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What Should You Serve with Sausage? 10 Amazing Side Dishes to Try

Sausage is a scrumptious type of meat that makes for a brilliant breakfast, lunch, or dinner-time meal. These sausages can be flavored with a variety of ingredients and can be made of different meats.

Though pork sausages are usually the default, chicken and beef sausages are also widely available. These different meats will impact the taste and texture of your sausages. 

What Should You Serve with Sausage 10 Amazing Side Dishes to Try

Though sausages are likely present in your weekly meal routine, it can be difficult to know what to serve them with. If you are in a pickle and cannot decide what side dish should accompany your sausages, we have provided ten suggestions below. 


If you want to have a salty and savory flavor to your sausage dinner, you should consider serving them with French fries. This simple meal will be great for families. You can either buy ready-made fries from the shop or make your own.

Though homemade fires will be more time-consuming, they are worth it for the deeper flavor. In fact, this recipe takes only 50 minutes, which is shorter than some other French fries recipes. 

Another great element of this recipe is that it does not require many ingredients, all three of which are easy to obtain. Consequently, you will not need to spend loads of time and money buying rare ingredients.

Though you may be concerned about this combination being a little dry, do not worry. You can always drizzle them with a sauce, such as ketchup or barbeque sauce. 

Mashed Potato

Second, the mixture of mashed potatoes, sausages, and gravy is a delicious combination. The creaminess of the match will be mouth-watering when it blends with the gravy.

In Britain, this meal is known as “bangers and mash.” It is a popular dinner-time meal for good reason. 

This incredible recipe manages to create creamy mashed potato whilst also limiting the fatness of the side dish. It contains only a small amount of crème fraîche, creating a smooth recipe that is not as unhealthy as some other recipes. 

If you want to spice up your mashed potatoes, you can use different potatoes. For instance, sweet potatoes will add a vibrant coloring and a unique sweet yet savory flavor.

You can also try adding different herbs and spices to the mashed potato to infuse it with different flavors. 

Macaroni and Cheese

Do you love cheese? Do you adore pasta? To us, the combination of cheese and pasta is a match made in heaven.

The best that best utilizes the combination is macaroni and cheese. Macaroni and cheese will go with most meats and meals, though we think it goes particularly well with sausages.  

The cheesy flavor of the macaroni combines brilliantly with the salty taste of the sausages. In fact, most types of sausages can be paired with pasta. You can even level up your macaroni cheese by adding bacon, garlic, or broccoli.

The recipe we have linked adds paprika to give an earthy taste and a subtle hint of spiciness. If you are looking for a side dish that will be loved by most of the family, you cannot go wrong with macaroni and cheese. 

Baked Beans

In Britain, it is fairly common for sausages to be served with baked beans. The moisture of the beans ensures that the sausage is not too dry.

This combination will be extremely useful for people who are trying to increase their protein intake since beans are a good source of this macronutrient. 

This is a super convenient recipe. If you want to save yourself even more time, you can simply use a tin of shop-bought baked beans. However, this recipe is sure to taste superior to a ready-made version. 


If you are looking for a healthy side dish for your sausages, a salad may be the best option. In fact, salads contain several vitamins and minerals. For example, lettuce is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as iron.

Salad has a really short preparation time, meaning that you will not need to spend loads of time slaving away in the kitchen. This simple salad will be an effective recipe, particularly if you do not have a lot of time. 

If you want a more complex recipe, you can also try making potato or pasta salad. These brilliant salads will match perfectly with sausages.

You can also enhance the flavor of a simple salad by adding more vegetables or by drying different sauces. This recipe uses a salad dressing that has a deep and rich flavor. 

Roasted Vegetables

Are you looking for a healthy side dish with plenty of flavors? Look no further. While salad is healthy and enjoyable, some may find it a little bland. If this is the case, you may want to try making roast vegetables the next time you have sausages.

One of the best things about roast vegetables is that it is quite an adaptable dish. As a consequence, you will be able to decide whatever vegetables you want.

This gorgeous recipe from The Mediterranean Dish makes a delightful Italian side dish. The vegetables used in this recipe are mushrooms, baby potatoes, zucchini, and Campari tomatoes. While this creates an excellent and authentic Italian dish, you should also feel free to add any other vegetables that appeal to you. 

This will be a great dish for people who cook their sausages in the oven since these roasted vegetables can also be cooked using this device. Therefore, it can save using more energy. 

Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob will be an especially brilliant side dish for barbecues. Thankfully, you do not need a barbecue to cook corn on the cob.

This nifty recipe instead roasts them in the oven. The scrumptious sauce also has lots of flavors, due to the garlic butter and Creole seasoning. 

If you desire a quick and easy accompaniment to your sausages, this recipe will be ideal. It only takes 25 minutes to make, which is similar to the amount of time it will take to cook the sausages. 


If you have the time to make homemade bread, we thoroughly encourage you to give it a try. The taste and smell of homemade bread are sensational and cannot be rivaled by shop-bought products.

Though this recipe is time-consuming, it is so easy that even beginner bakers can do it. 

You can put the sausages inside the bread to make a sausage sandwich. The fluffy feel of the bread will complement the sausage’s texture. This side dish will be especially effective in casual settings. 


Our penultimate suggestion is coleslaw. Coleslaw has a creamy taste and texture, with a hint of sourness. This recipe is super straightforward and does not have any unnecessary additions.

Despite its simplicity, this coleslaw has plenty of flavors due to the inclusion of dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar.

Colsale can also be somewhat healthy, containing vegetables such as cabbage and carrot. The unique creamy taste of coleslaw will balance perfectly with the sausage.

Plus, its somewhat crunchy texture will provide a nice contrast with the sausage’s softness. If you eat coleslaw with your sausages, it will provide a refreshing taste that is unmatched by other salads. You can also try using other meats with coleslaw. 

 Eggs, Bacon, and Toast

A final serving option is to transform your sausages into a traditional English fried breakfast. Though this meal is referred to as a full English breakfast, you can eat this dish any time of day. In fact, many British cafes and restaurants serve this as an “all-day breakfast.”

To make this meal, simply fry your sausages alongside various accompaniments, such as bacon, eggs, toast, baked beans, and mushrooms. These ingredients taste delicious when combined.

Another benefit of this meal is that you can customize it, choosing whatever ingredients you desire. For instance, you can add black pudding, tomatoes, or hash browns if you wish to. 

Though a fried breakfast is not the healthiest of meals, it is worth trying this British delicacy if you adore the taste of fried foods. This recipe from I am a Food Blog will be the perfect way to start the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cook Sausages?

This depends on the kind of sausages you want to cook, and how you want to flavor them. Standard beef sausages are cooked in a non-stick frying pan over a low to medium heat. Typically, beef sausages take around 15 minutes to be fully cooked.

Alternatively, you can also use a grill to cook your sausages.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Sausages? 

Eating sausages now and then will not negatively impact your health. Sausages are rich in protein. However, you should not have this meat too often.

This is because they are processed meats that are high in fat. Of course, the exact nutritional value of sausage will depend on the type of meat that is consumed. For instance, chicken sausages tend to contain less fat and calories than pork sausages. 

Should I Cook Sausages Before The Eggs?

Yes, if you are serving sausages and eggs as part of a meal, the sausages will likely take longer to cook. Therefore, you should start cooking the sausages sooner so that you can serve them at the same time as the eggs. 

Final Thoughts

If you are finding your meals a bit mundane, these side dish ideas will help you to make your meals more interesting. This list proves that you can mix up the side dishes that you have with sausages. 

What Should You Serve with Sausage? 10 Amazing Side Dishes to Try

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