamburger Patties?

Yes. If you want to extend the lifespan of your hamburger patties even further, you may wish to cook them to completion, allow them to cool slightly, and then place them into the freezer.

This helps to give them a whole new lease of life, and allows them to last a further 4 months in the freezer. 

This makes it a great option if you ever find yourself forgetting to use frozen burger patties within 4 months, as you can allow them to last much longer. 

When placing cooked burger patties into the freezer, make sure to keep them in an airtight container, and to keep each patty separated for easier access in the future. 

How Do You Thaw Frozen Hamburger Patties?

Want to allow your frozen hamburger patties to thaw before you get to cooking them? Not a problem.

However, if you plan to allow them to thaw, you will want to make sure that you give them the right space within which to do so!

You should generally aim to thaw your hamburger patties in the refrigerator, as this will allow them to slowly thaw, which will help to keep them protected against the potential effects of the thawing process. 

You should also allow them to thaw overnight, as it may take quite a few hours for the patties to thaw fully.

Placing them in the refrigerator ensures that bacteria cannot begin to propagate on the burgers as they thaw. 

You can also choose to thaw your patties at room temperature, but you should aim to ensure that the patties are placed on some kind of dish, as water will naturally be released from them as they thaw.

You should also aim to keep the patties covered as they thaw, as this will help to keep pests such as flies or other insects from gathering on them, as well as helping to stave off the growth of bacteria on the patties as they thaw.

However, as we mentioned, it can take quite some time for hamburger patties to thaw from frozen, so you may find yourself needing to speed up the process, if you need them to be thawed much quicker.

If this is the case, you can easily place them in the microwave for a few seconds. This can usually easily be done by activating the “defrost” setting on the microwave, which will thaw the meat.

You can also speed up the process by a few hours by placing the patties into a small bag, and then submerging that bag in cold water.

The temperature of the water will cause the patties to warm up just enough to thaw, without the meat becoming sweaty or otherwise unappetizing!

How Long Do Hamburger Patties Last In The Refrigerator?

Found that you don’t need to keep your hamburger patties frozen, but do you want to keep them for a little bit longer?

Then place them in the refrigerator instead. Provided they are placed in an airtight container, hamburger patties can last very well in the fridge.

However, how long they last can depend on a few things. If the patties are completely raw and are not cured in any way, then they can generally last for around 3 days before they may begin to spoil in the fridge. 

Cooked hamburger patties can last for around 4 days in the fridge.

To Wrap Up

Luckily, cooking frozen hamburger patties is just as simple as keeping them. You can either place them, still frozen, straight onto the grill or a hot pan, or allow them to thaw overnight before cooking. 

No matter how you decide to cook your frozen hamburger patties, you will want to make sure that you take adequate care of them, and that you allow them the perfect space within which to freeze or to thaw, to keep them at their best quality.

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