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Turkey Meat Vs Ham (Health Impact And Nutritional Comparison)

When it comes to meat everything tends to blend into one. The thing which makes them different is their taste, texture and the way it is cooked, however there is much that people do not know about.

We will be talking about turkey meat and ham, uncovering the differences as well as looking into the health impacts and nutritional comparisons.

Turkey Meat

Turkey Meat Vs Ham (Health Impact And Nutritional Comparison)

Turkey meat is a meat loved by all, being the one of the most loveable meats in the world. The main time we show turkey love is at Thanksgiving and on Christmas Day, yet there are still plenty of other times we consume turkey.

Whether that is with a turkey sandwich or with turkey soup, this meat is definitely a much loved favorite. This native North American bird can be cooked in a number of ways however you will commonly find the whole turkey or the crown roasted.

In the end you will come out with a beautiful turkey ready to devour.

Health Benefits Of Eating Turkey

As with many foods, turkey meat comes with its benefits. These benefits display how turkey can have improvements on your overall health and show the positives of eating turkey.

  • Low Fat

Turkey meat is known to be low in fat. You will naturally find very little on a bird like a turkey due to their “fast twitch” muscles. Fast twitch muscles are found in a variety of similar poultry and is used for running or flapping their wings.

Because of this, there is less fat stored in these areas. However, that is not to say that turkey has no fat at all. There is still some fat to be found, however its quantity is all dependent on how it was fed by its owner.

  • Plenty Of Protein

Turkey meat is rich is protein and this is more so than a chicken. This is great for people needing more protein in their diet however also comes with a downside.

The low fatness mixed with the high protein is one of the main causes for the turkey’s notorious dryness.

  • Stay Full

This next point carries some link to the previous point. Due to its richness in protein, this means that after eating the turkey meat you will feel fuller.

This is great for those who struggle with portion control or who always feel tempted with food. By replacing your usual poultry with turkey, you will be sure to eat less.


Turkey Meat Vs Ham (Health Impact And Nutritional Comparison)

Ham is another meat loved by many and is a meat that can be prepared and eaten in different ways. Some prefer theirs hot, others cold.

Some wish to have their ham thinly sliced in a sandwich or glazed in honey to cooked. There is plenty of versatility presented with ham and this versatility is great for all alike.

Health Benefits Of Eating Ham

  • Good For Weight Loss

Similarly to turkey meat, ham is something which can make a person feel full. Because of this, this is great for allowing any person to feel fuller. Moreover, sliced ham has a low calorie density which is very beneficial for someone looking to watch their calorie intake.

  • Minerals

Ham is a great source of minerals and is beneficial for aiding the health of your bones, increasing your energy and supporting thyroid functions.

  • Contains Favorable Fat Content

Compared to other meats, ham (pork) is one which has desired fat. Ultimately, pork carries a much lower level of saturated fats than others such as beef and this is a positive quality when concerning an individual’s health. 

Turkey Meat Vs Ham: Nutritional Comparison

Both turkey meat and ham share a number of qualities which make them an exceptional part of the meat family, however what if we compare them. Is one meat better than the other? Or are turkey and ham both on the same nutritional level?

  • Carbohydrates

Whilst ham holds 1.5g of carbs, turkey meat holds 0g making it the ideal choice out of the two.

  • Protein

In a healthy diet a good amount of protein is needed to keep an individual’s health up and keep them strong. Turkey meat contains 28g of protein whilst ham only contains 20g, making turkey the stronger option.

  • Minerals

When it comes to minerals it is important to remember the importance of sodium. Unfortunately for ham, this meat contains a high 1200mg of sodium which is 50% more than the daily recommendation.

  • Calories

When it comes to dieting or watching your food intake, the first ting people look to is calories. Neither turkey meat nor ham is high in calories which make them a good meat option, however when comparing the two it is known that turkey meat holds more calories.

  • Cholesterol

Between turkey meat and ham, it is the turkey which takes the win for holding the highest amount of cholesterol. It is known that turkey meat contains double the amount of cholesterol than ham.

  • Fat

Fat is another thing which people want to look out for. Turkey contains more fat than a ham. It contains 7.5g whilst ham contains only 5.5g. These, however, are still similar.

Final Thoughts

We have discovered the differences between ham and turkey, developing a nutritional comparison as well as uncovering the various health benefits.

Turkey meat and ham both have their differences, however it is clear that they still holds more value than other meats such as lamb, beef or chicken.

Unlike other meats, turkey meat and ham allow you to feel full and fulfilled, resisting any temptation of overeating. As well as this, these meats contain plenty of valuable protein and are positive in terms of fat content.

If you are someone who is trying to watch their weight are change up their eating habits but do not know where to start, just know that turkey and ham will be there to support you.

It is the best and most ideal meat to fill you up and guarantee you a healthy and balanced diet.

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