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The 25 Best Chicken Wing Recipes

Born from cheap convenience, America’s love affair for the chicken wing started out with humble beginnings but is now deeply-seated within our culture.

Not even 60 years ago, it used to be that chicken wings were considered inferior and often discarded to make way for the more meaty parts of the chicken. So where did our infatuation with wings come from, and where did it all start?

The buffalo wing came to be from a late-night happy accident where Terrisa Bellissimo of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York served her son and his friends some leftover wings with a spur-of-the-moment sticky hot sauce.

The 25 Best Chicken Wing Recipes

They were such a raving hit amongst the young men that Terrisa put them on the Anchor’s menu the very next day, and as they say, well, the rest is history.

With the association between sport and wing getting stronger each year, it is now estimated that over Super Bowl weekend, Americans eat a staggering 1.4 billion wings.

This means that chicken wings are now big business in America and their price has subsequently risen. Still a cheap meal if you know where to shop, chicken wings are great at taking on a whole myriad of flavors, easily, and to great effect.

In this article, we will showcase the mighty chicken wing in all its delectable glory by putting forward 25 of the best chicken wing recipes found online.

Taking you on a culinary journey of Asian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and good old-fashioned American cuisine, this list will get every chicken lover clucking to make some finger-licking good wings.

1. Baked Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

Perfect for the whole family to enjoy, these salt and pepper wings have been lightly seasoned so that even the kids will feast on them.

The garam masala really gives the wings a unique flavor without going over the top on the spice front. Serve them with a few wedges of lime and some spring onion to garnish for a fresh and fabulous bowl of crispy wing goodness. 

2. Sticky Thai Chicken Wings

With a stacked ingredient list that will have you salivating at the very thought of these sticky Thai delights, this recipe is guaranteed to please.

Think ginger, chili, garlic, honey, and mustard alongside oyster and sriracha sauce and that is just the start of it. The wings are both crumbed and fried, with the last piece of the puzzle being a thick layer of the pre-prepared sticky sauce. 

3. Peri-Peri Sauce With Grilled Chicken Wings

Through the rise of the Nandos restaurant chain, Peri-Peri is one of the most well-known and adored sauces of the world, with origins in Southern African culture.

The Portuguese who settled in Mozambique caught wind of the area’s fiery bird’s eye chili, and, using Portuguese cooking methods, turned it into the original peri-peri sauce.

Known for its spice and tang, Peri-Peri’s partner in culinary crime is, without a doubt, flame-grilled chicken. This recipe presents how to make a classic peri-peri sauce as well as grilled chicken wings to give you a crazy-good pairing of meat and sauce. 

4. Crispy Chili Bacon Maple Hot Wings

The long and drool-worthy name of this wing recipe ticks every box and sells itself in the process. If you need any other convincing, the flavor profile of sweet, salty, spicy, and smoky is enough to make every wing lover trip over their own feet in the rush to prepare, cook and eat these wings.

If you’ve already had the pleasure of tucking into a stack of maple and bacon pancakes, well this is kind of like that, but just way better. An ingredient heavy recipe that is worthy of Superbowl Sunday Funday. 

 5. Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings

It isn’t a chicken wing list without the iconic buffalo wing in attendance, now is it? This recipe walks you through how to make your own homemade buffalo sauce, the easy way.

On top of the prodigious buffalo sauce, you’ll also learn how to ensure that your wings are never soggy, only crispy. Baked in the oven, these wings are a healthy buffalo alternative to the classic fried type. 

6. Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

Skip the takeout and whip up these Italian-inspired chicken wings instead. Another recipe that caters toward the baked side of chicken wings, these garlic and parmesan wings are great served as an appetizer or part of the main meal.

The butter, parmesan, garlic, chili, and parsley that’s slathered onto the wings after cooking is destined to bring a freshness in flavor. A unique and inspiring recipe that is versatile by design, and delicious in intent.

7. Firecracker Chicken Wings

People who can’t get enough of their spice are going to love these wings. Inspired by Chinese cooking, this recipe calls for the classic “chili garlic sauce” that can be found online and in all Asian supermarkets.

Brought on by honey, the wings also have a delicious sweetness to them that helps to balance their fiery blow.

Be sure to sprinkle a good handful of sesame seeds and spring onions over the wings just before serving to give them an added crunch and unmissable flavor. 

8. Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Wings

If you own a slow cooker then you will already know how easy cooking with one can be. Super simple, leave the soy sauce smothered frozen wings in the slow cooker for 3 – 4 hours. In that time prepare a sweet chili sauce, and, once cooked, whack them under the broiler.

After they’ve been grilled all you got to do is lather the wings once more in the sweet and sticky sauce and serve them to your family with a big stack of napkins.  

9. Whiskey Maple Barbeque Sauce

Paying homage to two of Canada’s most delicious exports – maple syrup and rye whiskey, this is a sweet and tangy sauce recipe that is made for wings. With smoky hints of oak coming through from the Canadian whiskey, this is a scorched sauce that is made for the barbeque.

Because the recipe is sauce-specific, the way you cook your wings is entirely up to you. But there’s no question that this barbeque sauce is made for flame-grilled barbequed wings. 

10. Nashville Hot Chicken Wings

While the Canadian-inspired barbeque sauce recipe left the wing cooking up for interpretation, these Nashville hot chicken wings will only work when deep-fried.

Throwing the diet plan out the window, these extra crispy, extra sticky wings are guaranteed to ruffle a few of even the most seasoned hot wing connoisseur’s feathers.

Stick to the recipe that includes buttermilk for tenderness, hot sauce for heat, and pickle brine for saltiness, and these naughty Nashville wings will be your next gameday batch, period. 

11. Bourbon BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings

If you’ve already got a smoker at home, good for you, and if you don’t already have one, then you should already be looking to secure one for your future cook-ups. Cook-ups like this bourbon BBQ smoked chicken wing recipe that will produce perfectly smoked wings.

Although it is rather time-consuming, the benefits of smoking wings are well-documented, unmistakable, and surprisingly easy to achieve too. 

12. Elote-Style Chicken Wings

Taking inspiration from the Mexican street corn known as “Elote”, this recipe puts the flavors of Mexico to very good use. Found on just about every street corner in Mexico, lined up in beautiful succession, are stacks of flame-grilled spiced corn.

Knowing that chicken wings aren’t averse to flavor and flames, it makes a lot of sense to take this street-side taste of Mexico and lather it over your wings.

With lime juice, cilantro, cotija cheese, chili powder, and mayo, your wings will take on an energetic Mexican edge, and for that, we salute this recipe. 

13. Korean Gochujang Chicken Wings

We love a recipe that brings the heat but doesn’t require you to buy every rare ingredient under the sun. These Korean Gochujang wings are perfect for making a big impact on the flavor front, minus the hassle.

Seriously, all you really need to source is an authentic Gochujang sauce and the rest is easy. What is Gochujang you may ask?

Made of fermented soybeans, barley, red chilies, sugar, and spices, this mystical sauce is one of the hands-down tastiest sweet and spicy sauces you’ll ever try. Slap it over your wings, and away your taste buds go. 

14. Orange Chicken Wings

Giving you two options to cook, this wing recipe really just wants everyone to enjoy the orange-infused spoils of chicken. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the tangy sweetness of orange works well with wings.

But still, hats off to the person who came up with this recipe, as it is a slice of genius. The recipe leads you through an air fryer and oven-baked method, with clear instructions on both, as well as showing you how to make the all-important orange-spiced sauce.

15. Kung Pao Chicken Wings

How cool does Kung Pao chicken sound? We love the name almost as much as we love these wings. Offering a punch of flavor to the mouth, Kung Pao is an authentic Chinese sauce that has been a sparring partner of chicken for a very long time.

This ain’t no ordinary sweet and spicy sauce, it has its own unique flavor that is unmistakably Kung Pao. No need to deep fry these wings either, this is an oven-baked recipe that’ll get your sticky and delicious wings sufficiently crispy. 

16. Ultimate Spicy Chicken Wings

From time to time, we just want to be as naughty as possible with our wings and that’s ok. These breaded, buttered, and deep-fried wings certainly won’t be winning any awards on health.

Taste, however, is a whole different story. The recipe calls for the exquisite Crimson hot sauce from the saucy brand “Bravado Spice”.

However, if you’ve already got your favorite hot sauce in the fridge, then there’s certainly nothing wrong with sticking to it, for your own personal touch.

17. Cilantro Lime Chicken Wings

Suiting paleo, Whole30, and keto diets, these cilantro lime chicken wings have welcomely considered health above all else.

Sure, their tangy bite and herby taste are desirable drawcards too, but knowing they’re in line with three diet types is a pretty unique attribute in the wing world.

With enough chili flakes in the mix to give them a good and proper kick, these grilled wings are the perfect harmony between health and taste. 

18. Shawarma-Spiced Chicken Wings

Originating out of the Middle East, Shawarma is one of the most widely-eaten street foods in the world. You know that big hunk of meat that spins on a rotisserie-style stake in every kebab shop across America?

That is shawarma, and this recipe pays homage to the Middle Eastern flavors behind it. Spices like cumin, paprika, turmeric, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper are all traditionally present in Shawarma.

This recipe shows you how to make your very own Shawarma marinade to lather on a batch of wings prior to baking them. 

19. Persian Grilled Chicken Wings

Keeping to the Middle Eastern theme, these Persian grilled wings are a uniquely delicious treat indeed. Using the prized spice of saffron, the wings should be left in a saffron-infused yogurt marinade for at least two hours and up to overnight.

This process will allow the chicken to become tender beyond belief, and, once grilled, they will turn extra crispy and divine. Be sure to char the chicken on the direct heat just before serving to give them that seriously scorched, authentic Middle Eastern street food taste. 

20. Vietnamese Chicken Wings

Vietnam is regarded by high-flying chefs like the late, great Anthony Bourdain as having some of the best street food in the world, and this chicken wing recipe is an ode to the sights, smells, and lively taste of downtown Hanoi.

The best chicken wings should leave your fingers in a disgracefully sticky mess and these wings do that with ease. The Vietnamese marinade is so darn delicious that you’ll need to account for your family’s blind greed and make extra – trust us, they are that good!

21. Peruvian Chicken Wings

Peru is known for its roast chicken and this chicken wing recipe lets you in on all the Peruvian secrets. However, the star of this particular wing show has got to be the spiced cream sauce that is a must-have for dipping.

This sauce that features mayonnaise, sour cream, fresh cilantro, green peppers, lime juice, garlic, with salt and pepper to season, is as good and as fresh as dipping sauces get. 

22. Apricot BBQ Chicken Wings

Apricot chicken is an American classic that shot to fame in the 1970s era of home cooking. However, with influence from around the world, these days apricot chicken isn’t considered quite so dynamic on the weekly dinner scene.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking that apricot and chicken don’t go together, because they do. This recipe is for the slow-cooker, which makes it ideal for a busy family who wants good home-cooked food without the hours spent slaving away for it.

Tender, sweet and delicious beyond belief, these apricot wings are a winner-winner chicken dinner!

23. Greek Wings With Lemon and Feta

These Greek-style wings have the kinds of flavors that are made for summertime feasts. Quick to prepare and only requiring very typical ingredients, it is easy to bang a tray of these in the oven and worry about something else.

Lemon and feta are the two key elements that bring an undeniable freshness to the party. Perfect to serve alongside a table of salads and snacky bits, they skip on the spice so that every family member can tuck in worry-free. 

24. Chicken Inasal

This recipe by chef Tom Cunanan of the iconic Filipino D.C restaurant “Bad Saint”, makes unique and inspiring wings, to say the least.

Using ingredients like lemongrass, achiote seeds, ginger, vinegar, and even sprite, you will be transported to the weird and wonderful world of Bad Saint with every bite.

This is grilled contemporary chicken at its best with a distinctly Filipino influence of flavors, meaning you really don’t want to pass this recipe up. 

25. Crab Fat-Caramel Wings

Last and so far from least, we have a wickedly good recipe to entice even the most seasoned of wing eaters. Taken from San Antonio’s quirky, street-side Hot Joy restaurant, these Vietnamese-inspired wings are like nothing you’ve ever munched down before.

From the fry method to the shining light of the caramel sauce, this recipe is poised to produce the perfect wing.

Don’t just take our word for it, pick up the key ingredients from your local Asian supermarket today and wow your guests with these wings tonight, because time waits for no wing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories are in a chicken wing?

Although chicken wings vary in size depending on the chicken that they came from, generally, they will have just over 40 calories to their name. This equates to 200 calories in a 100 gram or 3.5-ounce chicken wing serving.

What is considered one chicken wing?

While it may seem obvious to some, chicken wings are actually cut into three different parts for eating purposes. There is the drumette which is where the wing attaches to the thigh.

Next in line is the wingette which is the middle section of the wing, and the tip is the last, and also the smallest part.

What’s the world record for eating chicken wings?

The world record for eating the most chicken wings is currently held by Molly Schuyler. Taking her title at the annual Wing Bowl event in Philadelphia, Molly managed to get through 501 wings in under 30 minutes which made her the official Guinness Book of Record holder. 


Having captured our hearts, minds, and mouths for well over 50 years, chicken wings can now, quite convincingly, be considered an essential American food.

Nobody really knows the why behind our affinity for chicken wings, but one thing is for certain, there is no chance of it slowing down now.

The best thing about this love affair is that there are now countless recipes, influenced by cuisines from all over the world, that are easily accessible and ready to make.

So whether you like your wings sticky, sweet, spicy, salty, or all of the above, one thing is for certain, with the recipes in this article, wing night just got a whole lot more exciting and delicious!

The 25 Best Chicken Wing Recipes

This article features some of the most iconic chicken wing recipes in existence as well as a few underground recipes that you’ve probably never heard of.


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