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Is Squid Taste Good? Here’s The Inside Scoop!

Squid are a very distinctive creature that is eaten through many parts of the world.

Often called calamari when served as a meal, squid has a unique texture and taste that makes it very popular either as a side dish or as a main serving for many culinary traditions.

What is interesting about squid is that they can be eaten cooked and breaded with various ingredients or whole while alive.

Eating squid whole is common in Korea and other Asian countries, particularly when eating either a small squid or a small section of a just-removed tentacle.

In this article, we’ll take a look at squid taste, highlight their texture, examine whether they’re safe to eat, answer other common questions, and provide three recipes that you can use when cooking with squid.

This information should give you all the details that you need to know.

What Are Squid?

What Are Squid

Squid is the common name for over 300 different species of sea creatures with 10 arms.

Squid are unique because they are often very hard to find in the water, sometimes preferring deep waters, while others may live closer to shore and be easier to find.

Their life history is most mysterious, as are some of their eating habits. It is well known that multiple sightings of giant squid have occurred throughout history, with the first scientific videos of such sightings being fairly recent.

Their eyes are known for their complexity and look unnervingly like a human’s eye.

What Does Squid Taste Like?

What Does Squid Taste Like

Squid taste is fairly mild, with a slightly sweet undercurrent that doesn’t match its rather harsh exterior appearance.

Squid taste is also quite meaty and lacks the fishy aroma that many people dislike about seafood. That makes it surprisingly useful for many different situations.

For example, that mild taste makes it easy to flavor squid with various other foods, such as vegetables.

Squid stir-fry is particularly tasty because you can change the squid taste with just a few simple tweaks. As a result, it is a wise idea to find many fresh ingredients to add to this fish.

What Do Squid Look Like?

What Do Squid Look Like

Squid has distinctive long bodies with pointed heads and sharp mouths that makes it easy to tear apart various prey.

It also has 10 long arms or tentacles with suckers that it uses to attack and hold prey while it squeezes it to kill it. They come in many colors but are usually white.

Squid meat is very white and typically served in strips cut away from the tentacles.

That creates a very long meat that looks quite different from other seafood beyond the similar octopus. The meat should lighten up as you cook it, producing a rich variety of different looks.

What Texture Does Squid Have?

What Texture Does Squid Have

Squid’s texture is fairly meaty and has a firmness to it that can go wrong if you cook it too long.

Overcooked squid is often very chewy or even rubbery, which makes it hard to enjoy. Properly cooked squid should be firm and chewy without being hard to enjoy.

Many chefs will improve squid’s texture by adding various ingredients to it or cooking it in different ways.

For example, deep-fried calamari is often easier to enjoy because it adds a nice coating to the squid’s flesh. This should make it even tastier for most people.

Types Of Squid

There are over 300 different squid species on the planet, some of which have barely been studied.

The unique nature of these creatures means that they’re often lurking far below the ocean and may be hard to bring up. Each has fairly similar tastes and doesn’t vary significantly from one to the other.

Where Do Squid Come From?

Squids are ocean-dwelling creatures that live in multiple environments, including miles below the surface.

These squids would likely fall apart if drawn to the surface because their bodies are adapted to extreme pressure. Other squids live closer to shore or even in shallower areas.

The often mysterious nature of squid makes it hard to track their full range.

Some squid has been noted in the Atlantic Ocean, only to be found later in the Pacific thousands of miles from their initial discovery area. That gives squid a unique and fun nature to consider.

Are Squid Healthy? Or Dangers Of Eating Squid?

Are Squid Healthy? Or Dangers Of Eating Squid

Squid are generally considered healthy because they’re naturally low in calories and have multiple vitamins and minerals.

Their protein count is a little low compared to other sea creatures, though their cholesterol and sodium are at healthy levels.

Squid aren’t known to be extremely mercury-contaminated, but they can be victims of chemical poisoning. They are also prone to parasites that may spread through their body.

Squid are also not as protein-rich as other seafood, which may limit their appeal to some.

How Do You Eat Squid?

Squid can be eaten in many ways but is typically served as either a main or side dish.

Raw or whole squid may be served on a bowl over a bed of lettuce and require you to grab the squid to keep it from wiggling away. Cooked squid is often served with things like rice or potatoes.

Some squid meals require forks and knives to eat properly, while others may include spoons.

For example, squid soup or stew will use ladles or soups to scoop up the meat, vegetables, and broth. This should give you plenty of ways to serve this fantastic meal.

How Can I Store Squid?

You can store squid in your refrigerator by placing it in a sealed container to keep air from invading it.

Wrap the squid in plastic or paper to keep the smell from worsening. Try to throw out the squid after you notice signs of spoiling to keep it from stinking.

If you buy live squid, you should place them in a carefully prepared aquarium and feed them until you plan on eating them. Some will place live squid in their fridge to cool them down, though they may roam around if you aren’t careful.

Can You Freeze Squid?

Freezing squid is a useful way of storing cooked or uncooked squid that you don’t plan on eating for a while.

You can place any store-frozen squid right in the freezer in its original package, though any fresh squid should be cleaned and stored in an airtight container for up to three months.

When freezing living squid, you need to clean and gut them before storage, which we’ll discuss in depth later.

You can then wrap their meat up in plastic or paper to keep it protected from the cold. Check for freezer burn regularly and throw out any damaged meat ASAP.

How To Tell If Squid Is Bad?

You can tell if squid is bad when it smells fishy because fresh fish should have a fairly low-key odor.

As the smell worsens, it might even start turning your stomach. Throw away the squid when the smell becomes too hard for you to stomach.

Pay attention to the squid’s meat, as well, because it can start to turn red or even yellow as it ages.

The flesh may even become wrinkled and show signs of mold, like black or green spots. Never eat squid that has gone bad because you increase your risk of sickness if you do.

Can You Eat Squid Raw?

Many people eat squid raw, either as part of sushi or sashimi or by eating a small squid whole.

Others may cut off parts of its tentacles and eat them raw in this way. This option is popular around Asia and even in American sushi restaurants.

Note that you shouldn’t eat raw sushi if you don’t understand blast freezing. Blast freezing carefully freezes the squid’s flesh to kill various bacteria, worms, and other dangerous contaminants.

Without this process, you may put yourself at risk of various conditions.

Do Squid Have Worms?

Squid can have many types of worms, some of which can be dangerous to people. For example, squid can develop tapeworms that may easily spread to your body with ingestion.

These tapeworms can also spread to any other animal that eats a squid, such as sharks.

Other worms may also spread through squid, so make sure that you check them carefully before eating.

Squid worms may be destroyed through the cooking process but shouldn’t be eaten if they’ve spread too far through the meat to remove easily by hand.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Squid?

The best way to cook squid varies depending on your preference but breading and frying it is a popular method that protects the meat from grease and oil.

The extra breading helps draw out more flavors in the squid and produces that trademark calamari taste.

However, you can cook squid in any way you like to produce fantastic meals. Baking may provide many benefits, such as softer meat and mixing multiple tastes.

Try only to eat raw squid if you feel comfortable with blast-freezing to ensure that your meal is safe.

How Do You Clean Squid For Cooking?

Start the cleaning process by grabbing the squid tail in one hand and the head in the other and slightly twisting while pulling to remove the head.

The innards should easily come with the head as long as you pull slowly and avoid jerking, as this may tear the squid.

You may also remove the ink sac and use a few drops of it in your recipes by finding a black vein in the innards and removing it with your knife.

Cut the head away from the tentacles, cut the beak away from the tentacles, remove the skin, and take the cartilage out of the tail. Cook the remaining tail and tentacles.

Are Squid Poisonous To Eat?

Squid are not poisonous to eat when properly cleaned, cooked, and stored. The only danger is cooking spoiled squid, which might increase your food poisoning risk.

However, some squid may also be contaminated with chemicals that may cause stomach problems.

That said, some poisonous squid species do exist but are rarely eaten. These include striped pajama squid, which may also have a poisonous slime.

Any squid you find in a seafood shop should be safe to eat, but be careful when fishing and make sure you identify the species before eating.

Squid Vs. Octopus

Squid and octopus are commonly eaten in many culinary traditions but have different tastes. Octopus is typically sharper than squid and is slightly fishier.

However, octopus is also more tender and lacks the chewiness of squid. Squid typically has a much lighter consistency that is almost liquid compared to octopus’ firmer flesh.

How Do You Cook Squid?

Cook squid by carefully cleaning the fish, removing inedible parts, washing the remaining meat, basting in a coating, and cooking.

You can roast squid for a great result, though deep-frying, baking, and even broiling all work well with this tasty seafood.

Nutritional Value Table

Nutritional Value of a 28-Gram Squid Serving
Total Fat0.4 grams
Cholesterol66 milligrams
Total Carbohydrates0.9 grams
Fiber0 grams
Protein 4.4 grams

Quick Table: Squid Recipes

RecipesCaloriesPreparation Time
Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Squid44225 minutes
Stuffed Calamari37045 minutes
Salt And Pepper Squid23320 minutes

1. Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Squid

If you love Korean food, this is the meal for you! Start by cutting the squid in half and removing any cartilage, and scraping the legs to make them easy to eat.

Mix garlic, chili pepper flakes, fish sauce, pepper, salt, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and sesame seeds in a bowl before cutting green onions.

Oil a woke and add squid before pouring in the sauce mix and adding green onions to the flavor. Stir fry until the vegetables are soft and the squid is tender.

This meal serves beautifully with rice and is a great option for anybody who loves Korean food of any type.

Calories: 442

Total Preparation Time: 25 minutes

2. Stuffed Calamari

Stuffed calamari is one of the most popular ways of making this amazing meal. Start by boiling the tentacles in hot water, draining them when cooked, and setting them aside before chopping.

Mix bread crumbs, capers, parsley, Parmesan cheese, and one hard-boiled egg in a bowl with extra-virgin olive oil.

Press this filling into the squid until it is about two-thirds full and close it with a toothpick before setting it aside.

Place them in a frying pan, drizzle with olive oil, cook for several minutes on each side, and add wine to give it more flavor. This fried dish is popular in many European restaurants.

Calories: 370

Total Preparation Time: 45 minutes

3. Salt And Pepper Squid

Do you want a very quick squid recipe that is more likely to be enjoyed by your kids? Then, deep-fry the squid first to create a tasty batter and then toss it in a wok with scallions, red chili peppers, salt, and pepper.

Make sure to toss it carefully to fully coat the squid with this mix.

We love this recipe because it is not only easy to make but adaptable for many cooking situations. For example, you can eat this meal as a side dish or serve it over a bed of rice, potatoes, or pasta.

You can also add any other ingredients that you like, such as garlic and much more.

Calories: 233

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Some Cultures Eat Squid Whole?

Some Asian cultures like to swallow living squid whole to get the best overall flavor. This practice is not commonly practiced outside these regions because the squid will fight on its way down.

That can make it a difficult thing to do properly, especially when trying to eat squid for the first time.

Should You Try Eating Squid This Way?

Instances of people dying when swallowing live squid are common, even in nations that practice this activity regularly.

That’s because the squid may panic and attach itself to a person’s throat, making them impossible to remove. Don’t try this out unless you have some experience with it.

What Flavors Mix Best With Squid?

Squid can mix perfectly with various different flavors, particularly those that emphasize its unique texture.

You typically want something a little lighter with a less prominent texture and odor. Pasta goes particularly well with squid, as do tomatoes and various vegetables.

Do Squid Cause Fish Allergies?

Squid can cause specific allergic reactions based on your sensitivity and the type of squid you eat.

These types of seafood allergies may be specific to certain animal types but can also occur in just about any animal. That makes it important to be very careful when eating any new seafood.

YouTube Video

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