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15 Beef And Noodles Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Beef and noodles is a combination we all know and love. In fact, most of us likely associate it with lazy (but super tasty) takeout evenings. 

However, homemade beef and noodle dishes are just as delicious (if not more so) than takeout versions. In fact, they are often fresher, healthier, and can be made in less time than it takes to order! 

Don’t believe us? Check out our 15 favorite beef and noodles recipes you can try tonight. They will convince you in no time! 

1. 15-Minute Lazy Noodles

We just had to kick this list off with this wonderful 15-minute lazy noodles recipe. It is super flexible, incredibly easy, and can be made in just 15 minutes. It is also absolutely bursting with bold flavors that you’ll become quickly addicted to. 

This recipe is perfect if you can’t be bothered to go to the grocery store. If you don’t have dark soy sauce, simply leave it out. If you don’t have ground beef, use any other ground meat. If you’ve run out of honey, you can use sugar. The list of potential swaps is endless!

2. Creamy Beef And Noodles

Cream, beef, and noodles – we challenge you to name a more indulgent, decadent combination! This dish is perfect if you’re looking for a comforting evening meal that you can throw together in under an hour. 

This recipe suggests using homemade-style egg noodles that you find in the freezer section in the grocery store. This might seem a little odd, but you have to try them! They are wonderfully thick and taste as if they’ve been made fresh. 

3. Beef Noodle Stir-Fry

It’s impossible to have a list of the best beef and noodles recipes without including a stir-fry. This one, in particular, is our absolute favorite. It is the easiest beef stir fry recipe we’ve ever come across, and it is full of flavor!

This recipe is perfect for those days where you just need to use up what you’ve got left in the fridge. You can add in any veggies you fancy, but we love using greens such as broccoli, kale, bok choy, or even spinach. 

4. 15-Minute Beef And Noodles Skillet

Skillet dishes are the ultimate busy weeknight meals. This recipe was intended to be a fresher, faster, and cheaper alternative to a Hamburger Helper, but we think that it also happens to be more delicious! 

This recipe suggests that you use store-bought tomato soup and cream of mushroom soup. However, you can substitute these for homemade versions if you would prefer.

We recommend adding a little more cheese than the recipe suggests to make it super indulgent. 

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5. Mongolian Noodles With Ground Beef

If you’re looking for a recipe that can substitute your weekly takeout dish, you’ve found it! This Mongolian noodles with ground beef recipe is a fresher, healthier, and tastier alternative to your favorite beef and noodle takeout dish. Don’t believe us? Give it a try! 

The ingredients needed for this dish are likely to be already sitting in your pantry. The only one you might need to purchase is hoisin sauce. This is a non-negotiable ingredient, so if you need to buy some you can do that here

6. Thai-Style Beef Noodles

If you’re looking for a filling, low-calorie evening meal that can come together in less than 15 minutes, this Thai-Style Beef Noodles recipe has got you covered.

This dish is bursting with fresh, nutritious ingredients that taste amazing and make for a beautifully colorful plate. 

This recipe requires fairly simple ingredients, most of which you likely have in the pantry. Cashews are listed as an optional ingredient for serving, but we think they’re non-negotiable!

Toast them in a dry pan for just five minutes and then sprinkle them on top of the dish. 

7. Slow Cooker Beef And Noodles

There is nothing more comforting than a low-maintenance, slow cooker recipe. This slow cooker beef and noodles recipe is one of our favorite ever slow cooker recipes. It requires just four ingredients and 5 minutes of preparation – what could be better than that? 

This recipe requires a can of French onion soup and a can of cream of celery soup. However, if you’d prefer, you can make your own soups, or even use this as an opportunity to use up any leftover soup you have. 

8. Hoisin Beef Noodles

This recipe is a great one if you need to use up some leftover ground beef but fancy a quick and healthy dish. This hoisin beef noodle recipe is made with an easy sauce, tender ramen noodles, lots of crunchy veggies, and a good helping of beef. 

The sauce in this recipe is created from a classic selection of Asain-inspired ingredients. You will need to get your hands on some dark soy sauce and oyster sauce, as they really make the meal come alive!

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9. Real-Deal Beef Chow Fun

This beef chow fun really is the real deal. If you’re looking for a dish that is loaded with fat noodles, tender steak, and crisp veggies, this is the one for you! In fact, this recipe will help you produce a restaurant-style dish that is sure to become your new weeknight favorite. 

This recipe gives you all the tips and tricks you need to make perfect noodles every time. The main one that we would like to emphasize is that, when it comes to fried noodles, less is more. There is no need to overload your pan with ingredients! 

10. Beef Teriyaki Noodles

If you’re anything like us, you love literally anything that is smothered in teriyaki sauce. If this is the case, you simply have to try this beef teriyaki noodles recipe. It is a quick weeknight meal that is mouth-wateringly delicious. 

In fact, the whole family is sure to love this one-pot dish. Thanks to the beef and the sticky, sweet, teriyaki sauce, it feels incredibly comforting and indulgent. However, you can easily make it nutritious. Just throw in any veggies you like!

11. Beef Noodle Casserole

Who doesn’t love a casserole in the winter? They are warming, rich, and full of flavor. This beef noodle casserole recipe makes for a super easy comfort food dinner and is ideal for feeding a crowd. 

This recipe constitutes of ground beef in a savory tomato sauce, combined with egg noodles, and then finished with a whole lot of cheese. Sounds good, right? We love serving this dish with some crusty garlic bread. 

12. Easy Beef Stew With Noodles

If you’re in need of a winter, mid-week, pick-me-up dinner, you should definitely give this easy beef stew with noodles recipe a try. It is quite economical, bursting with flavor,  and truly does warm the soul. What more could you ask for?

This recipe suggests using 2 pounds of boneless beef chuck roast. This is usually quite affordable and it becomes wonderfully tender as it simmers. However, you can use any cut of beef if you don’t have access to chuck. 

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13. Beef Noodle Bake

If you’re looking for a recipe that will remind you of grandma’s cooking, you should try this beef noodle bake. It is creamy, indulgent, and super simple to make. With only 9 ingredients on the list, it’s also quite economical! 

We absolutely love this recipe. In particular, it is perfect for casual get-togethers, such as picnics. The combination of beef, tomato, and cream cheese is absolutely delicious and sure to be a crowd-pleaser wherever you go! 

14. Garlic Beef Noodle Bowls

If you’re as obsessed with garlic as we are, you will absolutely love this garlic beef noodle bowl recipe. In addition to being packed with fresh flavors, this dish can be on the table in just 15 minutes! It’s an all-around winner. 

Although the recipe calls for beef and spring onions, you can swap these for any protein or veggies that you want (at the end of the day, what doesn’t work well with garlic?).

As such, this recipe is perfect for evenings where you need to eat whatever is already in the fridge. 

15. Chili Steak Noodle Broth

We couldn’t finish this list without including some kind of ramen or noodle broth dish. This chili steak noodle broth has a wonderful richness and depth of flavor that is, in our opinion, unrivaled! 

If you’re under the impression that good ramen broths take hours to make, this recipe will prove you wrong! This broth comes together in less than an hour and can be ready in less than 40 minutes if you need it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Thicken Broth For Beef And Noodles? 

Ah yes, we know this problem well. Sometimes, no matter how long you cook a broth, it feels as though it will never thicken.

Not to worry, though. There is an easy solution. Simply add one tablespoon of flour to the mixture and stir it well. If it needs more thickening, add more flour! 

What Beef Do You Use For Stir Fry? 

Generally, you want to use the most tender beef cuts. These are cuts such as sirloin, tri-tip, ribeye, tenderloin, top loin, shoulder top blade, shoulder center, and shoulder petite tender. 

How Do You Tenderize Beef Before Stir Fry? 

To tenderize your beef before using it in a stir fry, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Sprinkle ¾ tsp of baking soda onto the beef. 
  2. Massage and toss the beef with your fingers. 
  3. Leave the beef for 30 minutes in the fridge. 
  4. Rinse the beef and pat off the excess water. 
  5. Proceed with the recipe!


Beef and noodles is always a winning combination. We hope that this list of our 15 favorite beef and noodles recipes inspires you to get cooking and try something new (and delicious!). 

15 Beef And Noodles Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Beef and noodles is a classic comfort food combination that is easy to make and super versatile. Here are 15 recipes for beef and noodles that you can try tonight.


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