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A Flavor Review: What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like? 

Quick Answer: What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like? Mahi mahi has a fishy flavor with a sweet and tasty undertone. To put it into comparison, its fish flavor is richer than that of cod. The white flakes are extra moist and large which create tasty lean filets.

In this quick guide we shall take a look at what mahi mahi tastes like, and how to select the most fresh fish possible.

So, let’s get right to it!

A Flavor Review What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like

Why Is The Fish Called Mahi Mahi?

You might have already heard the mahi mahi also referred to as dorado, especially if you play Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. However, the original name Americans gave the mahi mahi fish back in the 1980s was dolphinfish. 

Doesn’t sound so appetizing right? Well now you know why the name was changed. People across both Hawaii and the United States didn’t like the fact it sounded like they were consuming a piece of dolphin. 

So, it was changed to either dorado or mahi mahi, because they have no connection whatsoever to a dolphin. In fact, mahi mahi are a type of fish, whilst a dolphin is considered a mammal. 

What Does A Mahi Mahi Look Like?

A mahi mahi is known for being such a beautiful and interesting looking fish. It has  distinctive colored skin of blue, gold and green scales that are said to sparkle once under the water. 

When it comes to their shape, a female mahi mahi has quite a small head that is round, whilst the male has a head that protrudes and is a little bigger.

However, most mahi mahis can swim up to nearly 60 miles per hour.

It loves the warm ocean and eats fish that it finds closer to the surface of the water. The mahi mahi itself has a general weight of around 4 pounds, but it has been known to grow to a very large 30 pounds if the environment is perfect. 

Where Is The Mahi Mahi Caught?

The mahi mahi can be caught across the United States, in particular where the Pacific Coast is. For example, around the Gulf of California, and then towards the Atlantic Ocean where you will find both Florida and New Jersey. 

It is also caught around Costa Rica, but also Japan and Taiwan too.

How Does A Mahi Mahi Taste?

If you have not tried mahi mahi before, then it isn’t surprising that you have made your way here. Fish can be a funny thing to want to try, as some types can be too expensive to buy to just be able to experiment with its flavor.

Or, maybe you don’t just want to spend time making a dish, only for you not to like the flavor of the fish.

So, if that is where you are at right now, let us explain to you what a mahi mahi fish tastes like.  

Mahi mahi is a white fish that is considered to have a strong fish taste. In fact, if you like white fish such as cod or haddock which are milder in flavor, then you are definitely going a step up in fishy flavor with the mahi mahi. 

If you have ever tried Swordfish, then you will know it has a very strong fishy taste. The mahi mahi is milder than that fish. Though, as usual, the older the fish, the more likely it will taste extra fishy.

When it comes to the mahi mahi, despite it having a stronger fishy flavor compared to other white fish, it is still quite mild. It also has a sweetness to it which a lot of people like. 

You will also find that the texture of the lean filet produces moist and large flakes when it has been cooked which are extra tasty. It is firm, but doesn’t come across as a ‘steak’ slice, and is similar to that of halibut, for example.

The mahi mahi really does make for a delicious meal!

However, what will need to be disposed of is the skin. Whilst it is fine to eat fish skin, the mahi mahi skin is quite thick and most people will not find this enjoyable to eat.

However, this can be removed once cooked, so don’t feel like you have to try and remove it whilst the fish is still raw.

Also, it isn’t a filling fish, so you will need to think carefully about what you add alongside it. It has lower levels of oil and fat compared to other fish. Even so, it makes for a great addition to a meal. 

Tips On Selecting The Freshest Mahi Mahi?

One of the best ways to eat any fish is by going out there and catching your own, however, the majority of us aren’t going to be doing that any time soon.

Fortunately, there are other people that do catch fish, so your next option is to buy a mahi mahi.

A Flavor Review What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like

Not only that, a mahi mahi can be quite difficult to catch. They are super fast movers and require an experienced fisherman or woman to catch them. So, with that in mind, the next stop is the fish market! 

You will want to buy a fresh mahi mahi to cook with, as it will taste the best. What you want to avoid is buying less than fresh fish, as you won’t be able to make the most of its natural subtle flavor. 

However, if you do not have a fish market, or you just can’t find mahi mahi, then frozen is just as good. However, if you do buy fresh mahi mahi, then once you get home, wrap it up in plastic wrap and store it in the fridge. 

It can last for around 4 days, though if you want it to last longer, then freeze it. It will stay safe to eat for around 6 months. 

What To Avoid?

When you look around the fish market, you will want to find a mahi mahi which is extra fresh. If they smell too fishy, then avoid it. There is a good chance it has been sitting out for a while and isn’t fresh.

Look for fish that smell like fish in a more neutral way, rather than so fishy you cannot stand next to them any longer.

Another thing to avoid is if the bloodline of the mahi mahi is a brownish color, then look for something else. However, if you want to see if the mahi mahi isn’t a freshly caught fish, then look for darker colors on the skin and brown spots. 

Finding these dark colors on the skin of a mahi mahi indicates that the fish likely were not caught this morning.

What To Choose?

As we stated above, if you find that the bloodline of the mahi mahi is a brownish color, then of course you will want to avoid it. However, if it is red, then you are on to a winner.

Taking a look at the skin color is paramount to finding fish that is super fresh. The skin will need to have a pinkish color to it that almost seems translucent. This means it is wonderfully fresh.

And like awe stated above, if it has a neutral fishy smell about it, then it is fresher than one that smells awfully fishy like it has been sitting there for a few days. It probably hasn’t, but it won’t be as fresh as other fish. 

Tips On Cooking Mahi Mahi?

Here are some quick tips to cooking with mahi mahi:

  • If you want to remove any excess oil after cooking, always pat the fish down with a paper towel to remove moisture before adding the seasoning. Do remove the skin after the soaking of moisture and before the seasoning.
  • To create a crust on one side of the fish, cook one side for 60 percent longer than the other side. 
  • If you want a milder fish, once cooked, remove the darker looking pieces of the fish. 
  • Do not overcook mahi mahi otherwise it will become too dry and horrible to eat.

What Seasonings Go With Mahi Mahi?

Because the taste of the mahi mahi is rather subtle despite its stronger and richer fish flavor compared to other white fish, it marries wonderfully with a lot of different seasonings. 

Some of these include: lemon, basil, garlic, thyme, chili flakes, paprika, oregano and onion powder.

What Are the Health Benefits Of Eating Mahi Mahi?

There are many benefits to eating mahi mahi due to it being a great source of omega 3 and protein. It also has a few added minerals too which can be beneficial to our bodies and lifestyle.

The minerals that are included are selenium, magnesium, lysine, and niacin. They all play a vital part in helping to look after our bones, blood pressure, cell generation and overall functioning of the muscles.

Mahi mahi is a great alternative to those who are building up muscle but don’t want to eat fattier cuts like pork or beef. That is because mahi mahi is low fat.

Also, mahi mahi is full of omega 3 which is an essential thing to eat to help with keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. 

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