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15 Stunning Chicken Teriyaki and Broccoli Recipes

Finding the perfect meal to cook can, at times, be extremely difficult. It can seem as if you are searching for something healthy to eat and unable to find it because there are so many different recipes around.

But don’t worry we are here with some delicious and healthy recipes such as chicken teriyaki and broccoli.

However, there are certainly staple meals – such as those that include chicken.

Chicken is a foodstuff that ensures you can easily feel like you are having a healthy, nourishing meal no matter what it is cooked alongside. However, there are some chicken-based meals that are not only healthy but wonderfully delicious.

One prime example is Chicken Teriyaki and Broccoli. This article will listen to all of the different scintillating versions of Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli that are out there and help you decide which one you should cook for your next meal.

1. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli Recipe From Table for Two

Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli is one of those dishes that is incredibly easy to make and this recipe guides you through how to make it with such ease, you’ll wonder whether you put any real time into cooking it.

Although this recipe focuses on quickness, you should be deceived into thinking that this is a flash in the pan recipe that doesn’t contain any good, wholesome vitamins. In fact whilst it may be quick it really is one of the healthiest meals that you can have.

2. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli Recipe From A Simple Palate

This recipe will not only show you how to make a gorgeous meal but how to easily create your own Teriyaki sauce that is out of this world when it comes to the shop bought stuff.

Although some recipes will favor using a store made recipe, this recipe focuses on using a wonderfully traditional Japanese teriyaki sauce that will not only improve your meal but that is certain to make your mouth water.

3. Chicken Teriyaki With Broccoli Recipe From Gimme Delicious

This recipe shows you how to not only make your perfect Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli meal but how to also easily refrigerate it so that you can eat it as often as you like.

Some chefs find that if you make a particularly large quantity of a meal, then divide and refrigerate it to eat later that the meal will, over time, take on a new and subtler taste.

It will also ensure that you have the meal ready to consume on multiple days of the week – meaning that if you want to eat your Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli on several different days of the week or indeed send it to your friends and family, you can easily do so!

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4. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli Stir Fry From Fool Proof Living

This recipe not only advises how to make your Chicken Teriyaki especially healthy but how you can also ensure that it is particularly tasty by roasting your broccoli.

Roasted broccoli can take some of the water out of it as well which makes it all crunchier and easier to eat.

5. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli From Café Delites

This especially excellent Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli Recipe focuses on how to use traditional Japanese beverages to give your meal that extra tasty kick it needs.

It is also a relatively quick recipe meaning that it can easily be used to make a quick meal for you and any other friends you might want over.

6. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli Bowl From Feel Good Foodie

This fantastic Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli Recipe focuses on how you can cook this delicious dish and serve it in one bowl rather than, as some other recipes have it, serving it in several different bowls.

This recipe also stands out because it tells you how you can easily make your dish gluten free.

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7. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli From Chef de Home

This wonderful recipe epitomises why the Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli is such a popular meal both in its native Japan and around the world.

Indeed it emphasises why the Chicken Teriyaki is such a fantastic dish – it is flexible and tasty which means that it can be easily adapted and made exactly how you like it.

8. Chicken Teriyaki, Mushrooms And Broccoli From All Recipes

This recipe uses both mushrooms and broccoli, which is not uncommon in many modern Chicken Teriyaki recipes.

It is noticeable in how it demonstrates that mushrooms, rather than taking away from the traditional Chicken Teriyaki flavor as some might fear.

In fact enhance it by having another meat like ingredient in the dish which helps to emphasise the Chicken’s delicious succulence.

9. Chicken Teriyaki With Broccoli Stir Fry From A Saucy Kitchen

This recipe focuses on how to make this delicious meal if you are on a diet.

As a result, it is great for anyone who wants to still be able to eat a gorgeous, indulgent meal such as Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli whilst also being able to slim at the same time.

10. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli Stir Fry From Wonky Wonderful

This delectable and delicate recipe for Chicken Teriyaki along with Broccoli is a truly delightful one that will certainly impress your guests.

Although it takes slightly longer to cook this particular dish than some of the others, this gives it all the more flavor as it allows the different ingredients to properly marinate and combine together into a truly delectable meal.

11. Baked Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli From Damn Delicious

This version of the Chicken Teriyaki takes longer to cook but it is truly worth it.

Have ever wondered what Chicken Teriyaki and Broccoli would taste like if it were baked? Then you need to try this recipe as it demonstrates why a baked version of Chicken Teriyaki and Broccoli is a truly exciting meal that you should certainly try if you haven’t already.

12. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli From Laura In The Kitchen

This delectable recipe gives you a particularly detailed breakdown of how to make a stunning Chicken Teriyaki and Broccoli and is very specific on how to ensure that the broccoli in particular tastes exquisite by pointing out how to use oyster sauce and soy sauce to make it particularly crunchy and luscious.

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13. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli Stir Fry From Crispy Food Idea

This excellent recipe emphasises why the Chicken Teriyaki is such a healthy meal – because you get a rich and varied supply of vitamins as well as a good amount of protein.

It also ensures that you know how to use peppers in your Chicken Teriyaki to give it that extra spice.

Whilst this recipe favors using the Red Bell Pepper, there are a variety of different peppers that you can use for this excellent meal.

14. Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli Rice Bowls From Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet

This particularly enjoyable recipe understands that Chicken Teriyaki is a dish that is best served with care. It understands that the joy of Chicken Teriyaki is not only in how it is cooked but also its presentation.

Chicken Teriyaki should not only taste good when it is given to your guests it should also look good and this is something that you should always consider not matter what you are cooking.

15. Spicy Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli From Cooking With Mima

This quick and spicy Chicken Teriyaki recipe is perfect if you have a few guests over because it is extremely quick to cook and it has a stronger taste then some other recipes because it specifically focuses on making the Chicken particularly spicy.

Whilst this isn’t to everyone’s tastes it is for those who like particularly spicy Chicken meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Chicken Teriyaki And Broccoli Take To Cook?

This all depends on which recipe you decide to use. Some recipes, such as the Baked Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli can take about an hour and a half to cook due to the way the meal is cooked.

However, generally Chicken Teriyaki is a fairly quick meal and should take on average between fifteen and thirty minutes to cook. This excludes preparation time which may take longer.

Can You Only Use Broccoli?

Whilst Broccoli is traditional to this meal it is by no means the only vegetable you can use. Using mushrooms and peppers is particularly encouraged if you want to make the meal akin to a stir fry, which some recipes specify is how you should cook the Chicken Teriyaki.

The true answer is it depends on what you prefer. If you would like to try it without broccoli, the broccoli can easily be supplemented for cauliflower or another vegetable that is similar in consistency and texture.

Is It A Summer Or Winter Meal?

Whilst there are some meals that are more suited to particular times of the year, such as winter or spring, there are many meals such as Chicken Teriyaki that can be eaten around the year.

Whilst it is a particularly hot meal, this does not preclude you from eating it during the summer months as it can be easily eaten all year round as it is in its native Japan.

Final Thoughts

Chicken Teriyaki is one of those recipes that you might think you know but as the above recipes will have demonstrated, there is a great deal of variety in how best to cook this delicious and incredibly healthy meal.

It is important that you realise that there are so many different Chicken Teriyaki recipes because it demonstrates that you can easily change a dish that you love and make it almost entirely different.

Variety as they say is the spice of life and the variety that is presented in these wonderful recipes ensures that you will be able to have your Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli as many times as you want whilst also finding new and interesting variations on it.

15 Stunning Chicken Teriyaki and Broccoli Recipes

Ever wanted to find 15 stunning Chicken Teriyaki and Broccoli recipes? Read this article to find out more.


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