What Do Mussels Taste Like: Slimy, Fishy or Gummy

We have all heard of mussels yet there are plenty of us out there who have no idea what they taste like. Are they slimy? Are they fishy? Gummy?

What Do Mussels Taste Like

There are many assumptions made about the food and for some people it is not easy to try new foods.

Here, we will be explaining thoroughly all about the mussel, explaining what they are, what they taste like as well as delving into ways you can incorporate mussels into your everyday dishes.

What Are Mussels?

So, what are mussels? Mussels are small shellfish and are more often than not sold in their shells.

They come from saltwater habitats and are often sold in restaurants. To put it simply, you can compare the mussel to a clam or an oyster.

How Are Mussels Cooked And Prepared?

Mussels are easy to prepare and cook once you know how to do so. When you first have your mussel you should be welcomed by the smell of the ocean; this is a sweet and salty smell.

If your mussel does not smell like this or smells off, then throw your mussel out – this is not good to eat.

Alongside this, if your mussel has a cracked shell or is wide open, this is another sign to throw it out.

To cook the mussel, simply place it in boiling water and cook until the shell has opened and releases its fragrant liquor.

Have it cooking on a medium to high heat. To add some flavor, feel free to pour in some wine, pepper, or butter; this helps to bring out the flavor of the mussels.

How Do You Eat Mussels?

Eating mussels is an enjoyable task for you have to get your hands dirty. To eat the mussel, no cutlery is needed.

What you need to do is open up the shell completely by ripping it apart with your hands.

Then will you see the mussel. After that, you will need to use your teeth to tear out the mussel from its shell.

What Do Mussels Taste Like?

Unless you have eaten mussel, you would not even be able to guess what mussel tastes like. Does it taste like every other fish? Or does it have a different flavor/texture?

When eating mussels, you will be able to taste the ocean. By this, we mean that salty yet sweet flavor. Its texture as one of a mushroom – it is firm yet soft.

However, it is important to note that the taste can differ depending on how it is cooked.

When a mussel is cooked to perfection you will find it is tender with a slight chewiness to it.

How Do You Eat Mussels

On the other hand, when a mussel is undercooked you will find it will be rubbery and hard to swallow.

The general misconception with mussels is that they taste fishy, however this could not be further from the truth.

You will not taste the flavor of fish, and if this does occur then this is due to the incorrect preparation of the mussel.

Is There A Difference Between Mussels And Clams?

Many people do not see much of a difference between mussels and clams for they hold many similarities.

The most common opinion is the way they look – they both hold those iconic hard shells and look similar internally.

However, what truly makes them different is the taste. Whilst mussels are referred to as tasting like the ocean and not like fish, clams are known for that powerful saltwater taste and fishiness.

As well as this, unlike the mussel, you can eat clams either raw or cooked.

How To Eat Mussels In Everyday Meals

You will find most people eating mussels in seafood restaurants or as a treat, however that does not mean that it cannot be eaten as an everyday meal.

There are many ways to incorporate mussels into your meal. This is a suitable dish for all and a great way to introduce your family to new cuisines.

Tomato Sauce

Try cooking your mussels in some rich tomato sauce. By doing so, you are enhancing the flavor and developing on this simple dish.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are great to serve with mussels, especially if you are introducing your young child to them. It is an easy “finger food” dish and is easy to prepare.

How to Eat Mussels In Everyday Meals

Roasted Broccoli

Pair your mussels with some roasted broccoli. These two foods go hand-in-hand together as they both bring fresh flavors to the table.


Spaghetti is something which you will find many people eating their mussels with. It is a great way to bring out the flavor as well as coming out with a wholesome dish.

White Wine Sauce

White wine sauce is a brilliant way to coat your mussels. It is made using butter, white wine and olive oil and is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

As well as this you can use any leftover sauce you may have for other dishes such as pasta.

Garlic Bread

Who doesn’t love garlic bread? Garlic bread is the perfect side dish for mussels and is perfect for creating a meal with substance.

The mussels bring the protein and the garlic bread brings the carbohydrates – what more can you ask for?

Final Thoughts

This article has gone through all there is to know about mussels.

We have learned what they are, the best ways to prepare and cook them and how to incorporate the seafood dish into your everyday meals.

What drives people away from mussels is its link to seafood however mussels do not taste like fish (even if the similar clam does).

Mussels are a great thing to eat and, if prepared well, is delicious. You will come out wanting more of that beautiful salty yet sweet mussel and will make you look at seafood in a different light.

So, if you are wanting to experiment with different cuisines and want to give seafood a try, mussels are the best place to start.

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