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What To Serve With Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of those dishes that while it’s easily enjoyed on its own, you can pair it with so many things to change up your lunch or evening meal time.

What to Serve with Chicken Noodle Soup

Whether that be a certain garnish that can add flavor to your chicken noodle soup or a side dish in its own right that is just as delicious. Together, we will find the best sides to serve with your chicken noodle soup! 

Now, the main ingredients you’ll find in chicken noodle soup are actually fairly simple, it’s vegetables, chicken, and stock cubes.

However, how you prepare each ingredient is what sets your soup apart from other recipes.

Are you the type of person to grill your chicken? (Unorthodox, we know. It’s not the usual way with chicken soup, but each to their own!) Are you the type to slice your vegetables in large chunks, or small chunks?

Do you prefer heavy Seasonings or just a pinch of everything? 

Chicken soup has gained a reputation over the years for being the go-to when a person is ill or stricken with a fever. There’s just something about the goodness in this soup that helps us regain our strength and feel better!

Whether it’s a placebo effect or not, it doesn’t matter. If it works, we say no more. In many countries, it’s considered a comfort food because of this. 

Either way, we’ve got the best dishes and garnishes to serve with chicken noodle soup for you to try out! 13 of them, to be specific!

Saltine Crackers

Crackers are actually ideal for chicken noodle soup because of their texture when you’re enjoying something that is predominantly liquid, chicken, and boiled vegetables.

The change in texture can be exactly what the meal needs! They’re crunchy and snap well! We recommend trying them on the side with your meal, or if you’re feeling fancy, try dipping them in the soup to enjoy them hot.

Saltine crackers are a true classic and with the dish being a light addition to your evening meal anyway, you may as well stick with the same kind of aim. Keep it light.

Depending on your soup style, the saltiness in the crackers may be what it needs to liven it up and liven you up if this is your go-to feeling under the weather meal.

Cream Biscuits

This side serving could be considered between the texture of bread, and something with more stiffness, like our previous suggestion, the saltine cracker.

They’re crispy on the outside, and a sky full of clouds on the inside. Perfect for either dipping in your chicken noodle soup, or enjoying as a side!

Cream biscuits are notorious for being enjoyed as a dish themselves, hence the dish biscuits and gravy. So, introducing them to your classic chicken noodle soup recipe enables you to try them out in different ways.

As well as the soup itself. These cream biscuits are made with cream instead of butter to enhance that soft texture we all know and love, and you don’t have to be a master baker to try your hands at them!

pretzel rolls

Pretzel Rolls

We really can’t think of a reason to not try these incredible pretzel rolls with your next bowl of chicken noodle soup! They combine the fluffy texture of bread rolls, with the saltiness of pretzels.

This works for either enjoying with a more exciting rendition of chicken noodle soup, or a blander version. The rolls are fluffy enough to melt into the soup, and we recommend tearing pieces off to do just that!

If you let them soak in the soup for a few minutes, they are just delightful. You’ll just have to trust us with this one! They take your comfort soup to a whole new level. 

Grilled Vegetable Panini

There’s nothing better than dipping bread in soup, and while this may get a bit messy, it’s worth the risk!

Grilled vegetable panini are fantastic on their own, and you can experiment with as many vegetables as you want before grilling to see what combinations you enjoy the most!

We suggest trying onions, tomatoes, spinach, squash, or bell peppers to try out a variety of crunch types. Then, once you’ve got your gourmet vegetable panini grilled, go ahead and Christen it into your soup, using the soup as the dip!

It sounds strange, but it works! 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

We’ve been through what makes a grilled vegetable sandwich so worthy of your time, but have we discussed one with the addition of cheese? Well, let’s get into it!

Cheese and bread have been served with soups since the dawn of time (dramatic, but you get the point), and the flavors in both of these sides, alone with soup, enhance the point of eating soup in the first place.

When I have my favorite soup alongside slabs of cheese and bread, the soup becomes the garnish almost, and I rarely have a chance to eat the soup alone.

I’m just spending all my time dipping bread and cheese in it! Think of this as an opportunity to try this, but with a sandwich that melts the combination together so beautifully.

ham and cheese roll

Ham and Cheese Roll-ups

Another similar story to the grilled cheese, ham, and cheese has been a combination like lovers for a long time and there’s a reason we enjoy it together so much.

On pizzas, in sandwiches. It doesn’t matter, ham and cheese can do no wrong. You can amplify your chicken noodle soup with these roll-ups, they’re baked and kept simple for a reason.

They don’t need any fancy herbs to spice them up, these roll-ups perform on their own as one. You can actually use pre-made pizza dough, deli ham, and mozzarella to create cute little roll-ups.

They’re super easy to make, just roll up your ingredients on the pizza dough, and bake!


I actually have a friend who I now associate with bruschetta because of the day I met her, we went for lunch because she found out it was my birthday and forced me to celebrate.

Against my will, might I add? However, she has an obsession with bruschetta whenever we go out to eat, and she makes a fantastic version of the recipe herself!

She usually starts chopping tomatoes and onions first, then dresses the combination in the strongest balsamic vinegar she can find.

Then she sprinkles on the secretary garnish, (mozzarella and cilantro) and she’s done! It’s fascinating to watch if I say so myself, the bread always looks crisp to perfection and I get severely jealous.

Scoop up your soup chunks onto this topped bread and enjoy.

Cold Cut Deli Sandwich

The cold-cut deli sandwich is a must if you’re going to be playing around with what you can serve with your chicken noodle soup! It’s a classic lunchtime sandwich, paired with a classic comfort soup.

Where could you go wrong? This is also a fresh and cold contrast to the piping hot soup sitting on your dining room table.

Now, we all can appreciate the scorching hot taste of chicken soup, but sometimes having a cold-cut sandwich like this one can change it up a bit and provide you with something to ease that burning pain.

In the best way possible. Who doesn’t love an Italian deli sandwich packed full of your favorite deli meats, like pepperoni, and salami? 

mashed potato puffs

Mashed Potato Puffs

This is the comfort food of dreams, and what better way to enhance a dish to the max? Then with another comfort food of dreams of course! Pair it with your chicken noodle soup and enjoy the complexity of the flavors!

The mashed potato itself, mixed with chicken noodle soup, doesn’t sound quite appealing together. That’s why this side serving idea is just what you need to be able to enjoy both.

You need some different textures to make your soup more exciting, right? These mashed potato puffs are these perfect little bite-size cups of soft, buttery goodness, filled with potato, cheese, chives, and bacon bits to enhance the flavors in both dishes.

They’re baked in a warm flaky puff pastry, so enjoy this light addition to your favorite soup.

Easy Baked Zucchini

Sometimes, heavy breaded dishes just are not what you want with your favorite chicken noodle soup.

Bread, while being delicious, can be heavy on the stomach after this meal, and to save you from the future pain of it, why not try zucchini strips baked to perfection?

They act as the bread to dip in your soup, without the heaviness! Also, you’ve probably reached your limit for the carbs of the day with the noodles in this soup, so zucchini may be your new best friend.

Simply slice up some zucchini, cover it in cheese, and bake!

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

This may be the opposite of chicken noodle soup, and that is exactly why you need to try it! For years, we have been developing dishes and meals that contrast each other wildly.

Cheese and chocolate are one of them. This is the same, and the flavors in this salad, contrast well with a comforting noodle soup.

To get the true café feeling, you must make more than just a standard garden green salad this time around!

This salad has been mixed with arugula, candied walnuts, goat cheese, beetroots, and dried cranberries to create something truly special for your taste buds. 

Italian Chopped Salad

If there’s one thing that Italians do fabulously, it’s salads! Italian salads are robust, hearty, and are an incredible way to get some bold flavors into your rather subtle tasting soup.

Get yourself some romaine, cucumbers, chickpeas, onions, pepperoncini’s, and a cheese of your choice, (we recommend feta) to make a delicious and refreshing salad.

One that contrasts your chicken noodle soup recipe. Cheese and soup have a tendency to like each other, so feel free to experiment with what cheese would be better for this salad. 

vegetable skewers

Grilled Vegetable Skewers

If you’re going to be enjoying a dish that is packed full of vegetables, you may as well incorporate more vegetables into the mix!

Grilled vegetable skewers are a great way to get more minerals, nutrients, and vitamins into your meal, along with some added textures.

Grilled vegetables on skewers are a great way to enjoy them as well, as you can never be unhappy eating something off a skewer! You can even dip the skewers in the soup for an extra splash of flavor.

Final Thoughts

We loved each one of these ideas on what to serve with chicken noodle and soup, and we hope you did too!

Our favorite ideas were anything linked to bread, as personally, that is just the best way to enjoy chicken noodle soup.

You need the stodgy bread to soak up all those tasty soup juices!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Side Dishes Go Well With Chicken Noodle Soup?

Anything with cheese, bread, or potatoes is pretty much a safe bet in our books! Chicken noodle soup is rather a light dish, so you can afford to play around with what you can find to serve alongside it!

Cheese and beard are very complementary to the dish. And potatoes, well, do we need to say anymore? 

What Are The Best Snacks To Serve With Chicken Noodle Soup?

We recommend saltine crackers if you’re looking for a snack-style side to compliment your chicken noodle soup.

Cheese and crackers are also an ideal snack to pair with it, as cheese has been served with soups for a long time. 

What Crackers Go Well With Chicken Noodle Soup?

As we’ve mentioned before, saltine crackers are probably going to be your best bet. They’re just salty enough to give the soup an extra set of flavors, but not too salty, that they’re unpleasant.

They add a bit of crunch without distracting from the star of the meal. 

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