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What Does Boba Taste Like?

If you’ve never tried bubble tea, it’s an interesting taste experience that you have to have for yourself.

Originating in Asia, this delicious beverage has spread around the world and become an addictive part of many people’s lives.

The mix of sweet and creamy with the chewy texture of the balls is an experience that you have to sample to understand.

In this article, we’re going to look at boba tea: what it is, how it’s made, where you can get it, and how best to enjoy it for yourself.  

What Does Boba Look Like?

Boba Taste Like

Boba is most frequently sold by tea shops in clear plastic cups with a dome over the top and a plastic straw. You might notice that through the clear cup, you can see a layer of round balls at the very bottom.

The specific color of the beverage will vary, as black tea looks very different from fruity teas.

Boba tea looks like a milky beverage, served in a clear drink container with boba or bubbles the size of small marbles resting at the bottom.

What Texture Does Boba Have?

Boba Taste Like

If you’ve never experienced drinking boba tea, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to drink tea that has all kinds of objects floating and sinking at the bottom.

Are you supposed to chew them? Do you swallow them?

Boba is made from starch that is extracted from the cassava plant. They have a chewy texture.

They don’t usually have an inherent flavor of their own, although they absorb the flavor of the surrounding drink. In the case of some boba, there is a flavor that bursts out in the form of juice kept inside.

A part of the experience of boba tea is the creaminess and sweetness of the tea, mixing with the chewing experience and the texture of these boba balls.

Although it seems strange to imagine chewing something while drinking the tea, this is an addictive texture experience that keeps people coming back. 

What Types Of Boba Are There?

Boba Taste Like

The original boba tea is a milky black tea with boba.

However, since then, boba tea has become very popular and spread around the world, bringing about many different flavors of boba. It would be impossible to count all of the different varieties that are sold.

However, some boba flavors are popular and almost ubiquitous in tea shops.

Black milk tea is the original and has a sweet and milky flavor. This version of boba has all of the richness and depth of black tea, including healthy polyphenols.

Matcha milk tea is green and has a rich and almost indescribable vegetal, earthy, sweet flavor. If you’re a fan of matcha, you’ll love it as a boba tea.

Strawberry Milk Tea has the intense fruity-gummy-like flavor of an artificial strawberry. It tastes less like a strawberry you pick in a berry patch and more like strawberry-flavored medicine, but that’s part of the appeal. 

Taro milk tea tastes like a mix of taro and sweet vanilla, with plenty of sweetness. 

Almond milk tea has the smooth, sweet, creamy, and rich flavor of almonds.

Coffee milk tea has a rich, bitter, and interesting coffee flavor with the creaminess and sweetness of boba.

Thai milk tea has a unique taste. It looks orange and it has a deep tea flavor with other spices.

Honeydew milk tea has a sweet and subtle melon flavor.

Where Does Boba Come From?

The recipe for boba originated in tea shops in Taiwan in the 1980s.

The concept of adding these gelatinous boba balls to milky creamy tea was the beginning of a movement that spread around the world. Since then, tea shops have opened up in major cities and even rural areas to offer boba tea.

Unless you are planning on making your own at home, probably the best place to buy boba tea is at a local tea shop. You can find tea shops that serve boba in your area by looking online.

Is Boba Healthy?

Boba Taste Like

If you’re starting to develop a daily boba habit, you might be wondering whether this is something healthy that you want to continue or something that you should shut down.

Boba is a sweet, delicious, and addictive drink that is probably not as good for you as some other options.

There are some health benefits to boba, especially when you’re drinking the original Black Milk Tea variety. Tea has helpful polyphenols and compounds that are good for your immune system in moderation.

Unfortunately, boba tea is also extremely sweet and includes high levels of refined sugar.

The caffeine, refined sugar, and empty calories in boba make it a less-than-ideal health choice, although there are some benefits to drinking tea. 

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How Do You Drink Boba?

Boba Taste Like

If you’ve never had the experience of drinking boba tea, you probably aren’t familiar with the etiquette around how to enjoy it.

Are you supposed to drink all the liquid and then eat the balls at the bottom? Are you supposed to use a spoon to scoop out the balls?

Thankfully, there’s already an established process for drinking boba tea. The tea is served with oversized straws that are large enough so that you can suck up the bubble balls in the straw and choose to chew them when they reach the top.

You don’t need a spoon or to wait until you get to the bottom of your drink to chew and eat the boba.

How Can I Store Boba?

If you bring home a boba tea and can’t finish it, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. During that time, it’s a good idea to drink it sooner rather than later as the flavor will diminish over that time.

Can You Freeze Boba?

If you’re trying to preserve a boba tea that you bought at your local tea shop, the freezer probably won’t help. Freezing boba tea tends to ruin the flavor.

However, if you’re making the tapioca starch boba at home, you can freeze them in your freezer for up to 12 months. Just make sure they aren’t already immersed in boba tea. 

Boba Vs. Bubble Tea

Boba tea and bubble tea refer to the same basic product.

The word boba is a Chinese slang word meaning breasts, as a humorous way of referring to the bubbles. Boba Tea is also called milk tea. 

 In most cases, you can use boba tea and bubble tea interchangeably. You might see different terms depending on where you live and who runs your local tea shop.

Boba Nutritional Information

per 490ml (16oz) serving of Brown Sugar Boba Tea with Tapioca Pearls

Boba Recipes: Quick Table

RecipesCaloriesPreparation Time
Homemade Bubble Tea54015 minutes
Homemade Tapioca Balls For Boba Tea1441 hour
Chai Coconut Boba Tea Popsicles903 hours 40 minutes

1. Homemade Bubble Tea

If you don’t have a local tea shop that you’re already devoted to, you can create your own boba tea at home! 

This recipe includes options for plain (black tea and lemon) boba tea, black milk tea boba, and fruity boba tea.

This is easier than it looks. The elements in boba tea are essentially just tea, milk, and boba. It’s simple to make but difficult to perfect.

However, by tweaking your own homemade boba tea, you might even end up with something you prefer to stuff you can buy at your local tea shop!

Calories: 540

Total Preparation Time: 15 minutes

2. Homemade Tapioca Balls For Boba Tea

You can’t have boba tea without boba, can you?

The tapioca balls in boba tea are easier than you might think to create from scratch at home. This recipe gives you all of the tools that you need to create your own tapioca boba.

You can then add them to any variety of boba tea that you want. 

Calories: 144

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour

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3. Chai Coconut Boba Tea Popsicles

This fascinatingly delicious summer treat uses Chai, coconut, and boba to create a mouth-watering popsicle that you and your whole family will love.

From one boba addict to another, this is a great way to get your fix on a hot day.

The milky and creamy flavor of boba is there, and the experience of chewing on the boba as they emerge from the cold bar is an entirely different sensory experience.

These popsicles are surprisingly easy to make, but they do call for dried boba, which you can find at most Asian food stores. If you can’t find dried boba, you can make your own using the recipe above.

Calories: 90

Total Preparation Time: 3 hours 40 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Boba Balls Taste Good?

Most boba balls don’t have any taste at all. They’re made from tapioca starch and only absorb the flavors of the drink around them. However, there are some exceptions to this.

Black boba are made in the same way that normal tapioca boba are. However, they are colored and flavored with a dark caramel color, or brown sugar. This means that they taste sweet and caramel-like in your mouth.

There are also some other boba with a flavor matching the tea they’re immersed in because they’re cooked or coated in a flavored syrup.

If you have a fruity variety of boba tea with very flavorful boba in it, the boba are probably flavored with syrup.

Lastly, there are also popping boba. These are made with a special technique so that when you bite into them, a burst of juice comes out. Popping boba are especially popular for fruit teas like banana, pineapple, mango, and passionfruit. 

Boba balls are really there for the texture, rather than the flavor. But some varieties of boba do taste good because they have been flavored with syrup.

Does Boba Taste Like Milk?

Boba tea is generally very creamy and milky, but that doesn’t mean that it tastes like milk.

Boba tea tastes like whatever flavor it is embodying, whether that is black tea, matcha, or fruit flavors. The milkiness is more about creaminess and texture than the actual flavor.

Do You Chew Boba?

Yes, chewing boba is part of the textural experience of drinking boba tea.

How aggressively you slurp up the boba and how many of them you end up chewing and eating is entirely up to you.

Some people only like to eat a little bit of the boba as a textural experience, while others seek out every last boba before they finish their tea.

There is no wrong way to enjoy boba tea, and you don’t need to love the chewy texture of boba or be committed to eating all of them to appreciate the experience.

What Is The Best Flavor Of Boba?

The best boba flavor is definitely a subjective question. But two of the most popular flavors are the original black tea boba and strawberry boba tea.

Why Is Boba So Addictive?

Boba tea has spread around the world in part because it has such a devoted and loyal following. Many people make boba tea a daily or weekly treat that they look forward to.

What makes it so addictive? Why are people so crazy about boba tea?

The answer is actually quite simple. It’s sugar and caffeine. Boba is incredibly sweet and most varieties of boba include at least a little bit of caffeine. The great feeling you get from drinking boba tea is probably a sugar rush.

If you regularly drink boba tea, you can get accustomed to this sugar rush and get addicted to it. According to some studies, sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

Although not everyone agrees that boba is on the level of illegal drugs, it’s undeniable that some people get very attached to regularly enjoying boba tea.

Outstanding Boba Recipe List To Know

A Collection Of boba Recipes, Including Both Sweet And Savory Options.


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