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25 Yummy Canned Salmon Recipes You’ll Love

Among fans of fish, salmon is a common favorite that is often incorporated into different dishes, and when you’re trying to make an easy and budget-friendly dish, canned salmon is always a great ingredient to have at hand.

It may not be as fresh as the salmon you get from the seafood section of the store, but canned salmon tastes just as good, and the great thing about it is that it is versatile enough to be made into a wide variety of meals.

In this post, we’ve put together some seriously delicious canned salmon recipes. They are all really easy and so tasty you’ll want to stock up your pantry with enough cans to last months.

Quick Table: Canned Salmon Recipes

RecipesCalories Per ServingPreparation Time
Spicy Canned Salmon Rice Bowl389 5 Minutes
Salmon patties532 30 Minutes
Salmon Casserole400 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Salmon Burgers220 15 Minutes
Salmon Quiche287 1 Hour 
Salmon Tacos444 20 Minutes
Mediterranean Salmon Salad729 30 Minutes
Salmon And Rice Bake35725 Minutes
Salmon Macaroni Salad1855 30 Minutes
Spicy Salmon Nori Burritos310 30 Minutes
Salmon Chowder164 7 Hours 17 Minutes
Salmon Flatbread28415 Minutes
Salmon Noodle Casserole284 1 Hour
Salmon Potato Cakes187 25 Minutes
Canned Salmon Dip 187 10 Minutes
Salmon Meatballs With Basil Cream Sauce250 28 Minutes
French Canadian Salmon Pie350 1 Hour 5 Minutes
Chunky Avocado Salmon Pizza Sandwich274 10 Minutes
Sauteed Canned Salmon230 20 Minutes
Canned Salmon Potato Salad51630 Minutes
Salmon Wraps66 10 Minutes
Canned Salmon Leek And Potato Pie240 50 Minutes
Thai Salmon Patties108 23 Minutes
Canned Salmon Pasta438 20 Minutes
Instant Pot Canned Salmon Soup163 40 Minutes

1. Spicy Canned Salmon Rice Bowl

If you’re the meal prep type and need an easy and affordable meal combo you can put together without much hassle, spicy canned salmon rice bowl is a great dish to try.

It is filling and tasty and consists of cooked brown rice, cucumbers, furikake, scallions, and creamy salmon coated in mayonnaise and sriracha.

Calories Per Serving: 389

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

 2. Salmon Patties

One of the easiest ways to turn a can of salmon into a delightful treat is to use them to make salmon patties, and if you’re a fan of crab cakes, these salmon patties will quickly become your new favorite.

These crispy fried patties are made from a combination of canned salmon, breadcrumbs, onions, parmesan, and eggs.

Calories Per Serving: 532

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

3. Salmon Casserole

Salmon casserole is an easy-to-make dish that’s perfect for dinner on weeknights. It is tasty and will be loved by both adults and kids alike.

It is a crumbly and creamy bake consisting of cooked macaroni, evaporated milk, salmon, cheese, cream of celery, and cracker crumbs.

Feel free to add some crushed potato chips over this casserole before baking to add a crunchy coating to the exterior.

Calories Per Serving: 400

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

4. Salmon Burgers

If you love a good fish burger and have spare cans of canned salmon in your pantry, salmon burgers are the best way to turn those cans of fish into a mouthwatering dish perfect for lunch or dinner.

They’re super easy to whip up and consist of crisp fried salmon patties tucked between brioche buns along with tangy garlic yogurt.

Calories Per Serving: 220

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

5. Salmon Quiche

Whether you need an elegant dish to serve at brunch or want an easy breakfast to make on the weekends, this salmon quiche has everything you need in a savory meal.

It consists of a mix of salmon, eggs, mozzarella, and heavy cream-filled into a pie crust and baked till golden brown.

Calories Per Serving: 287

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 

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6. Salmon Tacos

If you need an easy last-minute tacos dish you can serve on taco Tuesdays, salmon tacos are seriously going to become your new favorite.

These tasty tacos feature canned salmon layered over tortilla, along with the avocados, sour cream, coriander, and pickled red onions. If you don’t have canned salmon, feel free to use leftover cooked salmon if you’ve got some in your fridge.

Calories Per Serving: 350

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

7. Mediterranean Salmon Salad

A great way to take your salad from boring to exciting and delicious is to incorporate bold flavors into it, and this Mediterranean salad is the perfect way to do that.

It is a flavor-filled salad that contains onions, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, and shredded salmon, all tossed in a lemon-mustard dressing.

Calories Per Serving: 290

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes 

8. Salmon And Rice Bake

Salmon and rice bake is a mouthwatering dish that is fancy enough to be served at a party or enjoyed for dinner on the weekends.

It features a baked combination of cooked rice, flaked salmon, and a creamy cheese sauce that delights the palate. Add some tomato slices and parsley for garnish, and this dish will be a hit with any crowd.

Calories Per Serving: 357

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

9. Salmon Macaroni Salad

If you need a pasta salad you can put together with a few basic ingredients and little time, salmon macaroni salad is a great dish to try.

This tasty salad consists of cooked macaroni combined with a salmon-mayo mixture filled with lemon, mustard, celery, and fresh herbs. To add a spicy kick to this salad, be sure to add a few drops of tabasco and sprinkles of black pepper when serving.

Calories Per Serving: 1855

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

 10. Spicy Salmon Nori Burritos

Nori wraps are one of the best ways to enjoy a wide range of fresh veggies in one bite, and these burrito-style salmon nori wraps are a great lunch to make if you’re on the go.

They consist of cooked quinoa tucked into crisp nori sheets along with cucumber, avocados, carrots, and a spicy mayo salmon mixture.

Calories Per Serving: 310

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

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 11. Salmon Chowder

This slow cooker chowder is a hearty and filling meal you can make without much hassle, making it the perfect dinner to make on busy nights.

With a creamy combination of potatoes, corn, onions, broth, salmon, and cream, this delicious chowder will work its way into your favorite staple dinners. Add a dash of hot sauce to give it a spicy kick.

Calories Per Serving: 164 

Preparation Time: 7 Hours 17 Minutes 

12. Salmon Flatbread 

This salmon flatbread is a cheesy, flavor-filled meal that could easily replace your Friday-night take-out the pizza.

It is really easy to make and features toasted flatbread layered with a salmon mixture consisting of mayo, pico de gallo, pickles, cheese, and canned salmon.

All you need to do is broil this flatbread until bubbly and melty, and you have a winning dish on your hands.

Calories Per Serving: 284

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

 13. Salmon Noodle Casserole

If you’re ever in need of a simple dish filled with a delicious mix of veggies and carbs, salmon noodle casserole is a great meal to try.

This baked casserole is loaded with deliciousness and consists of cooked egg noodles, sour cream, cheese, a rich vegetable sauce, and a crumbly topping of buttery breadcrumbs.

Calories Per Serving: 284

Preparation Time: 1 Hour

14. Salmon Potato Cakes

Salmon potato cakes are a delicious crisp dish you can serve for dinner or pair with a dipping sauce for snacking.

They are made from a fried mixture of bread crumbs, mashed potatoes, and salmon, so if you have leftover mashed potatoes you’re unsure what to do with, this is a great way to turn them into tasty treats.

Calories Per Serving: 230

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes 

15. Canned Salmon Dip

If you’re looking for a tasty appetizer to pair with veggies or crackers when entertaining a small crowd, canned salmon dip is the perfect dish for you.

It is super easy to make and only requires a pureed mix of cream cheese, pink salmon, sour cream, lemon juice, hot sauce, scallions and a pinch of salt.

Calories Per Serving: 110

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

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 16. Salmon Meatballs With Basil Cream Sauce

Salmon meatballs are tasty little bites of deliciousness that are easy to make and require just a few basic ingredients.

These fishy meatballs are tender and consist of a mixture of canned salmon, bread crumbs, onions, parsley, and pepper. The taste is further elevated with a drizzle of basil cream sauce.

Calories Per Serving: 250 

Preparation Time: 28 Minutes 

 17. French Canadian Salmon Pie

If you’re a fan of flaky pastry dishes, French Canadian salmon pie is a great comfort food you’ll want to make all the time.

This tasty pie consists of a mixture of mashed potatoes, salmon, butter, onions, and pepper covered with a butter-lard pastry dough and baked to flaky brown perfection.

Calories Per Serving: 350 

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 5Minutes 

18. Chunky Avocado Salmon Pizza Sandwich

Fans of the classic tuna melt sandwich will love this avocado salmon pizza sandwich.

It features lightly grilled bread slices filled with mashed avocados, pesto, salmon, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese

This delicious sandwich is crisp on the outside and gooey and tender on the inside, and after one bite, you want to devour a whole tray of it.

Calories Per Serving: 274

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

 19. Sauteed Canned Salmon

Sauteed salmon is one of the easiest ways to fill a can of salmon with fresh veggies and rich flavors.

This stir-fried dish consists of a combination of tomatoes, onions, canned salmon, cilantro, pepper, and ginger. It is tasty and great for those on a keto or low-carb diet.

Calories Per Serving: 230

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

 20. Canned Salmon Potato Salad

Want a healthy potato salad without the fatty mayo? This canned salmon potato salad is the perfect dish for you.

It is a creamy no-mayo salad consisting of canned salmon, boiled eggs, baby arugula, celery, chives, and a tart greek yogurt dressing.

Calories Per Serving: 516 

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

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21. Salmon Wraps

If you’re not much of a fan of cooking but need a hearty homemade dish you can have for lunch, salmon wraps are a delicious meal you can customize to suit your preference.

These delicious wraps start with a base of tortilla and salmon and can then be made with different fillings.

You can opt for a cream cheese-filled everything bagel version, a rice and seaweed-filled sushi variant, or a refreshing Cesar salad alternative loaded with lettuce and parmesan.

Calories Per Serving: 66

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

22. Canned Salmon Leek And Potato Pie

Salmon leek-potato pie is a savory pie that can be served on any occasion and paired with a host of different veggies. Decadent and buttery smooth, it consists of a baked combination of sauteed leeks, potatoes, salmon, lemon, and cream cheese

Calories Per Serving: 240

Preparation Time: 50 Minutes

23. Thai Salmon Patties

Need a quick and easy dish you can snack on or pair with veggies for dinner? Thai salmon patties are a great option to try.

These versatile patties are molded from a mix of salmon, breadcrumbs, Thai curry paste, brown sugar, and eggs. They can be pan-fried, air fryed, or made ahead and stored in the freezer until you’re ready to cook.

Calories Per Serving: 240

Preparation Time: 23 Minutes 

24. Canned Salmon Pasta

If you’re looking for a quick and tasty pasta dish you can throw together without much hassle, canned salmon pasta is a great dish to make.

It is simple yet delicious and consists of cooked spaghetti tossed in a garlicky lemon sauce filled with salmon and parsley.

Calories Per Serving: 180

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes 

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25. Instant Pot Canned Salmon Soup

Canned salmon soup is a hearty meal that’s perfect for the cold winter months. It is loaded with flavor and made with basic ingredients that are ideal for those on a budget.

It consists of a cooked mixture of potatoes, salmon, carrots, onions, and chicken broth.

You can make this soup in an instant pot if you want something you can throw together without much hassle or prepare it on a stovetop if you don’t have one.

Calories Per Serving: 255 

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Eat Canned Salmon Right Out Of The Can?

Canned salmon comes already cooked and preserved in the can, so you can eat it “raw” right out of the can.

All you need to do is drain the liquid, remove the skin if you like, and your salmon is ready to be eaten or incorporated into your favorite dishes.

How Do You Clean Canned Salmon?

Although canned salmon is already cleaned and doesn’t necessarily contain any dirt, it is best to clean it and remove any traces of bone residue before consuming it.

To clean the salmon, you’ll need to drain the liquid in the can and then rinse with water if you prefer to reduce the sodium level.

After that, the salmon should be separated into flakes with a fork, and then try to remove any bones you can see.

How Often Can You Eat Salmon?

Salmon is a very healthy fish, so it can be consumed as often as you like. The FDA recommends eating salmon 2-3 times a week.

But if you’re a salmon fanatic and find yourself eating it nearly every day, you can rest assured it is safe to do so as salmon is low in mercury.

25 Yummy Canned Salmon Recipes You’ll Love

Discover unique canned salmon recipes that are sure to impress even the pickiest eaters. They are easy to cook and has an amazing flavor profile.


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