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31 Breakfast Drink Recipes To Start Your Mornings

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Breakfast Drinks?

Some of the best breakfast drink recipes include peach iced tea, iced mocha, orange creamsicle, ginger turmeric lemonade, snickerdoodle protein shake, mimosa sangria, strawberry mimosa, agua fresca, pumpkin oatmeal smoothie, tropikale smoothie, boozy whipped coffee, earl grey milk tea, orange Julius, keto fruity chai tea, and morning mule cocktail.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so it is vital to include a good drink in the mix. With the right morning beverage, you get the right energy and hydration to enjoy the rest of your day. To help you out we have picked the best breakfast drink recipes for you.

However, amidst all the rush of preparing for the busy day ahead, most people often don’t have the time to prepare a breakfast or simply can’t be bothered to think about the right drink to pair with their breakfast.

The great news is that you can start your mornings with a wide variety of delicious drinks.

So, whether you simply can’t stomach a big meal in the morning and need a meal replacement or you need a tasty beverage to pair with your breakfast, in this article, you’ll find some of the best breakfast drinks recipes to get you hydrated in the mornings.

Quick Table: Breakfast Drink Recipes

RecipesCalories Per ServingPreparation Time
Earl Grey Tea Blackberry Smoothie1315 Minutes
Peach Iced Tea5130 Minutes
Carrot Juice With Orange And Ginger9015 Minutes
Iced Pineapple Coconut Matcha Tea1705 Minutes
Snickerdoodle Protein Shake3365 Minutes
Lavender Latte With Oat Milk15010 Minutes
Tropical Fruit Breakfast Smoothie174510 Minutes
Pumpkin Oatmeal Smoothie3425 Minutes
Ginger Turmeric Lemonade395 Minutes
Iced Mocha26210 Minutes
Orange Creamsicle Smoothie20510 Minutes
Chocolate Oatmeal Smoothie23010 Minutes
Golden Milk Latte21315 Minutes
Breakfast Margarita1545 Minutes
Mimosa Sangria465 Minutes
Korean Strawberry Milk2315 Minutes
Vanilla Custard19515 Minutes
Agua Fresca695 Minutes
Green Breakfast Smoothie1245 Minutes
Morning Mule Cocktail1535 Minutes
Creamy Date Coffee2785 Minutes
Breakfast Shot1495 Minutes
Boozy Whipped Coffee3125 Minutes
Berry Banana Baobab Smoothie5502 Minutes
Coffee Breakfast Smoothie1705 Minutes
Frothy Cinnamon Vanilla Tea8410 Minutes
Strawberry Mimosa895 Minutes
Keto Fruity Chai Tea1201 Hour 5 Minutes
Earl Gray Milk Tea22212 Hours 5 Minutes
Tropikale Smoothie 18710 Minutes
Orange Julius 3025 Minutes

1. Earl Grey Blackberry Smoothie

If you’re not a fan of eating a big breakfast in the morning, there’s nothing better than a fruity smoothie to keep you satiated.

This earl grey tea blackberry smoothie is a drink with a unique flavor made from a mix of the classic earl grey tea, blackberries, and a dash of honey.

You can even elevate the taste of this smoothie by adding some lemon juice or cinnamon, depending on your preference. 

Calories Per Serving: 13

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

2. Peach Iced Tea

In hot summer months, there’s nothing better than a cold iced tea to get your day off to the right start.

This peach iced tea is a sweet and fruity mix consisting of freshly made peach syrup, English breakfast tea, and earl grey tea.

Loose tea leaves are the best tea to use here as you’ll get a better flavor and tea quality.

Calories Per Serving: 51

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes 

3. Carrot Juice With Orange And Ginger

A refreshing and healthy juice loaded with vitamin C, this carrot juice is the perfect drink to make if you’ve been looking for something to give you the right boost of nutrients.

With a delicious mix of blended oranges, carrots, lemon, and ginger, this colorful drink will soon become your favorite morning juice.

Feel free to add any other veggie like cucumbers or apple to this juice, as the recipe can easily be tweaked to suit your preference.

Calories Per Serving: 90

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

4. Iced Pineapple Coconut Matcha Tea

A flavorful cold tea that’s both sweet and easy to make; if you’re a fan of matcha, you seriously can’t go wrong with this tea.

All you’ll need is a combination of matcha powder, unsweetened coconut milk, ginger, and pineapple juice.

You can make this in a blender or simply combine it in a protein shaker, and it’ll be ready in no time.

Calories Per Serving: 170

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

5. Snickerdoodle Protein Shake

Protein shakes are often dull, and if you’re on a high protein diet, you’ll dread having to gulp down a bland shake every morning.

Well, this snickerdoodle protein shake is a filling drink you’ll need no convincing to finish.

With a creamy blend of vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, honey, almond milk, and ground cinnamon, this shake will fast become your go-to morning beverage.

Calories Per Serving: 336

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

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6. Lavender Latte With Oat Milk

A calming drink with an irresistible scent and flavor, this lavender latte will make your mornings just a little better with every sip.

 All you’ll need is freshly brewed coffee topped with lavender simple syrup and frothy oat milk for a creamy taste and bougie store-bought coffee aesthetic.

The lavender syrup stores really well when refrigerated, so don’t hesitate to make a big batch you can use all week long.

Calories Per Serving: 150

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

7. Tropical Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

A rich smoothie with tropical flavors that will make you feel like you’re on vacation, this breakfast fruit smoothie is seriously mouth-watering.

You’ll need to make a raspberry and mango smoothie separately to create a beautiful double-layered look, but the entire process is quite easy and requires fruits you can easily get your hands on.

Feel free to top the entire thing with coconut granola if you want to add some tasty grains into the mix.

Calories Per Serving: 1745

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

8. Pumpkin Oatmeal Smoothie

This pumpkin oatmeal smoothie is a creamy and filling morning drink with flavors that are perfect for fall weather.

It features a nutty, delicious blend of almond milk, rolled oats, bananas, pumpkin puree, and a homemade pumpkin spice mix.

You can make the pumpkin spice mix and store it in a jar ahead of time; that way, you’ll save some time and have it ready whenever you need to make this smoothie.

Calories Per Serving: 342

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

9. Ginger Turmeric Lemonade

A tangy lemonade with vitamins and nutrients to give your gut and immune system a much-needed morning boost, this ginger turmeric lemonade is the perfect breakfast drink if you’re looking for something healthy.

It is a spice-filled drink made from a juiced blend of ginger root, turmeric root, lemon, peppercorn, and coconut nectar.

Feel free to add some raspberries, blackberries or even jalapenos to experiment with the taste.

Calories Per Serving: 39

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

10. Iced Mocha

If you have hectic mornings and you’re looking for a sweet coffee you can easily have on the go, this iced mocha is perfect for you.

It features a combination of coffee, half & half, chocolate syrup, and a creamy topping of whipped cream.

Serve it in a mason jar glass, and you have a tasty treat you can have as you rush through your morning activities.

Calories Per Serving: 262

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

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11. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

This orange creamsicle smoothie is the perfect morning drink to try if you’re looking for something with a fruity and creamy taste.

It is filled with a decadent blend of vanilla yogurt, orange juice, bananas, and chunks of frozen mangoes and pineapple.

Feel free to add some honey or sugar to sweeten the smoothie if you have a sweet tooth.

Calories Per Serving: 205

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

12. Chocolate Oatmeal Smoothie

If you’re a chocolate lover who’s always looking to incorporate the decadent taste of cocoa in your beverages, this chocolate oatmeal smoothie is the perfect drink for you.

With a pureed mix of baby spinach, berries, cocoa powder, banana, oats, cinnamon, and vanilla, this rich smoothie is the perfect drink to give you that caffeinated boost of energy in the mornings.

Feel free to add some flaxseeds or chia seeds for an added boost of nutrients.

Calories Per Serving: 230

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

13. Golden Milk Latte

A colorful and creamy latte packed full of antioxidants, this golden milk latte is a drink you can whip up in a short time.

It features a warm and simmered mix of milk, ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric.

Use dairy-free milk in place of regular milk for a vegan alternative.

Calories Per Serving: 213

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

14. Breakfast Margarita

Whether it’s a weekend or summer vacation, sometimes you just want to start your day with a kick of alcohol, and this breakfast margarita is the perfect drink for that.

All you’ll need is a mix of tequila, lime juice, agave, orange marmalade, and Cointreau.

Serve with some ice, and you’ll start your morning feeling cool as a cucumber.

Calories Per Serving: 154

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

 15. Mimosa Sangria

There’s no better drink to add some fun to a brunch or breakfast than a mimosa. This mimosa sangria has just the right mix of citrusy sweetness to elevate your breakfast.

All you’ll need is a combination of champagne, citrus vodka, lemonade, orange juice, and orange slices for garnish.

With its bright pop of color and irresistible taste, this drink will be well appreciated by guests if you have a brunch party coming up.

Calories Per Serving: 46

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

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16. Korean Strawberry Milk

Need a simple drink you can assemble without much hassle? This Korean strawberry milk is the perfect drink to make your mornings easier.

It is so easy to make and only requires a 3-ingredient combo of pureed strawberries, sweetened condensed milk, and regular milk.

If you’re on a vegan or low-dairy diet, substitute the milk with oat or almond milk and sweeten it with some agave nectar or honey.

Calories Per Serving: 231

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

17. Vanilla Custard

Are you a fan of the smooth creaminess of custard? Well, now you can enjoy it in this drinkable vanilla custard.

It is a caffeine-free drink made from a warm blend of milk, eggs, sugar, nutmeg, and vanilla.

A stick hand blender will make mixing this custard much easier, so if you have one, be sure to use it .

Calories Per Serving: 195

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

18. Agua Fresca

Known as fresh waters in English, agua fresca is a refreshing and hydrating drink popular in Central America.

It has a very light texture made from a blend of fruits, water, and lime juice.

It is a drink that’s perfect for summertime, and the best part is you can use any fruits you prefer, so the taste is entirely up to you.

Calories Per Serving: 69

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

19. Green Breakfast Smoothie

Need a healthy green drink that doesn’t taste absolutely bland and boring? This green breakfast smoothie might just be the perfect drink for you.

It features a mix of spinach, banana, peanut butter, honey, and milk.

 It’s quite easy to make, and you can choose soy or almond milk, depending on your preference.

Calories Per Serving: 124

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

20. Morning Mule Cocktail

This morning mule cocktail is another breakfast drink with an alcohol combo to make your mornings fun.

It features a spicy mix of ginger beer, orange juice, and vodka.

This is a great cocktail to serve at a festive brunch gathering, so don’t hesitate to make a large batch in a pitcher if you have guests coming over.

Calories Per Serving: 153

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

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21. Creamy Date Coffee

A low-sugar drink combining coffee and oatmeal in one creamy breakfast smoothie? Sign us up, please!

This creamy date coffee features a blend of black coffee, almond milk, Medjool dates, rolled oats, banana, chia seeds, and vanilla extract. It is an easy-to-make morning drink that’s both vegan and gluten-free.

Calories Per Serving: 278

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

22. Breakfast Shot

If you have a brunch party coming up and need a shot with all the classic flavors of breakfast, this is the perfect drink for you.

With a combination of cinnamon, caramel syrup, vanilla vodka, vanilla extract, and Irish cream liquor, it is a fun shot of alcohol with a french toast flavor you’ll love.

You’ll need to be a bit detailed with the drink measurements for this recipe, so be sure to use a jigger if you have one.

Calories Per Serving: 149

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

23. Boozy Whipped Coffee

This boozy whipped coffee seriously has everything needed to make your morning brighter and better.

Made from a mix of whipped coffee, milk, Kahlua and water, It is fluffy, creamy and has just the right dose of liquor to spice up a brunch or breakfast party.

It is also pretty looking enough to make you want to snap a few shots for your Instagram.

If you don’t have Kahlua, feel free to use any coffee liquor you have on hand.

Calories Per Serving: 312

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

24. Berry Banana Baobab Smoothie

A smoothie that’s both tasty and rich in vitamin B, this berry banana baobab smoothie is the perfect way to get essential nutrients daily.

All you’ll need is a blend of baobab powder, bananas, kefir, cashew milk, frozen berries, and collagen.

If you don’t have kefir on hand, feel free to use almond milk instead.

Calories Per Serving: 550

Preparation Time: 2 Minutes

25. Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

If you need a smoothie that will give you an energizing dose of caffeine to wake you up on a slow morning, this coffee breakfast smoothie is perfect for you.

All you’ll need is a well-blended combo of brewed coffee, coconut milk, banana, ground cinnamon, chia seeds, ice, and honey.

For a thicker smoothie, be sure to use frozen bananas and make iced coffee cubes with the brewed coffee instead of using regular ice.

Calories Per Serving: 170

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

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26. Frothy Cinnamon Vanilla Tea

Need a morning tea that’s easy to make and has a decadent comforting feel? This frothy cinnamon vanilla tea is the perfect beverage for you.

It is  a basic tea made better with the addition of vanilla, cinnamon and a frothy milk mixture.

Served hot or cold, this tea tastes amazing any way you have it.

Calories Per Serving: 84

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

27. Strawberry Mimosa

Mimosa is known for being an orange-based drink, but if you want a taste of something different, this strawberry version is perfect for you.

All you’ll need is a pureed mix of strawberries, sugar, and champagne.

You can also use prosecco or sparkling wine if you prefer.

Calories Per Serving: 89

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

28. Keto Fruity Chai Tea

A chia-filled tea great for those on a keto diet, this fruity chai tea is a sweet drink filled with the right nutrients.

All you’ll need is some chia seeds, a fruity tea brew, and any sweetener you like.

You can use any tea you like to make this drink, so feel free to use strawberry or raspberry tea if you prefer.

Calories Per Serving: 120

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes 

29. Earl Gray Milk Tea

This earl gray milk tea is the perfect iced drink to wake you up on a summer morning.

It features a creamy combination of earl grey cold milk brew, ear gray flavored ice cubes, and brown sugar syrup.

It’s quite easy to make ahead, and it’s the perfect morning tea if you’re not a fan of the hot tea alternatives.

Calories Per Serving: 222

Preparation Time: 12 Hours 5 Minutes 

30. Tropikale Smoothie

If you’re still finding it hard to get on the kale-loving trend, this Tropikale smoothie will turn you into a kale fan in no time.

It is a lovely green smoothie made from a blend of pineapple, kale, orange juice, and pineapple. 

You can make this smoothie ahead of time, so it’s great if you’re the meal prep type.

Calories Per Serving: 187

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

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31. Orange Julius

Orange juice is a classic breakfast drink, but this orange Julius will elevate your morning dose of orange juice.

It has a creamy blend of frozen orange juice, milk, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar.

To make this a more wholesome and healthy drink, feel free to add any other vegetable into the mix.

Calories Per Serving: 302

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Drink With Breakfast?

The most common drink people have with breakfast includes different coffees and tea. Frothy dairy drinks like oat and soy milk are also very popular amongst vegans and people looking to reduce their caffeine intake.

For young children, drinks like orange juice and milk are very popular because of their sweet and fruity taste.

What Is The Healthiest Drink To Have In The Morning?

The healthiest drink to have in the mornings varies based on your dietary needs and preferences. However, the best option would be water, fresh fruit, and vegetable juices like carrot and orange juice. 

These drinks have the right balance of vitamins and nutrients to give you the energy and hydration your body needs to take on the day. 

Detox water and teas that contain lemon, apple cider, and green teas are also fantastic for the body if you’re looking for drinks with gut cleansing and detoxifying properties.

What Can I Put In My Water In The Morning?

Water is one of the best hydrating drinks to have in the morning. However, since it lacks flavor or taste, it can be hard to enjoy. 

To improve the taste, you can put herbs like turmeric, lemon slices, honey, ginger, and even a dash of black pepper in your water. These spices and herbs will not only add flavor to the water but also add more nutrients that will significantly benefit the body.

31 Yummy Breakfast Drinks Recipes To Start Your Mornings

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