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14 Best Side Dishes To Serve With Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls can be oh so delicious – and, of course, they’ll go so well with many different dishes!

What To Serve With Cabbage Rolls (14 Best Side Dishes)

We’ve put together a list of the absolute best ones for you – no matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed something delicious to go with your cabbage rolls!

Quick Table: 14 Best Side Dishes With Cabbage Rolls

RecipesCalories Per ServingPreparation Time
Braised Leeks15035 Min
Kielbasa22645 Min
Sauteed Mushrooms13065 Min
Three Bean Salad6025 Min
Colcannon9850 Min
Tomato Soup3025 Min
Pierogi26045 Min
Garlic Roasted Carrots10155 Min
Sauerkraut1945 Min
Spätzle13830 Min
Apple Sauce6820 Min
Sour Cream Cucumbers6240 Min
Roasted Cauliflower (Four Ways!)12325 Min
Roasted Red Potatoes9520 Min

1. Braised Leeks

Leeks and cabbage go really well together, so it’s no surprise at all that this recipe for braised leeks will make for a fantastic side dish to accompany your cabbage rolls!

Just like the author says, you and your guests won’t be able to stop eating them!

That delicious flavor is all down to the preparation, of course. You’ll make a delicious glaze for them from butter, sugar, salt, and pepper. Cook them until they get that luscious golden brown color, and they’re ready to eat.

You’ll absolutely love how well these go with cabbage rolls – give them a try!

Calories Per Serving: 150

Preparation Time: 35 Min

2. Sauteed Mushrooms

Of course, not everybody likes mushrooms – there are some people who are just never going to be able to deal with them.

However, fans of mushrooms are always looking for new ways to use them – so, consider trying this deliciously simple method for making sauteed mushrooms!

It’ll be a great side to cabbage rolls!

You’ll just need some basic ingredients – but the teriyaki sauce is key to the unique flavor of this dish. That aside, it’s a really simple recipe, and one that’ll only take you 25 minutes in total to finish!

Calories Per Serving: 226

Preparation Time: 45 Min

3. Kielbasa

Kielbasa means “sausage” in Polish – and of course, it’s pretty obvious that a good sausage will go with practically anything.

Therefore, it’s of course going to be delicious with cabbage rolls – after all, a good Polish sausage is delicious enough on its own!

Real sausage aficionados know that you’ll find some of the absolute best sausages in Slavic countries. This recipe for a Polish style sausage will show you just why that is.

You’ll learn to make a type of sausage called Swojska – and you’ll be so glad you did, because a Polish sausage is an absolute delight!

Calories Per Serving: 130

Preparation Time: 65 Min

4. Three Bean Salad

Beans are definitely one of the greatest foods on earth! They’re so versatile, so good for you, and there are just so many different varieties of them!

This recipe will let you savor three different types of beans – namely red kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and cannellini beans – with a whole host of delicious accompanying flavors!

It’s only going to take you 10 minutes to make this really simple bean salad that’ll go well with cabbage rolls.

The dressing is really something special – it’s got a delicious tartness to it, thanks to the apple cider vinegar!

Calories Per Serving: 60

Preparation Time: 25 Min

5. Tomato Soup

A delicious tomato soup is a great enough dish on its own, that absolutely everybody should know how to make one!

So, if you don’t know how to yet, then you should definitely check out this fantastically simple recipe for a tomato soup that you can make with only three ingredients!

Not only will it go perfectly with cabbage rolls, but it’ll be a recipe that you’ll use again and again -after all, there’ll always be times when it’s good to know how to make tomato soup!

Calories Per Serving: 30

Preparation Time: 25 Min

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6. Pierogi

Pierogi are a real classic, and an extremely popular dish in practically every single Slavic country – and of course, all around the world! You may also know them by the name vareniki.

These particular pierogi are known in Poland as Pierogi Ruskie – Russian Pierogi. They’re filled with potatoes and cream cheese – and they taste absolutely delicious!

You’ll even learn how to make your own pierogi dough with this fantastic recipe. And, you’ll make a delicious bacon topping for them too!

All in all, these will be fantastic with some cabbage rolls – as well as great on their own!

As the recipe states, you can cook them once you’ve made them by immersing them in boiling water for around 5 minutes.

However, did you know that you can also fry pierogi? Try it out – they’re absolutely delicious fried!

Calories Per Serving: 260

Preparation Time: 45 Min

7. Garlic Roasted Carrots

It’s hard to get a vegetable as simple and delicious as carrots wrong – but there are, of course, ways to make them even more right!

That’s exactly what you’ll find with this fantastic recipe – it’s so easy, but really brings out the absolute best in the roasted carrots!

You’ll roast your baby carrots in the oven, but not before covering them in a delicious set of flavors. Balsamic vinegar, thyme, garlic, salt, and pepper – all held on to the carrots by a few spoons of olive oil.

The carrots will roast perfectly in this mix of oil and flavorings – and they’ll only take 40 minutes in the oven to be done! Serve with your cabbage rolls for a delicious meal that’s easy to make!

Calories Per Serving: 101

Prepartion Time: 55 Min

8. Sauerkraut

If you’re stuck for an idea for what you can use to accompany your delicious cabbage rolls, how about going for something that’s so obvious, you’ve probably overlooked it – more cabbage!

After all, that’s exactly what sauerkraut is = fermented cabbage! It’s not for everyone, but if you like it then you’ll be sure to really enjoy how well it pairs with cabbage rolls.

Just be aware that this isn’t something you can just decide to make the same day you expect to eat it – it’ll need up to 10 days to ferment properly!

It’s totally worth the wait, of course – you’ll be sure to agree, once you taste what you’ve made!

Calories Per Serving: 19

Preparation Time: 45 Min

9. Spätzle

If you’ve never had spätzle before, then today is your lucky day! It’s a type of egg noodle that’s often served as a side dish in Germany. It’s pronounced a little like “spetzle” or “spetzul” – but you don’t need to worry too much about that.

Concentrate on how delicious it is!

You’ll be making this entirely from scratch using just four ingredients. You’ll need 4 cups of flour, 2 spoons of salt, 8 large eggs, and three quarters of a cup of milk.

Just 15 minutes of work later, and you’ll be completely done – and your spätzle will be ready to serve with your delicious cabbage rolls!

Calories Per Serving: 138

Preparation Time: 30 Min

10. Apple Sauce

Apple and cabbage might not seem like the most obvious combination of flavors, but you might well come to love them once you’ve had them together!

Of course, the key is to start off with a great tasting homemade applesauce, just like the one you’ll learn to make with this great recipe!

This sauce is really sweet and delicious – but then, as it’s made from fresh apples, how could it not be? You’ll need a little bit of lemon peel and juice too – although you could use apple cider vinegar instead.

A bit of cinnamon (which is pretty much the perfect flavor to go with apples!), some sugar, salt, and water are the only other ingredients you’ll need for this fantastic applesauce.

Calories Per Serving: 68

Preparation Time: 20 Min

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11. Sour Cream Cucumbers

This fantastic salad made from cucumbers and onion covered in delicious sour cream will make a fantastic pairing with cabbage rolls!

The cucumber is of course light and refreshing, while the sour cream provides a rich – well, creaminess to the dish!

Of course, the sour cream is backed up with a few secret additions – some white vinegar, sugar, and pepper. That’s all; you need to make it taste absolutely spectacular!

You don’t need to peel cucumbers for this recipe – but, as the author states, you can of course do so if you want to. It’s entirely up to you!

Calories Per Serving: 62

Preparation Time: 40 Min

12. Roasted Cauliflower (Four Ways)

Yes, that’s right – you simply cannot get a better deal than this recipe, as it’s four in one! You’ll learn four fantastic ways to roast cauliflower, with all sorts of different delicious flavorings.

Whichever one of these you make, you’ve picked correctly!

No matter which way to make it you choose, you’ll need a large head of cauliflower, some olive oil, and salt and pepper to season. And of course, a nice hot oven to put it in!

Calories Per Serving: 123

Preparation Time: 25 Min

13. Roasted Red Potatoes

As humble as the potato may be, you just can’t deny that it’s also absolutely amazing! So simple, and yet so delicious – and with seemingly infinite ways to make delicious meals with them!

This recipe is absolutely fantastic – but when you look at the list of ingredients, you’ll immediately be able to see why.

After all, with the simple combination of red potatoes and delicious herbs, all you need to do is add heat and you’ve got a fantastic dish!

Perfect as a side to cabbage rolls, but also good enough to eat on their own, you’ll fall in love with these potatoes.

Calories Per Serving: 95

Preparation Time: 20 Min

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14. Colcannon

Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish that will go so well with cabbage rolls! It’s a classic, made from mashed potato and either cabbage or kale.

This particular recipe uses cabbage – approximately 6 cups of it, along with three pounds of yellow or red potatoes.

You’ll also need cream, butter, an onion, and 6 slices of bacon to complete the delicious flavor of this classic dish.

You’ll see why it’s been a favorite for so long – and it might just change the way you make mashed potatoes forever! And, of course, they’ll go really well with your cabbage rolls!

Calories Per Serving: 98

Preparation Time: 50 Min


So many delicious recipes – which will you make first? They’re all delicious, of course – you’re in for a good time no matter which one you pick!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Types Of Cabbage Green?

No – some of them have extremely strong red or purple colors instead!

Why Are My Cabbage Rolls Tough?

Cabbage rolls are usually tough when you haven’t cooked them for long enough. Just put the rolls back into the oven and allow them to cook for a little longer.

Are There Alternatives To Cabbage?

Definitely – try out kale or bok choy!

14 Best Side Dishes To Serve With Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls – which are the best side dishes to go with them? Find out right here- and get the recipe for every single one of them too!


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