The 20 Best Mango Recipes

Tucking into a perfectly ripe mango is a very cherished experience. It may not occur all that often, but when it does, we are all very grateful for it.

With one of the highest vitamin C levels of any fruit, mango is stacked with antioxidants that make us feel good. Mangoes are also brimming with essential plant nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies crave. 

In this article, we are going to showcase the mango in all its sweet and tangy glory. The beauty of a good mango is that its taste typically hangs in that effortless balance between sweet and sour.

The 20 Best Mango Recipes

This balance makes it a great fruit to include in many dishes that span every course, and it does it with ease. Hoping from Indian, Caribbean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and contemporary western cuisine, each of the recipes below has one thing in common, and that is mango. 


1. Proscuitto-Wrapped Mango Bites

The specialty Italian ham known as Proscuitto is the perfect sparring for mango. The saltiness of the ham stands up to the mango’s sweetness to offer your palate a wondrous sensation of flavor.

With a few fresh basil leaves slipped in for a herby bite, this appetizer is a flavorsome one that can be prepared on the fly in 20 minutes flat. 

2. Mango Salsa Appetizer Bites

Mango salsa, for some unbeknownst reason, tends to fly under the radar in the salsa game. These spirited mango salsa snacks are looking to change that, one seductive bite at a time.

The salsa is made up of the marvelous ingredient trio – mango, red onion, and jalapeno, with some lime juice, cilantro, and dill weed to season.

The base layer is a mix of avocado, goat’s cheese, and more fresh cilantro, which is then set on top of buttery pie crust – yum!

3. Mango Shrimp Bites

A 5-minute recipe that makes six snacky bites with a calorie count of just 80 calories per serving, does it get any better than that? These mango shrimp bites are served fresh and only require a handful of ingredients.

The tard flavors of the orange and lemon juice are balanced against the soft and soothing cream cheese, while the mango and shrimp help to seal the deal on these impressive bite-sized snacks. 

4. Mango Soy Glazed Pork Lettuce Wraps

With a fairly substantial ingredient list and a prep time of 50 minutes, these mango soy-glazed pork lettuce wraps may not be the quickest appetizers to make, but they sure are worth it.

Combining a total of 19 ingredients, these mini-wraps will help to set the scene for an evening feast. Bringing out a plate of these will put your guests on standby, knowing that you’ve pulled out all the stops and they are in for a real treat. 

5. Sweet & Spicy Mango Chutney

Chutney is one of the beautiful gifts that India has given the world, and mango chutney is one of the best. This homemade sweet & spicy mango chutney is the yin to a hot curry’s yang, offering some sweetness to soothe the palate.

But don’t get confused, this is no run-of-the-mill sweet mango chutney, it has its own little kick that puts your mouth on notice from the very first mouthful.

It’s best to make up a big batch of this stuff because you’ll start to realize how many savory meals benefit from a big dollop of chutney alongside them. 

6. Avocado Mango Bites

Perfect to serve at a casual summer party, these avocado and mango bites are super easy to prepare and will have the positive comments come flooding in.

Make an entire bite-sized army of them before your guests arrive and watch them get munched down, one by one by one by one.

Featuring a black bean and corn salsa and crumbled feta cheese that is spread over thin layers of mango and avocado, this is an appetizing appetizer, to say the least. 

7. Creamy Mango Salsa

I know we already technically featured a mango salsa in this list, but this creamy salsa recipe was simply too good not to include. A dieter’s dream, each serving of this light yet creamy salsa comes in at a mere 60 calories.

Served on crunchy coz lettuce pieces, this is the ideal light lunch for anyone who’s watching what they eat but still wants to eat well.

It takes 10 minutes to put together and less time to devour, meaning you won’t need to waste half your lunch hour preparing your food either. 

8. Seared Ahi Tuna Mango-Avocado

Although this recipe is technically classed as an appetizer, make enough of it and this could be a fully-fledged main in its own right. Seared tuna fillet, mango, and avocado, the ingredient list is incredibly simple.

To season all you need is salt, pepper, with a tamari or soy sauce being optional.

You get some sweetness from the mango, you get some creaminess from the avocado, and you get a whole lot of meatiness from the seared tuna. This is all you get and believe us when we say, this is all you need. 


9. Tropi-Cobb Salad

This recipe offers a tropical twist on the classic Californian “Cobb Salad”. Keeping to the cobb tradition of plating up avocado and tomato, alongside ingredients like chicken, red onion, and lettuce, this recipe has its roots in the past, but with a modern sensibility.

The basil helps to give the dish a modern twist, just as the hefty slices of mango give it some tropical vibes. Perfect for lunch or dinner, this is a healthy and filling salad that is also incredibly tasty and a breeze to put together. 

10. Red Snapper And Shrimp Ceviche With Avocado

Name a better dish that signals in summer more than red snapper and shrimp ceviche? and we’ll wait. Allow your fish and shrimp to swim in a bowl of shallot, red pepper flakes, and lime and orange juice for 20-25 minutes until they firm up and are ready to eat.

In that time, prepare your avocado and mango salad with some red peppers, basil, cilantro, and a good helping of olive oil. Throw it all together and let this fresh and pungent seafood dish take you to the seaside of somewhere warm. 

11. Thai Steak And Noodle Salad

The flavors of a Thai noodle steak salad are enough to send anyone’s tastebuds into a spin that they can’t get out of. Throw a mango in the mix and this may just be the tastiest Thai salad that we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

Make no mistake though, this isn’t one of those quick-to-prepare salads that can be whipped up on the lunch break. Oh no, this is the kind of culinary delight that requires a stacked list of ingredients and a good deal of time (especially if it’s your first time making it).

If you’re looking to impress that special someone with your knowledge and expertise of world cooking then give this salad a go, it won’t disappoint. 

12. Chicken, Mango, And Black Rice Salad

If the idea of investing time in preparing a salad isn’t your thing, then this chicken and mango salad will feed you efficiently.

With a super simple ingredient list of chicken, cabbage, mango, black rice, and a sesame-miso vinaigrette, this salad can be whipped up at a moment’s notice (granted you have the ingredients).

You could even swap out the black rice and sesame-miso for whatever rice and vinegar that you’ve got stored in the kitchen cupboard to make things even simpler for yourself. 

13. Smoky Pork Ribs With Mango Salsa

Ok so maybe mango isn’t the star of this recipe, but that’s ok, it is still there doing its sweet mangoey thing. It’s hard to deny the perfection that a plate of sticky and smoky pork ribs represents.

Acceptable to be devoured at almost any time of the day, this ribs recipe will blow the minds of all pork enthusiasts out there.

The mango salsa adds an undeniable freshness, while also giving the plate a vibrant appearance that means it won’t hang about for long. 

14. Mango Chicken

Marinating chicken in a mango chutney that’s destined for the barbeque really is as good as it sounds. You can either make your own mango chutney at home or pick up a shop-bought one if your family needs feeding and you haven’t got the time.

Whichever way you want to do it, this recipe won’t disappoint. There’s just something so right about sweet and sticky chicken that’s been char-grilled over the flames of a barbeque – it lets you know that everything is right with the world.

A truly iconic way to barbeque chicken using the mighty mango. 

15. Vietnamese Crystal Veg, Prawn And Mango Rolls

Vietnamese food is world-renowned for its simple, healthy, and delicious dishes. Known for its spring and bread rolls, their cuisine often brings just a handful of ingredients together to create the perfect balance of flavors.

So it’s little surprise that these crystal vegetable, prawn, and mango rolls served with a chili and lime dipping sauce are perfection on a plate.

Rolls really don’t come much healthier than these, being a great lunch or dinner option for anyone who’s watching their calorie intake. 

16. Crispy Fish Tacos With Mango Salsa

One of the all-time greatest taco fillings has got to be fish, and these crispy fish tacos are up there with the best of them. Served with colorful mango salsa, this taco recipe is the answer to your summer sunshine prayers.

The recipe calls for panko breadcrumbs to get the white fish extra crispy. Because the fish is baked in the oven and not fried, this is also a surprisingly light taco recipe, perfect for summer eating habits too.  

17. Grilled Halibut With Mango-Avocado Salsa

We’re guessing that by now you’ve started to notice a trend between seafood and mango? And yes, you are right, the two go together like, well, seafood and mango.

The chunky mango-avocado salsa of this recipe perfectly complements the grilled halibut. If halibut isn’t your kind of fish, then give your favorite a try, the mango’s flavor-pairing doesn’t discriminate by species.

If it means anything to you, this recipe is one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorites as a mid-week dinner for staying lean. 


18. Spicy-Sweet Chile Mango Sundae

Where do you turn to when it’s super hot out and the thought of a dairy-based dessert is not even close to sitting right? A good place to start and to finish your pondering would be this chili and mango sundae.

Granted you kind of have to like spice to enjoy this sundae because its fusion of flavors isn’t tip-toeing around the subject. Think honey and hot sauce being mixed together to create a memorable syrup and that is only half the story.

The mango sorbet and chili flakes combine together to give your mouth a sucker-punch of taste that you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. 

19. Mango Pudding

This mango pudding is a typical Chinese dish that is served in restaurants as a light after-dinner dessert.

It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and uses just five ingredients, making it the ideal dessert to whip up for anyone who enjoys eating dessert much more than making it.

It is a rich and creamy blend of pureéd mango and coconut milk, with a little sugar and gelatin added to help with the binding process.

20. Mango Cardamom Bread Pudding

This mango and cardamom bread pudding recipe is a likely candidate to become your new favorite dessert for the winter months.

Taking the classic bread pudding and infusing it with some just-ripe mangoes is enough to convert any naysayers over to the mango side of life.

The cardamon gives it a spicy little edge and turns the traditional bread pudding recipe into a seriously scorched concoction of sweet, spice, and all things nice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Health Benefits Of Mangoes?

Mangoes are one of the healthiest fruits of the fruit bowl. They are packed full of essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that work wonders for the human body.

Mangoes are also known to boost the immune system, prevent diabetes, improve the digestive system, and support eye and heart health. 

Can You Freeze Mangoes?

You most certainly can freeze mangoes. Freezing mangoes is one of the best ways to ensure you’re living your best summer life all year long.

A hot-tip is to pre-cut your mangoes and store them in the freezer in Tupperware containers. This is a great option if you’re intending to use them for smoothies and sorbet. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Eating Mangoes?

It is true that too much of a good thing can be bad for you, and eating too many mangoes most definitely has its disadvantages. The most common one is that too many mangoes can cause diarrhea in some people.

Because of their natural sugars, diabetics also need to be careful about how many mangoes they are consuming.

Although rare, it is also possible for people to be allergic to mango, which, if digested, could result in stomach pains and potential breathing problems.


Mango is right up there with the best of them, being one of the most loved fruits in the world. There’s just something so unique about a mango’s flavor, texture, and color that makes it such a special thing to eat.

Almost like you are transported to the tropics every time you tuck into one, they represent summer in the best way possible.

We hope this article has inspired you to make a meal or two that utilizes this delicious and fleshy fruit that we so very adore.

The 20 Best Mango Recipes

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Check out 20 of the best mango recipes that highlight just how versatile mangoes can be. This is a delectable selection of appetizer, main, and dessert recipes to get you excited about all things mango.


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