The 30 Best Low Carb Chicken Recipes

When you consider the many health benefits that are associated with a low-carb diet, it’s little wonder why so many Americans are waking up to their carb intake and taking action today.

When you eliminate carb-loaded foods from your diet, and replace them with protein-rich food instead, it doesn’t take long until you start to notice a change in your health, and we don’t just mean your waistline.

Lean chicken meat is an excellent food when eating low-carb, and that’s without even trying. And while chicken breast is best when it comes to your carb intake, any cut of chicken is a far cry from being considered heavy on the carb front.

The 30 Best Low Carb Chicken Recipes

In this article, we are going to highlight just how delicious, nutritious, and downright naughty low-carb food can be by putting forward 30 of the best low-carb chicken recipes of today.

Herbed Slow-Cooker Chicken

Taking just five minutes to prepare, this herbed slow-cooker chicken is the ideal candidate for a mid-week meal. Sure, you will have to get the bone-in chicken breasts into the slow cooker four hours prior to dinnertime.

But once you taste just how tender and delicious these herbed pieces of chicken are – a little foresight on the matter is more than worth it.

Hummus-Crusted Chicken

Hummus-crusted chicken is as radical as it sounds. Turning this delightful chickpea dip into a crust for your oven-baked chicken will give it a tangy edge to outshine the rest. Spices like cumin and paprika are whisked through the hummus alongside lemon zest to bring on an even bolder crust.

Don’t forget to sprinkle a generous portion of sesame seeds to finish off this perfectly crusted chicken – minus the breadcrumbs.

Grilled Chicken Guacamole Cherry Tomatoes

Looking for a healthy lunchtime meal that will fill you up without a carb in sight? This grilled chicken, guacamole, and cherry tomato bowl takes just 15 minutes to produce and is loaded with protein and healthy fats.

This is a strong candidate to see you through the rest of the workday and your after-work fitness class all from the one bowl of real-deal food.

Trinidadian Curry Chicken

This is the kind of sweet and spicy curry that doesn’t need you, you need it. A traditional Trinidadian curry that uses chicken and potato as a base, with a bunch of spices to bring it to life.

The key ingredient in this one is the green seasoning which can be whipped up or store-bought, either way, works just fine.

Serve it over cauliflower rice, and swap out the potato for a low-carb veggie like broccoli if you’re being super strict on your carb intake.

Artichoke Chicken

Using jarred artichoke hearts and mushrooms, this recipe is a great one to put together when you’re in a bit of a bind for time.

With 15 minutes of prep and 40 minutes bake time, this artichoke chicken is a winner, winner chicken dinner. A dinner that can be whipped up to feed the family, after work, and before the kid’s bedtime.

Grilled Peach & Brie Smothered Chicken

Grilled peach and brie-smothered chicken is summer on a plate. It’s no secret that certain fruits and certain cheeses go well together. This is fairly commonplace.

But when they’ve been smothered over chicken and grilled to a juicy melted mess, we start to take notes and drool. Don’t forget to source your favorite bottle of white or rosé wine to really seal the summery deal.

Thai Chicken Thighs

With a tangy Thai-inspired peanut sauce, these bone-in chicken thighs are going to be a big home-dinner hit. Fresh ginger root, garlic, Thai chili sauce, jalapeño, salsa, soy sauce, and lemon juice are all in accompaniment of the 1/4 cup of creamy peanut butter to create the most wickedly spiced chicken you ever did try.

Chicken And Snap Pea Stir Fry

Like all great stir fry’s, this chicken and snap pea rendition only requires a handful of ingredients and can be created at a moment’s notice. The crunch of the al dente snap peas, the sweetness of the bell pepper, and the juiciness of the chicken culminate to create something that is simple yet special.

This recipe serves four, takes 20 minutes to make, and with just 11 g of carbs per serving, is a super healthy addition to your week.

Garlic Chicken With Broccoli And Spinach

When eating keto, carbs are the enemy, and this garlic chicken recipe is a quick and easy keto-friendly meal that, pleasantly, brings the flavor too. With some shredded cheese and cream in tow, this tomato-ey chicken with broccoli and spinach is a little naughty, but makes sure not to go overboard.

The result is a dish that treads the line between health and decadence in the most perfect and delicious of manners. Taking just 5 minutes to prepare and 10 to cook, you can be feeding your family of four the healthy way, after a long day at work, in no time at all.

Balsamic Cranberry Roast Chicken

While this recipe does require a large cast-iron skillet, thankfully, it doesn’t ask you to brown the chicken on the stove first. What you will need to do, is make sure to marinate the chicken for at least 30 minutes and up to one hour before it’s time to cook.

The marinade is a seductive blend of balsamic vinegar, cranberries, olive oil, soy sauce, and garlic, and gives the chicken no chance but to be tasty. Fresh thyme, rosemary, and cranberries help to give the dish a seasonal feel that suits winter nights best.

Chicken Cutlets & Zucchini Noodles With Creamy Tomato Sauce

Zucchini noodles are a great food hack for tricking yourself into thinking that you’re eating carbs when you’re actually not. Done on the pan, the chicken cutlets are to be cooked in a white wine-infused tomato sauce that doesn’t skimp on the cream.

Gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, low in salt, and carbs, this 20-minute meal shows how you can eat well, quickly.

Chicken & Cabbage Salad Bowls With Sesame Dressing

This savvy lunch idea doesn’t require any cooking, just buying. Pick up a pack of shredded cabbage, a pack of seasoned cooked chicken strips, sesame dressing, and sesame-honey-flavored almonds, and you will be sitting pretty come lunchtime.

No need to go out scouting whatever sad-looking sandwich the local shop is stocking, this tasty Asian-style salad bowl will fill you up, and leave you with more time to unwind.

Poached Chicken

Poaching is one of the healthiest ways to cook chicken, as it requires no oil, none. There’s no need to worry about your chicken being tasteless either, with a little white wine and plenty of aromatics, this chicken comes out tender and tasting insanely good.

Poach the boneless skinless halved chicken breasts for 15-20 minutes and serve warm over salad or beside a pile of steamed veg, and feel good about your dinner.

Chicken Zucchini Enchilada Bake

You might be thinking how in the world could an enchilada bake possibly end up in a low-carb recipe list? and you’d be right for questioning it.

However, it is a thing, this is real, and the reason this recipe is low-carb is all thanks to the ultra-versatile vegetable zucchini.

By swapping out corn tortillas for zucchini, this cheesy bake turns from carb-heavy to low-carb in an instant. This isn’t one of those super-quick meal ideas, but stick with it, you won’t be disappointed.

Chicken Florentine

There’s a reason why French cuisine is so revered in the world of food, and that reason is as clear as a summer’s day on the French Riveira with chicken Florentine.

Simple, yet elegant, chicken florentine calls on just a handful of ingredients that perfectly suit being side by side on a plate. Chicken, spinach, cream, white wine, and a few aromatics are all you need to be cozied up tonight with this low-carb classic.

Grilled Chicken Breasts With Tomato-Caper Sauce

Grilled chicken breast is something that every carnivore can get along with. By pounding each piece prior to grilling, you will ensure an even cook across the entire breast, and speed up the cooking time in the process.

We love the saltiness that the capers bring to this dish just as much as we love how the fresh basil and grape tomatoes bring it to life. A true summer treat that has no need for carbs to be filling, or delicious.

Feta And Spinach Chicken Patties

Chicken patties are great when made “en masse” to feed your family through a whole week of eating. Serve them at lunch, serve them for dinner, no one is going to turn their nose up at a feta and spinach chicken patty – it just doesn’t happen.

These versatile little patties are ideal in low-carb wraps just as they are perfectly served alongside a selection of roasted veg.

Spicy Shredded Chicken

If you’re a sucker for the flavors of Mexico but you’re also looking to cut back on carbs, then this spicy shredded chicken is your calling. Spiced to the nines, this healthy dish is ready to take you to the streets of Mexico with every single bite.

Cayenne pepper, chili powder, green peppers, and paprika are purposed with putting your taste buds on standby, ready for lift-off. The chicken needs to be slow-cooked for a minimum of four hours to ensure it is as tender as chicken gets.

Garlic Butter Chicken With Parmesan Cauliflower Rice

Low-carb, gluten-free, and done in one pan, is there anything this recipe can’t do? Knowing it can be put together ready for the family to devour in under 15 minutes really does help to set it apart.

Garlic butter chicken served on top of crispy parmesan cauliflower rice is a contemporary take on classic Italian cooking, that makes mealtime healthier for everyone.

One-Skillet Chicken Paprikash With Mushrooms & Onions

As you may have noticed, around here, we certainly aren’t averse to meals that cater to busy families, and this one-skillet dish is primed for mealtime ease.

A simplified version of the Hungarian classic “Paprikash” that brings all cooking processes into the one skillet is as easy and delicious as it sounds.

The creamy mushroom-loaded sauce is a true delight to the tastebuds, with paprika and red peppers giving you a good kick behind the teeth.

Summer Chipotle Chicken Cobb Salad With Cilantro Vinaigrette

With just 9 carbs per serving, this chipotle chicken cobb salad is a guilt-free lunchtime meal of the highest caliber. Loaded up with bacon, avocado, strawberries, corn, lettuce, and chipotle grilled chicken, this summery salad is a real salty and sweet treat that won’t hurt the waistline.

The cilantro vinaigrette offers a zesty freshness that, when the coast is clear, will have you licking the bowl clean – it’s that good.

Keto Pasta With Lemon-Kale Chicken

Often referenced as “miracle noodles” tofu shirataki noodles are the ultimate no-carb noodle. This lemon-kale chicken pasta uses miracle noodles to bring you a hefty dinner with only 9 g of carbs per serving.

Flavored with parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, minced garlic, olive oil, and salt and pepper, this recipe is also surprisingly light on calories, and unsurprisingly full of flavor. Oh, and did we mention it’s another 15-minute wonder meal? – yeh, that too. 

Grilled Ancho Chicken Breasts & Apricot Salsa

Lean grilled chicken breast smothered in ancho chili powder and served with an apricot salsa. If that doesn’t get your taste buds in a tizzy then there’s no helping you. If apricot isn’t your digs, then riff it up with another stone fruit like nectarines or peaches, this recipe doesn’t mind.

A healthy summer creation that packs the zest, packs the tang, packs the spice, and packs the protein, and that is enough.

Chicken Meatball Zoodle Soup

From the very first sip, this keto-spin on the classic “chicken noodle soup” is guaranteed to make you feel good. Comfort-food for the modern-day, it does away with carb-loaded noodles and rests on fresh zoodles instead.

What are zoodles? Just like many of the recipes in this list, zucchini has been called upon as a filler and it does a fine job at that.

A veggie-heavy chicken meatball soup to ward off the winter blues, and let them know that they aren’t welcome around these parts, not on your watch.

Oven-Baked Chicken Kofta Wraps

Although lettuce wraps often get overlooked for their tortilla counterparts, they are actually very tasty in their own right. Once you get over the fact that you’ve given up the bread for a healthier alternative, and step into the crunchy and fresh world of lettuce wraps, then rarely do you look back.

These mildly spiced oven-baked chicken koftas are foolproof in that they don’t fall apart easily. Serve them with tomato, red onion, cucumber, and a lemon-garlic aioli, and watch how quickly they get crunched down.

Sheet-Pan Chicken Shawarma With Lemon-Tahini Drizzle

Keeping with the Middle Eastern theme, this chicken shawarma recipe is a meal for sore taste buds. Designed to be healthy, the spiced chicken strips and vegetables are baked to do away with the idea that shawarma can only be greasy.

Whip up a zesty lemon-tahini dip and serve with a wedge of lemon, for a fresh, filling, and ultimately delicious plate of chicken and vegetables with just 11 g of carbs to its name.

Mediterranean-Stuffed Chicken

Maybe the entire Mediterranean hasn’t been stuffed into these chicken breasts, but this recipe sure did give it a good go. Feta cheese, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, green onion, and fresh and dried oregano make up the bulk of this mighty Meditteranean-inspired filling.

Prepared, cooked, and served in under half an hour, these stuffed chicken breasts are ripe and ready to be your next mid-week staple, every week, from now on, until forever.

One-Pan Pesto Chicken And Veggies

We weren’t kidding when we said we loved one-pan meals, and this pesto chicken and veggie dish is another one for the books. Scribble it down, pin it, make a mental note, store it in your recipe bookmark, whatever you have to do, make sure this recipe doesn’t get forgotten.

Sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and strips of chicken thighs are all heavily doused in ready-made basil pesto to offer a super-easy meal idea to feed a family of four.

French Onion Chicken

While we’re big believers in not messing with a classic, this recipe gets an exception. We take it you already love french onion soup right? The effortlessly delectable soup that uses caramelized onion and gooey cheese to take you to that place where only good food can?

Well, this recipe keeps it traditional in most aspects, except for the chicken. This mouth-watering recipe calls for bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs, and you’d be silly not to comply.

Grilled Chicken Legs With Fennel & Olive Relish

With an Italian edge, these grilled chicken legs are simply divine, and really don’t take very much time. It’s no secret that fennel and olive go together, you would have seen it in both Italian and French cooking for many many years.

This relish, however, really does bring the classic pairing to a much fresher place. It’s noteworthy that the dish hasn’t been weighed down by cream, which is often the case with fennel. Instead, it has leaned on fresh ingredients and good-quality chicken to make it a healthy meal to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Low-Carb Foods?

Some of the best low-carb foods to consume include lean meats such as chicken, fish and steak.

Eggs, leafy greens and vegetables like zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower are also very nutritious foods that are low in carbs. Nuts, seeds, oils and fruits such as apples, pears and apricots are great to include into a low-carb diet too.

What Is Considered A Low-Carb Diet?

The average adult typically consumes between 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrates per day.

While there is no exact definition on what constitutes a low-carb diet, it must be assumed that a low-carb diet is a diet that consumes considerably less then 225 grams of carbs per day.

Around the 100 – 150 gram mark would be a great place to aim for when starting a low-carb diet.

Is A Low-Carb Diet Good For Diabetics?

Studies have proven that a low-carb diet is an effective way of managing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Improving blood sugar management, decreasing the need for medication, and reducing the risk of diabetic complications are all associated with a well managed low-carb diet.


As is evidenced from the recipes listed above, eating low-carb doesn’t mean you have to lose out on flavor and go hungry. What it does mean, however, is that you are making a decisive choice to be healthier as a result of your diet.

Yes a low-carb diet is linked to weight loss, but even without wanting to lose weight, minimising your carb intake can have hugely beneficial impacts on your health, and that’s science talking, not us.

We hope this article was useful in finding you a few recipes that skip on the carbs but bring the flavor in a big and delicious way!

The 30 Best Low Carb Chicken Recipes

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Looking to reduce your carb intake but still eat well? This article is stacked with protein-rich, low-carb chicken recipes that are super tasty and just as filling.


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