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What To Serve With Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata is a delicious way to serve up some chicken during dinner. 

The dish itself consists of chicken cutlets cooked in a lemony wine sauce. It’s quick and easy to make but to some people, it is not enough to fill their bellies.

What To Serve With Chicken Piccata

The chicken cutlets can be rather small and while this dish is delicious, it is best served alongside a side dish or two.

So if you are thinking of making some chicken piccata, you really should also prepare a side dish to go with it – but what should you have?

Well, we have made a list of our most recommended side dishes that go perfectly with chicken piccata.

Take a look at our picks below, and choose the one that best suits your taste! 

Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob is most often seen during barbecues and picnics, and for good reason – the sweetness and juiciness of traditional corn on the cob deliciously contrasts against the saltiness and savory taste of the meats often during such meals. 

This is why corn on the cob is an ideal side dish to eat along with chicken piccata. Not only that, but the recipe I use to make corn on the cob adds sugar and lemon juice which perfectly compliments the lemon juice used in the piccata sauce. 

Sweet and simple to make, offering your guests some corn on the cob as a side dish with their chicken piccata is a sure way for you to earn praise all around the table. 

Cooked broccoli


A lot of adults tend to avoid broccoli as I’m sure a lot of us disliked this veggie back when we were children. 

However, broccoli can taste absolutely amazing if it is cooked correctly and a lot of people don’t even know that they are missing out on such a delicious side dish. 

To serve up a sauteed broccoli side dish that is sure to change everyones’ opinions on this infamous green vegetable, all you need to do is follow this recipe to properly saute broccoli.

Simply through using some garlic and lemon juice, you will have sharp and flavorful broccoli florets that compliment the lemon chicken piccata sauce perfectly.

Green Beans

Another infamous vegetable often avoided by children and adults alike, green beans have so much potential once they are properly sauteed. 

Sauteed green beans are one of the most versatile side dishes ever. They can be paired with any kind of meat-based or vegetarian dish, perfectly complementing the flavors you pair it with.

So, this makes sauteed green beans a great choice to serve with chicken piccata. 

Plus, this side dish is a breeze to cook up with only a few needed ingredients. I also recommend adding a little bit of lemon juice to your green beans while you toss them in the pan.

This will infuse them with just a touch of lemon flavor to further complement the lemon in the piccata sauce. 

So, I really recommend you add some of these golden, crispy green beans to your plate when tucking into your home made chicken piccata. 

Sauteed Spinach

Lemony Sauteed Spinach

Eating spinach is a great way to boost your nutrition intake in just one meal – it’s no wonder why Popeye loved it so much! 

What also makes spinach such a great side dish is that you can saute it and add additional flavors to really bring out its best side.

This means that you can personalize your spinach by changing up the flavors you choose to add to it. 

Personally, when serving spinach as a side dish to chicken or seafood dishes, I like to use this recipe to make a sauteed spinach that also has a strong lemon zesty flavor. It complements the meat nicely and is also quick and easy to whip up.

Plus, it’s sure to fill bellies all around the table. 

And so, sauteed spinach is definitely a side dish we would strongly recommend you serve alongside chicken piccata. 

Garlic Bread

No matter what kind of dish you are serving, I strongly believe you should always have a basket of bread available on your table. It’s filling, delicious and is eaten all around the world so everyone is sure to enjoy a taste of it with their meal. 

Bread is also incredibly versatile so you can mix and match different kinds to compliment each meal. With chicken piccata, why not try serving some classic Italian garlic bread to create a complete Italian themed meal?

Making your own garlic bread is very easy to do and you can also make it beforehand, then just warm them up in the oven for a few minutes before serving with dinner.

It requires very little fuss and you have the option to make your own garlic bread as buttery and as rich as you desire. 

Overall, it will be a mistake if you do not have some garlic bread available on your table during your chicken piccata dinner. 

eggplant salad

Roasted Eggplant Salad 

Salad is always the go to side dish to serve up alongside meat-based dishes, but what vegetables go best together with chicken piccata? 

I would recommend you rustle up and serve this recipe for a roasted eggplant salad.

Eggplant pairs excellently well with chicken and is delicious enough to eat on its own – but it’s also a real team player when it comes to salads. 

This recipe not only contains roasted eggplant, but also juicy peppers, tomatoes, carrots and onion. All of these iconic vegetables are sauteed and roasted together.

They all work together to make a delicious medley of flavor, drizzled with olive oil, that will enhance your meal and bring out the zesty taste of the chicken piccata. 

This version of the traditional salad is completely original and unique, making it a stand out choice for a side dish. 

Lemon And Herb Rice

Zesty and sweet flavors are great for complementing white meats like chicken, so it makes sense to add similar flavors to your side dishes in order for them to pair well with your main dish. 

As chicken piccata also contains lemon juice and fresh chicken, then we recommend such flavors as well. 

This is why when it comes to a rice side dish, we recommend you use this recipe to make lemon and herb rice.

This rice is seasoned with lemon zest but it also brings a touch of sweetness through the coconut oil.

To really crank up the sweetness, you can even switch the basmati rice to coconut to really complement the chicken piccata.  

Mashed potato

Mashed Potato

Everyone wants creamy mashed potatoes to serve up with their meals, but most people just assume that the key to the perfect mashed potato is just squashing boiled potatoes – but it’s not. 

The key to making the perfect mashed potatoes is by following a proper recipe that uses a balanced amount of each ingredient including butter and cream.

The recipe I choose to use to make my own mashed potatoes helps me achieve the right consistency with little error or fuss! 

But why should you try mashed potatoes with your chicken piccata? 

Starchy foods like potatoes make for a great side dish as they are filling but also nutritious when eaten in proper portions.

Plus, the mashed potato soaks up the juices and piccata sauce beautifully so you can leave behind a clear plate and enjoy every single drop of this delicious Italian chicken dish. 

So why not give it a try?

Garlic-Herb Linguine 

You didn’t think I would talk about sides for an Italian dish without mentioning pasta did you?

Pasta is the most famous Italian food, so of course it goes well with pretty much every Italian dish including chicken piccata. 

But you not just any pasta will do. The reason why pastas come in all different shapes and sizes is because they are designed to hold different sauces better.

Some pastas hold thicker sauces like ragu better than others – and the same rule applies for piccata sauce. 

Piccata sauce is traditionally rather thin, so the best pasta to use would be spaghetti or linguine.

Luckily, these pastas are also very easy for you to make at home so you can also give this recipe a try to make your very own soft and tender linguine pasta! 

farro salad

Farro Salad 

And finally, we have this traditional Italian salad: farro salad! 

Farro salad is a side dish that is a hearty option with a lot of variety as you can add or take out ingredients as much as you like.

Its typical ingredients include the nutty flavor of farro grain, creamy feta cheese, juicy tomatoes, crunch cucumber and fresh peas.

All mix together to provide you with a side dish bursty with character and flavor.  

Another plus, this recipe is quick and easy to follow. You can also make this farro salad ahead of time so feel less stressed while concentrating on your chicken piccata! 


And those were our favorite side dishes that you should try serving with chicken piccata. 

Each side dish is filling and complements the lemon flavors of a traditional chicken piccata recipe perfectly. 

Some sides such as the farro salad or pasta even share chicken piccata’s Italian heritage so you can have an authentic sample of Italian cuisine!

Meanwhile, others help give you a healthy dose of vegetables to make a balanced meal right on your plate.

But whichever side dish you chose, each is delicious in their own right and pairs incredibly well with a traditional serving of chicken piccata. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Piccata Sauce Made Of?

The piccata sauce that is served in chicken piccata is usually a combination of wine and capers that is later reduced and added to olive oil, butter and lemon juice. 

Some recipes of piccata sauce may vary and personalize its ingredients to suit the tastes of the chef, but most piccata sauces follow the same principle and include the same ingredients. 

Where Is Chicken Piccata From?

Chicken piccata is an Italian-American dish as traditionally, Italians use veal instead of chicken. 

Chicken piccata is more commonly eaten in the US as the recipe was most likely brought here with Italian migrants.

A lot of Italians had to make changes to their traditional recipes due limitations when it came to shopping for ingredients – so this is most likely why Italian Americans switched from veal to chicken when making piccata. 

What Does Piccata Mean?

Piccata is an Italian word meaning larded. When used in reference to cooking, it means that the meat is prepared by being sliced and sauteed in a sauce. 

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