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Get Healthy, Refreshing And Tasty Papaya Recipes

Papaya has a mild, sweet flavor with a refreshing, slightly tart flavor. It’s known for being the perfect tropical fruit. Papayas were first eaten regularly in Mesoamerica in what is now Central America and Southern Mexico. In 2020, the most significant single supplier of papayas was India, at 43%.

Interestingly, papayas grow in three different sexes.  The males produce pollen but no fruit.  The females have small, primarily inedible fruit, and the hermaphrodite papayas are the variety most commonly found in the typical grocery store or fruit stand. 

What Are Papayas?

Papayas are a visually pleasing tropical fruit with their bright, bold coloration and are beloved for their distinctive, sweet flavor.

They used to be a rare fruit with limited availability, but they are now available in most places year-round due to contemporary cultivation techniques. 

Papayas are melon-like, fleshy fruit that has unlimited culinary uses.  They are also noted for their health benefits.

Some of the possible health benefits inherent in eating papaya include, but are not limited to:

  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Lower risk of getting certain types of cancer
  • Digestive aid
  • Lower blood glucose levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Wound healing

What Does Papaya Taste Like?

What Does Papaya Taste Likes

The taste of papaya can best be described as residing somewhere between a cantaloupe and a mango. It is a sweet yet not cloying fruit that grows sweeter the riper it becomes. At its peak, papaya has a soft, buttery texture that seems to dissolve in the mouth. 

You may wonder what papaya tastes like when it isn’t ripe yet. Before papaya is fully ripe, it has very little flavor at all. 

The smell of ripe papaya is inviting. However, before they are fully ripe, papayas have an unpleasant odor. However, in some Asian cultures, unripe papaya is used in native cuisine. 

What Kind Of Texture Does Papaya Have?

While often compared to melons, the meat of papaya is softer and less fibrous than a melon.  The texture can be compared to a mixture of ripe pumpkin and cantaloupe melon.  When eaten at its peak, papaya seems to melt in the mouth. 

What Are The Different Types Of Papaya?

Papayas, a tri-colored fruit, come in red, yellow, and green, not unlike a traffic light. They are available in as many as 20 varieties, each with special qualities and flavors. Some of the more common papayas include, but are not limited to:

  • Guinea Gold 
  • Hawaiian Sunset
  • Hawaiian Sunrise
  • Kamuja
  • Hortus Gold
  • Kapoho
  • Oak Leaved
  • Peterson
  • Samba
  • Waimanalo

Where Do Papayas Come From?

Papaya originally came from Central America and was taken to the Caribbean by sailors and explorers from Europe who took it with them during their travels. India grows more papayas than any other country in the world. 

It is a temperamental fruit that is especially vulnerable to frost, but still, it is grown in Southern California and Texas, where frost sometimes presents itself. It is also grown in Southeast Asia and is a critical element in many Thai dishes.

Is Papaya Good For You?

Papaya Taste

Not only is papaya an excellent source of alpha and beta carotene, it also provides lutein, which is good for eyesight.  It has B Vitamins, Vitamin E, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and the antioxidant, Lycopene.  It also has ample amounts of zeaxanthin and potassium.  

Additionally, papaya is a reliable source of:

  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Fiber
  • Pantothenic acid

How Is Papaya Eaten?


Eating papaya is a simple task.  The fruit is cut in half like one would slice a melon.  The seeds should be scooped out. 

They are edible but can have a bitter taste.  The fruit can easily be scooped out with a spoon and enjoyed raw or used in various recipes.

How Can I Store Papaya?


Once picked, papaya ripens relatively quickly and will rot promptly if it is not stored correctly. Refrigeration can help slow down the process of ripening.

The whole, unpeeled, uncut fruit should be kept in an air-tight plastic bag for up to a week. 

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Can Papaya Be Frozen And Stored?

Papaya can also be frozen by cutting it into small pieces and placing it into plastic bags specially designed for the freezer or in rigid plastic containers with air-tight lids.  

Once inside the container, the fruit should be covered with a solution of water and 30% sugar.  This will enable the papaya to be frozen for up to 10 months.  

The thawed fruit will be softer than fresh papaya, so it should be served in a partially thawed condition for fresh applications.  

Partially thawed papaya will work for cooking, even though it isn’t as firm as fresh fruit.  It also works very well for smoothies, as it blends very well.  It also works well for this purpose when it is fully frozen and can take the place of ice.

How Do I Tell If A Papaya Is Bad?


There are specific things to look for when determining whether papaya has gone bad.  The first is the appearance of dark spots on the entire fruit surface. 

The next most prominent sign of bad papaya is the appearance of mold on the skin. 

When injected, mold can cause food poisoning.  Therefore, it is important to examine papayas for mold, as they are susceptible to growing faster than other types of fruit.

The fruit should immediately be thrown out if any mold is discovered on the papaya.

Papayas that have extra-soft skin that is sunken in toward the meat should not be consumed. This is a sign that deterioration has begun, which renders the fruit unsafe to eat. 

Any type of foul or fermented odor emitting from papaya also means that it is not safe to eat it.  It should be disposed of immediately. 

Finally, if the papaya tastes bitter, it should not be sweetened with sugar or honey.  The bitterness only transpires when the fruit has begun to go bad.  It is not safe to eat it in this state.

How Can I pick Out Papaya In A Grocery Store?

The scent of papaya is the best indication of whether or not it is good to eat.  When shopping for papaya at a fruit stand or grocery store, select the one that has a slightly sweet, musky smell.  

Additionally, the papaya’s skin will change from green to a rich, dark yellow color when it starts to ripen. For immediate use, it is best to select the papaya that has turned almost all yellow, and that feels slightly soft to the touch. 

How To Speed Up The Ripening Process Of A Papaya

To ripen papaya faster than simply leaving it on a countertop for a couple of days, placing it inside a paper bag speeds up the process considerably. 

To ripen it even faster, place a fruit that produces ethylene gas in the bag with it.  This could be an apple, peach, pear, banana or any type of melon. 

papayas are ethelyne-sensitive and will ripen very quickly when in the presence of gas.

How Do I Open A Papaya?

A papaya is an easy fruit to open. Simply follow these directions:

  • Trim the ends of the fruit with a sharp knife
  • Cut the fruit in half from end to end.
  • Scrape away the pulp and seeds with a spoon.
  • Remove the skin of the fruit with a vegetable peeler.
  • Using a sharp knife, slice each piece of papaya into long strips.
  • Cube, if desired and eat.

Can I Grow Papaya At Home?

Papayas are not typically grown at home, which makes the prospect of doing so rather enticing. They must reach at least 15′ tall to produce fruit. 

Therefore, a fruit-bearing papaya tree is probably not practical indoors.  However, they do make an attractive indoor plant that does not bear fruit.

When planted in soil, a papaya seed will normally sprout in two weeks and produce flowers from 5-6 months. They must be pruned frequently to avoid getting too large indoors within a year.

Papaya Vs. Cantaloupe

Papayas are often compared to cantaloupe, and, indeed, the flavors are similar.  While the cantaloupe contains more Vitamin B6 and Vitamin A RAE, the papaya is rich in Folate and has a more prominent, fuller flavor than cantaloupe. The papaya has more Vitamin C as well.

How Do You Cook Papaya?

Papayas are best when eaten raw.  However, they can be baked or roasted similarly to a butternut squash, but at a lower temperature  and for less time, due to their fibrous consistency.

How to make Dulce de Papaya Con Jengbre y Cucuma

Quick Table: 3 Recipes For Papaya

ReceipesCaloriesPreparation Time
Dulce De Papaya Con Jengbre y Cucuma1261 hour 45 minutes
Green Papaya Salad5535  minutes
Carrot And Papaya Smoothie With Hazelnuts And Pistachios31835  minutes

1. Dulce De Papaya Con Jengbre y Cucuma

Total calories per serving126
Sodium100 mg
Dietary fiber1 g
Sugar1 g
Vitamin A30 g

Transform unripened papaya into a candied state that becomes a delicious dessert traditionally served with a soft, white farmer’s cheese called, “queso de pais.”   The papaya slices are customarily cooked over and open fire, but this recipe has been translated to be prepared in a modern, indoor kitchen.

This recipe is for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and is dairy-free, gluten-free, nut and soy-free.  While a bit time-consuming, it is not difficult to make, and is well worth the time to prepare. 

It is unique in appearance and flavor, and contains warm, fragrant spices that are wholly satisfying and delicious, but without the calorie content of a pie.

The fruit is first soaked in a baking soda solution to keep it from coming apart while cooking.  The syrup from this dish can be added to ice cream or used as a cocktail ingredient.

The star anise and turmeric give the baked papaya a mystery flavor that is difficult to pinpoint, but that is undeniably delicious.

The grated orange peel and rich, brown sugar give it a kiss of sweetness, and the fresh ginger makes you want to dance. 

How to make Green Papaya Salad  

Calories Per Serving: 126

Cooking Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

2. Green Papaya Salad

Calories per serving55
Dietary fiber1.3g
Saturated fat0.2g
Vitamin A0.1g
Vitamin C36 mg
Folate26.6 mcg

What makes this salad so special is that it doesn’t taste like a salad.  It tastes like a full, tropical meal with burst of tangy lime juice and zest.

The sweetness of the brown sugar juxtaposed to the salty fish sauce, the heat of the hot chilies as opposed to the sweetness of the papaya and the crunch of the sweet onion and pea shoots.  

This salad requires no cooking, and is intended for anyone who likes to try new flavors.  It isn’t for the weak of heart, as it can be hot and spicy. 

However, the person who enjoys a unique culinary exploration of flavors and textures will delight in its exotic taste. 

This is also a great salad for anyone who is calorie conscious.  At only 55 calories per serving, and without the addition of high-caloric dressings, Green Papaya Salad is an excellent choice for the healthy-minded individual.

How to make a Carrot and Papaya Smoothie with Hazelnuts and Pistachios

Calories Per Serving:  55

Preparation Time:  35 minutes

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3. Carrot And Papaya Smoothie With Hazelnuts And Pistachios

Calories per serving318
Fat12 g
Saturated fat2 g
Dietary fiber6 g
Sodium68 mg
Protein5 g

With a definitive tropical flavor, this Carrot and Papaya Smoothie with its rich nutty additions of hazelnuts and pistachios is sure to delight. 

The rich texture and substance added to the crunchy coconut ice cubes add something that is not commonly found in an ordinary smoothie.

The fiber content and complex carbohydrates are for those who want to feel satisfied after drinking a smoothie. It feels like an entire meal and can be satisfying for hours.

It is a combination of sweet and savory that energizes and provides nutrients that can keep you going and make you feel refreshed. The rich, orange color and visible texture add definite eye-appeal to this appetizing and delicious drink.

Calories Per Serving:  318

Preparation Time:  35 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Papaya Taste Like?

Papaya has its own unique flavor that is unlike that of any other fruit.  Some say that it tastes like cantaloupe, but its flavor is more pronounced and its aroma is richer and more floral. 

There are also hints of mango, banana and peach in the taste. 

What Do I Do With The Papaya Seeds ?

Papaya seeds have a bit of a bite that is similar to that of peppercorns or horseradish.  They are spicy and peppery. 

Some people enjoy them with their sweet, fresh papaya because of the contrast between the two flavors.   The seeds can also be ground in a spice blender or with a mortar and pestle and used in foods similarly as one would use peppercorns. 

What Nutrients Does Papaya Have?

Papaya is a nutrient-rich fruit that contains only 39 calories per serving.  Its vitamin-packed nutrient content includes Vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and a fiber-rich inclusion.

Is Papaya Safe For My Dog To Eat?

If the seeds are removed from papaya, it makes an excellent dog treat.  After the seeds and skin have been removed, it can be fed to dogs in large chunks. 

Dogs tend to love the sweet flavor.  Be warned, however, that the seeds, like apple seeds, contain very tiny amounts of cyanide that can be toxic to dogs, so it is imperative that they be removed.

How Do I Get Rid Of That Funny Odor That I Smell When I Cut Into My Papaya?  

The odor that is emitted from a papaya when it is first cut open comes from a substance called, “papain,” which is an enzyme that can help with digestion.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not indicate that the fruit has begun to go bad, and it does not indicate that the papaya should be discarded.  The enzyme is also helpful for tenderizing meat when added as an ingredient to meat tenderizers. 

The way to rid the papaya of the odor is to simply squeeze fresh lime juice over the surface of the papaya right after it is sliced.  Within minutes, the odor is neutralized and it will not return.

Where In The World Is Papaya Grown?

At 43%, India grows more papaya than any other country.  However, the fruit can also be found growing in Central America, Mexico and in the United States.  In addition to Hawaii, it also grows in Southern California and in South Texas.


For further information about papaya, take a look at this comprehensive video that will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing, healthful, delicious tropical fruit. 

Top Forty Amazing Papaya Facts – Interesting Facts About Papaya

Get Healthy, Refreshing And Tasty Papaya Recipes

Papaya is a delicious fruit with a unique flavor. Taste the exotic fruit and get to know what does PapayaTaste likes!


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