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What Does Jack Crevalle Taste Like? An In-Depth Guide

Quick Answer: Do Jack Crevalle Fish Have Intense Fishy Taste?

Jack crevalle are a popular game fish that aren’t eaten often because of their intensely fishy flavor. Those who enjoy a heavy fish taste in their meals may find that they suit their preferences perfectly. Understanding jack crevalle taste and texture is important because this fish can be adapted into many meals with a little intelligence and creativity.

“Jack Crevalle” may sound like the name of a car salesman but is actually a widespread fish that is caught in many parts of the world.

The jack crevalle is an interesting and intelligent fish that is often hard to catch but is one that isn’t commonly eaten.

That’s because many anglers consider them too fishy to eat or even inedible. However, there is a movement in some parts of the world to eat this fish because of its intense flavor.

Growing numbers of people have wondered if jack crevalle taste is right for their needs.

As a result, it is a good idea to know more about jack crevalle taste and whether it is right for you.

We’ll take a deep look at this fish’s flavor and texture and even learn three recipes that you can use in your daily life. Check out this information to decide if this controversial fish is right for you.

What Are Jack Crevalle Fish?

Jack Crevalle Taste

Jack crevalle fish (or crevalle jack) are a very common species of large marine fish within the jack family. They are a singular species with a fairly deep body and rich fin colors, along with various detailed anatomical features that make them an attractive fish.

They are typically predatory fish and commonly eat many small fish and invertebrates, including crabs, cephalopods, shrimp, and mollusks.

They typically reach a few feet in length and may migrate heavily throughout the ocean, giving them a surprisingly broad spread.

What Is The Flavor Of Jack Crevalle Fish?

Jack Crevalle Taste

Jack crevalle fish have an intensely fishy taste that makes them somewhat controversial in the fishing world. Some anglers consider them rather hard to eat and will throw them back after catching them simply because they can’t handle their taste.

Some compare them to rainbow trout but with an even more intense flavor. This intense taste comes from their fast swimming speed, which creates a broader blood flow throughout the body.

As a result, they often have very dark meat with a very intense flavor.

What Does Jack Crevalle Look Like?

Jack Crevalle Taste

Living jack crevalle can vary in size from small enough to fit into your hand to at least three or four feet long. They have a slightly oval shape with white skin that includes some yellow at their fin tips.

Stripes of yellow also flow through the body at various spots.

Jack crevalle meat is rather dark and typically remains pink after cooking. The steaks are rather thick and dense, which gives them a satisfying juiciness.

They aren’t incredibly oil though the intense flavor that they produce is often overwhelming for many people.

What Texture Do Jack Crevalle Have?

Jack Crevalle Taste

Jack crevalle have a fairly thick texture that is firm to the point of toughness for many people. That contributes to their “inedible” reputation, though a little preparation can make them easier to eat.

For example, marinating and baking a jack crevalle can soften them up considerably.

The thick steaks common with jack crevalle produce a very salmon-like density but with a much sharper taste.

They are also similar to lake trout in the meat’s overall density and thickness, though jack crevalle is firmer. Thankfully, they aren’t chewy but simply firmer than many softer fish.

Types Of Jack Crevalle?

Jack crevalle is a singular species, meaning that there aren’t any variations on this fish. The biggest differences will be in size, as smaller crevalle may have a less fishy taste with lighter meat.

That’s because they haven’t had the time to build up that taste throughout their bodies.

Note that some parts of the world may mislabel various types of fish as jack crevalle due to similarities in their body and taste.

For example, the Pacific crevalle jack and logfin crevalle jack are both closely related to the jack crevalle and look similar but are distinct species.

Where Do Jack Crevalle Come From?

Jack Crevalle Taste

Jack crevalle live throughout the Atlantic Ocean, particularly along tropical and temperate areas. They’re found along the eastern American coastlines and along western Europe and Africa coasts.

They have been found as far south as Uruguay and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

They typically live throughout inshore and offshore areas, going into deeper waters as they age. The most edible jack crevalle are young and found throughout shores near shallow and sandy bays.

They may also be found near beaches, reefs, and even in many lagoons.

Is Jack Crevalle Healthy? Or Dangers Of Eating Jack Crevalle?

Like many fish, jack crevalle is a good low-fat source of high-quality protein. Though they can be high in calories compared to other fish, they also have a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and various minerals and vitamins that make them a good meal choice.

That said, it isn’t uncommon for jack crevalle to have various microalgae toxins that can spread quickly throughout their bodies.

These include ciguatera, a dangerous toxin that can affect the fish and make it problematic to eat without proper cleaning and preparation.

How Do You Eat Jack Crevalle?

Jack crevalle must be carefully cleaned before cooking and then typically needs multiple seasonings and sauces to make it tastier.

These may include garlic, paprika, and other intense flavors that can balance the sharp fishiness common in jack crevalle.

You can add various side dishes to this meal to make it a bit easier to eat. These include various seasoned potatoes, coleslaw, and even things like creamy soups.

These foods should have a slightly blander taste to avoid overpowering your palate.

How Can I Store Jack Crevalle?

Jack crevalle must be carefully refrigerated after purchase or cleaning to ensure that the meat doesn’t go bad.

Wrap the fish up in a fridge-safe plastic or paper and put it in a container to keep moisture and air out of the fish. Store it for up to 3-4 days before checking it for signs of spoiling.

Typically, your jack crevalle should stay fresh for at least three days before it starts to go bad. Once you spot signs of spoiling, it is important to throw out this fish because it is no longer safe to eat.

Don’t cut around the spoiled spots because bacteria may spread far beyond these areas.

Can You Freeze Jack Crevalle?

Freezing jack crevalle includes wrapping it in freezer-safe plastic or paper and putting it in a safe container. Place the fish towards the back of the freezer to ensure that it gets cold enough.

Label the container to ensure that you know when you put it in later.

Like most fish, you can keep jack crevalle for several months before it turns mushy with freezer burn. Even after thawing it out, your crevalle may be a little mushy or soft.

Throw it out after 3-6 months, depending on how quickly it starts spoiling.

How To Tell If Jack Crevalle Is Bad?

If you have jack crevalle in your fridge, make sure that you check its smell before eating it. That’s because an intense odor may indicate spoiling in your jack crevalle.

Fresh fish like jack crevalle should have no intense odor and only smell bad as they spoil.

Spoiling jack crevalle will also have soft or rotting flesh, such as black or green spots, throughout its meat. When you notice these soft spots, particularly if they stink, it is important to toss out your jack crevalle to ensure you avoid the risk of food poisoning.

Can You Eat Jack Crevalle Raw?

While jack crevalle is still not a heavily eaten fish, some sushi restaurants may use them as an ingredient. When used in this way, restaurants blast-freeze the meat to destroy various parasites, bacteria, and viruses that may otherwise spread throughout the fish’s body.

If you don’t know how to blast-freeze fish or have never worked with raw fish before, it is important to make sure that you avoid raw jack crevalle. While not necessarily a dangerous fish to eat raw, it is prone to various parasites and diseases that can make it problematic to eat.

Do Jack Crevalle Have Worms?

Jack crevalle are prone to various types of parasites and worms, particularly tapeworms in their intestinal tracts. While many worms are harmless and typically die when cooked, you still need to remove as many as you can when cleaning the jack crevalle.

Just as importantly, you should throw away any jack crevalle when the worms get into their fillets. While they may be edible and safe, the risk of getting sick is too high to tolerate. Simply throw them away rather than trying to cook the worms out of them.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Jack Crevalle?

Jack crevalle can be cooked in many ways, but baking is often the best option because you can soak the meat in various sauces to help balance the fishy flavor. Soaking in this way can actually help remove some of that flavor and make it easier to enjoy.

Soak it in milk and then toast the meat carefully to remove some of the excessive firmness that makes it tougher to eat.

Things like steak seasoning often go very well with jack crevalle as well and can give it a more tasty overall flavor than it normally possesses.

How Do You Clean Jack Crevalle For Eating?

Cleaning jack crevalle includes bleeding out the fish by ripping off the gills and letting it bleed. This removes a lot of the excessive blood that can cause a sharp taste with this fish. Carefully scale the skin and then cut along the top of the fish to slit open the top more easily.

Cut along the top and then peel back the sides to open the fish. Remove the skeleton, excess bones, internal organs, and anything else that you can’t eat. You can not cut out the fillets from the sides of the fish and season them in any way that you want.

Are Jack Crevalle Poisonous To Eat?

Jack crevalle aren’t naturally poisonous and lack venom or any other type of dangerous item. However, they are a reef fish, which are often heavily connected to ciguatera poisoning.

This microalgae toxin can spread heavily through jack crevalle and is often present in much of the body.

Unfortunately, these toxins don’t cause a change in the fish’s taste, appearance, or smell, which makes it hard to know which are affected. Cooked jack crevalle will still be infected with this condition as well. Avoiding the head, liver, and eggs may help because the toxins typically center here.

Jack Crevalle vs. Pompano

Jack crevalle and pompano are often compared in look and taste, though the pompano is usually considered the tastier fish.

That’s because the jack crevalle has a very sharp taste that many people don’t enjoy, while the pompano is a bit milder and easier to prepare.

As a result, your preference may vary depending on whether you like intensely fishy species are milder ones.

While you can usually tone down the jack trevalle taste with a little work, it’s usually easier to flavor up a blander fish than it is to tame the intensity of a jack trevalle.

How Do You Cook Jack Trevalle?

Cook jack trevalle by cleaning the fish, if necessary, and then soaking its meat in milk or buttermilk. This step not only softens the firm flesh a little but makes it a little less intense.

Now, you can bake the fish to soften it further and make its taste a little milder.

Some people may even prefer pan-searing this fish because it helps to brown the flesh up and make it a little more enjoyable.

The choice is yours, but it is important to make sure that you soften it up first and then flavor it using whatever ingredients you enjoy.

Nutritional Value Table

Nutritional Value of One-Gram Serving of Jack Crevalle
Fat12 grams
Protein 44 grams
Carbohydrates0 grams
Fiber 0 grams
Cholesterol150 milligrams

Quick Table: 3 Jack Crevalle Taste Recipes

RecipesCaloriesPreparation Time
Horseradish Jack Crevalle Meal 7025 Minutes
Grilled Jack Crevalle12040 Minutes
Oven-Baked Jack Crevalle150 30 Minutes

1. Horseradish Jack Crevalle Meal

This combination of ingredients helps to offset some of the most intense flavors common in jack crevalle. Mix ranch dressing, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, salt, rosemary, and scallion in a bowl, add the fish, and let it marinate for at least an hour.

Add ranch dressing, horseradish, more Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and apple balsamic vinegar in a cup and set to the side. Skewer the jack and cook on the grill, dipping them in the horseradish sauce as you go. This recipe brings out many rich flavors and a smokey texture to the fish.

Calories Per Serving: 70

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

2. Grilled Jack Crevalle

While this recipe technically calls for cod, you can easily replace the cod with jack crevalle. Start by patting the fish dry and rubbing it with olive oil before sprinkling with salt, pepper, blackened seasoning, and seafood seasoning.Grill the cod over indirect heat for four minutes on each side.

Serve this fish with potatoes, roasted veggies, or other dishes to make it even more enjoyable. We strongly suggest this meal to families that struggle with jack crevalle because the grilling can mask its intense flavor.

Calories Per Serving: 120

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

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3. Oven-Baked Jack Crevalle

When grilling doesn’t seem to bring out the best of your jack crevalle taste, try this recipe. Dry the fillets and rub oil over them before seasoning them with fish seasoning, paprika, or other similar toppings. Place them in the oven for 15-20 minutes on 375-degree heat.

This method should produce flaky jack crevalle fish with a great taste that possesses less of the intensity of other methods. You can serve it with garlic-tinged mashed potatoes to produce a truly healthy meal option!

Calories Per Serving: 150

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jack Crevalle Dangerous To Eat?

Jack crevalle aren’t necessarily dangerous to eat, but they do have a rather high risk of contamination from various sources.

That makes it important to limit yourself to no more than one serving a week or less, depending on your health and sensitivity.

Can I Offset Their Fishy Flavor?

You can offset jack crevalle’s intensity by soaking it in buttermilk. Doing so not only helps absorb much of the flavor but also softens it up a little.

That makes it easier to cook with jack crevalle and to get a high-quality meal your family will enjoy.

What Sides Go Best With This Fish?

Try to mix up the sides you use with your fish meals, particularly jack crevalle. For example, asparagus and broccoli go perfectly with any fish-based dish.

You can also add potatoes and other items to bring out the fish’s flavor and produce a better overall taste.

Can I Use Them In Other Fish Recipes?

Jack crevalle have such an intense flavor that you should probably use them only in specific situations. For example, they may work well in trout- or salmon-based dishes because of their similar steak depth and flavor. Try to blend them with various other tastes to get great results.

What Does Jack Crevalle Taste Like? An In-Depth Guide

Jack Crevalle is popular fish that is known for it delicate flavor. Here we will discuss what does Jack Crevalle taste like and how to cook it


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